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Takes Two to Tango
With Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, BJ, oral, 69
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

https://4-t.imgbox.com/4kXTZzce.jpg (http://imgbox.com/4kXTZzce) https://3-t.imgbox.com/XJ3gdP35.jpg (http://imgbox.com/XJ3gdP35)

I had my friend working behind the scenes at the day-long 'Wango Tango' concert to thank for getting me backstage access and although it wasn't what he had in mind, it didn't take me long to sneak my way into the busy VIP area where a few of the younger stars were hanging out and watching the performances. Thankfully due to the size of their various entourages it was easy enough to blend in and act like I belonged.

Everyone was in high spirits and while I didn't want to rouse suspicion by getting too close to the group of performers who were sitting separately and laughing amongst themselves, I was finding it harder and harder to ignore the gorgeous young blonde who appeared to be the centre of attention.

Olivia Holt had already finished her successful performance earlier in the day and still appeared to be riding the high, hyperactive and excitable as she watched the stage with her friends.

I couldn't help but feel a little jealous as she spent most of the day sitting up close to her friend Jordan who, by the way they were acting, I assumed to be her boyfriend. But it wasn't until later on in the evening when his actual girlfriend Nicole turned up that Olivia's mood soured.

Olivia immediately got a lot quieter as Jordan turned his attentions onto his girlfriend, leaving Olivia as a third wheel and giving me the perfect opportunity to swoop in and take the seat next to her.

"Anyone sitting here?"

"Oh. Uhh, I guess not," she shrugged as I sat down.

It was only now, seeing her up close, that I realised how stunning she really was and everything I'd planned to say was immediately lost. Eventually I built up the courage to speak again.

"So I saw yo—"

"You're wasting your time," she interrupted. "I'm seeing someone."

My eyes flicked over her shoulder to see Jordan and his date kissing and giggling amongst themselves at some private joke.

"Who, him?"

Olivia didn't need to look to know who I was talking about.

"No not him," she muttered, bristling at the suggestion.

"Huh, could have fooled me judging from how the two of you were earlier."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing! Just an observation."

"So you've just been back there watching me all day?"

"Couldn't take my eyes off you," I smiled honestly.

Thankfully Olivia appeared to appreciate the honest compliment and even smiled slightly as she turned back towards the stage.

Despite already receiving a rejection from her I stayed put, actually feeling much more relaxed because of it as the evening wore on.

Once it got dark someone took it upon themselves to bring some decent drinks up which the under-aged teenagers excitedly helped themselves to and immediately perked Olivia up. In fact we ended up sharing a few drinks and she actually managed to crack a smile and became much more talkative – even laughing overly loudly at one of my bad jokes.

Whether or not she was doing it on purpose to get Jordan's attention I didn't know, nor did I particularly care but it seemed to work.

"Who's your new friend, Liv?" he asked innocently enough, turning away from his girlfriend for the first time.

"Just...a new friend," Olivia shrugged back curtly.

There was definitely some bizarre dynamic between the two of them, especially with them both dating other people. Normally I wouldn't want to get involved with whatever teen drama they had going on but I couldn't help it what with Olivia looking as incredible as she did tonight.

"Right. Well we were just about to head off, did you still want to share a ride home? We'll call an Uber."

"Sure, I guess."

Thinking quickly I jumped in to offer my services.

"I drove here if you guys wanted a lift?"

While Jordan obviously wasn't too keen on the idea, he was too slow to reject it before both Olivia and his girlfriend accepted the offer.

On the way out Olivia and Jordan were both mobbed by a few groups of fans. While they did their best to hide their slightly inebriated states, I found myself awkwardly hanging back with Jordan's girlfriend Nicole.

"You need to be careful around that one," she warned me, slurring her words a little while nodding at Olivia.

"Oh yeah?" I pushed, almost tempted to tell her the same thing given the way Olivia clearly had her sights on her boyfriend.

"Liv acts all sweet and shit but I know what she's like."

I thought it best to just keep quiet and not get involved further than I had already but she continued.

"...she's probably just using you to make Jordan jealous, I know she wants to fuck him!"

"She told me she's seeing someone."

"If you thought that would stop her you wouldn't still be here," Nicole pointed out but before I could respond they were back.

In the car the happy couple climbed into the back and quickly forgot about Olivia and I sat up front. The whispering and giggling coming from behind us was clearly getting on Olivia's nerves until she turned to me and caught me looking at and openly admiring her legs.

"You should have your eyes on the road," she told me with a small smile.

"Sorry Liv but...can you blame me?" I replied looking again when she crossed her legs in my passenger seat.

"—and what if I did this?" Olivia whispered softly before slowly pulling the hem of her already short dress even higher, exposing more of her silky smooth, tanned thighs.

"This is how accidents happen..."

I gripped the steering wheel even tighter and gulped when a flash of lacy underwear was revealed for a quick second.

Nonetheless Olivia didn't stop, biting her lip and watching me to gauge my reaction as she gave another peek at her expensive looking underwear.

