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Coachella Highs
With Kelli Berglund and Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, MFF, reluc, BJ, drugs, voy, oral, mast
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

http://i.imgbox.com/nHx73CIM.jpg (http://imgbox.com/WDItYdse)

When it started, I assumed being the rebound fling for a Disney girl would be a fairly safe, conservative affair but the past few weeks I'd spent with Kelli Berglund had turned out to be some of the most wild of my life.

Her fame and contractual obligation to keep up her good girl image didn't seem to slow the promiscuous 20-year-old down in the slightest. In fact it was almost as if it had the opposite effect and the riskier the sex was, the more it got her off.

Being her rebound after coming out of a fairly long relationship, I doubted it was going to last long so I made sure I made the most of my time fucking one of Disney's finest. That said, it was almost a month into this relationship that Kelli surprised me by producing a couple of Coachella tickets after a particularly wild roll in the hay.

"Was meant to be going with Tyler but I'd rather not go with him or on my own if you're interested," she explained.

I didn't need to be asked twice since I'd missed out on getting tickets for myself and she had VIP passes.

"Camping?" I asked incredulously when I examined the tickets. "Wouldn't have pegged you as the roughing it type."

Kelli shrugged with her mischievously smile I'd grown to love.

"You should know by now I don't mind it a little rough."

"A little?" I teased.

As it turned out, Kelli was booked into one of the most expensive camping venues available with the large tee-pee style tent already pitched in a fairly secluded spot when we parked up.

The sex that night was some of the best yet thanks to the location, the good stuff we'd both been smoking and the fact Kelli had insisted on leaving the entrance to the tent wide open meaning anyone walking by could have been witness to Disney's ‘Bree Davenport’ moaning like a whore while getting railed into submission from behind.

"Ugh. Fuck. Yeah. Pull my hair!" she groaned. "Harder!"

I did as she asked, curling my hand through her raven black hair and cocking her head back as I fucked her to within an inch of her life. This rough treatment along with the finger I had buried deep in her ass made her cry out in bliss as we came together and the Disney starlet was pumped full of cum.

It was late in the day by the time we got up and joined the throng of people making their way to the festival. The majority of them were clearly either high or wasted already and while I knew Kelli would have loved to join them, she had enough common sense not to walk around as high as a kite in such a public place.

After a few hours enjoying some good music, good atmosphere and not so good festival food, we were suddenly jumped upon by a pretty young blonde.

"Kelli! Thank God!" she exclaimed with a pant, hugging her excitedly.

"Whoa, Liv? Relax what's going on?"

It was clear Olivia was more than a little flustered and completely frazzled as she explained her predicament. Apparently she had been separated from her boyfriend and their group of friends and had been wandering around lost and confused for almost an hour with no response to her multiple text messages and phone calls.

In truth I was barely listening to what she was saying. The 18-year old was without doubt in a league of her own, putting many of the other festival-goers to shame and I almost immediately began having guilty, inappropriate thoughts about her. While I didn't say it out loud, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of idiot boyfriend would let a girl like her out of his sight for even a second in a place like this, especially dressed as she was.

Once Kelli had calmed her down, Olivia decided to stick with us, thankful she'd finally found someone she knew within the thousands of people in attendance.

Naturally I was in no real rush to help the leggy blonde reunite with her friends so suggested we stop for a drink to help her relax as we passed one of the many pop-up alcohol serving bars.

"Uhh, I guess," she agreed hesitantly, clearly concerned by the fact that both her and Kelli were underage.

"Live a little Liv!" Kelli encouraged. "Look around you, there are wasted fifteen-year olds having a better time than you are!"

But even a few drinks later, Olivia still appeared on edge, paranoid some opportunist would recognise and get a photo of her. Noting this, I finally leaned over to whisper in Kelli's ear.

"Why don't we head back and give her something to help her relax properly?" I suggested, knowing full well that what I was insinuating was something Kelli would never refuse.

"Hmm, yeah I bet you'd like that. Just the three of us in some secluded tent?" she teased.

