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Under the Blanket
With Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, BJ, finger, cheat, creampie, dirty talk
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Been working on this one for a while now and might be the longest story I've written so settle in and I hope you enjoy…

http://i.imgbox.com/YqOXrvJE.jpg (http://imgbox.com/YqOXrvJE)

With my wife due to make a long awaited return and a difficult day at work, the last thing I wanted was to come home to find the house in the state that it was. I was determined to keep my actor son down to earth so I treated him like any other son living under his parent's roof. Naturally this involved chores, none of which it seemed he'd done. If anything, he'd done the opposite.

I stormed through the house in search of him, through a disarrayed kitchen and bathroom which were in such a mess I wondered if he'd had a house party during the day but when I finally found Jordan in the living room, it was just him and his pretty blonde friend Olivia Holt.

The pair were dozing under a blanket on the sofa in front of the TV, surrounded by empty cans, packets and general litter. I held my tongue since we had a guest and quietly approached my son.

After a quick flick on the head, Jordan awoke with a start and after seeing my face, reluctantly followed me into the next room where I gave him an angry, whispered lecture.

I wasn't even mad he'd had a girl round; in fact I was kind of proud in a way that he'd managed to score such a hot piece of ass but that was beside the point. As usual, he was wholly apologetic and promised to clean up until I reminded him of another job that had slipped his mind.

"Did you even remember you're meant to be picking your sister up?"

"Ahh, shoot," he groaned, checking the time. "I'll go now but don't worry about the mess, I'll deal with it before mom gets back."

"Traffic's hell so phone your sister to tell her you'll be late," I replied as he hurried off looking suitably guilty.

I let out a heavy sigh as the front door swung shut before getting to work on tidying up, not trusting him to be back in time.

After dealing with the bathroom and kitchen, I headed into the living room with a trash bag but had almost completely forgotten about Olivia who still lay there napping peacefully.

Not wanting to disturb her, I cleaned up as quickly and quietly as I could but couldn't help myself from stealing the occasional glance at the teenager. She really was a little stunner and I certainly didn't remember girls looking like that when I was her age.

My thoughts quickly turned less innocent however when I started to wonder just what she was wearing under that blanket. I even started to consider lifting it to set my curiosity at ease but before I could go any further she suddenly started to stir and wake up.

"Oh hey Mr Fisher," Olivia yawned groggily, sitting upright, brushing her hair back and giving it that freshly fucked kind of look. "Not trying to sneak a peek were you?" she teased.

"Uhh, what? No." I stammered nervously; briefly worried she'd somehow read my mind.

"Don't worry about it, I wouldn't tell," she smiled knowingly with an over-the-top wink.

I simply rolled my eyes at her and continued throwing cans into the trash until a moment later Olivia lowered her phone and suddenly realised what I was doing.

"Wait, you can leave all that sir, we can tidy up," she insisted.

"It's fine really, you're the guest here after all," I told her politely. "Besides, I'm nearly done now anyway."

The teen starlet gave up helping out without much of a fight, stretching back on the sofa before looking around.

"So where is Jordan anyway?"

"Just gone to pick his sister up, he shouldn't be too long."

"It's cool, I don't mind hanging out with you."

If I didn't know any better, from the way she was looking at me and the playful tone in her voice, she was being flirtatious but I brushed it off as my over-active imagination reading too much into simple, innocent gestures.

"So, you got the wife coming home tonight, right?" she asked after another minute.

"Yep, need to get the place looking nice," I nodded, brushing crumbs off the coffee table.

"Well I hope things work out with you two," Holt added absent-mindedly on her phone.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well you've been on a break for a month and I heard she sleeps around," she shrugged as if it were nothing.

I silently shook my head at her blasť attitude about the event that had almost killed my marriage and broken my family.

"—and where did you hear that?"

"Jordan told me, we talk about all kinds of shit."

I actually paused then, surprised to hear her swear. Not that I'd ever thought about it, but I don't think I'd ever heard the seemingly innocent girl cuss before.

"Well he shouldn't have, it's not your concern."

"If you ask me—" she continued, dropping her phone before I cut her off.

"Really Olivia, I'm not going to speak to an 18-year-old girl about marriage advice."

"Whatever," she shrugged. "Was just going to say you should get even. Y'know, find some hot, willing girl and take out all that frustration on her..."

I had no idea what I was meant to say to that but the way she looked at me then with a spark in her eye and the way she shifted the blanket to reveal her bare feet and a hint of her sun-kissed legs started to confirm my earlier suspicion that she was actually flirting with me. Even so, my brain refused to believe I was lucky enough to have a teenager young enough to be my daughter and as hot as Olivia Holt basically throwing herself at me.

