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One Night Only
With Selena Gomez and Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, MFF, BJ, anal, sleep
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Always wanted to do this 3-way plus it was requested a few times so, although it took a while, I finally settled on a scenario featuring these two hotties! I hope you like it…

http://6.t.imgbox.com/ZJdsY9ip.jpg (http://imgbox.com/ZJdsY9ip) http://3.t.imgbox.com/B9in2tvq.jpg (http://imgbox.com/B9in2tvq)

"I'll be up on that stage headlining next year! Then you'll be sorry!"

I shook my head. I had to give it to her though, the girl was certainly optimistic but then, so was everyone in Hollywood.

"Well I look forward to it Miss but that's next year and this year...you still aren't on the list," I responded.

"Check again!" It's Olivia Holt," she insisted, clearly enunciating her name to ensure I wasn't simply mishearing her.

I sighed but gave her the courtesy of checking again. Almost everyone else was already inside enjoying the after-party so she wasn't keeping up a line. Of course, the fact she was a stunning, eighteen-year-old blonde had nothing to do with it…

"Sorry, you definitely aren't on here."

Immediately Olivia changed tack and went for the classic. I'd seen it time and time again from girls like her as she stepped closer and began trying to flirt her way in.

"C'mon, I'll be good. I won't get you into any trouble…" she almost whispered.

As hot as she was, I held my ground. I had a good thing going and I wasn't about to risk my job and livelihood over a piece of teen ass so her attempts to butter me up by stroking my arm, pouting and fluttering her eye-lashes were futile.

When she realised I wasn't budging she stepped back and crossed her arms with an annoyed huff.

"Fine! I'll just wait for the shift change, maybe the next guy will be straight and not such a—"

"Mike! How's it going?" a voice suddenly called out, cutting the teen off.

"Evening Selena," I smiled as the owner of the voice approached. "Not bad at all, I heard you gave quite the performance earlier."

Olivia froze up as she was completely star-struck by Selena Gomez's sudden appearance and flushed red when she realised we were on first name basis. I'd worked with Selena for years now and while I wouldn't exactly call us friends, she always seemed to make an effort to get to know her support staff.

"So how's the girlfriend, Jess is it?"

"Ehh, didn't work out but shit happens, y'know?" I shrugged.

"Aww, sorry to hear that." It was only then that Selena acknowledged Olivia stood paralyzed beside her. "—and who's your friend?"

"The next big thing apparently, what was it again? O…Ol…Ollie?" I teased.

Olivia glared at me as I pretended to forget the name she'd drilled into my ear over the past thirty minutes.

"Olivia!" she finally exclaimed. "Umm, Olivia Holt," she said more calmly at Selena who smiled at the little exchange while Olivia blushed furiously.

I almost felt bad for ruining the starlet's first encounter with her idol but Selena fortunately saved the day by apparently recognising the name.

"Oh yeah, Disney girl right? Relax, I was in your position just a few years ago," she said comfortably.

I took the brief lull to explain that Olivia wasn't on the list. Selena took a second to eye up the younger girl before nodding to herself and turning back to me.

"She's with me. I'll keep an eye on her."

Olivia's head immediately lifted and her eyes lit up as Selena took her arm in hers and I shrugged before letting them past.

"Good luck with that one," I warned Selena.

I swear Olivia was practically shaking as Selena Gomez took her under her wing and I heard her give her first piece of advice.

"Okay lesson one Liv, don't get on the bad side of the security."

An hour or so later the next guy arrived to relieve me so I headed inside to find the party in full swing, probably on the verge of getting out of control which wasn't unusual for these star-studded affairs.

As I made my way through the crowded room, I spotted Selena and Olivia still hanging out to one side and decided to approach them.

Getting nearer, it was clear Olivia was a little worse for wear, swaying on her feet having obviously drunk a little too much, no doubt trying to keep up and impress her older role model.

"Anyone would think you have ill intentions pouring drinks down her like that," I commented to Selena.

Gomez flashed me a mischievous smile.

"I won't lie, it crossed my mind. I mean, look at her!"

Olivia seemed to be in her own little world and completely unaware or uncaring of what we were insinuating while we both checked her out.