"Thought never even crossed my mind."

"It crossed mine," she added cryptically before turning to Olivia. "Come on, let's go back to our tent for a bit, I need to grab some stuff."

"Oh. I dunno. Maybe I should wait around here," Olivia replied, checking her phone for the umpteenth time.

"It's probably just bad reception, it might be better back at the campsite," I said.

"I suppose..."

"Good, let's go then!" Kelli decided, jumping to her feet and heading off before Olivia had a chance to change her mind again.

Back in the tent I was quickly shocked to hear Olivia's claims that she'd never been high before.

"Bullshit! A girl as hot as you has never even been offered?"

"Uhh, no I guess not," Olivia shrugged, blushing at my comment with a nervous glance at Kelli who was already on her first blunt and couldn't care less that I'd called her friend hot.

"Well what better place to start," Kelli insisted passing it on to her hesitant friend.

With a final glance at her silent phone and much to our amusement, Olivia finally threw caution to the wind and took a long drag, sending herself into a long coughing fit. Fortunately she was a quick learner and soon lightened up considerably once she started feeling the effects.

Kelli and I however weren't quite as comfortable and kept stealing glances at each other and I knew she was thinking the same thing I was. There had yet to be a single time we'd gotten high together and not fucked immediately after but with Liv here that wasn't really an option.

I knew full well how randy Kelli got and after ten minutes could see her visibly fidgeting.

"Ugh, fuck it!" she suddenly said before crawling towards me. "Liv you're welcome to hang around but fuck...this stuff gets me so horny!"

I briefly caught the shocked look on Olivia's face as her friend hurriedly fished my cock out and for a moment I wondered if Olivia was in the same predicament. But images of Olivia Holt's potentially dripping wet cookie quickly vanished from my mind when my girlfriend engulfed my cock whole.

http://t1.someimage.com/Pkmqrod.jpg (https://someimage.com/Pkmqrod) http://t1.someimage.com/pZ13toj.jpg (https://someimage.com/pZ13toj) http://t1.someimage.com/J5ane52.jpg (https://someimage.com/J5ane52)

Kelli took it deep into her mouth where I quickly grew hard, expanding over her swirling tongue until she purposely gagged on it, drenching it in spit before pulling back.

In truth I wasn't sure about having an audience but it didn't seem to faze Kelli in the slightest as she buried her face in my lap again, not holding back from her usual, sloppy style blowjob.

"Ungh. Fuck yeah babe, all the way..." I encouraged, holding her hair back and pushing her head down further until I entered her narrow throat.

Kelli didn't take her eyes off me as she began to rapidly bob her head while massaging my nuts in her hand. The whole time I was acutely aware of Olivia in the corner, too stunned to even speak and trying her best to be modest and not watch, taking a sudden interest in the tent walls.

But even if she was looking away, she couldn't have blocked out the loud slurping, moans, gasps and gags Kelli let out as she treated me to one of her world class blowies.

"Hmm—fuck!" she panted at one point. "You know you're welcome to join me Liv," she called out, jacking my spit covered cock in both hands.

"No way Kell!" she replied immediately, shocked that Kelli would even suggest such a thing.

"Whatever, suit yourself but I know you're as wet as I am right now and I'm just saying you're welcome to this nice, big cock whenever you want..."

The mere idea of it made me twitch in her hand and leak pre-cum all over her fingers.

"—see, he likes the sound of it!" Kelli snickered.

"Can you guys just get on it with it?" Olivia insisted, rolling her eyes.

"All the more for me then," Kelli shrugged before resuming her cock-smoking duties.

As she continued to blow me I couldn't get the image of having both Kelli and Olivia horny and begging for my cock out of my mind and within another minute I exploded, filling Kell's mouth with jizz which she hungrily gulped down.

We both needed to catch our breath after that so we rolled onto the makeshift bed but ended up dozing off while Olivia finally gave up on her friends and tossed her phone aside.