Despite still being unsure if she was messing with me, I found it hard to look away as she revealed inch after inch of her silky smooth pins to me.

"Like I said earlier, I wouldn't tell..."

"No." I heard myself say, shaking my head to snap myself out of the trance she had me in. "I'm not cheating on my wife, especially not with my son's girlfriend!"

"He's not my boyfriend, we're just friends," Olivia assured me.

"Really? In my day you didn't spend a whole day under a blanket with a hot girl if you weren't at least fooling around."

"Ah, so you do think I'm hot?" she smirked.

"Look, I'm old but I'm not blind Olivia."

It was only then, after really looking at her, that I realised I was saying no to advances from a genuine ten out of ten 18-year-old blonde and I had to ask myself if I was mental. Guys would kill to be in the position I was in right now, surely I shouldn't take such an opportunity for granted?

Olivia could clearly tell I was conflicted, standing awkwardly in the middle of the room until she ultimately lifted the comforter and offered a compromise of simply sitting down and enjoying each other's innocent company.

I reasoned there was no real harm in that so I dropped my cleaning supplies and took a seat on my leather sofa where Olivia quickly scooted up close and threw the blanket over, enveloping us and making me keenly aware of her warm body heat pressed against me.

I took a deep breath and ended up inhaling her intoxicating perfume and whatever scent she had in her hair.

"See, nothing wrong with this?" she smiled mischievously, her knees bent and resting on my thigh.

Naturally, I was almost rock hard at this point and Olivia probably guessed as much. If she wanted to, all she'd need to do is shift her leg up an inch or two to confirm any suspicions she may have.

Thankfully she sat still though and we simply remained in place for a few minutes until my arm got stiff and I ended up stretching it up and around her, Olivia quickly taking the opportunity to move closer and rest her head on my chest while my hand gingerly settled on her lower back.

http://i.imgbox.com/49Rf5iea.jpg (http://imgbox.com/9mFJ5yU0)

"This is nice," she sighed peacefully.

Despite the discomfort in my pants, I had to agree with her. I'd brushed off advice from an 18-year-old girl just ten minutes earlier, but sitting like this with someone did actually feel good and make me feel a lot better. So when the inevitable time came for Olivia to slide her hand onto my inner thigh and slowly move up to stroke at the bulge in my pants, I made no move to stop her.

A part of me knew it was wrong to let this impressionable teenager fondle my hard-on, that this was the opposite of a solution. But another part found the whole thing thrilling, feeling a new woman's delicate hand touching me, something I hadn't experienced in almost twenty years. Of course it also helped that Olivia was surprisingly good at it.

With my arm around her still, I lowered my hand slightly to feel her soft skin, exposed by a conveniently loose fitting shirt.

As I slowly caressed and felt the slight dimples on her lower back, Olivia moved her spare hand over my chest before craning up to gently kiss the side of my neck.

I ended up closing my eyes then, battling my conscience while she continued to stroke my cock, plant soft butterfly kisses up my neck and slipped her hand into my shirt to touch my bare chest.

I had no idea if this was her usual M.O but the way she was acting, it seemed like she intended to make love to me rather than a quick, lust-filled fuck like she'd insinuated earlier.

"You're so hard right now," she purred when her hand finally wiggled under my waistband to touch my cock directly.

The sensation of her warm hand grasping my cock for the first time suddenly snapped me out of it and gave me second thoughts about what we were doing.

"Wait. Olivia stop, we shouldn't be doing this," I told her, quickly taking her arm and pulling her hand away.

"Why not?" she whined. "It's just a bit of fun!"

"We just...can't, okay?"

I started to stand but before I even got to my feet, Olivia grabbed me and pulled me back down with surprising strength for a girl her size.

"But I'm so wet for you!" she argued, throwing the blanket back over us both. "Just feel, please..."

I had to wonder why she was so desperate to do this with me of all people. A girl like her could go out and get literally any guy she wanted but here she was, taking my hand in hers and guiding it towards her most private area.

Maybe it's simply because I rejected her, I thought. Maybe she simply likes a challenge when it came to seducing men.

I gulped when she firmly placed my hand between her legs and I felt the searing heat and slight dampness that had soaked through her cotton shorts.

"Jesus..." I muttered while my hand seemed to go on autopilot and gently rubbed at her wet snatch.

