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In The Dark
With Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, inc, reluc, handjob, mutual mast
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Pretty much inspired by a song title of hers by the same name, hope you like it.

http://i.imgbox.com/Bmc3J6K3.jpg (http://imgbox.com/oH08EaKe)

My regular sleeping pattern was pretty much shot the night I finished school for the summer vacations so it wasn't uncommon for me to still be lying in bed wide awake at four o'clock in the morning, tapping away on my phone.

When I finally decided to call it a night, I set my phone down and got up to use the bathroom. Any other night I would have used my ensuite but for whatever reason, I felt compelled to go wandering and use the family bathroom downstairs and down the hall.

Padding along the hall as silently as possible, I paused when I passed my sister's room. The door was shut tight but there was some obvious, flickering light coming from crack underneath.

I figured Olivia must have fallen asleep with the television on again but just as I reached for the handle to go in and turn it off, I heard her voice.

What she said made me freeze. I was stunned and positive I must have misheard. Lack of sleep must have been addling my brain because there was no way I'd just listened to my famous sister softly moan about how wet she was right now.

Nonetheless I felt I had to be sure. Holding my breath, I leaned in towards the door and a second later was rewarded with another stifled gasp.

"...fuck. I think I'm close already!"

I gulped as I realised she must be in there on a very private phone or video call with her boyfriend. I knew I should walk away and stop eavesdropping on my sister's intimate fun but something held me rooted to the spot.

I wasn't blind to her looks but up till now I'd never looked at Olivia as anything more than my successful, occasionally annoying elder sister. But now, although I was just staring at a wooden door, I felt myself getting increasingly aroused to the sounds of her erotic grunts and whimpers and the filthy imagery I couldn't help but conjure up in my head.

'This is fucked up,' I thought to myself when I finally gave in and gripped my aching cock.

"Hmm, yeah stroke it for me, babe," Olivia whispered as if on cue, making me jump at the oddly perfect timing.

I started following my sister's instructions.


'Jordan?!' so she wasn't messing around with her boyfriend afterall, my sister was sluttier than I realised.

"—you look so hard. I wish you were here right now."

I couldn't quite make out what Jordan was saying back to her but Olivia giggled a second later.

"I think you know what I'd do...okay fine but you better come really hard for me!" Olivia let out a deep sigh as she shuffled around to get more comfortable. "For starters I'd have to taste you. Take you deep into my throat...just the way you like it!"

Hearing my usually sweet sister talk about hard cocks, guys coming and blowjobs was strange to say the least but I don't think I'd ever been harder in my life. Accompanying her running dirty talk was the gently creak of her mattress as she no doubt pleasured herself to her own fantasy and I suddenly wondered if she had a toy in there. Or maybe she was more traditional and had a couple of her manicured fingers buried inside her pussy?

I'd always known my sister was attractive – my friend's constantly reminded and teased me about it – but I'd never once had a single dirty thought about Olivia. I'd even gotten into fights with anyone who'd gone too far when they spoke about what they'd do to her. I was always asked how I managed to live with a girl like her, if I'd stolen any of her used panties or dared to sneak a peek at her in the shower.

But now, listening to her carry on in her bedroom, I finally understood. In fact, in that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be the guy with the cock she was practically begging for, brother or not.

I wanted to see her right now. Naked, leg's spread wide on her queen-sized bed as she stroked and played with her, by her own admission, wet pussy. Unfortunately I knew her bed faced the door so I had no chance to crack the door open for a look without her noticing. Common sense prevailed and I didn't go bursting in, even if the split second look at her before she covered up would probably be worth the trouble I'd get in.

"...I'd ride that big cock so fucking hard right now!" she hissed more aggressively as she neared her climax. "Tell—nggh—tell me where you'd finish if you were here with me... Ohmigod. Inside me? Fuck. Ughhh—do it! Come! Shoot that load inside me! Come with me!"

With that Olivia become incoherent as she thrashed through her orgasm as silently as possible, meanwhile I had to squeeze my cock to avoid ejaculating all over her bedroom door.

I could just about hear her panting and giggling to herself as she came down from her blissful high but before making my escape, she spoke again.

"Are you still on for this weekend? I should have the place to myself, mom and dad are out and I'll just convince one of Cade's friends to have another party or something."

Hearing my name come up gave me pause and I wondered what she'd meant by it.

"...oh yeah, all his friends have a crush on me, it's cute, they'll pretty much do whatever I ask," Olivia giggled.

