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07-20-2007, 03:03 AM
Author: MissFyt
Codes: MFF, anal, oral, reluc
Celebs: Hayden Panettiere
Disclaimer: This is one I've been working on for a while. Finally got it finished. Usual disclaimers apply. Let me know what it did for ya...

It's a cliche, that thing about accidents happening in slow motion, but it's true. At the time, the crash happened so fast I barely knew what was going on. But when I replay that particular memory, usually against my will, it seems to take forever. I don't even remember what Pete and I were talking about, just that we were idling at the exit to the parking lot on Placentia, Pete at the wheel of my battered Neon, watching the road while I messed with the radio, trying to find something other than the drone of early nineties alt-rock. Pete raised his hand and I glanced up to see that someone had stopped to let us out. It was just as I turned my attention back to the radio that the SUV came barreling out of nowhere. The driver had already seen us, was already hard on the brakes. Too late.

The next thing was Hayden. I don't remember much of what happened in between. I'd closed my eyes just before the impact, felt the sickening crunch and the scream of the Neon's tyres as it was shoved across the asphalt. It seemed so quiet after that, just the static from a radio still stuck between stations and my own rapid, shallow breathing.

But the next thing was Hayden, saying, "Are you okay?" as I opened my eyes and almost fell in love right on the spot. Maybe it was the shock, maybe that familiar, sweetly innocent face so close to mine, all worried blue eyes and a cute, fat-lipped little mouth. Either way, for a moment it seemed absolutely right that I reach up and cup the back of her head, tilt my face up to kiss her. For a moment, I almost did.

"What the fuck?" I'd never seen Pete genuinely angry, and the fury that broke my reverie was startling, even frightening. I turned to the sound of his voice and saw him shouldering his way out of the car, forcing open a door that was twisted out of shape. Through the spider-webbed windshield, I watched him storm around the front of the car towards the retreating girl. He seemed huge in his rage and in comparison to Hayden's tiny frame, and it was the thought of him actually attacking her - unthinkable of the boyfriend who'd been calmly sitting next to me just moments before - that finally made me move.

"Pete!" I popped open my seatbelt and got out of the car. The pain came suddenly, a tight band of heat across my ribs that surprised more than it hurt. I gasped and hugged myself. "Pete," I said again.

"Ah, fuck. Soph? You okay?" Just like that, the anger was gone and he was coming towards me, his face all concern as he took my elbow.

"Yeah, the seatbelt. I feel like someone just gave me the Heimlich Maneuver."

"Do you need an ambulance?" Hayden asked, approaching us.

"What I need is for you to shut your fucking mouth," Pete snapped back. I think that was when he recognized her. He paused for a moment, staring.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't see you."

"I'm not surprised. Fucking preppy little bitch and your giant fucking car. Jesus."

Hayden bowed her head. "Look," she said, "I can pay for the damage."

"Pay for it? Why?" I said.

Pete shook his head. "Not insured, Soph, that's why. You got your cell?"

I nodded, reached into my back pocket and handed him my phone.

"Who are you calling?" she asked.

"The cops."

"Hey, wait! Wait up a second, okay? I said I'd pay for the damage. I...just don't call the cops, okay?. Please."

"Don't want to end up on the news, Hayden?" I said. "It is Hayden, isn't it?"

She sighed, took off her baseball cap like she was removing a disguise, ran her hand through her blonde hair. "Yeah, Hayden. It was totally my fault. I was in a hurry and I just didn't see you..."

"Where were you headed, traffic school?" Pete still had the phone in his hand, his thumb hovering over the keypad like a threat.

"Give me a break here. We're all okay, aren't we? I can pay for this, plus a little extra for...y'know...the situation."

"Retard tax," Pete muttered. I almost laughed.

"Please," she said.

"My apartment's only a couple of blocks from here," I said. I pushed myself off the car and took the phone out of Pete's hand. He stared a question at me as I tucked it away in my jeans. "Let's get out of the street and talk about it."

"Fuck this," Pete said, but he followed my lead and got back into the car. We watched Hayden climb into hers, then Pete started the Neon and pulled slowly away from the kerb.

"Not one person stopped to help," I said.

"Orange County," he replied, "Why would they give a fuck if some airhead, cheerleader whore damn near kills you with her gigantic, pointless car?"

"Are you alright?"

He glanced at me, shook his head and sighed. "Sorry. I guess I lost it a little. You sure you're okay?"

"It's gonna be a hell of a bruise. I really thought you were going to hit her. Imagine the headlines: Local man KOs Heroes starlet. 'I thought she was indestructible'."

Pete smiled. For a moment, there was this weird, distant look in his eyes I’d never seen before. "There are other ways," he said.