Almost immediately I saw the effect on Olivia's face, her lips slightly parted, her breath wavered and her eyelashes fluttering.

But her eyes didn't roll back until I suddenly shoved my hand into her shorts and plunged two fingers into her dripping, teen pussy.

"Ngh—yeh," she groaned erotically as I slowly explored her impossibly tight little hole.

The teenager wasn't lying, she was certainly wet and only got wetter by the second until, even at the slow pace I was fingering her, Olivia was blushing at the lewd sopping noise her cunt was making.

"Oh. Oh...God—" she gasped as I fingered her with more purpose, suddenly eager to see the young starlet cum.

While Olivia writhed on the sofa with her legs spread as wide as her shorts would allow, her hands rummaged around under the blanket until she found my hard cock again, quickly tugging it out to beat it off in her hand.

"I want your cock, sir. I want it soo bad," she begged breathlessly, feeling the entire steely length in her grip.

She was impossible to resist at this point, she seemed to know exactly what she was doing in calling me 'sir' and I probably would have said yes to anything to have her continue.

I didn't need to though since she didn't ask again. Olivia simply ducked under the blanket and before I knew it, she'd engulfed my cock's swollen head inside her hot, young mouth.

Now it was my turn to groan out loud as Olivia Holt eagerly blew me, taking as much into her wet mouth as she could manage with her excess spit drooling down my shaft where her hand continued to pump the base in time with her bobbing head.

"Mmm, it's so big Mr Fisher," she sighed. "—and you taste so good!"

"Fucking hell Olivia, you're going to make me cum if you keep on like that..."

"Not yet sir, I need to feel it inside me," she teased. "Trust me, it's going to feel so good in my tight little pussy."

My wife was a distant memory now. I was going to fuck this girl senseless and she was going to love every second of it as much as I would.

I was just about to lift her up and impale the little slut when I almost jumped out of my skin when the front door slammed shut, followed by Jordan calling out.

"Shit! Liv!" I hissed, throwing the blanket away and moving to stand.

Olivia had definitely heard it too but she didn't let up, holding me down as she redoubled her efforts, apparently desperate to have me pop in her mouth!

Despite my panic, I couldn't help but admire the first sight of my dark meat slipping between her glossy lips as she urgently bobbed her head, her blonde hair whipping back and forth until I grabbed it and held it back.

To speed up the process, I held her hair in two hands and began thrusting up into her open mouth while she massaged my balls with her hand and quietly moaned around me, sending vibrations up my spine until I grit my teeth and blasted her throat with the mother of all loads.

I was as surprised as her at the amount of jizz I spewed into her mouth, making her cough and splutter as she struggled to take it all in but to her credit, the little whore swallowed every drop down while I stood to compose myself.

"Invite me to stay over," she suddenly said, wiping her mouth.


"Invite me to stay over," she repeated just as Jordan and his sister walked in.

"Dad I said I'd clean up!" Jordan said as he entered the tidied room.

"Uhh, oh. It's fine just, err—don't let it happen again," I stammered, my brain struggling to catch up.

"Yeah it won't," he nodded before dropping back onto the sofa beside Olivia in the exact spot she'd just blown me. "Sorry Liv, had to run out for a bit, didn't want to wake you."

"No worries, we had fun here, right Mr Fisher?" she smiled sweetly, giving no indication she'd just swallowed a gallon of spunk.

"Hmm," I grunted while I made my escape before pausing at the door. "Oh and Olivia, you're welcome to stay for dinner, or the night, whatever..."

"I'd love to," she beamed immediately with her winning smile while Jordan gave me a bemused look.

"Things won't kick off with your mother if we have a guest," I explained with a shrug before leaving them to it.

http://i.imgbox.com/NDaMZyEw.jpg (http://imgbox.com/NDaMZyEw)

Over the next couple of hours I had time to reflect on what had happened and found myself feeling incredibly guilty about what had occurred. The whole thing had felt like a blur and I was angry at myself for letting Olivia seduce me so easily.

In fact I felt so bad about the whole thing, I was relieved when my wife called to say her flight had been cancelled and she now wouldn't get back until morning.

When I broke the news to Jordan, it took everything in my power to avoid eye contact with the blonde seductress sat next to him. I could almost picture the look she'd be giving me right now.

She was far more difficult to ignore later on though after I'd ordered some take-out for us to eat in front of the television. Olivia had strategically positioned herself opposite me, curled up under her blanket with my son while giving me the eye.

I settled in for an uncomfortable evening thanks to Olivia teasing me out of the corner of my eye, sucking on her straw or occasionally lifting the blanket to offer me a glimpse of the tight body she knew I and many others lusted over.