Just like that, paranoia set in and I wondered if she was exaggerating. Just how many parties and sleepovers I'd been invited to had only happened because my sister had willed it? Just to sneak a guy round to fuck!

I put it to one side for now as I snuck back to the safety of my own bedroom and for the first time in my life, I knocked one out thinking about my hot, famous sister. In fact I came so hard thinking about her dirty talk and what she must have looked like playing with herself, that I didn't even feel guilty after the fact. If anything I wanted more...

http://i.imgbox.com/0koXSBVr.jpg (http://imgbox.com/IIe2veDU)

Given our night-time antics, we were both up surprisingly early the next morning and the moment my sister walked into the kitchen, I saw her in an entirely different light.

I don't know how I'd never noticed how inappropriate her morning attire was before now. A thin tank-top that came up short, just about showing some toned midriff and a pair of cute cotton shorts that barely reached her tanned thighs.

It was a strange feeling when she gave me a sleepy smile, knowing what I now knew about her but it wasn't guilt. If anything, seeing her for the first time since last night, even while half-asleep and dishevelled, simply confirmed that I wanted her. Plus I now knew I had to get back at her somehow for manipulating me and my friends.

I bided my time though and over the next couple of nights I made frequent visits to the bathroom past Olivia's room but never heard anything out of the ordinary. I suspected maybe she was 'saving' herself until the weekend. Finally, come Friday I received an invitation to spend the night at a friend's place for some movies and games.

My sister was good I'd give her that. I had no idea how she managed it or how many of my friend's she had this contact with but I accepted the invite, assuming she'd know about it if I didn't.

"Any plans this evening you two?" our mom asked the next day while preparing for her and dad's date night.

"Going round a friend's house for the night," I lied, noticing Olivia giving me a side-ways glance.

"Nothing really, just staying in, watching TV and stuff," Liv shrugged.

"Well you two behave yourselves," our dad warned as they stepped out the door, probably unconvinced by both our stories.

With the parents gone Olivia turned on her heels and went upstairs. Fortunately she was predictable and I only had to wait a minute before I heard the shower turn on. Another minute passed before I followed her up and slipped into her bedroom to find her phone lying on her bed.

Why she didn't have a lock on her phone was beyond me but it certainly made it easier to send Jordan a quick message to cancel their plans for the night.

It was another forty minutes before Olivia finally came back downstairs. Despite knowing her plans, I hadn't expected her to put in so much effort, walking down the stairs in a lacy dress and heels with her make-up and hair almost looking like it was done professionally.

"Whoa," I said out loud, startling her.

"Jesus Cade, I thought you'd left ages ago!" she gasped, her hand on her chest. "You scared the crap outta me!"

"Little overdressed for a night in front of the TV aren't you?"

"I—I was just trying stuff on," she lied quickly.

"Well hurry up, I figured I'd stay in with you, wasn't really in the mood for going out and you seemed like you wanted some company."

"Oh. Err—I'm fine Cade really, you go out," she stammered, nervously fiddling with her phone.

"Relax sis, I already told Jordan not to come over."

It wasn't often I got one over on my sister so the look on her face then was priceless.

"Jordan? What are you on about?"

"Don't bother Liv, I heard you the other night. I know everything."

Olivia could tell I was serious so she finally dropped the act, blushing when the memories of that night came back and she realised what I'd heard her doing and heard her say.

"What do you want, Cade?"

"Huh?" I played dumb.

"To not tell mom and dad, or my boyfriend for that matter. What do you want?" she clarified.

I'd played this moment over and over in my head. Of course I knew what I wanted but how do you go about telling your own sister you want to see her naked?

"All these guys you've got chasing after you. Ray, Jordan, my friends, probably dad's friends, I want to know what the fuss is all about."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, for starters, lose the dress. Let's see what they're all fawning over."


"What's the big deal? We've seen each other naked before."

"Sure when we were kids maybe! No. There's no way Cade."

Olivia was putting her foot down so I shrugged.

"Alright then, we'll see what mom and dad have to say about it. Then there's Ray, imagine if he ended up going to those teen sites. Even I'm not that cruel."

"Ugh. You're an asshole Cade," she growled before finally walking into the room and joining me on the sofa.

"Well you know what to do..."

"I'm not stripping," she reaffirmed. "But...since you think it's no big deal, I suppose you could take your...thing...out and jerk off to me."

I was stunned. The way she suggested it so quickly, I wondered if this wasn't the first time she'd found herself in this kind of situation. Olivia refused to look me in the eye as I considered her compromise but I wanted more.