"Well I'm off for the night, have a good one but…look after her, yeah?"

I knew what the guys were like at these parties and could already see the vultures circling, just waiting to take advantage of her naivety and current state. That wasn't something I needed on my conscious being the guy who let her in.

"Eurgh I'm fine!" she suddenly slurred loudly. "Just leave us alone already!"

I rolled my eyes; at least she still had some fight in her.

"I'll get her home safe and sound, I promise," Selena assured me, smirking at her tipsy new friend.

I was just about to bid them goodnight and leave them to it when chaos erupted and a drunken party-crasher suddenly burst through the crowd.

Almost instinctively I managed to grab him as he shoved past me and tried to lunge at Selena.

"Hey get off me!" Selena yelped, jerking her arm away.

Just as I started to question the guy, the replacement bouncer showed up apologising profusely for letting him slip by.

"I'm so sorry ladies," he said completely flustered, clearly terrified he'd just lost his job. "He just got past me somehow…"

Selena and Olivia naturally didn't look best pleased, recoiled well out of arm's reach as I started to haul the kid out. Naturally he kicked and whined the entire way creating quite a scene as I moved through the crowd until I threw him out.

He just about found his feet after staggering, avoiding hitting his face on the pavement while I ordered him to clear off before I got the police involved.

I watched him go, muttering to himself before I lost sight of him. Upon returning, the party had thankfully returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

Walking through I was quickly intercepted by Selena on the way to the staff area.

"Thanks for that," she said sincerely, Olivia still lurking in her shadows but even she gave an appreciative smile.

"Right place, right time I suppose. Plus it is my job after all," I shrugged.

"Sure but at least let me get you a drink to say thank you," Selena offered.

It was an open bar so it didn't exactly mean much but I wasn't going to refuse an offer like that from Selena Gomez. Plus, she hid it well but it was clear she was a little shaken up by the close call and Olivia looked even worse. If I had to guess she probably hadn't truly experienced the crazed fan part of her budding career yet and the experience had certainly sobered her up quite nicely.

She seemed intent on fixing that however as the three of us enjoyed a few drinks together. Almost immediately I noticed how much friendlier the two starlets were being, Olivia's attitude in particular had changed dramatically for the better while I daresay Selena had become flirtatious.

http://1.t.imgbox.com/2SFvPVJM.jpg (http://imgbox.com/2SFvPVJM) http://5.t.imgbox.com/DKzOHOUA.jpg (http://imgbox.com/DKzOHOUA)

Of course it was difficult to tell if it was intentional or simply the alcohol talking but I let myself enjoy the evening sat between two stunningly attractive young women.

"No I can't, I'm driving," I explained regretfully, noting the look of disappointment on her face when Selena offered me yet another drink.

"Come on, one more shot won't hurt!"

"Anyone would think you're trying to get me drunk."

"So what if I am?" she grinned, her chin resting in her hand. "I'm just making sure you have a good night afterall."

"So what, is that your usual M.O? You did it with Liv here and now me."

"It works doesn't it?"

"Trust me, there's no one out there who needs to drunk before going home with you Sel."

I could see Olivia rolling her eyes at our less than subtle comments while she distracted herself on her phone.

"Speaking of, this party's dead anyway so how about you give us a lift home? You know, in case that guy's still out there."

"Sure no problem," I nodded trying not to show how excited I was at the prospect of spending more time with them.

"Besides," Selena continued in a lower tone. "—I still want to give you a proper thank you."

I was sure the excitement must have shown in my face then. The pointed look Selena gave me was enough to make my cock twitch to life briefly as it was perfectly clear she was insinuating much more than a simple drop-off as she took Liv's hand and led the way out.

"What so you two are ditching me?" Olivia complained as the three of us set off in my SUV.

"Night's over Liv and we promised we'd get you home safe," Selena explained.

"Yeah well I can't go home, I'm too drunk," Olivia replied matter-of-factly.

Selena argued the point and the two of them quickly started bickering in the backseat but Olivia was insistent that she couldn't return home to her parents in her current state and had to sleep it off.

