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With Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, inc, sleep, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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As far back as I can remember Olivia had a tendency to wander around the house in the middle of the night, and sometimes even ventured out into the backyard while sound asleep.

The first time I caught her doing it I thought she was messing around, but as it turned out her condition was legitimate. In fact on one occasion I tried to wake her up, only to regret my decision as she lashed out and attacked me like some kind of psycho!

Our folks soon took her to a specialist and were told to be very careful that we NOT wake her up during these episodes. Rather that we gently guide her back to bed, or in the very least make sure she didn't hurt herself.

Despite all these personal issues, my sister continued to work on her acting career and slowly gained a rather large following. And as the years rolled by we assumed that she had eventually grown out of her condition.

In fact she hadn't had an "episode" in several years until one particular morning I woke up to find her laying out on the floor of my bedroom.

"Liv, wake up." I said while getting up.

"Huh...what happened?" she replied while wiping the sleep from her eyes. "How did I get here last night?"

I couldn't help but chuckle at her predicament as it was made abundantly clear that she was having one of those "episodes" again.

"Shit. You don't think I'm doing that thing again do you." she pouted. "I haven't done that in years."

Despite finding it funny at first, I could see how shaken up she was and tried to comfort her.

"—you're just getting worked up over nothing."

"Please don't tell anyone about this."

"Are you crazy. Why would I do that!"

"I know. You're right. I trust you." she replied. "I just don't want anyone to know about it."

Fortunately for us Olivia stayed in her room over the next few nights, leaving us both to presumed that the earlier incident was just a one off experience due to some recent stress. But a week later I awoke in the middle of the night only to find her sliding into bed with me.

At first I found the situation kind of amusing, but I quickly lost my sense of humor when I realized my sister was for all intents and purposes naked! -- scantily clad in nothing more than her sheer-red panties.

I literally froze still when I felt how naked she was, and after several additional minutes I finally managed to squeeze out from underneath her body and coaxed her out of bed without waking her up.

I then walked her back to her room where she started snoring right away, while I tried my best not to stare at her bare naked tits before I went back to my bedroom.

I'm almost ashamed to say it, but when I got back to bed I actually considered beating off. In my defense, I hadn't had a steady girlfriend in some time, and had never seen a body even remotely close to how exquisite she looked.

But no sooner had I fallen asleep when I awoke with a start, and felt a soft-warm booty grinding against my cock! It actually took me a few seconds to realize that Olivia had snuck back into my bed and we somehow ended up in a spooning configuration.

"Mm. I miss you..." I heard her mutter under her breath, while slowly grinding her hips back and forth. "—you feel so good."

At first I was confused, wondering why she was saying such affectionate things to me but quickly determined that she was actually talking in her sleep. My mind reeled as I tried to come up with various ways to get her to stop what she was doing, but as I lay there contemplating my next move my cock seemed to have a mind of its own.

"Ray..." she moaned softly. "Please baby...take it out."

Against all rhyme or reason, I did as she asked and reached down to slip my cock through the slit of my boxer-briefs, and rubbed the head against her thong panties. Olivia cooed to the action then reached back between us and grasped me firmly in her hand, almost causing me to come right then and there.

While common sense told me to stop what we were doing, I instead reached over to cup her naked breast in my hand, pulling our bodies even closer together. My sleeping sister simply moaned to the action and nuzzled deeper into my shoulder.

"Mm. Baby...please." she whimpered softly in her sleep. "—kiss my neck."

I happily obliged and kissed her salty neck as she continued to jack me off behind her butt. Despite the sheer absurdity of it all, the entire sordid affair only made me grow bolder with each passing minute.

In a way I guess I was simply acting out, paying her back for all the years she had openly teased and mocked me in front of her friends. But what may have started out as a little revenge trip, soon turned into something more.

Without thinking, I now pinched and tweaked her hard brown nipple between my thumb and forefinger, before I trailed my fingers down her belly, across her hips and over the smooth mounds of her butt.

The sheer softness of her booty left me speechless, which I caressed for some time before I finally built up the courage to slip my digits down between the crack of her ass.

The heat that lingered there was extraordinary, as I gently caressed her teen pussy through her panties and felt her shudder. The smell of her sex quickly filled the room as I ultimately peeled her thong to the side and gently pushed my hips forward to rub the head of my cock directly against her defenseless lips.

"oh baby..." she purred accordingly. "Stop teasing me. Please. I need it. I need it bad."

Even though I knew it was wrong, even though I knew she thought I was someone else, I just couldn't make my body stop what was about to happen...and slowly and gradually impaled her cunt!

Olivia's moans grew louder as I slowly filled her pussy, before she rolled her hips and really worked me over -- grinding her sex and pushing us both towards the precipice.

Suddenly all judgment was lost and was now replaced with pure unadulterated lust. A lifetime's worth of longing suddenly bubbled to the surface.

"Fuck. Please don't wake up before I cum." I pleaded under my breath. "—this is the greatest night of my entire life."

http://i.imgbox.com/snyfKi77.jpg (http://i.imgbox.com/wKDmo3kz.jpg)

I needn't have worried though, cause the slow screwing motion we performed together continued on for several minutes until she began to take more and more of my increasing length, and proceeded to slam back against me.

"Ugh! Ugh! I need it baby." she huffed in her sleep. "I need it bad!"

"Fuck..." I grunted at my pleasure-seeking sister, who flung her head back and begged for more.

