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With Jennifer Hawkins
Written by Hearsz
CODES: MF, inc, alcohol, handjob, oral, footjob, cunnilingus, squirt, PTM, facial
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Despite the time of the year my birthday fell on, I was really looking forward to my twenty first birthday. It was a chance to catch up with some close friends right before the festive season kicked off. Given my date of birth was three days before Christmas, meant that I had to put invites out a good three months in advance, just to make sure those I'd invited would be able to attend.

Myself and a few of good mates decided that we'd head into town after the party at the footy club commenced. Living on the Gold Coast, aka "The Party Capital of Australia," meant that having a big night out venturing into several clubs and pubs was always close at hand.

Surfers Paradise was pretty much always the main destination of choice for my friends and I at night time, and tonight would be no different.

I would have normally expected a big group to come out afterwards, but given it was a Tuesday night, most of the eighty or so people in attendance had to work tomorrow, given it was two more shopping days until Christmas. My party at the footy club went off without a hitch, plenty of my team mates showed up as well as plenty of girls from my current and previous jobs, giving a pretty even male to female balance in terms of numbers.

My Dad continually put money over the bar to keep the tab running as long as possible, and my old roommate, given his connections, splashed out on some bikini clad girls as waitresses. No doubt he'd be taking a collection from the guys to put towards a stripper, for me to enjoy later on when we hit the strip club.

I wasn't born on the coast, rather I moved up here from Sydney with my parents when I was still an infant. One thing most of my friends and work colleagues don't know about me is that I have a distant cousin who is still very famous in this part of the world.

http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/45377/c29343453761791.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c29343453761791) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/45377/80cfa0453761737.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/80cfa0453761737) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/45377/a994e0453761795.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/a994e0453761795)

Former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins was that cousin. On trips to her original hometown of Newcastle, she used to babysit my younger sister and I when we were younger. Even though I was six at the time and Jen had just turned eighteen, she was most definitely my first ever crush.

Over the years I learned how wrong it was to be attracted to my cousin, but not everyone's cousin is Jennifer Hawkins! Once she got her job as a cheerleader for a local footy team and then started to get more and more modelling work, the less my sister and I got to see her.

I think the thing that I always felt that bound Jen and I together was that we shared the same birthday, December 22nd. As I got nearer to my teens, there was a few times we'd have small family get together's to celebrate, which seemed to be the only time of the year I'd get to see Jen. But the last time we saw her was several years ago now.

When I reached my teen years, I always hoped that I'd get to see her again. But the only time I did was whenever she was on local TV morning shows or in men's magazines, showing off her flawless body (http://www.imagebam.com/image/f6fc88453761881) and incredibly long legs (http://www.imagebam.com/image/7f3dac453761832). She just seemed to get more and more sexier each time I saw her, which only made me wish I'd still kept in close contact with her.

When she was crowned Miss Universe in 2004, I became even more depressed, given that this was the same person who babysat me when I was young. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've had numerous sexual fantasies about her starting from my early teens. Naturally, I'd had the babysitter dream more than a few times, Jen tucking me into bed and doing what she could to help me sleep!

My incestous interest in her had gone into a major decline when she got married to her long time sweetheart a couple of years back. I guess I found it hard to accept seeing her with someone who wasn't me, as ludicrous a thought that was. My parents had told me they invited Jen to my 21st, but she declined due to the time of year, and the fact she had birthday plans of her own. She sent her apologies as well as a small gift which I admit was quite thoughtful.

A couple of hours into the party, a couple of close friends made speeches, ripping into me about some of my drunken experiences, girls I'd dated and any of my several bad performances on the footy field. Just as they got my cake prepared, attention seemed to be drawn towards the main door, as a woman wearing a tight skirt (http://www.imagebam.com/image/1b53cb453761777), long long legs in heels, and a dazzling smile entered the venue.

"Jen you made it!!" my Mum said excitedly.

I was stunned. Not just because she looked even more stunning in person, but that she actually showed up despite initially declining my invite.

"Dude, is that Jennifer Hawkins??" my best friend asked, just as surprised as I.

"It is mate."

