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With Victoria Justice
Written by TPG (inspired by a dream)
CODES: MF, handjob, fingering, rim, exhibitionism
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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Victoria and I had been friends for quite some time before the said incident took place. In fact our initial introduction to each other was through her sister Madison, who I had briefly dated back in High school.

Of course, the relationship didn't last very long after Maddy had cheated on me with my best friend, but Victoria had been nice enough to comfort me through the break up, and we soon formed a close friendship.

The fact that VJ was almost three years my senior never entered the equation. In fact the actress never pointed it out or held it over my head, and always treated me with respect - claiming that I was a really nice guy, and not like any of the older assholes she knew.

That being said, it was a Friday night when Vee called me out of the blue and asked if I'd be interested in coming over for a little movie night, just the two of us. A little Netflix and Chill, if you will.

We had enjoyed nights like this in the past but it had been months since we last got together, so I was looking forward to catching up and spending some alone time with her.

When I arrived to the house I was actually surprised by her appearance, casually clad in nothing more than a tiny blue crop top and tight denim cut-offs, which exposed her tanned, lean midriff and accentuated her soft round hips.

Victoria also appeared to be sporting some very prominent pokies, which clearly indicated that she wasn't wearing a bra. It literally took all of my strength not to stare at her chest as we sat and conversed.

The starlet wasted little time switching off the lights before inviting me to join her under a blanket on the sofa, which appeared to be littered with various junk food and candy.

By the time we made it halfway through the first film we grew a little restless and started to grapple and wrestle around, using a bowl of M&M's to shove down each others clothes.

I actually ended up tickling her into submission but soon blushed with shame when she accidentally elbowed my boner.

"Oops. Sorry." she giggled. "I think someone's a little excited tonight."

I froze up with fear but Vee simply laughed it off claiming that she was used to guys getting "hard" around her. When we finally began to watch the second movie we quickly realized that it was much more darker and erotic in tone, which made things a lot more uncomfortable.

I took this opportunity to run off to the bathroom, where I actually considered beating off but ultimately changed my mind. Then when I returned to the sofa a few minutes later Victoria appeared to have a very mischievous grin on her face.

"Tell me the truth, did you go to the bathroom to beat off?"

I couldn't believe how blunt she was, before she openly admitted that she too was feeling a little "worked" up over the film and had actually contemplated letting off a little steam herself.

"I mean you don't have to be embarrassed about it, we all do it." she pointed out.

She also went on to say how silly it was for people to be uptight about the topic and then boasted how she frequently masturbated with her ex boyfriends all the time.

That being said, we soon returned our attention back to the TV when I sensed some movement from her side of the blanket and caught her messing around red handed.

"Vee. Are you being bad right now?" I asked, making her giggle.

Her behavior kind of shocked me, although I guess I shouldn't have been surprised considering how playful and flirtatious she liked to be.

"Does it really bother you?" she asked rhetorically, knowing the answer.

"Knock yourself out. Don't let me stop you."

Despite my comments Victoria continued to casually play with herself over the next few minutes until to our surprise she suddenly and unexpectedly shuddered sporadically.

"Whoa. WTF just happened?" I asked.

"Holy shit—" she panted. "I've never done that before."

I still wasn't sure what she was talking about, before she leaned over to kiss me on the cheek and suddenly appeared very affectionate.

While a part of my brain was screaming to just pin her down and FUCK the shit out of her, another part couldn't help but wonder if it was all just a trick, a test to see if I was like ALL the other guys who had taken advantage of her in the past.

"I'm really glad you came over tonight." she said while snuggling up to me. "We should do this more often."

Once again we returned our attention back to the TV until I suddenly took notice of her wandering hand. I gulped as I felt it gently caress up and down my stomach before it ultimately drifted lower towards my pants.

"I feel guilty." she whispered at one point. "Are you sure you're having a good time with me tonight?"

"Trust me Vee, when I get home later on your little exhibition earlier will have me shooting ropes."

