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10-07-2008, 10:41 PM
An Afternoon with Erin McNaught
Featuring Erin McNaught
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, reluc, blowjob, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

http://img261.imagevenue.com/loc145/th_507779798_Erin_McNaught_Take_40_Stars_of_Summer_Party_in_Sydney_November_20_2010_04_123_145lo.jpg (http://img261.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=507779798_Erin_McNaught_Take_40_Stars_of_Summer_Party_in_Sydney_November_20_2010_04_12 3_145lo.jpg)

Turning away from the large plasma screen 23-year-old Erin McNaught looked at me in horror.

"Why are you showing me this?"

I simply grinned.

"I'm sure Jennifer Hawkins explained to you who I am and what it is I do."

"Yes but...why?"

"I think you know why," I told her. "Truth is I've had my eye on you for quite some time, Erin. I think you have potential."

I could see Erin was growing increasingly uncomfortable.


"I mean, I think we could help each other out."

"By the way," she said nervously, "I can't stay long. I have my nephew waiting downstairs in the car."

I had to laugh.

"Okay, so shall we get right down to business then?"

"I guess? What do you want?" she asked meekly.

"Isn't it obvious?" I said confidently, "I want you."

Erin was clearly taken aback at my blunt comment.

"I told Jennifer that I wanted to have you from the moment I saw you," I added, "And now I will."

"There's not a chance in hell that's going to happen." she replied through clenched teeth.

I could see her eying the exit.

"Be reasonable, Erin. You do realize what's on that tape right?"

I chuckled, "I really don't think you want it plastered all over the internet and men's magazines, do you?"

"You wouldn't do that?"

"Wouldn't I, why not?"

"How did you get it?" she exclaimed. "Who sold it to you?"

"I don't think that's really important right about now."

"Fact of the matter is I have it," I grinned. "I've seen it, and I'm giving you the opportunity to buy it from me."

"But I don't have any money!"

"I know that."


Just then I had to stifle a laugh as a light suddenly seemed to switch on in her head. Erin finally seemed to realize what my motives were.

"So what's it going to take? You have your way with me and I get the tape?"

She was angry, almost shaking now.

"Nothing that simple I'm afraid." I said as I turned off the television, "No, you'll be making payments on this one…

I let my statement hang in the air between us. and when it seemed she was about to say something I completed my demand.

"…weekly, monthly, hell, whenever I want—for an entire year if I deem fit."

Erin looked stunned.

"You've got to be kidding?"

"Actually, I think you're getting off quite easy considering what's at stake."

Just then, I finally reached out for her but she abruptly pulled away.

"Wait! Let me think about this."

"There's nothing to think about, Erin. You're mine. I paid handsomely for this tape and I want my money's worth."

I reached for her again and she let me grab her arm and draw her to me. She stood shaking in my arms, tears welling in her beautiful brown eyes, one lonely tear running down her tender cheek.

"But… but why?"

"Why? Because you're beautiful and I want you, and I always get what I want."

Her sadness should have bothered me but it didn't. Truth was I was way too aroused. Jennifer had warned me that Erin would turn on the water works and now I had to laugh.

If only Erin knew just who it was that had supplied me with the incriminating footage? Unbeknown to her it was her very own dear friend Jennifer Hawkins who was behind it all.

Jennifer was apparently initiating her own form of revenge for something Erin had unintentionally done to her a few months earlier. The poor girl was all by herself and now out in the deep end.

Still, all I could think about at that very moment was burying my cock inside her. She was such a little hottie, and in some ways even sexier than Jennifer.

Unlike her blonde counterpart, Erin who was a onetime Miss Australia was considerably petite and a natural beauty. She rarely wore any make up yet somehow still managed to look incredible.

Personally I think that was one of the major reasons behind Jennifer's dislike and jealously towards her.

Holding her in my arms I kissed her lightly on the neck and cheek and slowly began to remove her of her clothes. Erin resisted briefly but stood motionless for the most part.

There she was being mauled on the 70th floor overlooking Surfers Paradise. To my delight she didn't object as I carefully peeled the shoulder strap of her dress off her body and let it fall to the floor before me.

Erin McNaught now stood clad in just her underwear, waiting. God she looked amazing.

It seemed despite her trepidation Erin had opted on arriving to my apartment braless and clad in a set of red satin lace boy shorts.

"Wow Erin, you don't disappoint." I told her.

With that I unzipped my pants and her eyes grew wide as she could see that there was no need for foreplay. I was definitely ready.

"Let's watch that clip again shall we?" I suggested.

