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Sexual Healing
Part 1 With Hunter King
Written by Hearsz
Codes: MF, handjob, dirty talk

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.


My daughter left home a few years ago to pursue an acting career, waiting on tables until she finally got some extra parts in a few TV series. As much as I didn't want her to go, I couldn't stop Milly from chasing her dreams, even if that meant her moving halfway across the country to California.

It was tough letting her leave, given Milly's mom passed away a while ago now, and because our daughter was an only child. Now in my early 40s, I haven't been with anyone since and I've found it difficult to move on.

Where we're from is a small populated town, an hour from Des Moines, and the opportunity for dating at my age had been pretty fruitless. One would normally head to the big city to further their options, something I wasn't quite prepared to do just yet. So it was a big relief to not only hear from Milly, but also to be told that she would finally be coming home in a few days and staying with me for a couple of weeks. It would be comforting to take my mind off of things, such as trying to find a woman to replace her mom.

"That's great new Mill! Your room is exactly how you left it. It'd be so great to have you home" I said to her over the phone.

"Looking forward to it. Say, do you mind if I bring a friend with me? They're keen to get out of LA for the summer and I told them about our little town in Iowa, and that it would be the ideal place!"

"Oh.. But I was hoping we'd get some one on one time Mill".

"We will do Dad. Hunter can only stay for a few days".

"Hunter? So you want to bring a guy back to our home?"

"Haha Dad! Hunter's one of my 'girl' friends. We work together on this show I've been cast in. She's been ever so helpful and kind".

"Hunter hey? What kind of girl name is that?" I asked with a confused tone.

"Well she was using her middle name Haley when she first started acting, but she thought her real name 'Hunter' would separate her from all the other Hayley's of this world. I mean, clearly you've never met someone named Hunter before. At least not a female with that name!"

"Point taken".

"So we get in on Friday. We have a car booked to pick us up from the airport to drop us home".

"Sounds great Milly. Can't wait!"


A few days later....

When Friday arrived, I was in good spirits knowing my baby girl was coming home. I hadn't flown out to see her and she hadn't been back here for nearly a year now, given her increasingly busy schedule. Just as the car pulled up, I headed for the front door, and the excitement I was feeling to see my daughter was somewhat subdued by her travelling companions presence...

Hunter (or Haley) was everything I imagined young females would appear to look like whom were from LA. She was an archetypal Hollywood blonde. Tall, all dolled up, nothing like the women in this part of the country. And it also seemed like she'd never been to a place like ours before, as the two suitcases she'd brought with her seemed a bit overboard for someone staying here for only a few days.

"Daddy!" Milly called out, distracting me from the almost hypnotised state I had thanks to her friend.

"Welcome home angel" I replied as we embraced with a big hug.

"This is my friend Hunter".

"Pleasure to meet you Hunter. I'm Mr. Roberts, but feel free to call me Jack. Milly's told me a lot about you" I said as I extended my hand for her to shake.

"All good I hope" she responded with a sexy little smile.

Her fingers looked and felt like they had been manicured on a daily basis, given their soft silky feel and her flawless nails. Her palm being pressed against mine seemed to last longer than was necessary, and I felt an instant connection with her. Something I couldn't really begin to explain.

"So should I call you Hunter or Haley?" I asked, wanting some clarity.

"Whatever you like!" she cheekily replied, batting her eyelids which making me choke up a little, especially when I looked deep into her gorgeous bluey green eyes.

"Here, let me get that for you" I offered, taking the two cases from her.

When we got inside the house and I made the girls something to eat, I learned that Hayley was about five years older than my daughter, who had just turned eighteen earlier this year. And she was originally from Las Vegas, rather than my presumptuous belief that she was just another Californian-born starlet.

Hayley was really quite friendly, speaking highly of Milly and being up front and honest about her chances of having a successful acting career. As she spoke about her early experiences, up until she finally got her big break on "The Young & The Restless", again I felt myself transfixed on just how deadly attractive she was.

Her long golden blonde hair hung down well past her shoulders, and she wore a tight pair of blue jeans which showed off not only how tall she was, but how they were concealing a slim pair of legs. But the main clothing attraction on her hot young figure was the white tank top she had on, which showed off plenty of her skin, namely her strong arms, trim looking stomach and slightly tanned shoulders.

Try as I might, I found it almost most difficult to take my eyes off of Haley's incredibly huge rack! I don't recall ever seeing tits on a girl her age in like... ever! When I caught myself starting to drool, I had to remind myself that not only was this my daughters good friend, our guest, but that Haley was nearly half my age. Still, I was more than happy that Milly had brought her here.

"Let me show you to the room you'll be staying in. Follow me".

Carrying her bags into the spare room, I showed Haley where the bathroom and toilets were. Both her room and Milly's were halfway up the hallway, on opposing sides, with mine, the master bedroom down the end.