After sitting through some movie I'd barely paid attention to, while they browsed for another, I quickly said good night and headed up to the safety of my bedroom before Olivia had the chance to persuade me into something else I'd later regret.

Hours later I was still awake, lying in my empty bed, still wracked in guilt. But this was guilt for a different reason. It was no longer about what we'd done but more about the way I wasn't even thinking about my wife or rocky marriage any more but instead had Olivia Holt stuck on my mind.

In fact the more I thought about her, the more I realised I wanted her and to hell with the consequences and before long, guilt turned to frustration at myself for letting my chance to fuck her slip away.

After some time I headed downstairs in search of a stiff drink to help me sleep. I paused at Jordan's bedroom on the way to see him passed out alone in bed so I assumed Olivia must have headed home late.

Thankfully Jordan and Olivia hadn't raided my drinks cabinet in the kitchen where I poured myself a Scotch. After grabbing some ice from the freezer, I almost dropped my drink in surprise when I turned back to see Olivia stood there, casually leaning against the breakfast bar.

"Jesus, Liv! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

Before I closed the freezer door, she was illuminated by the light in her loose top, barely there shorts and that playful smile on her face, slightly hidden behind her mussed up hair.

"Sorry Mr Fisher, I couldn't sleep."

"Hmm same," I said indicating my drink.

"Can I have one?"

"Uhh—really?" I asked incredulously but after a confident nod, I shrugged and got her a glass. "Don't tell your parents."

Unsurprisingly the inexperienced teen immediately gagged on the whiskey and spit it back out, much to my amusement.

"Eurgh! What the fuck?" she complained, quickly handing it back. "People drink that?"

Even in that moment, grimacing, with her nose wrinkled and tongue sticking out, she looked picture perfect and without giving it a second thought; I went for it. It only took a few steps for me to close the gap between us and push my lips against hers.

Olivia gasped into my mouth and staggered back due to the force of my impulsive move until I had her pinned against the bar where she quickly reciprocated the hot and heavy kiss.

Her hands went straight to my crotch making it perfectly clear we had similar intentions and within seconds she had my cock back in her grasp, stroking it to full length.

"I've been thinking about this all night," she revealed as we broke for air.

"Me too," I admitted honestly while ducking down to kiss at her neck, tasting her soft skin and making her weak at the knees.

"Uhh—I was going to sneak up to your room y'know? Once I knew Jordan was asleep."


"Hmm...just crawl under the sheets, see how long it takes you to wake up with my lips wrapped around your cock." At this point I was hard as diamond in her skilful hands. "—but I guess this works too."

Olivia moved as if to kneel and swallow my sword again but I held her in place. As much as I'd love another hot blowjob from her, and I had a feeling she enjoyed giving them just as much as men liked receiving them, I didn't want to waste any time through fear of either of us coming to our senses and putting a stop to this sordid affair.

In a blur of movement, I practically ripped her shirt off and shoved her shorts and cotton panties down to her knees, cupped her supple ass in both hands, almost groaning at how soft she felt, and easily lifted her to sit on the edge of the breakfast bar.

"Ohmigod!" she giggled excitedly when I briefly ducked down to suck at her small tits before going lower to swipe my tongue over her delicious, wet honey pot.

Standing straight again, Olivia lifted her legs, still locked together at the knee thanks to her shorts to rest them on my shoulder while I positioned my cock, hesitating with the very tip nestled against her dripping entrance.

"What are you waiting for? Do it! Please Mr Fisher," Olivia pouted, trying to wiggle forward to impale herself.

My eyes flicked from her delectable looking cunt to her pleading eyes as I contemplated what I was about to do. Was I really going to cross this line?

"C'mon don't tease me! Fuck. Just stick it in and fuck me already!" she grunted loudly.

Olivia's voice continued to rise the longer I held out.

"I know you want this. You want this tight little teenage CUNT wrapped around your cock! So take it and FUCK me!"

She was now running the risk of waking the whole house so without further ado I decided to push the guilt to one side, grabbed her waist and unceremoniously rammed it home.

Olivia let out a loud, surprised yelp and for a moment I panicked and thought I'd hurt her but the huge smile on her face said otherwise but if I thought giving her what she wanted would have shut her up, I was sorely mistaken.

"Nggh—holy fuck! YES!" she groaned, her head lolling back and voice echoing in the kitchen.