Finally I intervened by offering the girls my place to crash for the night if need be.

"Oh yeah you wish!" Selena giggled knowingly. "I got a hotel suite across town, let's just head there."

Frustratingly the hotel was another hour's drive away but I told myself that whatever would happen between me and Selena would be absolutely worth the wait. Nonetheless I stepped on the gas a little bit harder while the girls giggled and whispered in the back seat.

The hotel was luxurious and expensive but I expected nothing less as Selena led the way up to her permanently booked room and it crossed my mind what exactly she used it for and how many men had been in my position previously.

Once there we were both equally surprised to see Olivia head straight for the mini-fridge despite us only being here so she could sober up.

What was far less surprisingly was seeing Olivia pass out on one of the beds not fifteen minutes later, finally hitting her limit after insisting on a third round of shots.

"You can get off home now if you want," Selena eventually suggested. "I probably shouldn't leave her here alone."

"No way, I can't drive. Not after that last shot," I said, my speech slurring slightly to emphasis the point.

"Hmm, better go get your own room then," Selena smirked playfully.

"At this hotel? You don't pay your security that well Selena!"

"Aww, shame that. Maybe we can discuss a pay rise sometime."

At this point I was completely done with all this dancing around the topic so I finally went for it, leaning in and kissing her hard on the lips.

Selena instantly kissed me back, letting my tongue slide into her mouth while my hand drifted down to explore her tight, hot body and ultimately slipped under her dress and straight into her underwear to discover she was already wet.

"Uhh—fuck you took your time," she sighed with a lazy smile while I began kissing down her neck.

"You're so fucking sexy," I whispered as I moved down her body and abruptly pulled her dress down, exposing her perfectly formed tits and quickly latching to one of her erect nipples.

"Ooh—yeah and you got me for one night. So what are you gonna do?" she challenged.

Realising that she too was done with the teasing and foreplay, I practically carried her to the spare bed, dropping her on it where we both took the chance to strip down as quickly as humanly possible.

http://i.imgbox.com/tnPcxaqQ.jpg (http://imgbox.com/tnPcxaqQ)

Joining her on the bed, she smiled as she allowed me to manipulate her into position until I was spooning the naked Latina on the bed, my cock pressed up against her delicious looking ass before she lifted a leg and let me slip in between.

I eagerly rubbed my head against her slimy taco, teasing her thick lips before nestling between her folds and finally sticking it inside. I wasted no time sliding as deep as I could into the petite Latina, the two of us groaning out loud as I stretched her with my fat cock.

"Ughh—fuck!" she let out, looking back to kiss me again.

"—you're tight!" I remarked, honestly surprised at how snug her pussy felt.

"Uh-huh, give it to me!" Selena growled, arching her back slightly when I reached round and grabbed one of her soft tits in my hand and gave her tight cunt several slow, deep pumps.

For a moment we stayed like this, with me roughly squeezing her breasts while I continuously pulled all the way out only to gently slide it back in as deep as I could.

Ultimately however I let my hands slide down to her waist where I bent her forward to grant me even more access to her sweet Latina cunt where I was able to pick up the pace.

We quickly built up a sweat as I mercilessly fucked her sideways on the bed. I filled her dripping cunt again and again until she could barely form coherent sentences through her gasps and moans.

"Oh God—fuck—your cock! So good inside me…"

"Yeah? You've been waiting for this all night."

"Ugh. Yeah I need to get FUCKED!"

With that said, I flipped the 23-year-old onto her front where she lifted her ass up to get roughly impaled again on my pole. In this new position she was able to take every single inch of my thick cock as I leaned over her.

I'd been dreaming of this moment for years so I was focussed on giving her a fucking she'd remember, one she'd think back on during lonely nights when she'd only have her fingers and toys for company.

With that in mind I pummelled her juicy cunt relentlessly, fucking the young starlet within an inch of her life and to her credit; Selena took it like a cock-hungry professional.

Selena just about lost her mind as she came again and again, biting the bed sheets as her body continuously shook, her cunt became slicker and her legs flailed uncontrollably behind me.

"I'm gonna cum all over those perfect tits," I informed her eventually reaching my endpoint.