It couldn't have been more than twenty minutes later that I was woken from our nap by someone tugging at my shorts. At first I kept my eyes closed and simply grinned to myself as it appeared Kelli was helping herself again but when I heard an unfamiliar grunt of frustration when one of the buttons wouldn't pop free, I opened one eye.

"Looking for something?" I asked casually, making Olivia jump.

With Kelli still snoring softly beside me, she kept her voice low.

"I—I just wanted to see it..." she stammered.

"Is that all?"

"Don't read too much in to it," she quipped back. "You're just lucky you're the only guy around."

"Suits me," I snickered as the young beauty finally managed to haul my manhood out of my shorts.

"Huh," she marvelled, trying to hide her obvious desire.

She only had her fingers loosely wrapped around the base but to my surprise I was already growing to full mast. Just the sight of it so close to her pretty face got my heart racing.

For a moment she did simply look at it like she'd said and I started to wonder if that's really all she was going to do.

"Move your hand a bit," I whispered finally, trying to take it slow and not scare her off.

"Err...I dunno."

When she still hesitated, I decided to take a different approach.

"Are you wet Liv?"

Her dark, slightly bloodshot eyes flicked up to mine and the look on her face said it all.

"Are you?" I repeated, urging her to admit it out loud.

"Yes..." she finally hissed, her hot breath wafting over my cock.

I knew I was close to getting exactly what I wanted then as she let her spare hand drift down towards her shorts.

"I'm so wet right now," she whined. "I need it so bad but—but we can't..."

"Why not?"

"Kelli's right there!"

"You heard her earlier, she won't mind, trust me," I promised but she still seemed unsure. "Just take off those shorts first, show me how wet that stuff got you Liv."

Olivia bit her lip thoughtfully for a moment before coming to the conclusion that that was agreeable. I watched silently with baited breath as she stood up and wiggled out of her tight cut-offs in the cramped space to reveal the little white panties she wore underneath.

http://t1.someimage.com/z1vV99O.jpg (https://someimage.com/z1vV99O) http://t1.someimage.com/3scqGYu.jpg (https://someimage.com/3scqGYu) http://t1.someimage.com/V3GiPLG.jpg (https://someimage.com/V3GiPLG)

"I don't normally do this y'know," she insisted.

"Here, sit down," I said hurriedly, pulling her down to sit where I had just been lying.

Before she could object, I manipulated her into position, spread her knees and quickly got my head in between her tanned, velvet-like legs.

I licked my lips in anticipation and glanced up to see her biting hers, her breath nervous and wavering as I trailed my fingers up her smooth thighs.

Not wanting to tease her too much and risk her having second thoughts, I hooked my fingers into her panties and pulled them to the side to reveal what may have been the prettiest pussy I'd ever laid eyes on, which shouldn't have been all too surprising given who it belonged to.

After that first look, I practically tore her underwear off to get at her, making Olivia yelp and giggle quietly at my enthusiasm as I pushed her knees further apart and began to explore her sex with my mouth.

As expected she tasted as good as she looked, from her silky inner thigh up to her dripping wet peach.

"God...please," she begged under her breath. "Please lick it..."

I didn't need to be asked twice.

I felt the slightest hint of short, blonde stubble as I slowly licked her from stem to stern, feeling her legs quiver in anticipation. Not wanting to disappoint, I soon picked up the pace before slowly easing my tongue inside her wet hole.

Olivia immediately gasped and fell to lie on her back as I pushed my hard tongue into her and proceeded to lick her to her very core.

It seemed like she'd never had her pussy eaten so thoroughly before because Olivia could barely contain herself, struggling to keep her legs still or suppress her cute gasps and moans as I ravenously feasted on her sweet, tight little cunt.

"Oh God—oh God—oh God..." she chanted above me.

I lost track of the time I spent between her legs, drinking down her flowing juices until my chin and her sex were smeared with her essence. But I didn't stop until a final nibble on her pea-sized clit pushed her over the edge. She let out a loud, surprised gasp, arched her back and clumsily grabbed my head and pulled me in deeper as she came an absolute flood. The young girl practically drowned me as I was forced to gulp her down but I could hardly think of a better way to go out.