"The toilet in my ensuite isn't working at the moment so if you hear someone heading past your bedroom in the middle of the night, it's probably just me using the one in Milly's room. Feel free to use it as well".

"Sweet" Haley replied, taking an extra couple of seconds to lock her eyes onto mine before I exited the room.

I can't describe exactly what I was feeling at the time but I was convinced that whatever it was, was all in my head. There was no way a female like that would ever think of me the same way I did of her. Pure nonsense!


I called the girls down once dinner was prepared for them, a little after seven o'clock. They had spent the afternoon doing each other's nails, hair, and even had an afternoon nap due to the long flight. Joining me at the small round table, I had each girl either side of me. I did my best not to look at Haley too much, given my daughter was so close to both of us.

"Looks great. Nice work Mr. Roberts!"

"Please, call me Jack" I reiterated from when we first met.

"Of course" Haley she remarked.

Just after she replied and took a bite off of her plate, I could have sworn that I felt Haley's bare foot brush against mine. I couldn't say for sure if it was accidental or intentional, but she never gave me a look of apology at any point after that.

The "Life in Pieces" star had changed into a flannelette top with a pink undershirt, the top two buttons undone which showed off a noticeable ridge in between her incredible tits. Haley had also tied her hair up into a ponytail, something that I always seemed to find sexy when females did this.

She sure was embracing being out in the country, and her changed look, although slight, was evidence of that. As they finished their meals and then the dessert I'd earlier prepped, I watched on as my daughter and her new best friend headed upstairs. If the front of Haley's body was enticing, her other side wasn't half bad either.

Her tight round ass in even tighter denim shorts made me nearly drop the glass plates I was carrying into the kitchen. And as I earlier suspected, her legs were as delicious as I had imagined in my head. It wasn't going to be an easy night of sleep ahead..

Once I'd cleaned up the kitchen, taken out the trash and locked up the doors, I headed upstairs to call it a night. I could hear them chatting away in Milly's room as I crept quietly down the hallway. Approaching my daughter's room, I couldn't help but eavesdrop on their conversation.

"So what's the go with your Dad?" Haley succinctly asked.

"Well he lives here all by himself ever since Mom died and he's found it hard to move on I guess. I was hoping to make it big in LA to hopefully help him retire early".

"That's so sweet. He seems really nice. He's pretty good looking for an older guy. Hell if I was a bit older and he was a bit younger, well...you know!"

"Hunter!!" Milly squealed at her friend.

"I'm just messing around. Though if I married your Dad then we could be sisters!"

"Oh haha, very funny. We all know how much you love older guys!"

"But of course! Boys just don't know what they're doing whereas guys like your Dad probably know how to take control in the bedroom and he's probably got a big di..."

"OK...Enough! Let's talk about something else, please!"

"Yeah you're right, I'm sorry. You know what I can be like Milly. I mean me and your Dad? Haha, how ridiculous!"

The girls laughed out loud at the improbable thought, Milly playfully throwing a cushion at her friend.

I got the shock of my life when Haley caught me listening in on their chat, seeing the reflection of my face in Milly's tall standing mirror on the opposite side of the room. Rather than give me a way, Haley gave me a sexy little wink, then carried on her talk with my daughter. As I tiptoed away, my heart was beating like crazy after what I'd just heard.

Did she say all those things knowing that I was listening? Was it really true that she thought I was good looking?
I came back to Milly's room after brushing my teeth to say goodnight to the girls.

"Don't stay up too late girls".

"Night Daddy" Milly said as she stood up to hug me.

"Haley" I said, nodding as I addressed her.

"Night Jack" she replied in an almost seductive tone, those eyes again attracted to mine as if they were somehow magnetised.

http://2.t.imgbox.com/bWVreB5S.jpg (http://imgbox.com/bWVreB5S) http://4.t.imgbox.com/TDYHCUBD.jpg (http://imgbox.com/TDYHCUBD) http://2.t.imgbox.com/8wjkIAUU.jpg (http://imgbox.com/8wjkIAUU)


I awoke in the middle of the night, something that was quite normal for a guy like me who had such a large bed all too himself. Usually I'd wake up over a nightmare or just knowing that Milly's mom wasn't there beside me. But this occasion was certainly different.

As I got up to use the toilet, I noticed that I was nursing a huge boner, not helped by the fact that I hadn't jerked off in several days. Plus my mind, even in sleep mode, was no doubt still thinking about the blonde with the huge rack.

Once I'd quietly headed in and out of Milly's room to use her toilet to relieve myself, my cock was only slightly deflated afterwards. But at least it felt less uncomfortable in my pants. On my way back out of her room, the adjacent guest room door opened and I froze up.

"You're awake?" Haley asked.

"Yeah. I couldn't sleep and needed to use the bathroom" we softly whispered to each other.