"Okay deal...if it's your hand doing the jerking."

"Jesus Cade," Olivia laughed despite herself just at my insistence. "You know there are other girls out there to do this stuff with, as in, anyone but your sister?"

"Feel free to hook me up with some of your friends anytime," I teased.

"Don't push it," she cocked an eyebrow. "This is a one-time thing you hear? No one ever finds out."

"Obviously," I nodded.

"Well I guess we should get on with it then..."

I suddenly felt nervous as I reached for my belt and wondered if this was too far. But the way I caught her looking at the bulge in my pants made my cock throb, she may have been a good actress but my sister couldn't hide the curiosity in her eyes as her little brother exposed himself to her.

I was already hard as steel as I fished my cock out, Olivia gasping and blushing at the sight before suddenly jumping to her feet again.

"Wait, wait! Cade we can't do this, it's way too weird!"

"I thought this is what you wanted? Going from what you were saying the other night, you were practically begging for a cock in your hand, in your mouth?"

"Not yours!"

"What's the difference?"

"I—ugh—fine. You're unbelievable Cade. If I have to do this, I want to do it with the lights off, at least then I can pretend it's not you."

"I'm flattered," I quipped.

"Do you want this or not?"

"Suit yourself," I shrugged, getting impatient.

"And we're going upstairs, we can't risk mom and dad walking in on us."

Maybe Olivia expected me to have second thoughts as I followed her upstairs, her heels clacking on each step as she led me to her bedroom. But watching her silky smooth legs and flawless butt only spurred me on.

Once there, she quickly drew the curtains, shut the door and directed me to the foot of her bed where I sat, my cock still hanging out obscenely while my sister moved to stand at the light switch.

"Final chance to pull out," she warned.

"I heard you the other night, you prefer it when a guy doesn't pull out," I teased.

That earned a final eye roll from my sister but the final thing I saw before she flicked the switch and plunged us into darkness was the slight smirk on her face.

http://i.imgbox.com/WBGw7KkA.jpg (http://imgbox.com/OyCYRxpV)

I couldn't see a thing but thankfully Olivia knew her way around her room and after a few seconds of nothing I felt her sit down next to me, maybe closer than she intended because the first thing I felt was her smooth thigh against my leg.

The darkness seemed to immediately attune all my other senses. I could feel her body heat, hear her gentle breathing and smell her hair.

I didn't have to wait long for my sister to pluck up the courage and finally go for it, her soft hand patting and moving over my thigh. I listened to her take a final breath before finally wrapping her cool fingers around my cock.

When she calmly exhaled a moment later I knew she was okay. Like I said, there wasn't a whole lot of difference and if being in utter darkness is what worked for her, it worked for me, especially if she continued stroking my cock like she was doing now.

With my heightened senses every move she made was electric. That, combined with my sister's surprising talent, quickly had me leaking pre-cum which she soon made good use of.

"Fuck. This is intense," I murmured, the darkness making me speak in a low whisper.

"No talking," she replied just as quietly, not wanting me to ruin any fantasy she was playing in her head. "Just let me make you come."

Hearing her say it right in my ear like that almost set me off then and there, at the very least it made me pulse in her hand.

"Oh you like that? When I whisper in your ear?"

"Uh-huh—fuck Liv, how did you get so good?"

"Okay, I can talk if it'll make this go faster but you have to zip it."

Although she couldn't see me I obediently shut my mouth and nodded.

"Good boy," she sighed in my ear. "You're bigger than I thought you'd be, I can barely wrap my fingers around this thing!"

Olivia soon had me squirming as she picked up the pace and now used two hands. I groaned out loud every time she'd pause to spit in her hand, quickly using her warm saliva to lube up her world class handjob.

At some point my hand ended up on her thigh, mindlessly squeezing and caressing her velvet-like skin while she continued urging me to shoot over her hands.

"Give me that load babe," she hissed. "I want it. Makes me so fucking wet."

Hearing Olivia get carried away like this suddenly made me bold enough to see how truthful she was being. Without warning I slipped my hand up her leg, under the hem of her dress and gasped to discover she wasn't wearing a stitch of underwear underneath.

"Holy shit," I muttered, finding myself touching her wet pussy directly.

"Uhh—fuck," Olivia let out, her hands coming to a stop. "...keep going, touch me a little."

I didn't say another word as I did as she asked, stroking her delicate clam. My fingers quickly got slick with her juices as she let out short, uneasy gasps in my ear.