"I think someone was expecting to get laid tonight," I whispered so the others couldn't hear because we both knew who the lucky guy was meant to be. The narrowed look she gave me confirmed I was right. "Matching set?"


"You're bad Liv. Trying it on with a taken guy, you'll be after the married ones next."

"Who says I haven't already?" she winked playfully.

Nicole was right; Olivia really wasn't as innocent as she let on.

The blonde vixen didn't go much further during the rest of the drive but kept her fingers teasingly close to her hidden sex and for the rest of the journey I couldn't stop thinking about how good her pussy must look not to mention how incredible she'd taste.

When we did arrive at Jordan's house, he was quick to offer Olivia a place to crash for the night and to my dismay she accepted without much thought before climbing out the car. But just when I thought the night was over, she gave a wave of her head.

"You coming in or what?"

After the initial surprise I was quick to hop out and follow her. The look on Jordan's face clearly showed this wasn't what he'd had in mind but beyond a disapproving glance he didn't make any objections. Instead he silently unlocked the door and let the four of us in where we settled in the living room.

https://6-t.imgbox.com/QGyX9uDH.jpg (http://imgbox.com/QGyX9uDH) https://9-t.imgbox.com/hol13HPE.jpg (http://imgbox.com/hol13HPE) https://4-t.imgbox.com/gMD2Zcu9.jpg (http://imgbox.com/gMD2Zcu9)

Although Jordan had flicked the TV on, it went mostly ignored because it only took a few minutes for me to notice movement on the opposite sofa implying Nicole was messing around under the blanket she was sharing with her boyfriend.

Looking away I saw Olivia had also noticed and was making no effort to hide the fact she was watching. Not to be outdone however she suddenly turned to me, smiled sweetly before mimicking Nicole's action and sliding a hand into my lap.

I knew full well by now that she was simply using me to make Jordan jealous but like hell was I going to complain about it. She was one of the most stunning girl's I'd ever seen, I'd only met her a matter of hours ago and now here she was boldly sliding her hand straight into my pants.

Unlike the other couple we had no blanket to hide what we were doing but it didn't slow her down in the slightest. Olivia smirked up at me when she felt how hard I was for her already, gripping me tightly when she wrapped her cool fingers around my shaft.

Even if she was a bit of an exhibitionist she decided against just pulling me out then and there. Instead she stroked me as best she could in my tight jeans while sliding in closer to lean up and speak softly in my ear.

"I'm so wet right now..."

Her breath and hair on my neck, not to mention what she'd said, sent shivers down my spine.

"If they weren't here I'd probably just get on top and fuck you right here!"

The girl I now had purring in my ear was a far cry from her angelic appearance and seemingly sweet and innocent personality she put on. Even though she was only barely touching me, it almost felt like I was on the verge of making a mess in my underwear already. Olivia was a grade-A tease and knew exactly what she was doing

"—would you like that? Me riding this biiig cock in my tight pussy?" she continued in her soft voice although I suspected she was still speaking loud enough for Jordan to hear if he was paying attention. "Or maybe I should blow you first? I bet you've been thinking about fucking my pretty face all night, you guys are all the same..."

"Fucking hell, Liv..." I mumbled.

She was still making no effort to hide what she was doing to me from the others and I spotted them both occasionally glancing in our direction despite having their own, albeit more discreet, fun themselves.

My hand found its way onto Olivia's thigh, gripping her smooth leg as she continued to gently rub my cock and whisper in my ear. But just when I thought I couldn't take any more and prepared to flip her onto her back and give her the fucking she was begging for, the others broke the silence.

"Why don't we go upstairs J?" we heard Nicole suggest.

"Uhh—sure..." he replied hesitantly, still looking at Olivia as his girlfriend pulled him up by his hand.

"Good night!" Olivia called after them cheerfully, knowing full well the positive effect she'd had on Jordan.

"I wonder who he'll be thinking about up there," I teased once they were gone.

"Hmm? I have no idea what you're talking about," she grinned back.

I heard myself let out a groan of disappointment then when Olivia suddenly retracted her hand. For a moment I thought she was going to leave me hanging, not seeing the point of going further if Jordan wasn't around to see it, but thankfully my concerns were unfounded because her hand returned a moment later to tug at my belt buckle.

With the confirmation that she was still up for it, I pulled her in close and finally kissed her for the first time. She let out a cute gasp into my mouth before hungrily kissing me back while simultaneously climbing on top of me and pushing my chest until I was flat on my back on the sofa.

The petite blonde remained lying on top of me, forcing her tongue down my throat. It was a hot, messy kiss as we furiously swapped saliva and pawed at each other's clothes. I finally managed to locate the zip on the back of her squirming body and urgently pulled it down, feeling her dress loosen.

After another minute she pulled her soft lips away from mine to sit upright and wiggle out of her dress completely, tossing it to the floor and leaving her in nothing but her matching, lacy bra and pantie set.