Victoria laughed at the comment but then let her fingers glide over the obvious tent in my pants.

"Ropes huh." she grinned. "I'd like to see that. Are you sure there isn't anything I can do to help out?"

We then spent the next few minutes with her hand gently resting on my boner while watching the psychological thriller. To say I was distracted would be the understatement of the century.

"You know my sister still likes you." Vee remarked. "If she was here right now she'd probably jack you off without asking."

The notion alone caused my cock to twitch, which quickly caught her attention and she doubled her efforts.

"Can I ask you a question. What do you think about when you beat off. Do you ever think about me?"

I honestly didn't know how to answer.

"I don't know about you but I think about all kinds of crazy shit when I masturbate." she admitted. "Some real perverted stuff."

"Really, like what?"

But just as the conversation was starting to pick up, we were suddenly interrupted by her sister who arrived home from her date. Judging from her slurred speech Maddy had had quite a wild night, and now took a seat on the recliner and decided to tell us about it in great detail.

At first I groaned and wondered how long it would take until she'd run off to bed, but then I felt Victoria squeeze my cock firmly in her hand and proceed to tease me as we listened to her sister ramble on.

The action almost caused me to yelp out loud, as I tensed up and tried to act natural. Things then took a turn for the surreal when we watched Maddy stop to take off her heels, and in the process flash us a very sexy leg show.

Well as it turned out, Victoria took this opportunity to reach down into my boxer briefs and grip my cock directly in her hand. I actually blushed when I realized that pre-cum immediately oozed out the tip of my penis and spattered all over her fingers.

But to her credit VJ didn't miss a beat and happily smeared the sticky substance all around my shaft - while casually conversing with her sibling. When Madison finally got up to go to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, I turned to Victoria who simply sat there with a shit-eating grin on her face.

"Do you still like my sister?"

"Are you really going to ask me that right now." I replied, referring to the hand on my cock.

"She's really got great legs don't you think?" Vee teased. "I think she does."

At this point she shifted her weight and raised her knee to brush it against my nuts.

"Fuck. Vee. You really need to stop." I told her. "—otherwise we might end up making a mess."

"I don't care." she shrugged. "Do it. Blow your load, see if I care."

With nothing to lose I reached up and slipped my hand under her top, finding her body hot to the touch and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and played with it as she continued to stroke my wood.

"Two can play that game."

"Ugh. You shouldn't have done that." Victoria purred. "You don't know how sensitive they are right now."

"Now you know how I feel."

To our chagrin, Maddy then wandered back into the living room and plopped herself down onto the recliner again.

While I immediately released my grip from VJ's breasts, the cunning little minx simply continued to stroke my cock under the blanket, while casually carrying on a conversation.

With her sister now sitting in close proximity to us, Victoria slowed down her pumps which only seemed to turn me on more. In fact I couldn't help but squirm as I felt more pre-cum leak out into her hand which she quickly used as lube.

At this point the entire couch reeked of sex, but Maddy was so drunk she didn't notice. Amusingly enough the longer her sister sat conversing with us the bolder Victoria grew.

I finally decided to fight fire with fire and took my hand and slipped it into her shorts. But when I finally slipped my hand inside I was absolutely floored to discover that she wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing underneath.

The smug expression on her face told me I was right, as I dipped my fingers lower and gulped to the contact of some fine stubble.

Right away I could tell that Victoria was mostly if not completely shaved clean, but now sported a neat little triangle of stubble above her clit indicating that she hadn't shaved in a few days.

My heart pounded in my chest as I skimmed my fingertips along her slimy lips, and felt her squirm and instinctively part her knees to accommodate my hand. We now proceeded to tease one another at the same time while staring at the TV.

The two of us were so lost in our own world that we didn't even realize when Maddy had fallen asleep.

"I think we bored her to death." I joked.

But never one to beat around the bush, Victoria replied. "Are you gunna cum soon?"