"What is she doing here?"

One thing I'd never told anybody, not even my best friends was that Jen and I were related. I guess I kept it to myself because I didn't want the attention, nor did I want to hear my friends tell me hot she was or how much they'd love to bang her. It was conversations like that I knew I could do without.

"I never told you this but Jen's a distant relative of mine."

Before he could respond, Jen walked over to me, and just about everybody's eyes were on her as she moved.

"Happy Birthday Aaron, it's so great to see you again" she said, wrapping her arms around me and giving me a peck on the cheek.

Damn she smelled good, and having her incredible body pressed against mine was starting to give me a slight hard-on. She wasn't called the "Thunder From Down Under" for nothing, looking absolutely electric tonight.

"Happy Birthday to you as well I guess," I said with a laugh.

"Do you want to help Aaron cut the cake Jen, given its both your birthdays today?" my mother suggested, handing me a knife.

"I'd be honored to," Jen replied.

"Everybody, this is indeed THE Jennifer Hawkins, close friend of the family. And today is also her birthday. So could everyone sing Happy Birthday for both Aaron and Jen," my mother requested.

As everyone began singing, I couldn't help but gaze lovingly at Jen. It was so surreal that she was right here in front of me. Without doubt it was the best birthday gift ever! As the song ended, Jen and I both blew out the candles together, the leggy beauty's pink lips pursed together as she exhaled.

Jen moved around to where I stood, putting her soft elegant hand upon mine as I went to cut the cake. I must have been the adoration of every person in the room at that moment. As the knife hit the bottom of the cake, I could hear Jen say to me softly.

"Be sure to make a wish."

Her eyes drowned into mine, almost willing me to wish for something sexual from her. Of course, that was just my horny mind talking.

"You need to kiss the nearest girl!" one of my really intoxicated footy mates blurted out.

My face went red at that remark, embarrassing me in front of my gorgeous cousin. But Jen took up the option, grabbing my face and kissing me. It wasn't right on the lips unfortunately, but I did feel those soft smackers brush against the corner of my mouth, the Aussie model giggling as she knew how close she was as well.

As friends and guests began to leave and everyone still in attendance got to chat to Jen and get a photo with her, we finally got the chance to catch up. She had told me that she was in town for the night, having to break her birthday plans due to a store opening up here that she had agreed to several weeks before.

Jen said that she'd always planned to attend my birthday even though she declined my invitation initially. She figured the surprise would be even better if I didn't know that she'd actually be able to make it.

I'd asked Jen about her career, married life and living in Sydney. She almost seemed reluctant to talk about her husband Jake, which I guess I should've been grateful for.

"We're just having a rough patch at the moment. He wants to have kids but I have so much going on at the moment with work and travel, it's just not a priority. Wow I'm so sorry, I should be asking about you, rather than bringing the mood down talking about my problems with Jake. So how have you been all this time? You have a girlfriend?"

"No we just split recently. Pretty bad break up and a lot of nasty words were exchanged. She said I wasn't daring enough, wasn't willing to take risks. But I think that was just an excuse to split. I nearly cancelled the party because of it all. Just as well I didn't, now that you're here!"

I said that a little too excitedly. But Jen seemed to like the compliment, running her fingers through her hair, twirling them so seductively.

"Glad I could help. So it must be in the stars then, considering we're born on the same day, we've both got our own problems,"

"Yeah I guess. But the difference is you're a former Miss Universe Winner! Just about every guy would love to be with you."

"Hey, don't put yourself down Aaron. You're just as cute as you were when you were a kid. Actually, you grew up to become a total hottie!" she confessed, sipping on her lime and vodka drink, noticeably crossing her incredible legs (http://www.imagebam.com/image/49ad7c453767126).

I gulped hard when she said that. But a part of me didn't believe her.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better."

Leaning in close to my ear, Jen whispered, "If I wasn't married and we weren't related, I'd totally fuck your brains out!"

This time I could feel my penis throb at her words, knowing that she speaking the truth.

Before I could even think of something to say back, one of my friends called out,

"Hey Aaron, the maxi taxi just arrived!"