"Fucking hell," I muttered under my breath as my cock was enveloped to the hilt.

http://i.imgbox.com/uny1h2RV.jpg (http://imgbox.com/VMhYB8Z8)

I'd forgotten just how good teen pussy felt and I'm pretty sure Olivia Holt's had to be the best of the best, she quickly had my head spinning as her tight tunnel seemed to constantly pulse and massage every inch of my rigid member.

Just the vision of my dark cock slowly piston in and out of her tanned white body was a sight to behold, no less the way her cunt would grip me on each outwards pull.

"I told you it would feel good, didn't I?" she grinned smugly.

I knew I wouldn't last long with her incessant taunting and the smouldering look she was giving me, seemingly desperate to maintain constant eye contact throughout so I did my best to block it out so I could enjoy it as long as possible but Holt was having none of it.

"Look at me," she ordered. "Look at me when you FUCK me!"

I was surprised at the tone and authority the young girl managed to get into her voice and found myself doing as I was told and locking eyes with her.

"Good. Now tell me how good my pussy feels around your cock."

"It feels good, really fucking good," I heard myself muttering, still keeping my voice down.

"Better than your wives?"

"That mouth of yours is going to get you into a lot of trouble one of these days."

"Who says it hasn't already?"

Olivia hid it better than I did but I was starting to tell that the steady pace I'd been thrusting into her with was starting to have an effect on her. Sweat was forming on her brow, her breathing was getting erratic and her legs were starting to shake against my shoulder.

"You're close," I told her.

"Ugh. Uh-huh, keep doing it. Just like that..." she sighed, laying back and allowing me to delve even deeper inside her.

"Come on, cum for me. Let me feel it all over my cock," I hissed, grabbing her legs and picking up the pace.

"Jesus—FUCK! I'm so close. So close..." she gasped, rubbing her swollen clit with one hand and running the other through her hair.

"What if I told you this pussy of yours is definitely better than my wives?"

"Oh Gawdd—"

"In fact, it's probably the best cunt I've ever fucked," I continued. "And the fact you're such a hot little slut makes it even better!"

"Ugggh! Yeah I am a slut!" Olivia agreed. "Getting pounded by my friend's married daddy! I'm your personal whore Mr Fisher so fuck me like one!"

With that said I suddenly wrapped my arms under her arched back and lifted her into the air. In an instant Liv managed to kick her remaining clothing off, freeing her legs to wrap around my waist and pull herself in close, burying my cock deep inside her.

While I carried her through the house, Olivia didn't let up for a second, flicking her hips and grinding against me at this new angle while she panted and cussed in my ear.

I had every intention of taking her back to the sofa where this had all started hours ago but found myself too impatient and settled for simply letting her down onto the floor in the hallway where she wasted no time putting her face in the carpet and presenting her ass to me.

Seeing her in that position almost made me cum then and there but I held out long enough to plunge my cock back into her sopping hole where I quickly matched our earlier pace and then some.

"Ohmigod sir, you fuck me so good!" she groaned into the floor before her climax suddenly hit her like a truck.

Fortunately even in the throes of passion, Olivia had enough sense not to wail as loud as I knew she wanted to, instead forcing herself to grit her teeth and ride out her intense orgasm, her cunt desperately trying to milk me dry.

"Fucking cum inside me Mr Fisher," she panted. "Fill my perfect little cunt up!"

My head was starting to spin from holding back so long so without any more delays, I grabbed a fistful of her pretty blonde hair, tugging it sharply to cock her head back and arch her back. Hearing Olivia's final little grunt at being used so roughly set me off, exploding as deep as humanly possibly inside her velvet, pulsing pussy.

I groaned loudly and held her quivering, climaxing body firmly in place as I fired spurt after spurt of hot cum into her already creamy cunt until she was so full it started to leak out.

When I finally had no more to give her, I released her and let her flop onto the floor completely spent. The last thing I saw before lying down and almost passing out beside her was my thick load dripping from her used pussy to stain the carpet.


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WOW one of the best story ever!!! :happy:

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Holy. Shit. I don't know what it is but it seems to me that u and tpg both crank shit up to another level when u write about Holt. U both have great shit all the time but fuck man. Well done as always. Oh and could this possibly just the start of their little affair? Maybe? I'm sure they both haven't got their fill yet right? Well in a way she did. Hehe

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So fucking hot. Amazing as always, LT.

Man Olivia Holt is such a slut, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Wow...just wow. That was amazing. You write her as a sexy, slutty brat so nicely.

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Just...I...I'm literally going to need a WEEK just to process what I read. Wow.


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Great work. Definitely want to see more of this.