"Probably. But not before you do."


As per usual the two us had decided to make a game of it.

"You're not going to win you know."

"Let's wait and see."

There was a long pause before Victoria whispered hotly in my ear.

"I bet you'd love it if I just climbed on top right now and fucked you in front of my sister."

"Yeah-right. Just as much as you'd love if I pinned you down to this couch, and ate your pussy."

"Mm. Don't tease me like that." Victoria moaned. "I can't remember the last time I had anyone eat my pussy."

Just hearing this tone from her was enough to make me harder than steel. Never mind the fact that her cunt was so wet at this point that my entire hand glistened in her arousal.

"Ugh. I'm so fucking horny right now." she purred. "Maybe I should just take that nice hard cock between my lips and let you fuck my mouth for a while."

"God damn it." I moaned at the premise.

"Yeah. Let you fuck my mouth and make Maddy watch."

"God you're a tease."

Victoria really seemed to get off on the dirty talk, and now kissed and nuzzled into the side of my neck, driving me crazy.

"Seriously, don't do that." I warned. "Because I can't be held responsible for what might happen next."

https://3-t.imgbox.com/R23qS0Qe.jpg (http://imgbox.com/R23qS0Qe) https://2-t.imgbox.com/2VmBTfhV.jpg (http://imgbox.com/2VmBTfhV)

But despite my words Vee didn't let up and now sucked the side of my neck while jacking me off. I responded to defiance by shoving two fingers deep into her cunt, slamming them home and burying them knuckle deep.

"Ugh. Fucker." she let out as my fingers squelched in and out of her pussy.

When our lips finally met it was like a chain reaction. I suddenly dropped to my knees in front of her and urged her tight shorts down her legs, before spreading her thighs wide on the couch and burying my face into her twat!

The actress gasped and thrashed about wildly, her eyes going to her sleeping sister as I feasted on her mound. I ate her 22-year-old cunt with zeal, licking, slurping and savoring her tangy essence till she was lifting her hips up off the couch.

"oh-god. oh-god." she murmured as I zeroed in on her clit and she pushed her crotch into my mouth.

Victoria could only reach down and run her fingers through my hair as I utterly devoured her whole, treating her to one on the hottest most spontaneous oral sessions of her life.

I then slid my hands up her thighs and angled her legs back, raising her ankles until they almost flanked her ears. I was actually surprised by how limber she was, no doubt due to all the yoga she did.

Judging from the expression on her face I suspect she thought I was simply trying to gain deeper access to her sex, but I had other ideas, deliciously naughty, dirty ideas. In less than a second my tongue brushed across her backdoor, causing her to seize up.

"Woah there. You—ughh—god." she moaned suddenly.

My tongue fluttered against her sphincter, caressing it, teasing it. The look on her face was priceless, as I tickled her derriere. I then pressed my lips flush against her ass, and she just about leapt off the couch.

"ohmigod." she mouthed quietly. "What are you—fuck!"

I proceeded to tongue-kiss her ass, as tenderly and lovingly as if I were kissing her mouth.

With my hands firmly fixed on the inside of her thighs, I kept her spread wide as I licked around the rim, darting my tongue inside. A bolt of pleasure raced up her spine, setting her hair on end.

I worked her slowly, pushing a little deeper with each thrust, teasing her open and causing her sphincter to wink back at me. Victoria was too afraid to speak, afraid that words might break whatever spell she was under.

"I've been waiting a long time for this." I muttered, as my movements became more manic and she melted into the sofa cushions.

I gave her sister one last look to check that she was still asleep, before I flattened my tongue and gave Victoria's ass one long, languid lick, burying my tongue all the way inside her shit-pipe.

Her eyelids fluttered and her vision went blurry. She gushed and quivered beneath me, her ass puckering and gaping erotically against my mouth. I reared back, tongue still inside her, and pushed in again, then again, and again.