Selena simply nodded tiredly and the moment I pulled out she was there, offering her round breasts and tongue to paint. The sight alone did it for me and I happily sprayed her down, coating her chest with thick, sticky spunk while ensuring she got a couple of ropes into her open mouth too.

In fact I came so hard I immediately got light-headed and dizzy, collapsing next to her on the bed as we panted and reflected on what had just occurred.

"That was…wow…you're lucky I didn't plan on walking tomorrow," Selena smirked between heavy breaths.

Almost instantly I was eager to go again but before I could even find words, the exhaustion and alcohol in my body hit me like a truck and I was gone.

http://i.imgbox.com/4GjGDegg.jpg (http://imgbox.com/4GjGDegg)

I must have only slept for a couple of hours before something woke me up because the hotel room was still relatively dark but light enough to see Selena was no longer beside me.

Rolling over and sitting upright, I quickly found her on the adjacent bed, still looking ravishing in her birthday suit and tussled hair while she loomed over Olivia Holt who was still sound asleep and breathing softly.

"Err...what are you doing?" I asked quietly, bemused by the scene I was waking up to.

"Oh, nothing," she whispered, flashing me a sly look over her shoulder which told me she was doing anything but 'nothing'.

With a naked Selena Gomez bent over a few feet from me, I immediately felt wide awake and reinvigorated as I got up to stand behind her, feeling her soft skin in my hands as I pressed my cock against her backside.

"Hmmm," she purred, grinding back against me and quickly getting me hard while simultaneously reaching to brush some of Olivia's hair out of her face. "Isn't she pretty?"

"Uh-huh," I agreed even though I was mostly distracted by Selena's perfect butt as she continued to use it to tease my rigid pole.

But despite the sexy, naked Latina in front of me, I couldn't help but glance at the teen beauty. Selena was right. In that moment, with Olivia peacefully sleeping there with her slightly dishevelled blonde hair, she looked downright angelic.

"You know, she never did properly apologise to you earlier."

"Eh, I've dealt with far worse than her in my time."

"I still think you should get your own back a little."

"Yeah? And how do you propose I do that?"

"I want to see you beat off over her, all over that pretty little face!" Selena replied directly.

With the speed and enthusiasm of her response, it was obviously something Selena had been thinking about.

"Wow, and while she's sleeping? Never took you for such a pervert Selena," I teased.

"Don't act like you don't want to, I can feel how hard you are right now," she emphasised the point by wiggling her ass more firmly against me.

I still wasn't convinced though. If Olivia woke up, the young, rich starlet could easily make my life a living hell. Sensing my hesitation, Selena continued.

"Come on, do it for me! Go over and stroke that big cock into her face and just maybe…hmm...maybe I'll let you stick it in my ass later!"

That comment and the intense, sultry look she threw me had me forgetting any qualms I had and in an instant I was on the other side of the bed.

"Hehe, that's so hot!" she giggled, as I stroked myself for her benefit, inches away from her new friend's face.

At the same time, Selena found she was unable to keep her hands to herself and started gently running her fingertips up and down Olivia's smooth, tanned legs.

"Fuck, I need to see this girl's body," she finally announced a minute later, jumping into action.

"Didn't realise you liked chicks so much," I remarked as she carefully started undoing the sleeping starlet's dress.

"Sexy, tight, 18-year-old blonde – what's not to like?"

While I pondered how far Selena was planning to go with the sleeping beauty, I found it impossible to argue because I was probably just as eager to see Olivia naked too. Instead I stayed silent; waiting with bated breath as Selena finally started pulling the loose material away but suddenly stopped with an evil smile.

"You should put it in her mouth a bit," she said although it sounded more like an order than a suggestion. "I bet those lips would feel so good on your cock."

I was so hard and so desperate for Selena to reveal Holt's body that I didn't even hesitate to go along with her devious plan. Ever-so-gently I pressed the head of my cock against Olivia's parted lips.

I hissed inwardly, surprised at how good the brief, forced kiss felt and couldn't help myself pushing a little harder to slip an inch inside her warm mouth, brushing against her pearly whites but not daring to go any further.