We pulled into the parking lot and Hayden parked her SUV in the space alongside mine. By the time she'd climbed out, Pete had already disappeared upstairs.

"Are you hurt?" she asked me.

"Nothing serious."

"He's pretty angry, huh?" she said, nodding in the direction Pete had gone, a frown creasing her brow.

"He's harmless. Wouldn't you be pissed?" It was with a strange little thrill that I realized she didn't want to go upstairs, that she was afraid of Pete.

"Are you?"

"Hayden..." I stared at her, every inch the innocent teen she always seemed to play in a tight tank-top and shorts, her bare legs taut and tanned. "You hit me with your fucking car. You scared the shit out of me."

"I know, I know. I'm sorry."

"Come on up. I need a drink."

As was his habit, Pete had apparently read my mind, and by the time we got upstairs to the apartment, he was standing at the kitchen counter with three full glasses in front of him. I took mine without prompting and drank half of it in one go, wincing at its strength then closing my eyes as it warmed my throat and belly. When I opened them, Hayden was eyeing the glass Pete held out to her.

"I shouldn't," she said.

"Why, because you're driving?" He laughed. "Take it."

She reached out tentatively, like she was expecting him to snatch it away or throw it in her face.

"Was that so hard?"

I found myself sensing her fear of him again, reacting to it. This wasn't a Pete I was used to seeing. Through Hayden's eyes, there was something dominant and dangerous about him, an angry stranger with her immediate future in his hands.

"Here's to bad driving," he said, and downed his drink in three quick swallows, slamming his glass down on the counter. Hayden jumped. "Now you," he said.

"Now me what?"

"Down it."

Hayden glanced at me, her eyes pleading. I felt drunk already, and I wondered how much whiskey Pete had put in our drinks as I heard myself say, "Go ahead, Hayden. What’s the harm?"

"Or I could call the cops," Pete said. He shrugged “Whatever you want to do.”

Hayden's eyes widened. "You..." she began.

"No more talking. You were the one who said you’d pay for the damage."

"Plus a little extra," I added.

"So go ahead and down it," Pete said.

Hayden looked from Pete to me and back again, then raised the glass to her lips and drank, her throat working as she drained it. She wiped her mouth and grimaced, eyes watering and cheeks coloring. I wondered just how strong he’d mixed her drink.

"Okay?" she said.

"Definitely." My shy, mild-mannered boyfriend looked her up and down, made no attempt to hide it. "You party, Hayden?" he asked her.

She shrugged. "I go out, if that's what you mean. With my friends."

"That's not what I mean."

"I think…I think I’d better leave.” She turned away from us, heading towards the door.

"Fair enough. See you on the news, and about a million blogs," Pete said. "Oh, and then in court. Shit could run and run. She tried to buy us off, your honor."

Hayden stopped, her hand on the door. She looked close to tears. "What do you want?" she said.

Pete looked at me, that strange look in his eyes again. I didn’t nod, but I didn’t tell him no, either. I watched, my heart hammering in my chest, waiting to see what he was going to do.

"I want," he said to Hayden, "that little extra you were talking about."

She still hadn't moved, and he walked up behind her. She stiffened when he touched the small of her back, his hand creeping downward over the waistband of her shorts, following the curve of her ass and then squeezing it. Her face was bright red, but she stayed where she was, hands flat against the door like she was bracing herself. Pete stepped in close behind her, pressing his crotch against her ass, both hands on her hips and then sliding up, following the inward curve of her waist, pushing up her top to expose her smooth, tanned skin and then a light pink bra, semi-transparent cups hugging her small breasts tightly enough that when Pete turned her to face me – probably for just that purpose – I could make out the large, dark circles of her nipples.

I stood motionless, my growing excitement as distant as my fear had been in those moments before the crash. I’d had my share of experiences, and Pete knew I was partial to my own gender just as he knew I had a particular fetish for inexperienced, innocent-looking girls. But our relationship had always been so vanilla, and Pete himself so possessive, that I was struck again by how much it was like finding myself in a situation with some sexually aggressive stranger. My face had grown warm, and as I watched his hands working her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples through the lace of her bra, I could feel a tightening sensation at the tips of my own breasts that made me want to close my eyes and lie down.

Hayden was passive through this rough treatment, eyes closed, arms loosely at her sides. I could see her torso rising and falling as she breathed heavily through slightly parted lips, sweat glistening on her brow. When Pete bent his head to kiss her neck, the movement like that of a predator going for the kill, she tilted her head to one side and let him. And when he thumbed her shorts down over her hips, bunching them tightly around her thighs, revealing panties that matched her bra, she let him.