"Fu—fuckk!" Olivia groaned. "

She had tried her best to remain silent what with Kelli still dozing beside us and just being inside a flimsy tent but she'd failed spectacularly, letting out her erotic moans as her hips bucked and rolled into my face while I continued to tongue-fuck her twitching pussy.

All of a sudden she was alive. Something had awoken inside her as she clawed at me, grabbing my collar to drag me up on top of her where she urgently forced her lips on mine, tasting herself when her tongue slipped and swirled into my mouth.

"I need it inside me. Please!" she pleaded desperately, reaching down to guide my rod towards her drenched cunt.

It all happened so fast I couldn't even think of anything to say so I let her take control, holding my cock in place as she lifted her hips to impale herself on it.

I couldn't take my eyes off her face as her brow furrowed, her bloodshot eyes fluttered and rolled back and her mouth hung open as she slowly eased my thick cock inside her.

Just when it seemed she couldn't take anymore I suddenly pushed back, forcing her hips back down to the bed as I filled her completely and took her breath away.

"UGH! Fuck—"

It clearly felt good though because she wasted no time wrapping her smooth legs around my waist and digging her heels in to pull me deeper.

The whole sensation of filling her completely felt so incredible that, to my shame, it felt like she was going to make me blow my load already.

I leaned down to kiss her again to try and distract myself as I pulled back before sliding back in just as slowly, ensuring we both felt every single inch of each other.

"Uhh—yeah. Again..." she sighed, writhing beneath me. "Nice and slow, I like that."

"Jesus your pussy feel good," I hissed after a few more measured strokes. "I want to cum already."

"Don't you fucking dare," she grinned up at me.

"Easy for you to say," I grunted, sitting upright. "Take that top off."

She did so without question, as I briefly pulled out to rub my cream-covered cock against her gleaming pussy lips before plunging back inside when her cute, pert breasts were revealed and the one-time Disney starlet now lay before me utterly naked.

In an instant I was back on top of her, taking each stiff nipple into my mouth in turn.

"Oh shit. Fuck..." she growled as she untangled her legs and spread them wide, letting me fuck her with short, rapid thrusts.

As it turned out, her nipples were incredibly sensitive as biting on one while simultaneously pounding into her young cunt suddenly caused her to climax again. Loudly.

It seemed she'd completely forgotten where we were as she squealed and let out the noisiest, sexiest moan yet. She jerked her chest sharply into my face and her nails clawed into my back as she shuddered beneath me. How I didn't explode inside her in that very moment I had no idea.

"Uggnh. Fuck Liv..." I groaned when she muffled herself by leaning up to kiss and suck on my neck, giving me a sloppy love bite before whispering in my ear.

"Don't stop, keep going!"

The girl was fucking insatiable but without warning I suddenly couldn't hold it off any longer.

"Nggh, fuck!" I grunted, forced to pull out of her pulsing cunt after a few more deep thrusts.

Olivia gasped as I coated her flat stomach in jizz, I jerked my cock and sprayed her sweaty body with several thick spurts but just when she thought I was done, I pinned her legs back and slammed my length straight back inside her.

Because fortunately for her, I was as insatiable as she was.

"Fuck! Ugnh—yes. Fuck me! Fuck me!" she panted as I did just that, pounding into her, feeling myself quickly harden again.

It was only then, with my balls slapping against Liv's ass, that I saw Kelli finally stirring out of the corner of my eye.

I knew we could probably scramble and get redressed before she fully woke up and caught us in the act but I couldn't bring myself to stop hammering away at Olivia's perfect, blonde cunt so I took the gamble and watched Kelli groggily rub her hazy eyes as what was happening beside her came into focus.

It seemed my good fortune was to continue because instead of freaking out, her mouth slowly curled into a mischievous smile.