I ate her ass hungrily, without restraint, spurred on by her erotic responses. Her legs seemed to turn to jello, particularly when I leaned up to briefly slurp the glistening sap from her pussy.

"Ugh-No. Please! Don't stop." she huffed, reaching for my face. "Put your tongue back inside me."

"You want my tongue in your ass again?"

Victoria simply nodded her consent.


"Play with your cunt." I demanded, as I attacked her ass again and watched it twitch open and shut.

The stunning Puerto-Rican happily obliged and now rubbed her clit as I attacked her rectum, my tongue making loud, wet sucking noises that really turned her on. I just couldn't get over how good she tasted. There wasn't a drug in the world that could surpass this high.

At one point I grabbed her smooth legs and swung them to the side, causing her to lay sideways on the couch with her knees pressed together. Victoria could only moan at the lewdness of it all until I finally got up and without warning rubbed the head of my cock against her gleaming sex.

She actually gasped when I pushed in, her eyes drilling into my soul. I think she was genuinely shocked that we were suddenly, and finally having sex, particularly since I was so much younger than her.

"Please." she gasped as I pulled back and slammed my hips against her, pulling her hips off the edge of the couch.

The striking actress sucked in a strained breath, catching her lip between her teeth. Her eyes fluttered as the room began to spin and I proceeded to thrust into her again and again.

"oh god. Jesus. Please—" she rasped as my thrusts turned frenzied.

I needed to come but I couldn't concentrate, not with Victoria moaning beneath me while simultaneously glancing at her sister to make sure she was still asleep.

"oh—hurry—mhmm, yes, yes, oh shit!"

She started to quiver as I reached up and began to paw at her breasts. When Vee finally managed to speak, it was haltingly, broken by chest heaving sobs and gasping breaths, made incoherent by my furious pounding.

In all my days I'd never experienced such an incredibly tight yet fabulously wet pussy, and knew at my current pace that we, nor I would last much longer.

As I fucked her, she rubbed her clit with one hand and tweaked her nipples with the other. The image alone was incredible. I'd never seen such perfect tits in all my life! ...her nipples were so dark and rigid it was breathtaking.

We stayed in this position for some time, just getting used to each others bodies. Not knowing how many opportunities I'd get like this, I decided to make the most of the situation.

"How would you like it if I bent you over the couch and fucked you?" I posed.

Victoria didn't need any more convincing than that. She pushed me off her, stood, and positioned herself to the side of the couch. I hurriedly remove my shorts completely, moved behind her, and with her head turned we caught each other's eye.

Her look was serious and demanding, assuring me that she wanted this as much as I did. I slapped her ass firmly, drawing another short breath, and pressed my palm between her shoulder blades to coax her to bend over.

Victoria leaned forward, planting her elbows on the arm of the couch, and stuck her ass out. It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She then tussled her hair to one side and turned her head back towards me to tell me what she wanted.

"—don't stop fucking me until I cum yeah?"

Slipping it inside, I relished the sensation the new angle offered. We moaned in unison, and after a moment I put both hands on her hips and started thrusting back and forth.

Victoria moaned louder, and pushed her ass back to meet my thrusts, her voice pitching higher with each repetition. "Fuck" was all I managed to blurt out, as I was too absorbed in the feel of her firm young ass bouncing against my cock.

I gave it a squeeze and slapped it again, harder this time.

"You like that!" I grunted, as though I didn't already know the answer.

"Harder! I—need—it." she sputtered out, each word in time with the slapping sound of our bodies meeting.

I smacked her flawless rump even harder still, no doubt leaving a hand impression on her tanned skin, and again she let out a cry of joy.

"OH! Fucker."

"Such a great, great ass." I said as I palmed her booty. "I've wanted to fuck you like this for the longest time."

Her large firm breasts jiggled with each thrust, and with each spanking her head jolted back.

"Ugh. Ngh. Uhh."

Knowing I would cum at any moment, I slowed down a bit, and began rotating my hips slightly as I pushed inside her. This created less friction on the head of my cock, but Victoria enjoyed the change of pace.