Pete’s eyes found mine, his stare filled with excitement and amusement and just a little of the anger that had started everything. It wasn’t permission he was seeking as he pushed his hand down inside the flimsy material of Hayden’s panties, it was approval.

She moaned and then bit her lip when he touched her. I could see the shapes of his fingers inside pink lace as they moved. She squirmed in his grasp, but not from any attempt to escape. She was reacting to him. However reluctantly, she was aroused. And when she opened her eyes, she too was staring right at me.

As if reacting to a cue, Pete picked Hayden up, lifting her as if she weighed nothing, carrying her across the room and laying her on the dining table. It wasn’t much of a surface, designed as it was for two people at a push, and when he sat Hayden on one edge and pushed her down onto her back, she wound up draped over it, her legs hanging from one side, her head upside down from the other. I quickly realized this was exactly what he had intended, and he placed one hand on her throat to pin her there as he unbuckled his belt with the other, letting his jeans fall around his thighs, pulling down the front of his boxers so that his cock - huge and erect - sprang free.

Hayden lifted her arms, her hands going towards his flat stomach as though she could push him away. Pete caught her wrists with his free hand and held them, and I watched as though hypnotized as his cock brushed her chin and her mouth before he finally forced it between her lips. Hayden half-turned her head as he tilted his hips towards her, and the head of his cock pushed out her cheek before he adjusted his position and thrust forward again. This time she took his full length, gagging on it, a stream of saliva spilling out around his shaft, dripping down her face.

"Sophie," Pete breathed. "Get over here."

As though that was what I had been waiting for, as though I was at his command. His voice broke my reverie, and I moved towards them, unable to tear my eyes from the sight of my boyfriend fucking Hayden Panettiere's mouth, burying his cock balls-deep between her lips, watching her with a cruel smile on his face as she struggled to breathe, eyes watering, throat working beneath his grip, muscles standing out in her upper arms as she fought the hold on her wrists.

"Take her panties off," Pete commanded. "Eat that pussy. I want to see this little whore come."

I stared at him.

"Don't tell me you don't want to taste that," he said, lost in whatever anger and lust had started this. "You want it like I want it. Eat that fucking pussy."

I looked down at Hayden writhing on the table, at the way her lithe body moved. My breath came in quick, shallow gasps. My nipples were numb, my pussy warm and wet. In my mind, I replayed the moments before the crash over and over again, the way she'd just driven her Porsche right at us, late for some Hollywood appointment. The way she'd tried to buy us off.

I kept my eyes on Pete as I moved around the table, touched the soft warmth of her thighs, running my hands up to her hips, taking hold of her panties and pulling them down, catching her shorts on the way and dragging this untidy wrap of clothing down to her ankles, over her sneakers and off. I put my hands on the insides of her knees, pushed her unresisting legs apart, stared down at her perfect pink little pussy, nothing but a landing strip of neatly-trimmed hair decorating her crotch. Pete groaned, fucking her mouth harder than he'd ever fucked me, staring as I bent over her, pressed my mouth to her labia, tasted and inhaled her arousal, exploring until I found her clit, curling my tongue so the tip teased its hood, seeking the tiny bud of hardened flesh beneath. I felt Hayden jerk in response, letting out a moan that was stifled by Pete's cock. I kissed her slowly, thoroughly, working her clit while I spread my saliva and her arousal over her pussy with my fingertips, finally penetrating her with one and then two fingers, fucking her with a slow, steady rhythm.

"Yeah," Pete murmured, watching me. "Yeah." He released Hayden's wrists to peel off his top, and instead of moving to fight him, her hands came down to grab at my hair, pulling me to her, urging me on.

Pete stepped back, and his cock emerged from Hayden's mouth with a wet smack. He walked around the table until he was behind me, and in seconds I felt his arms encircling my waist. He unbuckled my belt, popped open the button fly of my jeans with a single tug, pulled them down around my knees and then stamped them the rest of the way to my ankles, my panties caught inside. I felt his hard stomach against my bare ass and the swollen head of his cock against me and then inside me in a single, smooth motion, the tickle of his wiry pubic hair against my naked skin, his shaft stretching me, his length so deep that I moaned, pushing back as though there were more of him to take. He grabbed my hips and lifted me with same ease he'd lifted Hayden, pushing me up onto the table so that I was straddling her. I felt the rough lace of her bra against my nipples, saw her face in extreme close up. Then she was kissing me and her hands were crawling up under my top, squeezing my tits as her tongue invaded my mouth. Pete began to fuck me hard from behind, one, two, three thrusts and then he withdrew and I felt him come between our bodies, his semen splashing across her belly, rubbed into her skin by the motion of my body on hers, coating both of us just above the crotch.