"Wow I'd love to watch her suck it properly, maybe I'll make her clean you off after you fuck my ass later…"

"Jesus. Fucking hell Selena," I groaned at the mere idea.

Selena grinned wickedly before finally tugging Olivia's dress away leaving her as naked as us.

"Wow," she repeated as we took it all in. "Look at that…isn't that the prettiest, sweetest pussy you've ever seen?"

"One of…" I nodded, referring as well to Selena's own juicy cunt which was no doubt sopping wet right now.

"—no underwear and shaved too, the little slut!"

In an instant Selena was on her stomach lying between Olivia's legs, getting a closer look at her delicious looking peach.

It was lucky for both of us that Olivia was such a heavy sleeper what with me stroking my cock against her lips and now Selena running her finger up and down her moist slit.

I almost lost control and came a second later when Selena met my eye and leaned in with her tongue out to slowly lick up the entire length of Olivia's teenage clam, sighing contentedly at the taste.

In fact I was actually a bit jealous of Selena then. There was nothing on Earth that tasted better than pristine teen pussy and it seemed Gomez agreed with me as she was quickly lapping it up.

Given events so far, it didn't surprise me much to see how skilled Selena was at the art of cunnilingus, quickly having an obvious effect on Holt who started to quietly whimper and writhe in her sleep.

Unbeknownst to her, Olivia's occasional grunts and hums of approval were sending brief, pleasurable vibrations up my shaft while I still had my head nestled between her soft, glossy lips.

"Watch this, I'm going to make her cum so fucking hard," Selena said confidently. "You just stay there and keep feeding her that cock!"

I didn't even think to argue as Selena wet her lips, held Holt's legs wide apart and suddenly latched her mouth over the young starlet's cunt, devouring her completely.

Olivia's hips instinctively leapt off the bed as Selena jammed her tongue inside her and loudly slurped on her juicy pussy.

I was more than content to simply watch, letting my cock slip from Holt's mouth as her head twisted from side to side, eyelids started fluttering and lower lip began to tremble while tightly gripping the bedsheets in both hands.

"Ohmigod—" she mouthed silently as she finally began to wake.

I watched as she half opened her eyes, a look of complete confusion on her face, waking up had probably never felt so good.

Her dozy gaze slowly moved around the room, presumably forgetting why she wasn't in her own bed, as she focussed on me, the cock pointed directly at her face and down to Selena, smiling up at her from between her legs.

Before she could even fully get her head around it, Selena skilfully teased her clit until it was fully exposed and gently sucked in to her mouth, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure crashing through the teenager.

"Ohmigod!" Olivia repeated, much louder this time as her head fell back and her eyes rolled.

Wordlessly, Selena nodded, giving me the go ahead to turn Olivia to face me where I held one hand in her blonde hair and finally fed her my cock.

"Mmmffffgh—gaah!" she choked, her eyes locking onto mine as I drilled her pretty face and caused her cheek to bulge out around the head.

I knew she was fully on board with what was happening to her the moment she brought her hand up to momentarily fondle my balls before gripping me at the base, holding it still as she started to control the tempo, blowing me sideways while Selena continued to ravage her cunt.

This didn't last long however because without warning Selena seemed to pull out her final trick with a sly wink in my direction.

"Oh! Oh fuck…" Olivia gasped, letting my spit covered dick slip from her mouth.

"Tell me what she's doing Liv."

"She's—ohgod—she's got her tongue in my butt…"

"Dirty girls," I grinned. "You like it don't you? Tell us you like having that tongue deep inside your teen ass?"

"Fuck!" she cried. "I do! I'm gunna—ohmigod…"

Sensing her impending orgasm, Selena moved back up to drink down her flowing nectar as Olivia went berserk, flicking and grinding her cunt into Selena's face while her legs flailed uncontrollably and she screamed the place down.

She was shocked even further when she suddenly set me off too, causing me to cover her lips and chest in a copious amount of sticky cum.

Refusing to let this mind-blowing night end and wanting to give Selena some attention, I quickly moved round behind the singer and immediately slammed into her wet cunt, pounding away as she leisurely licked and moaned between Olivia's legs until I felt myself harden fully again inside her.