"Umm, I don't suppose you want to come out for a few drinks by any chance?" I asked Jen. I expected her to say no, given she probably didn't want to be noticed in public.

"Actually I'd love to if that's okay? I'm staying at the Hilton so it's close by anyway."

"Great! I'll just say bye to the family and we can go."

Once I had done so, Jen and I headed downstairs to the waiting cab, five of my friends, three guys and two girls were coming out with us.

"So my cousin Jen is going to join us," I said to the others as we headed into the taxi.

"That's awesome!" one of the girls said excitedly.

Before I knew it we were in the middle of town, exiting the cab and heading for the first of many clubs for the night. Thankfully it wasn't an overly busy night. Hopping from one place to the next, with several drinks consumed, we'd finally settled in a club called "Cocktails 'n' Dreams." Jen was recognized by other clubbers and bouncers with each place we went to, being guarded to stop people not part of our group, the chance to approach her.

By the time we were in Cocktails, it was nearly two in the morning, and most of those present were too smashed to notice my celebrity cousin escort me onto the dance floor. We'd just done shots of tequila at the bar and it was having a rapid effect on me, my arms and legs turning into jelly. Jen however was as vibrant as ever, dancing up close to me, rocking her hips to the sexy r'n'b song that was playing.

She put her arms around my neck and I instinctively put my hands on her slim waist, our bodies getting closer and closer. Jen was a good couple of inches taller than me, even without her heels. As the song continued to play, breathing in the intoxicating scent from her luscious skin, started to get me incredibly aroused.

I wasn't sure if she was feeling the same, but once her hips pressed against mine, she would have had to have been truly wasted to not feel the huge bulge in my pants. Sure enough, she did notice, opening her mouth slightly in surprise, looking down at it, then into my eyes like she took my erect state as the biggest compliment I could ever give her.

The musical mood picked up a bit, which in turn caused Jen to grind her body against me, mainly rubbing her torso against my stiff member. She really was teasing me, making it even worse when she turned her back to me, getting me to wrap my arms around her then wiggling her impeccable derriere against my concealed cock.

I began to sweat as this continued a little longer, Jen knowing that she had me, her younger cousin, feeling all tense and hot under the collar. Soon the song ended, and before the next began, I had to make a beeline to the lavatory before I made a mess of my shorts.

"I'm just going to the toilet, back in a second." I said up close to her ear, turning away from her and straightening my pants so my erection could finally point more comfortably.

As I made my way into the deserted men's room, the heavy bass from the outside dance music reverberated in the nightclubs bathroom. Fishing out my cock to take a leak within one of the cubicles, my head was all fuzzy not just from the shots of tequila, but mainly because of my cousins flirty sexual behavior.

Jen was a married woman but if I didn't know any better, I could have sworn she was trying to make me react to how she was grinding her insanely hot figure against my hardness. When the last drop of wiz hit the rim of the toilet seat, I couldn't help but begin to jerk my shaft, intent on knocking one out before returning to Jen and my friends.

I got a slick motion going, thinking of a huge collage of my hot cousins finest moments from her successful career, anything from the bikini she wore (http://www.imagebam.com/image/02c7d6453761803) during her Miss Universe triumph, to her embarrassing catwalk fail (http://www.imagebam.com/image/296861453764881) when her skirt fell off, unveiling her flawless backside.


"Oh Jen, oh God!" I moaned as I pumped at my shaft.

"Need a hand?" a voice said to me from close behind.

I jumped with a fright, my leggy relative pressed up against me in the narrow stall. Her body again rubbed up against me, this time from behind.

"What are you doing in here Jen?" I said in embarrassment, fumbling to try and tuck my member back in my shorts. But it was too late, Jen looking over my shoulder to eye my throbbing meat.

"My my. You sure have grown up haven't you? I could tell on the dance floor. You've been gone for ten minutes so I thought I'd help hurry you up."

And with that, I felt Jen's hand slide around my waist, over my quivering belly and wrapping her soft manicured fingers around my solidified cock.

"Oh wow." I groaned, the feeling of my older cousin stroking my dick and breathing into my ear up close unlike anything I'd experienced before.

