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You Don't Know Me #5
Teen Edition with McKayla Maroney
Written by Hearsz
Codes: MF, spank, fingering, doggie, shower, hand job, blowjob, titfuck, rimming

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

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OK, so I'm no longer a teenager, having turned twenty recently. But a majority of the greatest moments of my life thus far have happened during my teenage years. Not many young girls get the chance to represent their country, especially at such a prestigious event like the Olympics. But I did just that a few years back. With such success brought about great opportunity, and I don't mean just for sporting reasons.

My career started off well, as I picked up several first place finishes early on, and got to see not many places around America, but other cities around the world too. Given the amount of time and training that went into it, I had to be home schooled in order to keep up with everyone else on the team. Thanks to my consistent great results, I was picked on the American Olympic Team for 2012 in London.

Despite aggravating a previous injury during a training session in the lead up, I was still able to compete for the events I was involved in. When I only picked up a silver medal at the Olympics in the vault event, my coach wasn't impressed, even despite winning gold in one of the team events. I wasn't happy either, especially due to falling on my second vault, but he was ropable with my overall performance. So much so that when I returned back to the change room after the medal ceremony, I copped an earful from him, and he even bent me over a change table and began spanking my tight teen ass!

I'd never been treated like this by my parents nor any of my previous coaches before. But as much as I was shrieking at the rough treatment due to the stinging slaps and no doubt the red marks he left on my backside, I strangely enough enjoyed being disciplined in such a way. He must've known too, as the spanking slowly turned into my coach squeezing and palming my tight round cheeks, then placing his index and middle finger in between my thighs to rub at my puffy lips through my leotard.

I groaned deeply as he kept at my swollen labia, getting me incredibly wet as he frigged at my pussy. Coach tore at my outfit so my ass and moist vagina were exposed. When his fingers made contact with my soaking box from behind, I sighed deeply, especially when his digits made their way inside me. When I heard the sound of his zipper, I had a grin on my face because I knew was about to happen.

Despite the momentary emptiness I felt when he withdrew his juiced fingers, I didn't have to wait long when they were replaced by his long, hard cock! I cried when I was completely impaled upon him, my coach railing into me like a jackhammer. My strong muscular legs tightened every time his dick was buried balls deep inside of me, his thighs slapping against my ass as I was fucked harder than ever before. He stuck three of his fingers in my mouth to muffle my cries so no one would be drawn towards the erotic sexual sounds coming from the change room. I wasn't sure if he was still angry about my second place finish or if he was grudge fucking me because he'd wanted to for a long time.

The truth was, I didn't care what his reasons were. I was still upset about not winning gold for my country, so my coach pounding my teenage cunt was exactly what I needed to take my mind off of it. I guess that was the same for him. I came at least twice whilst I was bent over that table, drenching his cock and even leaving a slight puddle on the floor below us, as it leaked out of my battered hole.

Coach had more staying power than I could have anticipated, and during the time I was climaxing, he resumed spanking my plentiful bubble butt, and even tugged at my long brown hair. By the time he'd pulled out and creamed all over my raised behind, all that was left was the sound of our panting breaths, echoing around the change room.

The sexual tension between us had been rising for weeks before the Olympics, and our sheer lust literally exploded during that encounter after the medal ceremony. That day in the change room was the beginning of our many sexual rendezvous', as I sought to be pleasured and to also sexually satisfy my coach, who as it turns out was also a married man!

The best time to look forward to was when we had trips out of town for tournaments. We'd always get put up in a four or five star hotels, and coach would wait until late at night to sneak into my hotel room for a quickie fuck, blowjob, or if time permitted, some great shower sex.
There were some nights where I had to coax him into coming to my room, usually sending him the odd explicit picture message of my shaved pussy, or a dirty text explaining what I wanted to do to his cock with my mouth.

He worshipped my fit athletic body, knowing how to touch me, how to get me off. There was one particular night where he had me pressed up against a glass shower wall and was on his knees with his face buried in between my ass cheeks. Not only was he eating out my fresh teen taco, but he had the audacity to tease my petite butthole with his hard tongue!

I got really good with giving him hand jobs, especially if we bathed or showered together. I’d make sure I got his cock all soaped up with shower gel, to get a nice slick motion going. During those first few months, my breasts began to develop into pretty impressive 32B’s if I do say myself. On his birthday I let him fuck my tits and also allowed him to blow his load all over my face. I guess I still wanted to make up for the disappointment of London, that I let him do to me whatever would please him.

Coach was never as rough with me as he was that first time we had sex, which I must admit was a bit disappointing. Although I think due to the amount of sex we had been having in those last few months before we went our separate ways (sexually and professionally), was probably the cause of my many injuries of late.

Given my flexibility, he took advantage of that by pinning my legs behind my ears, a few times making me do the splits upon him whilst I was skewered upon his rock hard dick. He even bent me in half with my ass and pussy facing the ceiling, whilst he stood over me, sawing his cock inside me from above. This is also known as the "Jelly Roll" position for anyone who's interested.

But the secrecy behind our short term affair more than made up for his lack of treating me like he did the first time, as it was enough to get me incredibly aroused each time I knew we were going to hook up. My gymnastics career had gone into a bit of a decline in the last couple of years, and that probably shows with the amount of time I've spent on social media, at public events and I've even found time to make a couple of guest appearances on TV shows. Plus due to health issues, I recently retired from it all together and now I use the time to focus on other things.

But that early relationship with my coach certainly set me up for further risqué sexual encounters. Just a few months ago I had my first girl on girl experience with an obsessed fan. It was a whole new encounter and made me eager for more!

I must be crazy because that very same girl has invited me to a group orgy later this month, which will be another tick off of my sex bucket list if I manage to actually go through with it.

I think it's fair to say that currently I'm very much a "try something at least once in your lifetime" kind of girl!


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I give that a 10, a 10, a fucking 10.

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Finally getting around to reading these, and oh my. Grr. Another favorite.