"Please, Ray. Fuck me. Fuck me baby."

I growled in response as we quickly found a steady rhythm and legitimately boned on my bed -- two teenage siblings now merged at the hip both grunting and panting in the dark.

"oh god baby...I'm gonna cum!" she ultimately huffed. "—I'm gonna cum all over your big cock!!"

"—Liv." I responded while squeezing her breasts and wrapping my mouth around sweat-glazed neck.

Her wildly convulsing body slowed to a near stop as she came for the first time and recovered, before slowly moving back against my granite-like rod. I gently eased away from her drenched pussy when she started humping her hips again, this time harder and faster.

"Jesus Liv. Sis. I can't..." I whined as I realized she wasn't going to let up, and that I was now in danger of blowing my wad.

"Ugh...yeah." Olivia murmured continually. "I'm gonna cum again. Please. Don't stop...I'm gonna cum again baby."

"Fuck! This is so wrong..." I suddenly mused with guilt. "This is so very, very wrong."

Nevertheless despite any qualms I might have had my hands found her hips as I tried to slow her wild thrusts to prolong the mind blowing sensation of her grinding away on my cock.

You see at this point I was still conflicted on whether or not I could go through with having sex with her again, causing me to pull my hips back and only allow just the head of my rod to nestle between her velvet-like lips.

"Please..." she moaned longingly as she used what she was given (just a few short inches) and now swirled her butt in a circular motion.

To her credit she didn't give up.

I ultimately pulled her body tight against mine, hoping to hold her still and distract her with some more nipple play. But instead of making things better, Olivia grunted and turned her face slightly to the side and suddenly our lips met!

The moment I felt her hot tongue spiral into my mouth my cock pulsed and leaked pre-cum all over her pussy. The sensation caused her to moan into my mouth and then slam her hips back down on my rod, my balls rumbling in readiness.

"FUCK! Give it to me!!"

A moment later my eyes almost bugged out of my head as my well-lubed cock slipped out of her slick cunt and nudged gently against her backdoor. But instead of finding any kind of resistance, Olivia appeared game.

"Yeah. Do it." she huffed in my face before shoving her tongue down my throat. "stick it in there!! I dare you...come on!!"

At this point my head was swimming as I reached down and carefully directed my bulbous head into her backdoor. In that instance, any assumptions I had about her virtue were quickly dispelled, as I entered my sister's tiny keister.

In less than ten minutes not only had I gone from drilling her on my very own bed, but now inched my way into her sweet little ass, something I'm sure only a few men could boast about.

All things considered it wasn't too difficult to invade her back passage, before I picked up the pace and began to saw my hips back and forth. This soon gave way to me grabbing a fistful of her hair and cocking her head back, while I fucked her tiny starfish more vigorously.

Olivia now howled so loud that I thought she might wake up the whole house. She was now making a noise not too dissimilar to a wounded animal, as her own brother fucked her ass!!

Panic set in as I placed my hand around her mouth to shut her up, but this only appeared to turn her on more. It was at this point that I pulled out of her gaping hole only to plunge back into her cream-filled cunt, where I pounded her hard and fast for a few seconds before returning back into the warm confines of her snug shit-pipe.

"Nnngh yeah...again." she grunted hotly. "FUCK. Again come on!"

We continued this way for several minutes, with me switching between both holes while she gradually grew more and more animated and accustomed to the back and forth.

"Ugh. Fuck..." Olivia panted erotically. "Again! Stick it back in my ass...yeah just like that!"

Just hearing her lewd tone was enough to make me pop much less the feel of her body which seemed to be on fire.

"Fuck Liv. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum..." I chanted as I drilled her mercilessly.

Sweat now poured from my brow as my sister bent over by the waist permitting me greater access to her sex. We were now fucking like two animals on heat, sweating so profusely that I could barely put my hand on her hips without losing my grip.

For her part Olivia grunted like a pig and attacked me with gusto -- slamming her butt back down onto me while begging for more. I couldn't help but admire the wanton little slut that she was. It almost felt like she was possessed by some kind of demon.

The sound of flesh smacking against flesh filled the dark recesses of my room. In truth I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that I was getting laid in my own bed, much less ass-fucking my sexy famous sister.

I finally raised one of her legs up in the air and pounded her pussy sideways as she used one hand to reach down and rub at her clit.

"Yes! Yes! ...I'm cumming!" she sobbed as my balls rose up in my sack and my shaft swelled.

"—you gonna cum sis. Yeah?!" I growled. "cum all over my cock!"

"oh god...don't stop." she grimaced. "don't you dare stop now...I'm gonna...UUNNNGHHHH!"

I couldn't hold off any longer and my first load rocketed inside her butt as if shooting out of a fire hose. Olivia gasped out loud as I pulled out and immediately slammed my spewing cock straight into her waiting pussy!!

She trembled intensely as my hips thrust up into her while she still flicked her bean at a frantic pace. Each of my four blasts elicited another cry of rapture from her as her body shook hard in time with each pulse.

When I finally pulled out of her spent cunt I looked down and marveled at the sight of her magnificent asshole gaping wide open. It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

"Jesus. Just look at that ass." I remarked before collapsing back. "Shit. I can't believe I just fucked Olivia (Holt) in the ass."


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Fark, I'm running out of ways to say how great these stories are

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Grrr. So wrong but oh so right. And tight very very tight. So fucking great.

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