"We might as well both get something out of this," she reasoned quietly.

I desperately wanted to see her with the lights on, see the faces she was making and more importantly, I wanted a good look at her pristine feeling pussy. But I knew being under the cover of darkness was the reason she'd let this go this far and I wasn't about to break that illusion now.

Since she didn't resist me, I continued to explore her sex. Her hand had slowed down to a crawl because of the distraction but I didn't mind, especially when I felt her spread her legs a little further, granting me even greater access until I finally let a single finger slide inside.

We gasped simultaneously when I penetrated my sister for the first time. I could feel her shaking beside me as my finger effortlessly glided into her wet pussy. With all the sex she was apparently having I wondered how she was still so damn tight. It was an effort to even get two fingers in but when I did Olivia grunted and suddenly became animated again.

"Ugh—yes," she purred. "Give it to me!"

Her hand finally started moving again to match the ever increasing pace of my fingers, now fucking her cunt. Listening to her whimper and moan along with the noise of her wet pussy was the sexiest thing I'd ever heard and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I felt her spare hand on my face, turning me towards her and I gasped when I felt her lips crash into mine.

In the dark and with us both breathless and moaning, it was a clumsy, messy, sloppy kiss but still one of the best of my life. I had no idea what was running through Olivia's mind at this point, if she knew she was making out with her brother but no longer cared or if she was still convincing herself she was with someone else.

Either way it made no difference to me as I reached up to paw at her firm young tits through her dress, feeling her arch her back and push against me as I squeezed her flesh.

"Ugh—god," she moaned when I moved down to attack her neck with my lips and tongue.

"I'm almost there," I whispered, still keeping speaking on my part to a minimum.

"Wait. Not yet. You probably don't deserve this but..." she said before pushing me to my back and straddling me. "...since I haven't gotten off since you listened in. And since you cancelled my date tonight...you owe me. I need this."

"Fuck. Liv, wai—" I started before a hand was clapped over my mouth.

"This is what you wanted isn't it?" she growled, rolling her hips to tease my cock with her pussy. "—to get one over on me? To force your own sister to ride your big, hard cock?!"

Even though I'd started this I knew this would be going too far. I put my hands to her hips with every intention of pushing her off but when she reached back to line me up with her wet little hole, I couldn't bring myself to stop her.

"Yeah pull me down on that fat cock!"

It was all I could do but moan into her hand as we pushed against each other. Her tight cunt resisted me for a moment before she forced herself down and let the tip slip inside. Olivia controlled our speed, taking it slow, savouring every inch stretching her out until I felt her perfect ass on my thighs.

She paused then, holding me almost balls deep inside her while she fidgeted and it wasn't until I heard it hit the floor that I realised she'd done away with her dress and now sat atop me completely naked – making me curse the darkness yet again.

I immediately felt up her body to her tits, cupping them both, rolling her nipples between my fingers and trying to form a mental image of just how perfect they must look like. She let me explore for a few minutes before taking my wrists and holding them down above my head.

Liv was definitely the one in control now as she pinned me down and began riding my cock for her own pleasure. I simply lay there and enjoyed the ride, stunned and blind to the world around me while I tried my best to hold off and not shoot my load inside my own sister. Her incessant whimpers and cusses certainly didn't make it easy for me.

"Uhh—fuck. Liv. I think I'm about to come..."

"Not yet Cade, please!" she begged. "I'm almost there...fuck!"

In that moment, a few pumps away from blowing my load in this position, I decided it was better for both of us if I took control. Wrapping my arms around my sweaty, naked sister, I rolled us over, thankfully managing to stay on the bed.

"Aah—holy shit!" she squealed when I blindly found her dripping hole again and slammed deep. "Fuck Cade! Fuck me!"

"Yeah, so you want it now? I always knew you were a little slut, sis!"

"Yes! Yes! Ughh—just fuck me! Gimme that cock! Make me take it all!"

The sound of her sopping minge and my nuts slapping against her ass were loud and clear in the pitch black room as I pounded my sister's cunt as hard as I could until she finally screamed out in bliss.

Feeling her cunt milk my shaft was enough to set me off too, forcing me to pull out, aim into the darkness and shower my panting sister with hot, white spunk.

"Oh my God, Cade!" she gasped when I'd finished. "Jesus you covered me, it's in my mouth!"

"Well next time we can have the lights on and I can aim better, make you swallow the lot!"


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Fucking Christ. That was insane. Sooo hot. Welcome back to HOLT. Don't be gone so long next time. :D Great Job as always.

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