Olivia still had her eyes closed when I suddenly rolled us over to pull her on top with Kelli sitting up and spreading her legs to enjoy the show. Olivia didn't waste a second getting into her rhythm, repeatedly bouncing her sweet ass on my cock until Kelli suddenly loudly cleared her throat.

"Having fun with my boyfriend, Holt?" she asked sternly.

"Ohmigod! Kell—I—uh—"

Olivia tried to clamber off me in her panic but I quickly grabbed her waist and held her down. Her eyes fluttered briefly before she threw us both a warning look until she realised Kelli had her hand in her shorts and was leisurely rubbing away.

"Hey don't stop now babe, I wanna see how you ride his dick!"

"Ugh—Kelli," Liv whined as she blushed furiously and I squeezed her cute butt, sparking her into action.

"Do it!" Kelli insisted.

Olivia closed her eyes again, seemingly trying to pretend we weren't there as she rocked her hips, building up to her previous rhythm.

"How does she feel babe?" Kelli directed at me as she kicked off her clothes and I watched her slide two fingers deep into her cunt.

"Fucking incredible!"

"—and you Liv, how does my boyfriend's big, fat cock feel?"

"Nggh—good..." she whispered reluctantly. "Really good..."

Olivia jumped when Kelli reached over and slid her hand down her stomach and made a beeline for her swollen clit, quickly teasing and rubbing it with two fingers.

"I wanna watch you cum Holt," Kelli hissed, almost mockingly. "Show me how much you like that cock inside you, you slutty little princess!"


All Olivia could do was take a sharp intake of breath as she came again within seconds and completely lost the ability to speak coherently, several electric jolts of pleasure wracked through her body, tensing when she almost squirted over me before collapsing.

"Fuck yeah!" Kelli cried smugly. "—now get on your hands and knees, I want to see you get fucked properly!

"Uhh, Kell I can't..." Olivia whined.

I could tell she was completely exhausted, panting and sweating but Kelli refused to take no for an answer. In all honesty I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take myself as Kelli convinced and manipulated Olivia up on all fours. Despite her state, the blonde teen still managed to flash me a seductive glare over her shoulder and wiggled her round butt in my direction which was all the motivation I needed.

"Good girl," Kelli purred before she took her spot at Olivia's other end and abruptly grabbed her hair and forced her face down into her cunt. "—good fucking girl!"

Kelli and I shared a look as I slipped back into our new blonde conquest. Olivia didn't even bother objecting at this point and now nosily slurped away at Kelli's peach while I grabbed her hips and began hammering away at her again.

"Oooh, fuck yeah. You're good at that!" Kelli cooed sounding genuinely surprised.

All too soon I realised I couldn't go any further, grunting out a warning that I was close.

"You hear that Liv? You're about to make him come again. Gonna let him shoot that load all over your face this time?"

"Nghh—huh? No I—I don't do that," she replied, her voice muffled.

"Well you do today."

A moment later I had both girls on their knees before me with Kelli stroking my cock and egging me on.

"Come on, cover this pretty little face!"

It was obvious the blonde princess had never received something as depraved as a facial before but Olivia looked up at me expectedly nonetheless while Kelli whispered in her ear.

"Stick your tongue out."

Olivia obediently complied.

"Now beg for it."

"Ugh—pleeease! Please cum! Shoot that load all ov—"

She couldn't even finish her sentence before I erupted like a volcano for the third time, every powerful spurt rocketing out and hitting her directly in her shocked face and covering her tongue. I jerked it a few more times while Kelli massaged my nuts to ensure I gave Holt everything I had.

"Holy fuck—" she gasped afterwards, her face covered in hot white spunk but smiling despite herself as Kelli and I slumped over to catch our breath.

Before we could say anything else on the matter, we were interrupted by Olivia's phone which, as if on cue, finally lit up and started ringing in the corner.

With Kelli closest, she stretched to pass it over, glancing at the screen in the process.

"It's the boyfriend," she smirked. "—on FaceTime."

"Huh," Olivia mumbled through the cum dripping down her face. "...yeah maybe I'll call back later."


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