I hit the button on the remote and watched as she came into shot, a single bed decorated the screen.

The video was apparently shot in a dimply lit hotel room and revealed her lying there on a bed with her legs spread. Despite her initially attempts to obscure her face she was easily recognizable.

There she casually naked and soon proceeded to perform and masturbate for her partner behind the camera. Back in my apartment I grasped her wrist I directed her to the edge of the couch, turned her to face the TV, and sat her on my lap.

Erin didn't resist. My stiff rod now pressed against her bare legs and rubbed and beside of her butt cheeks. My hands leisurely explored her body while she watched herself perform on the television. I whispered into her ear while I played with her small breasts.

"Here's my favorite part Erin, when you plunge two of your fingers inside you. That's so hot."

Erin was squirming in my lap while I rocked my hips, grinding my member against her panties. It was then I abruptly felt her hand grip my prick. She initially squeezed it before allowing her hand to glide up and down my length.

"And here, I love the way you take your fingers and stick them into your mouth. You're so kinky."

"I know," she whispered.

They were the first words she'd said since we'd started the movie. I gently nibbled on her neck and grasped her breasts in my hands.

"Look at you. Look at how turned on you are there, just begging to be fucked."

On the screen she was humping herself madly, desperately trying to get herself off.

"What were you thinking, Erin?" I asked her, sliding my hand down between her smooth slender legs.

Erin blushed and squirmed before she finally whispered.

"I—I wanted to get off. I wanted him inside me."

Her eyes were now glued to the screen as she watched herself masturbate. With that I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her hips up off my lap.

"Take off your panties, Erin." I ordered, and she didn't hesitate.

Without taking her eyes off the television screen she slowly stood and peeled her underwear down her legs.

For a brief second I was rewarded by a wonderful flashed of her ass and vagina. As she stepped out of her underwear I swiftly grabbed her again and eased her onto my lap again.

"So you wanted him inside you did you?"

"Yes." she whimpered.

"So do it." I urged her. "Put me inside you."

Erin settled her weight onto her feet and lifted her ass off my lap. Her hand positioned my pole directly below her moist opening and as she lowered herself back down she gave an extra wiggle to allow my cock to slide inside her.

She stopped about halfway, lifted up again, and then pushed down hard on my pole, taking it to the root. On the screen she was going wild rubbing herself frantically.

"So now it's in you, all of it." I groaned. "More cock than you've ever had. What's it like Erin?"

I pushed her shoulders forward making her lift up off of my cock a little before I pulled her back hard sinking to the hilt inside her again.

"Ugh." she gasped. "Nice. It feels nice. Full."


"I feel so full."

"Look at the screen." I told her.

As I spoke the TV-Erin was obviously in the midst of an orgasm as her body tensed and shuddered.

The real Erin just sat there with her eyes riveted while my cock inside her proceeded to move in and out. She was so deliciously petite I effortlessly held her in place above my cock and wiggled my hips.

As we watched the girl on the TV slowly come down from her peak, Erin began to grunt and groan.

"Did you enjoy coming like that?" I asked her. "Did it turn you on that he was filming you the entire time?"

"Yes." she confessed breathlessly.

Reaching up between her legs I grabbed the remote with my other hand and paused the show.

"I want to see you come like that again. You'll come all the time. I'll make you come so much you'll beg me to stop."

We ignored the screen for a moment as we reveled in the sensation of penetration. She was surprisingly tight yet very much wet. Erin was breathing deeply and responding to my every movement as I eagerly squeezed and groped her lovely breasts.

"My god baby, you're so fucking tight." I told her while her body arched back.

"I can feel the excitement building in you, like an electric charge." I whispered. "Its building and building isn't it? If I don't let you come soon you'll be screaming for release."

Erin groaned in response as I loosened my grip around her hip and settled her down firmly on my cock.

My words were working on her and she leaned over, breaking free of my arms, her hands gripped the edge of the couch seat. She brought her legs together between mine and planted her feet firmly on the floor as I continued to impale her.

Without warning she then proceeded to coil and twist her hips and drive herself up and down on my cock. I grabbed her slender waist and helped her, thrusting up into her mightily.

http://img297.imagevenue.com/loc115/th_507782243_Erin_McNaught_2923_123_115lo.jpg (http://img297.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=507782243_Erin_McNaught_2923_123_115lo.jpg)

The strong scent of sex quickly filled the room and was intoxicating as I could hear little grunts escaping her lips. I let it continue this way for quite a while until I could hear her breathing becoming rough and labored. She finally began to tremble.

"Do you want to come Erin?" I asked her. "Tell me."