"Me too" she replied.

Due to the thin hallway, we tried to move out of each other's way but I accidentally ran into her as we tried to pass.

"Oh my!" Haley gasped, no doubt feeling the bulging erection in my shorts as it rubbed against her hip. I was harder than usual, unsurprising given the tight white singlet and silk panties Hayley was currently wearing. Seeing this insanely hot girl in "sleepwear" made my dick throb at the sight.

"You should really take care of that, it'd probably help you sleep better and ease some tension" Haley said as her eyes dropped down, referring to the tent shape in my pants.

"If it only was that simple. After a while you get bored with using your own hand".

I was surprised at myself at being so open with a girl I'd only met a few hours earlier. It was such a strange conversation to have at three in the morning, in a half-lit hallway with a semi-clad stunner like Haley.

Taking my hand, she comforted me and my predicament.

"It's OK, I understand. Come with me".

I didn't even consider asking Haley where we were going. She led me downstairs and into the living room, well away from where Milly's bedroom, settling me down on to sofa and sitting beside me.

"I take it that it's been a while since you've had some female company right?"

"Yeah, not even a date, since, well you know".

"OK, close your eyes and turn slightly, facing away from me".

"What are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Just relax. I've been told I give one hell of a neck and back rub".

I did as she asked, turning and closing my eyes. Before I knew it, Haley began massaging my shoulders, really digging her fingers in and I could even
feel those huge tits of hers rubbing up and down my back.

"I just want to help, make you feel real good".

She was right. This did feel good. Haley worked my shoulders, neck and even my scalp, making me nice and relaxed that I was put into an almost sleep like state.

"Now don't be alarmed. I'm going to make sure you get a good nights rest".

With my head lolled to one side, I didn't notice right away that one of her hands had moved across my chest, down my stomach and pulled back the waistband of my shorts. I jumped a little as I felt her warm hand slide inside my pants, to grab my thick throbbing tool.

"Just I suspected. Such a nice big cock..."

So she did mean what she said to my daughter earlier in her room, when I had overheard their conversation. As good as it felt to have a sexy young female playing with my dick, I was well aware that what we were doing was wrong, and I felt my stomach knot up in huge guilt.

"We shouldn't be doing this. You're my daughters friend" I half-heartedly said to her.

"This is a one off Jack. Just relax and go with it. She never has to know" she responded, giving my stiff member a few firm pumps in her fist.

Against my better judgement, I let her continue, Haley's soft, slinky fingers felt so good massaging my throbbing member, her warm handjob was certainly what I needed right now.

"Take your pants off" she commanded.

I did so, lifting my body up to push my boxers down to the floor. I could hear Haley spit into the palm of her hand, re-gripping my cock so she could smear her saliva all over my length to lubricate my shaft. This made her hand able to glide quicker up and down my hard staff.

"Does that feel good Jack" she softly moaned, kissing and licking the back of my neck, even biting the bottom of my ear lobe as she fluently wanked my pulsing member.

"Oh Lord that feels good!" I uttered, my eyes clenched tight as fapping noises could be heard quite clearly in the usually dead quiet house.

"Are you close?"

"I'm...I'm not sure..."

I really wasn't. My head was spinning given the early hour and the surrealism of having my cock jerked off by this gorgeous young actress.

"Think of something sexy, dirty if you must..."

I desperately tried to but the situation overwhelmed me so much that my mind was a blank slate.

"I can't" I replied with dismay.

And then Haley said something that made caused my imagination to run wild with seemingly endless sexual scenarios.

"Picture yourself straddling my waist, fucking my big breasts with your hard cock until you cream all over them!" she suggested, tightly pressing her massive milky twins against my back.

Just the thought alone seemed to make me thrust my dick in between her soft fingers, triggering my hips so it gyrated uncontrollably as I willed myself to ejaculate.

"Holy f-f-fuckkk!" I hissed underneath my breath, making sure not to shout out loud which could have alerted my daughter to what Haley and I were up to.

"Do it Jack! Cum for me! All over these huge titties" Haley commanded, stroking my cock as fast as an egg beater, the feel of her tongue and moist lips on the back of my neck helping things along.

"Uhhhh" I groaned inwardly as fat gobs of white liquid spurted out of my cock tip.

Haley licked her fingers clean of the gooey residue I had left upon them from my climax, moaning as she enjoyed the taste of my seed.

"Thank you...thank you" I gasped, my heart still beating erratically despite the tension having finally been released.

The sexy starlet leaned in to softly kiss me on the cheek, then saying,

"Don't mention it, it's the least I could do for letting me stay here. Sweet dreams Jack" Haley replied, turning to leave for her room.

My cock twitched at the sight of her barely clad backside, her silk panties slightly riding up her curvy looking crack. It was bound to be an interesting next few days, especially with this young seductress staying at the house.

To Be Continued...


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