"C'mon Aaron, cum for me sweetheart. Pretend you're huge cock is inside me and shoot that yummy cream inside my warm wet pussy."

"Unghh!!" I wailed, unable to hold out for long, my dick spasming in Jennifer's jerking hand, spurting out multiple ropes of cum all over the wall and toilet before me.

"Wow Aaron, you were really backed up weren't you? It just kept coming!" she said excitedly, wringing out the last few drops out of my spent member. My knees and legs went incredibly weak, and I had to press my hands against the cubicle walls to keep myself from falling.

"I'll be out there waiting for you, don't leave me hanging," Jen said, teasing me by licking her tongue against the bottom of my earlobe which made me shiver.

As she left, I noticed that she had to unlock the door, having made sure no one could get in whilst she was giving me that wondrous handjob. Returning to the bar, Jen was chatting to my mates girlfriend Chloe, another drink in hand. She was acting as though nothing happened.

Doug, Chloe's boyfriend said to me,

"Took you long enough! We thought you may have been hurling your guts up in there!"

It was then I noticed a few people missing from our small party.

"Say, where's everyone else gone?"

"I think they had to go and couldn't stay any longer. And, unfortunately Chloe and I will have to leave too, we have an early start in the morning. But hey, you get your cousin to hang out with. So it's not all bad right?" he said, trying to be optimistic.

If only he knew what had just happened moments earlier. Then again, Doug probably wouldn't believe me if I told him. I could hardly believe it myself. As I hugged Chloe and said goodbye to her and Doug, I was left alone with my cousin Jen. There were still people trying to come up and talk to her, but the large nightclub security quickly put a stop to that.

They had us move to a private room with our own bar. I hoped this would give me a chance to ask Jen why she did what she did in the bathroom. Not that I hated it, far from it. But it didn't seem like the normal actions of a high profile celebrity to do this, especially a married one giving a handjob to her much younger cousin.

As she sipped at her pina colada, I was more nervous than ever sitting across from her. Trying not to think about her sexy voice as she wanked me earlier. Or the way those long silky legs were crossed, wondering what color panties she had underneath her dress. Before I could ask, Jen stood up and sat beside me in the sofa, snuggling up against me.

"You're awfully quiet. You not enjoying your birthday?" she asked, sidestepping the complete obvious tension in the room.

"It's just, I mean before, um, can I ask why?"

"You didn't like it?" she replied, thinking I was disappointed.

"No not at all, it was incredible, but, you're married, and you're my cousin!"

"I know, but, it's fun to be a little risqué from time to time right? I could tell you were getting a little turned on when we were dancing and I felt like I needed to help settle you down. Sorry if I took you by surprise." she giggled.

It wasn't the best excuse nor did it really explain entirely why she did it. But I didn't say anything more about it in case it started an argument and completely ruin the night. But then what she said next confirmed that the night was probably coming to an end.

"Look I'm pretty tired and I probably shouldn't drink anymore so I'm going to call it a night."

"I understand," was all I could reply, devastated inside that I had opened my big mouth and made such a big fuss over what Jen considered to not be much.

"Look, the Hilton's just around the corner from here. Mind walking me back?"

"Sure, I can do that."

Luckily the streets of Surfers were a quiet, the usual considering it was the early hours of Wednesday morning. We still got some glances from passers by and drunken teens waiting for a tram or taxi to arrive to take them home. I must have been the envy of all males walking down the main street, a guy now officially an adult anywhere in the world, walking alongside a tall, desirable leggy blonde.

The walk to the Hilton indeed was a short one, and it was then that I knew our night had come to an end. Or so I thought.

"Say, you should come up and see the apartment? They gave me the penthouse suite, the view is incredible."

I wasn't sure if she had ulterior motives, and given the time of night, I was beginning to tire. Before I could give an answer, Jen spoke again,

"Please Aaron, it will only be for a few minutes., Besides, who knows when we'll see each other again after tonight?"

She had a point there. I know it would hurt to go another ten or so years without hanging out with Jen again. At least by saying yes I could make this night last just a little bit longer.