I could tell her fingers were again at her clit by the way they would sometimes graze my nuts. Her breathing became more labored, each breath shorter, so I knew she was going to hit her moment imminently.

"Are you going to cum for me?"

"Ugh-Yes." she whimpered, barely having enough air to make soft little moans.

"I want you to cum on my cock." I told her, pushing deeper and harder inside her.

"Uhhh!" she cried, her fingers now furiously rubbing her clit.

"You hear me Victoria. I wanna feel you cum all over my hard young cock."

I pulled her hair for good measure, just enough so she couldn't turn away and was now forced to stare at her slumbering sister while I pummeled her.

"—fucking cum for me." I repeated every few seconds.

Her pussy was getting even wetter, her walls inching tighter around my shaft. With one hand pulling her hair, the other grabbing and slapping her ass, I did everything I could to focus on not cumming first.

"Uh-ahhh!" Justice cried, approaching climax.

I pushed harder and fasted, filling her pussy as much as I could, until she finally called out and her body shuddered.

"Fuuu—" her voice trailed off, and I held my dick deep inside her feeling each wave of her orgasm.

My cock throbbed inside, only moments away from finishing. When she finally regained control of her breathing, she slid off my dick, swung around and slipped the head into her mouth.

All I could do was moan as I felt her hot wet tongue swirling around the tip of my helmet.

Her mouth felt incredible, almost as good as her pussy. I looked down to find her staring up at me, her mouth firmly planted around my bell-end, and sliding down, slowly letting every inch fill her mouth.

She pressed her tongue firmly against my shaft, and after she slid down to the base, she began tracing patterns all the way up. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as a grabbed a fist full of her long dark hair.

After sucking the head for a few moments, Victoria looked me in the eye and asked where I wanted to cum.

"Where do you want it?" I replied.

To my surprise the onetime "Eye Candy" star glanced over at her sister and grinned.

"Over there."


"I want you to shoot it across her feet."

I half groaned and laughed at the premise as Vicky then slid her wet lips along my shaft, the head of my cock disappearing back into her mouth.

"WTF. What if she wakes up?"

But Victoria didn't care.

The sultry starlet never broke eye contact with me as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth, polishing me intently and ignoring the saliva that was stringing from my penis to her chin. She ultimately pulled me deeper into her mouth, twisting her wrist and never relenting as I moaned and grabbed the back of her head.

"Fuck this. I want to shoot this load across your face!" I growled.

"No. Maddy's feet. Please."

I had to respect her wishes, no matter how perverted they seemed.

Her fingers now teased my testicles as she gingerly ran her teeth across my cock-flesh. Finally, I could feel the wad building up in my balls and swiftly pushed Victoria out of the way and hopped off the couch to direct my spewing cock at her sister legs - plastering her bare feet in sticky white spunk.

I absolutely decimated them. Completely and utterly covering them in cum. It was only after I had finished ejaculating that Justice came over and slowly licked the substance from her sisters toes.

"Jesus." I gasped. "You Puerto-Rican girls are seriously messed up."

Victoria simply shrugged as she collected the rest with her fingers and licked them clean, one by one. I then watched spellbound as she reached over to the couch and popped a handful of M&M's into her mouth and seemed pleased as punch with herself.

"I always love movie night."


06-22-2016, 12:52 AM
Fucking hell... Definitely worth the wait for a new VJ story... hot damn!

You should do this "less than 24 hours from thought to post" more often mate!

06-22-2016, 01:27 AM
Hot damn. Fucking great. And yes u totally need to do thought to post more often.

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Incredible story and creative ending! Honestly didn't expect it to end like that.

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Why is it that when a celebrity is underrated on this site such as VJ and Taylor Swift their stories tend to be so good. All I can say is a job well done can't wait to see more.

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Fuckin HOT!... She definitely is a messed up girl :) But in an enjoyable way!