Then he was gone, and it was just Hayden and I on the table, kissing frantically, her hands clutching at my breasts so hard that it hurt a little, mine pressed to the cool surface beneath her until I felt her trying to stand and I let it happen, let her guide me back to my feet as she pushed herself up until she was sitting and then we were both standing, kissing all the while, moving backwards until the backs of my knees hit the couch and I let myself fall. With my lips free of Hayden's, I opened my eyes. Pete was nowhere to be seen, and she was standing over me, reaching back to unhook her bra and shrug it from her shoulders. She stood there naked, letting me take in that tight, tanned, teen-athlete body. There was a slight smile on her face as she dropped to her knees, watching me as she pulled off my jeans and panties and shoes in one untidy bundle, spread my legs exactly as I had spread hers, bent her head to kiss the inside of one thigh, working her way upward until her tongue found my pussy.

Pete returned from the bathroom to this scene; his girlfriend spread-eagled on the couch, Hayden Panettiere kneeling between her legs. He was naked, his cock still semi-hard. As he watched us, it twitched its way back to a full erection.

Hayden's tongue was dancing over my pussy, her enthusiasm making up for any lack of technique. I was gasping, helpless before the warm waves of pleasures her manipulations sent rushing up through my belly. Her hands moved over my bare skin, up under my top again. This time she trapped each nipple between forefinger and thumb, pinched and pulled until I yelped and Pete grinned.

"Hayden, Hayden, Hayden," he said, as though scolding a child.

He was still smiling when he climbed up on the couch, almost straddling my shoulders, pushing his cock into my mouth. Despite everything, some part of my mind was still locked on the old Pete, and I was surprised when he pushed roughly by my tongue, when I felt his head trigger my gag reflex and keep going. He grabbed a fistful of my hair to hold me in place, leaving me just enough give to tilt my head back, allowing me to swallow while he began to fuck my mouth as mercilessly as he had Hayden's, the girl in question still going down on me with increasing confidence. I breathed hard to push out the saliva that threatened to fill my mouth, hearing myself gagging each time he pushed into me, feeling my face grow hot, feeling my orgasm growing inside me, Hayden twisting my nipples as her tongue flicked at my clit.

When I came I pushed him away, spitting and gasping for air, needing to fill my lungs to cry out in pleasure, arching my back, letting the sensations rack my body, closing my eyes and biting my lip hard enough to fill my mouth with the salty taste of my blood. I felt weightless and dizzy, unreal. As my climax subisded, I felt like all I could do was lay there and smile sleepily at the lethargy that stole over my body, at the coolness of the air conditioning when it touched the skin that was still so wet around my mouth and chin, where Pete's come still coated my belly, where Hayden had licked and kissed my pussy.

Through half-lidded eyes I watched Pete pick her up once again. This time he sat her down on the arm of the couch and pushed her back. The back of her head was in my lap, her shoulders down on the sofa cushion and her legs - feet still clad in those bright white sneakers - in the air. I knew what he was going to do before she did, his cock all glistening with my saliva, lubricated and ready. He hooked her legs over his shoulders, and while I couldn't see it, I knew from the way her body tensed that he was putting it in her ass, working back and forth, fighting the resistance of her muscle until he was all the way in. I shouldn't have been surprised that she didn't protest, but I was, and I felt myself getting turned on all over again when he started to move and her hand went down between her own thighs. She was masturbating while Pete fucked her in the ass.

She reached back with her free hand and I held it between mine, watching her body sweat and move as Pete fucked her and she pleasured herself, her moans rising in volume until she was crying out, her head thrown back, fingers squeezing mine so that I felt her come, felt her body tense up for those few, perfect moments of total ecstasy, the hand between her legs freezing in mid-caress even as Pete continued to thrust, watching her climax. I watched his throat work as he swallowed heavily, and then he pulled out of Hayden's ass, jerking himself off as he quickly moved around and shot his load right in her face, thick strings of come splattering her slightly-parted lips and her cheeks, dripping down into her hair.

I must have fallen asleep when it was over, because when I opened my eyes again, she was gone. The head in my lap was Pete's and he was sleeping soundly, each exhalation a quiet snore. He looked utterly at peace in that moment, and I wondered what kind of dark, kinky shit he'd been carrying around in his head all this time. Then I wondered about Hayden, remembered seeing her in that first moment after the crash, how innocent and wholesome she'd seemed, how I'd wanted to kiss her cute little cheerleader mouth. How some half an hour later I'd watched her jerk herself off while my boyfriend sodomized her and then came in her face.

Never judge a book by its cover, I guess.