She remained quiet but struggled with herself, shutting her eyes tightly and shaking her head.

"Do you?" I insisted. "Tell me!"

"YES!" She hissed between clenched teeth.

"Yes what?"

"I want to fucking come! Please. I want to come!"

"Good girl, good." I smirked. "Now watch the screen."

I pressed play on the remote as Video-Erin was soon joined by her "date" on the bed. There she then proceeded to treat him to an award winning blow-job as I pulled her back against me, letting her catch her breath for a second.

Erin watched her onscreen-self gobble the large cock down and she seemed genuinely mesmerized by her own wanton actions.

"Do you even recognize that slut?" I whispered in her ear as my hand fell back between her legs and I massaged her clitoris.

"You look so fucking good sucking that cock, don't you? Did you really just meet him that night?" I asked.


"Incredible." I smirked. "You're such a sexy little whore, Erin."

With that I put my hand behind her head and grabbed a fist full of curly brown hair.

I turned her head to me and greedily enveloped her mouth with my own. My arm across her chest tweaked her piercing hard nipples and held her tight against my body.

My other hand rubbed her pussy swiftly and she was reaching down to touch where my cock was driving in and out of her velvet tunnel. I used my hips to bang her hard and fast as she now had her feet up on the couch and was getting some leverage of her own.

She was now slamming down onto me as I wrenched my mouth off of hers and breathed into her ear.

"Come for me baby, come all over my cock."

Erin moaned as her hips ground into me. At this point she was almost at the point of tears.

"Oh God!" she hissed.


She threw her head back and screamed out loud as I continued pumping her and massaging her clit at the same time.

Her hand reached down and grabbed mine tightly, stopping the motion, as her entire body seemed to lose its shape and she collapsed against me. Her head lolled back as her eyes disappearing back into her head.

I could still feel her tunnel pulsing around my shaft and reveled in the thought that I could own this beautiful model so completely. On the screen she was sucking her "friend" fiercely, and it was only a few moments before he was going to cum in the film.

With that I pushed her head up.

"Watch now. Watch him come for you. See what that pretty little mouth of yours did."

Erin watched, leaning forward, intent on seeing herself suck him to completion.

"You were so damn hot." I whispered into her ear. "So cock hungry."

"I was." she breathed. "I felt so nasty."

Erin slowly pulled off my cock and crawled towards the screen, watching the finish.

She looked so good on her hands and knees, her ass presented to me, her soft brown pussy lips swollen. I wanted to leap up and fuck her wildly but just enjoyed the view for a few moments.

On the screen her "date" came over her chest before straddling her shoulders and pushing his cock back into her mouth. She looked back at me over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering.

"That was so hot wasn't it?"

"Definitely," I smirked. "You look like you really enjoyed yourself."

"I did. I was so horny."

I leaned back holding my achingly hard prick in my hand and grinned.

"Yeah? Show me."

I could see her hesitate for a moment before she finally crawled over and took my sticky wet sword into her young mouth. Erin didn't waste any time and licked and sucked me like a baby with a pacifier.

"Mm, you're so good at that."

She locked her eyes on mine and then thrust up and down over my pole, taking it as deep as she possibly could. All the while she kept watching me.

"Oh shit yeah. You can be a nasty little girl, can't you Erin?"

She simply blinked up at me.

"You don't mind taking that thick cock in your mouth, despite where's it been?" I snickered. "You know it's your own juices you're savoring there, and you love it don't you?"

She let me know her answer by stopping, taking her face off my knob for a moment, and then taking a long slow lick like an ice cream cone, before giving me a smile and taking me into her mouth again.

"That was nice," I grinned, "I tell you what, I'll let you choose where I finish—in your mouth or in your ass?"

Erin pulled her head back and looked at me with disgust.

"In my ass?" she grimaced. "Eww, that's gross. I don't do that."

"And I suppose you don't suck cock either?" I chuckled.

"That's different."

"Trust me Erin, like it or not I'll be coming in your ass, and often. But today, seeing as I feel so generous, I'll let you decide."

Thinking for a moment she then replied, "Fine. Come inside me, then."

"I will, but where?"

"In me, here," she said shyly, gesturing between your legs.

"In where?" I asked her again.

"My pussy," she said meekly.


Erin blushed.

"You want me to finish in your pussy, baby?" I said with a grin.


I could see she was uncomfortable and found it hard to curse much less talk dirty.

"So you want me to fuck you hard, and cum in your sweet little cunt?" I teased.

"Yes!" she finally said.

I laughed and picked her up and bent her over the arm of the couch.