A moment later I pulled out as Selena crawled up on top of Olivia's exhausted, panting body to kiss her directly on the lips, forcing her own taste on her.

Despite everything that had preceded the kiss, Olivia's eyes still opened wide in shock as she felt Selena's tongue force its way in.

While they're distracted, I took the opportunity to take that was promised, eagerly pushing my cock against Selena's backdoor.

Hearing no opposition, I grit my teeth as I forced my way past her rim to enter her ass, stretching her tight hole as I painstakingly filled her, all while she groaned into Liv's mouth.

"Such a good ass," I hissed, getting half way in before pulling back only to slam in even deeper.

Selena grunted approvingly with every thrust, her tight butt accepting my thick cock again and again until she surprised me and suddenly came! If I hadn't just done the same a few minutes earlier, I no doubt would have joined her then and filled her bowels with a torrent of cum.

As it was however I was able to persist and continue fucking her, driving her wild with lust as I pounded her stretched ass for all it was worth.

While I continued having my way with Gomez's backdoor, she busied herself with Holt, whorishly licking my jizz off her face and chest, sucking on her small pink nipples and making Olivia gasp erotically.

But despite how good Selena's ass felt, I couldn't help but notice the sweet little blonde clam below it. Olivia was still glistening wet, her juices smeared all around thanks to Selena and it was almost calling to me, begging me to take it.

Unceremoniously pulling out of Selena, she rolled to the side to grant me the perfect view of Olivia spread wide and panting on the bed. Grabbing her legs I lifted them up to my shoulders while I finally slid into her hot, teenage cunt.

"Oh Jesus!" she groaned, taken aback by the sudden, deep penetration.

Her back arched sharply off the bed as I fucked her hard, holding onto her narrow waist as I pulled her back to meet each and every powerful thrust. My head was spinning at just how tight she was, somehow she felt even tighter than Selena's ass.

"Yeah, harder!" Selena egged me on, the insatiable singer watching from the sidelines. "See Liv, this is what you get when you're rude to security!"

"Ugh. Fuck. I should be rude more often then!" she grunted back smugly, taking my cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh yeah? You hear that? I don't think this little slut has learned her lesson yet!"

With that I pushed her legs all the way back until her feet were almost at her ears. At the same time I moved one hand onto her throat, gently squeezing while Olivia looked me straight in the eye, daring me on.

"Go ahead," she hissed. "I can take it!"

Her eyes instantly rolled back though when I really started giving her my all, fucking and pummelling her sweet, perfect cunt into the bed until her legs shuddered and she screamed her release.

Feeling her milk my cock, I locked eyes with her and finally let it go, grunting as I fed her teen pussy rope after rope of hot cum!


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Fucking spectacular, mate!

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FUCK that was hot!
Selena Gomez rimming a drunk Olivia Holt?!
Just doesn't get better than that!!
Stuff of dreams.
I think I'll be reading and re-reading this tale for years to come.
Just amazing Lemontalk.


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I've died and gone to the promise land... this is my ultimate fantasy threesome, and you've more then delivered Lemon. :good: I think it's going to be hard for any other story to top this one in 2016, you really can't get much better then a Holt/Gomez pairing.

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Excellent story. One of the greats.

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One of the best so far

02-21-2016, 11:09 PM
I think it's going to be hard for any other story to top this one in 2016...

hearsz/TPG/MacedMan/Other Writer's: Consider this "Challenge Accepted!!" :yea:

But in all seriousness, if we had a "Classic Stories" section on the site, this one would surely be in it.
Any writer can put these two together into a story and people would read it. But the thing is, few writer's would manage to make it so great that fans of either or both the celebs involved, would re-read it over and over again, purely because of LemonTalk's great storytelling.
I'm running out of superlatives to describe how incredible your stories really are mate!

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Thanks guys, really glad you all liked it since I wanted to do this 3-way justice. Behind the hot celebs, it's the comments, the fact people enjoy reading them and the other author's stories that motivates me to write more so cheers!

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LemonTalk what a plot and the narration of a master story teller..
Just amazing!