"OK sure, what the hell!"

"Great! Now, the concierge might find it a bit funny if we walk in together, so just follow me about twenty steps behind and I'll hold the lift for you."

I understood what she was saying. Hotel staff seeing a former Universe winner walking back to her hotel room with a much younger male, late at night, might get tongues wagging. I'm sure the last thing she wanted was the media spinning a false story and her husband questioning her about it.

I did as she asked, trailing her from a distance, through drunken eyes I could see that wonderful derriere of hers sway from side to side, those highly suckable legs in heels from behind.

"Snap out of it, she's your cousin for God sake!" I had to remind myself.

Entering the lift, we stood at opposite corners until the lift closed, breathing a sigh of relief that we hadn't drawn attention to ourselves.

Jen proceeded to remove her heels massaging her pretty smooth soles.

"They were getting a bit sore to walk in," she said to me as she caressed her ankle.

I wouldn't say I was one to have a foot fetish, but damn her feet were divine. Thinking about the balls of her toes stroking my... Nope, don't even think about it.

"So thanks for walking me up. I can't remember the last time I was away around Christmas time all by myself. It's going to be weird sleeping in my huge bed, all alone," Jen said as she turned the key to open her top floor hotel room.

And what a room it was, the kind you'd expect to be held for a rappers concert after party. The balcony went all the way around the apartment, enabling one to see up and down the coastline, out to sea and all the way out to the mountain range.

"Some view I must say."

"Care for a drink?" she asked, walking over to the bar fridge.

"I don't know if I should," I replied, wondering if one more would tip me over the edge that it would knock me out.

"C'mon, one last one for our birthdays," she insisted.

"OK, one more then I should probably leave."

Truth is I didn't want to leave at all. But my phone battery was dead and I didn't want the family to worry that I'd gone missing. And I could hardly call them now given the late hour.

Jen placed two glasses of a scotch and Coke, certainly more than a shots worth in there. As she sat on the couch beside me, the drunk model, looking all the more sexy in this state as she quickly downed her drink, could tell I was unashamedly checking her out. She didn't seem to mind, but maybe if she'd have been sober, Jen probably would not have been so generous. Finishing my drink, I decided it was now I should leave.

"So I best be getting on home. Thanks for coming to my party, I certainly won't be forgetting it in a hurry," I remarked, standing up and thinking there wouldn't be much else to look forward to now.

"Wait!" Jen said, hopping up with a slight stagger, grabbing my hand before I could leave.

"I almost forgot, I have another gift for you. I didn't bring it because I wanted you to unwrap it away from all your friends and family. Sit down here, and I'll just go get it," Jen insisted, getting me to sit back down on the couch and heading into what I presumed was her bedroom to get this present of hers.

It seemed strange that she didn't bring this gift to me at the party, and I had to wonder what it could possibly be, considering she wanted me to open it in front of her and no one else, up here in her suite of all places. I sat there for a few minutes, staring blankly at the wall, the last glass of alcohol making my head sway a little. And then, my "gift" was there in front of me.

http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/45377/6ad0dd453761885.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/6ad0dd453761885) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/45377/6ccd7d453761863.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/6ccd7d453761863) http://thumbnails105.imagebam.com/45377/9a206b453761828.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/9a206b453761828)


I thought my eyes were deceiving me. My cousin stood before me in a brassiere, lacy underwear, black see through stockings and a pair of six inch heels. Her lingerie was no doubt from her "Lovable's range."

"I bought them for Jake for Christmas. But I just couldn't wait to show someone."

Jen then turned around, my eye slowly drifting up those statuesque legs, falling upon that cracking rear of hers. I was as hard as a rock, and the look on my face suggested as much. Kneeling before me, the sultry model looked at me with her piercing blue eyes, asking me.

"I want you to stay with me tonight. Will you?"

Jen ran her elegant hands along the top of my thighs, coaxing me to give a positive answer.

I grinned, nodding stupidly, my cousin grabbing both my hands to stand up. She guided me down the long hallway, her heels clicking against the floor, that luscious ass the center of my attention. Her bedroom was massive, dimly lit, the curtains drawn to close off the view to the Surfers Paradise skyline.