It was all I could do to simply lay there and admire the view as Olivia began gently rocking her hips to tease my cock through my jeans with her pantie-clad pussy until I couldn't wait any longer.

Olivia yelped in surprise when I suddenly spun her around and pulled her back until her pretty peach was hovering above my face where I wasted no more time pushing her thin underwear to the side to reveal her flawless, gleaming cookie, void of any hair whatsoever.

I licked my dry lips briefly as I inhaled the scent of her intoxicating, wet pussy before I finally pushed my tongue against it to taste her. Olivia gasped and cooed above me as I gave her groove a long, slow lick, savouring her flavour.

"Uhh—yeah. I like that. Lick my pussy..." she sighed, starting to grind herself against my face.

I reached up to grip her trembling thighs as I continued to do as she asked, feverishly eating her out until I was literally drinking down her delicious, tangy juices.

After enjoying herself for a few moments, Olivia decided to lean forward and repay the favour. Her new position gave me a new angle of attack and let me reach up to cup her tight little ass and pull her downwards onto my probing tongue more firmly as she fumbled with my belt and zipper.

Finally my cock sprung free, almost smacking her in the face. I tensed up and my eyes rolled back when she stopped teasing me and immediately wrapped her cool, soft lips around the head.

"Fuck—" I grunted as she slowly lowered her head as far as she could, taking as much of my length into her hot mouth as she could manage before pulling back, leaving a trail of saliva before quickly going back for more.

Olivia hummed softly as she repeated the process a few more times while her spare hand reached down to gently massage my balls, tempting me to blow my load straight into her mouth. Soon enough I could feel her warm spit dribbling down my shaft. She used one hand to stroke the base while her mouth and skilful tongue focussed on my sensitive tip.

We were both moaning loudly at this point as I repeatedly buried my tongue as deep as possible into her creamy, dripping cunt.

"Mmmpphf—you ready to fuck me with this thing?" she finally asked, releasing my cock with a wet pop.

I didn't need to be asked twice but before I could get up she held me down, swinging herself around so she remained on top but now faced me as she urgently took my cock and guided it towards her honeypot. I didn't know where to look from her smirking face to her pert, young breasts she'd released without me even realising or lower where she gently split her lips with the tip of my cock and began slowly taking me inside.

For all her alleged promiscuities I couldn't believe how incredibly tight she was. Olivia felt so good I almost lost control as she carefully impaled herself, occasionally wiggling her hips to take another inch of my thick cock.

"Oh my God!" she growled loudly, planting her hands on my chest as she began to flick her hips and ride me. "This cock feels so good inside me!"

I was well aware she had made a conscious decision not to keep it down, loudly moaning and chanting obscenities as she effectively used my cock to get herself off, ensuring the couple upstairs could hear her doing it. Even so, I don't think either of us expected her to cum as quickly as she did but when I reached forward to rub her sensitive clit with my thumb and began thrusting upwards at the same time she suddenly lost control.

Olivia shrieked as her thighs clenched around me and her cunt soaked my cock, still ramming into her sensitive hole. I took her moment of weakness to pull her down and onto her side to spoon on the narrow sofa where I hurriedly slammed my cock back inside her wanton hole.

"Uggnhhh—ohmigod!" she groaned loudly, her fingers gripping into the sofa as I pounded her from behind. "Fuck me! Harder!"

"Yeah? You like that? Gunna come for me again?" I growled in her ear.

"Yes! Keep going...fuck me!" she pleaded again, turning back to look at me. "Ugh–give it to me! Gimme your big cock!"

As much as I wanted to watch her pretty face as I fucked her like my life depended on it, I knew I'd only last a matter of seconds if I did. Instead I buried my face past her hair to kiss and lick at her neck which seemed to drive her crazy.

"Ugh. Fuck. Yesss..." she whimpered, pushing her soft, round ass back to meet my persistent thrusts.

"You feel so fucking good Liv," I grunted, struggling to keep a good grip on her sweaty body.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer with her loud moans and hot breathy pants in my ear but I was determined to feel her climax again.

"Pull my hair!" she suddenly ordered.

I didn't even question it, quickly grabbing onto her carefully constructed ponytail and giving it a sharp tug, cocking her head back, making her back arch and causing her to let out the most erotic groan yet.

"Oh...God! Yes. Ughh, fuck I'm cumming!"

It was what I'd been waiting for and the moment I felt her body shuddering against mine I let loose. I came so hard and fast the first powerful spurt fired deep inside her teenage cunt before I pulled out and sprayed her ass and hips with several ropes of hot cum.

"Wow. Fuck..." she panted while we both caught our breath.

Surprisingly I was still hard and with Olivia wiggling her behind into my cock, it didn't take long for me to stiffen completely and I kissed her neck again when I realised she was definitely up for more. But before I slid back into hot wet cunt, I changed tact and realigned.

Olivia's body tensed up as I gently poked the tip of my cock against her tiny teen asshole.

"You do want to make Jordan jealous, don't you?"

The playful grin she flashed me over her shoulder was all the permission I needed.


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