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Backstage Access 2
With Olivia Holt
Written by TrueY
CODES: MF, Oral, BJ, Creampie
DISCLAIMER: This story is purely FICTIONAL and for entertainment purposes only. Any relation in this FICTIONAL story to real events is purely coincidental.

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"Are you James?" The blonde actress asked. Her eyes looking me up and down.

I was a bit stunned. My eyes looked over the curvy teen.

She gave me a flirting gaze. "I read that you're packing."

All I could do was stare. It was obvious why I was requested now. I was supposed to off tonight but someone asked for me to be their gofer by name.

"It's been awhile since I've been fucked really, really, well." Olivia said pinning me against the wall. Her sultry voice echoing in my ears.

Her hand reached into my pants, softly playing with my quickly hardening meat.

"This will do just fine. I have to leave after the show for the airport… If you don't mind car sex, I'll have the driver bring you back here afterwards." She said eyeing the fact that I had been staring at her lips this entire time.

I nodded, gaining composure along with a bit of courage. "Now go perform for all those tweens before I fuck the shit out of their idol."

She giggled. "You've got quite the mouth on you… I like that."

With that she let me go so she could get ready. I could see in her eyes that she didn't want to let go. She was horny. This time, I was the one going to be the one to tease.

After she changed into her black stockings, wedge heels, gray shorts, blue top, and gray jacket, I came up behind her.

She could see me in the mirror. Her stylists were working on some back-up dancers beside her as I slid my hand across her outer thigh. Making sure no one saw, I ducked beneath the desk in front of her.

Olivia's eyes darted between other people in the room and me.

"What are you doing?" She asked. Scared but wanting it all the same.

I undid her shorts and pulled them down her legs. Her stockings covered her activewear underwear.

Realising what I was doing, she tore a small hole in her stockings and pushed her panties to the side.

Her head turned, looking over the room to make sure no one was paying attention.

My tongue quickly got acquainted with her sweet vag. Her hips bucked as I sucked on her clit.

Her hands pressed down on my head. Eyes clenched tight as she let the wet sensation of my tongue overtake her.

As I slid my tongue against her slit, I felt her hand tap my skull. Pulling back further under the table, Olivia started talking to her backup singer.

It was as if my sexual nature took hold. I latched back onto her sweet pussy. Licking and penetrating it with my free moving muscle.

She squirmed in her seat. "Fuck." She muttered under her breath. Her hand slapping my head. I couldn't stop. Her sweet pussy was addictive.

Olivia tried her best to hide the fact she was in in ecstasy. It seemed like she was fighting off scratching an itch.

Her head nodded, her eyes closed as she repressed the moans that she wanted to release.

As she silently orgasmed, her manager walked over to make sure she was ready. Sliding her shorts back up beneath the desk, she nodded.

I escaped the captivity of the enclosed space. Olivia was still panting, her breasts rising and falling as she shook her head.

"Where'd you learn to do that?"

I chuckled. "High school."

"I was homeschooled, if that was what I missed then I truly regret it."

As she made her way onto stage, I made my way to get her some water for after her first performance.

As she got off the stage, Oliva gave me the largest most thankful stare. "Thank you, oh god thank you."

Taking the bottle from my hand, she raised it to her lips and chugged the entirety of the bottle.

"Dry mouth?" I asked, taking the empty plastic from her.

"You have no idea."

Waiting for the show to finish was like an eternity. Hiding my erection was difficult. Just thinking about the Blonde's mouth was bad enough. But I had just eaten out her delectable pussy.

As she finished, I made my way to the back entrance with her jacket.

As she arrived at the door, she happily took it from my hands and we walked out to the limo taking her back to the airport.

I ducked into the vehicle before anyone could notice my swift movement. The blocking window had already been raised and cut off any form of visibility to the driver.

Olivia had gotten caught by some fans and took a few quick selfies before sliding into the car. I had moved to the farthest corner so no one saw me.

https://0-t.imgbox.com/nUbR7iCs.jpg (http://imgbox.com/nUbR7iCs) https://7-t.imgbox.com/AB4vi1d4.jpg (http://imgbox.com/AB4vi1d4) https://1-t.imgbox.com/DlPZQ2s6.jpg (http://imgbox.com/DlPZQ2s6)

As soon as the door was closed Olivia sighed. "Fuck. I just need to relax."

I slid my hand down her thigh. "Then let me."

She giggled. "No...you did it last. It's my turn." Her hand savagely pulled off my belt and pulled down my pants.

Taking my meat in her hand, she stroked it softly, her eyes on mine. It was almost instantly hard.

A slight shock could be seen in her eyes, but it didn't last long as she closed her eyes and began to suck on the head.

I tilted her head up to look at me. She obliged happily, her free hand playing with my balls. It was obvious that she had far more experience than Sabrina.

Attempting a deepthroat, Olivia gagged. Pulling away she shook her head. "Damn, Sabrina took all of this?"

"Well to be fair, she didn't make as good use of her hands as you are.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "Not helping." A desire to outdo the previous Disney star caused Olivia to gag again.

"I can't get this."

"Don't worry about it then." My hand lead her second hand to my erection. "Just use both hands."

Her Blonde hair fell over her face as her hands both stroked at my erection.

I pushed the strands out of the way to watch the starlet suck on the tip.

It took me a while to realise that the car had started to move. I knew the trip to the airport wasn't that long.

Olivia tried to deepthroat again. She got further down, but gagged at six inches.

She had lubed up my erection with her saliva. My hand reached to her shirt. I gently creased the edge and lifted it.

Olivia smiled, accepting my attempt to remove it. Her hands wrapped around her back. I could hear an audible snap as her bra dropped to reveal her B cups.

A single finger rubbed at her own nipple. "I want you in me."

A smirk ran across my face. "That can be arranged."

I undid her shorts as before. Dropping them to her knees. She lowered herself instinctively onto me, her panties still to the side.

Her womanhood was far more inviting than Sabrina's. My erection slid in easily. Her body still needing to make room for my size.

She sat on my lap, her breast in perfect venue for my mouth. I slowly licked the tip of her hardened nipple. Olivia squirmed from the combined sensation.

Her movement was gentle, as if it was her first time. As I sucked on her breast, it became obvious that it was not.

Her hips started to move.

I was immediately taken away as her body was set to overdrive. My mind raced with pleasurable sensations. The sound of her wet vag was combined with her own deafening moans.

Her left hand rubbed against her breast roughly. Her right flicking her clit. Mine could barely hold onto her hips as she devastated me. She must be quite the twerker, I assumed as her ass cheeks flapped against my thighs.

With a playful kiss I spun her around so she faced away from me.
She squealed with joy. From there, I took over the situation. My hips thrusting in time with hers to cause for faster and harder penetration.

My body seemed to melt as her stockings rubbed up against my skin. It wasn't long till I felt her cunt spasm. Pulling her legs up with my arms, I rammed her to an orgasm. Olivia's eyes shot wide open as her cum dripped down my erection.

Just like a woman to finish before I did. I closed my eyes pounding her spoiled vag with furious thrusts. She screamed in delight her orgasm continuing until… I felt my balls tighten moments before they drained inside of her.

The orgasm lasted me a few moments. "Damn." I said as it ended.


I let her legs down, but she stayed on me for a moment. "So… I'm giving you a 10."

"Thanks." My hand grasping her stomach.

"Is there anything you want to let your next partner know?" She asked tapping my hand to now let her go.

I obliged, thinking through what she had just said.

Olivia got redressed quickly as I sat in contemplation. "Well… there is one thing."


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