"Sit on the edge of the bed Aaron," she commanded.

I was in a daze, completely unsure what was going to happen from here. Jen was drunk no doubt but her mind was still sharp enough that she was planning something.

She removed my shoes, tossing them away. Next she unbuttoned my shirt, one by one until my chest and stomach was on show.

"Do you want me Aaron?" she asked so seductively as she began loosening my belt.

I didn't know if this was a test or not. She was my cousin after all and a married one at that. I feared if I let this go any further, she might criticize me for it in the morning, maybe even say that I took advantage of her.

"I uhh, umm," I muttered.

"I'm dying to fuck, and only you can help me sweetheart." she purred as she slid off my trousers, pulling my shirt apart so she could kiss and nip at my chest.

"Ohh geezus," I gasped, quivering at the way her lips and tongue dabbed at my nipples.

"Just sit back and relax, and let me take care of everything. Here's your chance to be daring." she remarked with a sexy little snicker.

She wasn't wrong though. Fooling around with a married big name celebrity was indeed risky. As Jen kissed my belly I jumped slightly and my legs tightened. I knew what was coming and I prayed I didn't blow my load prematurely. The former Miss Universe winner peeled off my underwear, my hard cock springing out to her widening eyes. This time she could get a better look at it, eyeing up my turgid member. I tensed again upon the feeling of Jen gripping my thick pole, jerking it slightly in her palm.

"Allow me to make this a birthday neither of us will ever forget?"

I took a deep breath as my sexy older cousin dipped her head down, opening up her mouth and closing her soft pink lips around the tip of my sensitive cock. Her exquisite tongue massaged the spongy head, licking at the slit that bubbled with precum.

"Mmm it's really thick and tastes so good," Jen complimented.

"Uhhh," I grunted as she took me in her mouth again, going deeper this time as she bobbed her gorgeous face in between my legs.

She let some saliva dribble from her mouth to further lube me up, stroking my dick before moving down lower to service my sensitive balls with her incredible lips.

"Oh my God, is this really happening??" I exclaimed, the feeling of my hot cousin giving me a head spinning blowjob was as surreal a moment as it gets.

All of a sudden, she stopped, which was a relief as a another minute of that and I would have came a second time that night for sure. Standing up in front of me, I watched in awe as Jennifer slid both her hands down each side of her slender body, taking a hold of her panties, and slipping them down her long, long legs.

Her pussy was completely waxed bald, her juices glistening in and around her slit. Mesmerized, I could only stare as this horny temptress lay on the bed beside me, spreading her legs then rubbing at her lubricated snatch. Jen's knees were bent and she was still wearing her heels whilst she dipped two fingers inside her sopping hole.

"Taste me Aaron," she begged.

I was more than ready to worship my cousins smoking hot body, lying in between her hot thighs and running my hands up her long silky legs.

"Ohh eat my pussy," Jen moaned, my head buried in between her legs as my mouth suctioned against her dripping cunt.

I dug my tongue into her soft pink flower, lapping up her pussy juice and soon adding a couple of digits into the mix. Jen's hips swiveled in a counter clockwise motion as I ate her out, the lust filled TV host running her long fingers into my hair as her orgasm fast approached her.

"Oh yes, right there! Don't stop!!" she wailed.

I couldn't get enough of her flavorsome cunt, massaging my tongue up and down her labia and sucking on her engorged clitoris to help get her off harder. I looked down at my satisfied cousin, legs spread wide, her secretions trickling out of her pussy and down into her ass crack. Watching this unfold was making me rock hard again, not going unnoticed by Jen.

"Take my shoes and stockings off," Jen asked, weakly lifting up one leg, then the other so I could discard her heels and then her pantyhose.

I held her second foot up, massaging her soft soles and flexing her pretty toes.

"Oooh that feels good," she murmured as I got into an proper foot massage, lasting a couple of minutes between attending to each foot.

"You sure must love my feet huh?" she giggled.

"Can't you tell?" I replied cheekily, referring to how hard my dick was.