She looked so sexy as I spread her cheeks apart and plowed into her with my stiff meat, meeting little resistance. The feeling was wonderful and yet it allowed me to screw her for an amazingly long time, considering how worked up I had been.

I massaged her ass cheeks and pounded my beautiful new sex toy with long full strokes. Feeling wicked I spread her cheeks wide exposing her tiny little brown starfish.

I worked up a bit of spit and let it dribble from my lips and over her virgin asshole.

She moaned when it hit and as I enjoyed her I used my thumb to rub it around and into her back door. Eventually I was fucking her hard while my thumb was completely buried in her anus.

"Do you like that?" I teased, moving my thumb vigorously, stretching her.

"It's so nasty—so dirty." she gasped.

I pulled out of her and I spread her cheeks wide while I buried my tongue in her rear. I pushed an inch or more of it up inside her and she responded by moaning out loud and thrashing about wildly.

"Oh God, that's so dirty."

But even as she said this she was reaching back and helping me hold her cheeks apart. I let go of her cheeks and left the job to her.

"Don't move. Hold that position."

She acquiesced, spreading herself wide for me. I slid first one and then two fingers up inside her moist slit, and then worked them in her bunghole. She moaned continuously and I couldn't resist the temptation.

I pulled my fingers out as she whispered, "Are you going to do it?"

"Do what?"

"You know... fuck my ass?"

"Mm," I groaned with delight.

Hearing her say those words turned me on to no end.

"Do you want me to?" I teased. "Do you want me to fuck that sweet ass of yours, Erin?"

"No." she whispered, but her actions made lie to her words as she continued to hold herself open for me, urging me to continue.

"I guess I'll just tease you like this then?" I assured her and I aimed my pole at her and pressed the fat purple head forward, against considerable resistance.

"Ow don't!" she moaned. "It won't fit."

But even as the words escaped her, I popped past her opening and suddenly had two thick inches of meat buried in her tight anus.

"Ah, but it does fit." I told her, pulling her hands back off her cheeks and observing the white and then red stripes her fingers left behind.

I waited, letting her get accustomed to my insidious invader.

"This is so wrong," Erin growled, "Stop. My butt is burning. I can't believe you're making me do this!"

"Hold still, baby. You can take some more." I encouraged her.

I worked to slowly bury a couple more inches into that incredibly tight virgin hole.

I peeked forward and I could see she was biting her own arm just above the biceps. With almost half my length inside her I was happy to corn hole her gently and enjoyed the tightness and the view.

Before long it was easier and her tight ass-ring didn't cling to me so hard on each out-stroke.

"You're fucking my butt!" she groaned softly, "You bastard!"

"Ask me to stop and I will." I told her.

"Wh—What?" she stammered.

"Go ahead, try me. Ask me to stop fucking your sweet cherry asshole and I'll pull out right now." I offered.

"Okay, stop."

"Stop what?"

She half laughed.

"Stop fucking...my ass!"

With that I reluctantly pulled out and tapped the end of my cock against her cheeks before stepping away from her.

"I can't believe you actually did that." she said while turning over and sitting on the sofa arm, looking at me.

"What, that I took your ass, or that stopped?" I chuckled.

As Erin rolled her eyes and tried to catch her breath as she glanced over at the clock and suddenly jumped.

"Oh shit! I have to go, my nephew!"

I watched Erin rush for her things on the floor and proceed to hurriedly dress.

It didn't take long for her to clean herself up and head for the door. It was then as she prepared to leave that she stopped as she suddenly remembered why she was there to see me in the first place.

"Wait, well?"

"Well what?"

"Can I have the tape?"

"I told you, we're not finished here by a long shot. You'll be paying that debt off for several more weeks."

Shrugging her shoulders I was surprised to see that the prospect didn't seem to bother her as it initially did a few minutes earlier. Was she actually enjoying herself?

With that I walked to the bar poured myself a drink before I threw a brand new cell phone in her direction.

"What's this?"

"Just make sure to have that with you all the time." I instructed. "And make sure you answer it."

"But what if I'm busy?"

"I don't care. Just make sure to answer it and do as I say."

Shrugging her shoulders again Erin checked her reflection in the mirror by the door one final time before she started to leave.

"So I guess we'll keep in touch?"

I laughed at how similar she was to Jennifer Hawkins. It was almost the exact same thing Jen had said before leaving my apartment a few days earlier.

God I was going to enjoy owning this girl. While Erin left I immediately noticed I still had a ragging hard-on and considered my options. Maybe I should give one of the other girls a call?