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The Neighbors Wife
With Jessica Alba
Written by mrblonde and TPG
CODES: MF, mutual masturbation, drunk, texting, affair

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

http://i.imgbox.com/CMxAJHR9.jpg (http://i.imgbox.com/FvQwzxGM.jpg)

"He line's them up ...he shoots, he scores!" I said, giving Cash Warren a mocking grin as I knocked the black ball into the corner pocket, winning the game.

Cash responded by flashing me an annoyed frown.

"You know, a sore loser is one thing, but nobody likes a bad winner."

I chuckled at the premise, while putting down the pool queue.

"You're just pissed because you've had this table for over three months, and I still kick your ass. Come on, pay up!"

My neighbor grumbled as he reached into his back pocket and slammed the fifty dollar note on the table.

"What about a rematch?" he insisted. "Double or nothing!"

"If you're so keen on losing your wife's hard-earned fortune, be my guest." I shrugged. "Loser racks up though."

As Cash went to work setting up the next game, I looked over to the third member of our little party.

We had been down in our neighbor’s man cave for over three hours now, playing darts and pool and drinking beer while blasting music, but pretty much the whole time Jack had spent sitting on the thick leather sofa, focused on his phone.

"Hey, jackass!" I yelled, getting his attention. "You planning on joining us anytime soon? I need a challenge."

He looked up.

"Sorry guys, but I have a business trip tomorrow," he claimed. "There are still some last minute details I need to go over."


I walked over and snatched the phone from my younger friend's hand, pocketing it.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Now grab yourself another beer!"

"What about my phone?"

"I'll give it back later. Now if there isn't a beer in your hand within the next three seconds I swear I'll whack you over the head!"

I raised the pool queue in a joking threat, causing him to quickly grab a can and crack it open.

"Good boy."

With that settled I turned around to find Cash had prepared himself for another humiliating defeat, already breaking and missing his third shot. As I positioned myself to take my turn, there was a knock at the door before his famous wife stepped into the room.

While Cash was still occupied by the game, my eyes immediately focused on Jessica Alba who was casually dressed in a sexy white summer dress.

"Honey?" she smiled, giving her husband a peck on the cheek. "I just put Havie to bed, so can you try to keep it down."

"Sure thing." Cash replied, picking up the remote and turning down the music.

As Alba turned towards Jack on the couch I noticed her flash him a flirtatious smile.

There was no denying Jack was a pretty boy, early thirties, dark hair, dark eyes and a body built like a Greek God. Girls, and that included our mate's pretty actress-wife, treated him accordingly, with sparkling eyes.

"Hey, Jessica." he smiled. "How are you doing? You're looking fantastic today. Is that a new dress?"

"Aw, thanks." the stunning MILF beamed. "It is actually, I'm glad somebody noticed!"

"Absolutely," I agreed. "You look smokin' hot!"

You could feel the expression on Jessica's face lose warmth immediately as she turned to face me, her smile disappearing, replaced by something that looked close to disgust.

"Err, thanks Mike." she replied in a sarcastic tone, immediately moving on to talk to her husband.

WTF? ...I thought.

"I'll be upstairs." she added. "Try not to get too drunk."

As Alba left the man cave she seemed to put an extra bit of swing to her hips. I knew she was doing it for my younger friend, but it was sure as hell appreciated.

"WTF. Why doesn't she like me?" I asked once she was gone, shaking my head.

"Because you're old!" Cash chuckled.

"Because you're fat!" Jack chimed in.

"Ugly, creepy, rude ...take your pick!" the guys added.

"Jesus," I muttered. "It was a rhetorical question!"

All three of us laughed before we resumed our pool game.

A few hours later...

"Jesus, Jack." I muttered as I let my drunk friend slump down on his bed. "I told you to have a drink, not get shit-faced!"

It was well past midnight as I dropped my wasted friend off at his house. Somewhere along the way he had gotten out of control, and was going to have a nice headache in the morning. At least his suitcase stood already packed next to his bed when he had to get up in a few hours.