"Let's see how much more you could love them now then?"

"Holy f-f-fuckk," I gasped, taken by surprise when Jen used both feet to jerk my erect shaft, her soft soles rubbing up each side of my length. The balls of her toes teasingly caressed my sensitive tip, and I couldn't help but shake my hips forward to pretty much fuck her hot feet.

As I continued to thrust my hips, my eyes were affixed upon her slightly gaping pussy. Jen noticed the way I was looking and we both knew what was about to happen. Removing her feet from my cock, Jen leaned back on the bed, reached down to part her shaved lips, and implored,

"Fuck me Aaron.. I'm dying to feel that wonderful cock of yours filling me.."

Lying upon her, we shared our first proper kiss. Being this close to her with our naked bodies rubbing up against the others, Jen's sharp nails clutching into my back and my torso grinding against hers, was really a dream come true. Jennifer reached down to take a hold of my unprotected penis, guiding the tip towards her warm wet opening. Once in position, she let go, holding my face close to hers and whispering softly,

"Do it. Put your cock inside me and fuck me like I know you've always wanted to."

"Unghh, ohhh," we cried simultaneously as I felt the first few inches of my stabbing shaft being enveloped by my celebrity cousins' incredibly scorching hot cunt.

A few more thrusts and our hips were adjoined, burying myself to the hilt inside of Jennifer Hawkins.

"Ohh it feels so good inside me Aaron. Such a nice big cock you have," she giggled, wrapping her arms around my neck and those long smooth legs around my waist as I started upping the pace.

Her moans and increasing cries of "ohh" and "harder" spurred me on, her pussy getting even wetter with each incision inside her dropping box. Given I was still quite intoxicated, only made the moment better, despite its surrealism. I was living out my boyhood fantasy, and I knew now that I was going to make every single moment count.

Moving up so I was on my knees, I gripped the underside of Jen's firm toned thighs and pinned her long legs (http://www.imagebam.com/image/8b16f1453767140) back, so her knees were pressed against her chest. From this view, I could watch my cock slam into her stretched pussy, deeper than before.

"Ohh fuck me Aaron!!"

Whatever I was doing was clearly working, the Aussie icon's hips heaving forward to meet my sawing cock. Jen spread her long legs wide, getting me to hold her ankles so she could rub her clit.

"Keep it going, I'm going to cum for sure!"

I felt like a man possessed, my thighs slapping against Jen's taut backside, our sweat covered bodies colliding as I brought my stunning cousin towards erotic bliss.

"Oh my God, cumming!!" she squealed, my cock slipping about as a torrent of her womanly juice squirted out of her gaping orifice.

She kept rubbing at her swollen lips for a few seconds after her climax I was expecting her to need several minutes to recover, but to my welcome surprise, Jen was willing to go again right away, grabbing me by the waist, throwing me onto my back, and straddling my hips.

"C'mon, give me more of that incredible dick of yours Aaron," she said, looking even more horny now that she'd gotten off.

I grimaced slightly as she impaled me, my entire length delving inside her so she was practically sitting on me, her tight ass rubbing against my inner thighs.

"Probably best I remove this right?" Jen joked, referring to her brassiere (http://www.imagebam.com/image/fe50ad453761891) which hadn't been taken off to this point.

She reached around her back to unclip it, pulling the lacy material down to finally unveil her firm pear shaped breasts. Without asking I put both hands upon them, loving how soft they felt, her nipples aroused and like two pencil erasers.

Her stamina was incredible, riding my cock and trying valiantly to bring on a second orgasm. I just lay there holding her hourglass hips, watching my hot cousin moan with her mouth wide open, running her fingers through her long blonde locks. The warmth of her cunt completely drenched my stomach and pubic hair, and it was a surprise I hadn't cum as yet. Slowing down, she leaned down to kiss me, letting me lick her hard nipples and give a quick suckle on them, the model cooing as she felt my teeth lightly scrape against the sensitive nub.

"Spoon me, I like it from behind," Jen insisted, lying on her side with her luscious derriere presented for me.

I scooted in behind her, kissing her deeply as my length rubbed in between her ass crack. She took a hold of my slimy hard-on, bringing the head towards her velvety opening. I slowly began pumping my hips again, never taking my mouth of hers, massaging my tongue with hers as we exchanged spit.

As I railed into her behind, I moved the hand I had on her hip, over her breast, squeezing it and tweaking one of her engorged nipples. I knew I wouldn't last long in this position, I never seemed to for some reason. Jen groaned as I pounded into her hard, her erotic cries turning me on immensely that I could finally feel my impending orgasm soon to arrive.

"Jen I'm close," I notified her.

Without giving a reply, she detached her body from mine, lying on her back and asking me to sit on her chest.

"Fuck my mouth sweetheart. I want to taste you when you cum."

I was flabbergasted at her suggestion, not realising until now just how dirty my cousin in the bedroom really was. Holding my juice covered member, Jen parted her lips and began sucking me so sweetly, humming along my length as she did so. She grabbed my spare hand and placed it to the back of her head, beckoning me to have my way with her face.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," I grunted as my cock hit the opening of her throat again and again, my swaying balls hitting her chin.

All I could feel was her tongue caressing and massaging me, and the feeling was all too overwhelming that I had to pull out of her mouth.

"Do it Aaron, I want it on my pretty face," she pleaded, tickling my nutsack as I jerked my cock as quickly as possible.

"Grrrr," I grunted as I released.

Several ropes of my warm sticky fluids blasted out of the tip, coating my cousin's gorgeous face. She looked as though she'd been covered in a creamy vanilla flavored milkshake, licking her lips to savor my seedy mess. Unperturbed by this, Jen took a hold of my spent shaft and proceeded to polish my juices off with her soft lips.

"Yummy.. Now that's the way to celebrate our birthday!" she laughed as I lay beside her, completely exhausted given the alcohol consumption, time of night and fucking my hot cousin for the past hour and a half.

I woke up a little light headed, though totally relaxed given how comfortable the bed was that I slept in. I then remembered what happened last night, or at least what I thought had happened. Did I really fuck my cousin Jennifer Hawkins? Or was it one, hot wild erotic sex dream?

Walking into the room, sure enough there she was, wearing a simple white silk hotel robe, talking on the phone to what I deduced was my mum.

"Yeah he was pretty drunk, so I thought I'd let him crash here. Yeah didn't want to wake either of you, it was pretty late and all his friends ditched him. It was my pleasure. No, it was no trouble at all. See you soon."

She turned to see me standing in the doorway just as she hung up the phone.

"You sleep OK?" Jen asked.

"Yeah well thanks, a bit of a sore head but I'll manage."

"So that was your Mum. She said to come over as soon as we're done here as she's prepared lunch at the house."

"OK cool," I meekly replied.

I didn't know how to bring up last night and wasn't even entirely sure if anything happened at all, thinking that it was just my imagination. I figured if it really did happen, then Jennifer would have made some mention of it by now. Or at least give me a clue.

"So I'm going to take a shower before we head over OK?" she said as she started to walk towards the bathroom.

I nodded and dismissed the notion that anything took place when we got home from nightclubbing.

"By the way Aaron..." she said, regaining my attention as I turned around to look at her.

"You were great last night," she said seductively, flicking out one of her saucy looking stems, then unbinding her robe, letting it drop to the floor, leaving her completely stark naked in the doorway of the bathroom.

"Care to join me? We've got plenty of time before we have to leave if you fancy another go?" she winked, turning to show off her glorious naked behind, before heading into the shower.

Time for "Round Two" then...

The End.


12-22-2015, 04:04 AM
Happy Birthday and brilliant story mate. Thanks for sharing it with us from your perspective! :good:

12-22-2015, 02:37 PM
Farkin hell mate... that is quite the birthday present! Well done!

12-22-2015, 09:58 PM
Winner-Winner Chicken-Dinner. Mate. That. Was. Fucking. Amazing!
That just might be my all time favorite Jennifer Hawkins story!
There are so many parts to this story that I LOVED I don't even know where to begin.
That's some top-notch shit right there. Just. Phenomenal. Great work hearsz.