He simply groaned as I pulled off his boots, then left his house to walk down the street to go home. It was only when I sat down in my kitchen to pour myself a night cap of Bourbon that I realized that I still had Jack's phone in my pocket.

"Shit!" I muttered, staring at the damn thing. "He's probably going to need it tomorrow."

Taking a sip I briefly contemplated going back and dropping it off at his place, but the evening had been long and I didn't feel like going for another stroll. Instead, I tossed it onto the kitchen counter and turned on the TV and started channel-surfing until I got stuck on a modern black-and-white movie that I knew all too well.

"She really is one hot piece of ass," I muttered under my breath, as I watched Jessica shake her ass on stage in a crowded bar, somewhere in Sin City. "...shame she's such a bitch in real life."

Funnily enough, she never acted that way towards Jack though, and I couldn't help but feel a little envious as I thought of the smiles she gave him, even with her husband around. As far as I knew, Alba had never misbehaved or acted inappropriately, but it was quite obvious that she had a crush on Jack, but then again most women did.

As on-screen Jessica turned around and flashed her ass-less chaps for her fans, an bold idea suddenly struck me and my eyes drifted over to the phone, Jack's phone, lying right on the counter top.

All things considered it was a really bad idea, but I was drunk enough at that point not to care. Picking up the phone I scrolled through the contacts page, not surprised to see "Alba, Jessica" in the contact list.

Taking another sip I contemplated my next move, and despite my better judgment I continued nonetheless. After all it was just a bit of harmless fun, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Pulling up the messenger I quickly typed a note.

"Hey :) You looked great tonight."

It was nothing but a harmless comment, nothing for anyone to be actually mad about. I didn't even expect Jessica to reply back but was surprised when merely seconds later an answer popped up on the screen.

"Thanks :P You weren't too bad yourself."

Her tone with Jack really was entirely different than with me. Was she actually flirting with him? I decided to have a little fun and see how far she was willing to go.

"Still awake at this hour? Cash up for some fun tonight, huh?"

Only moments passed.

"Ha. I wish! The idiot just fell into bed and dozed off! Damn shame too, cause I was in the mood XD"

My eyes went wide as I read her message.

Wow, I thought. There was little doubt what she was insinuating, and proof positive that she liked to openly flirt with Jack behind her husband’s back! My heart pounded in my chest as I considered my options but before I could formulate a cheeky reply there was a new text from her.

"Err. I can't believe I just texted that o.O Forget that I sent that. XD"

That made me smirk. Coy, little tease.

"Well, you're lucky you aren't here right now, cuz I'm pretty fucking drunk!"

I was hoping to have her intrigued by that and after a slightly longer pause the actress didn't disappoint, texting back.

"oh yeah? What would you do if I was? ...be honest."

Now she had my absolute attention. I sat up straight and downed my Bourbon, and typed the first thing that came to mind.

"Well, when was the last time you had someone eat your ass, Jessica?"

The comment was daring to say the least, but considering the mood she was in I was confident I wasn't offending her. I was also curious to see just how far she was willing to go, now that I knew that the sexy Latina was lying in her bed a few houses down the street, apparently horny and frustrated.

This time her reply didn't take that long and it didn't disappoint!

"*giggling* ...wow, I never knew you were so kinky."

"I guess I'm full of surprises tonight. Was that too forward? ...is that too hardcore for you?"

"Not at all. In fact it's kind of hot!"

"Eating ass got you all hot and bothered has it? :P"

"You have no idea."

http://i.imgbox.com/QzbF723Q.jpg (http://i.imgbox.com/qmmaR84h.jpg)

I bit my cheek as an image of Jessica squirming on her bed with need flashed past my inner eye. My cock stiffened in my jeans as I continued to text my friend's hot wife, and decided to throw all caution out the window.

"Hmm. Now there's an image, you laying there all riled up. What are you wearing right now?"

"Wouldn't you like to know :P"

Fucking tease, I thought.

"Tell me!"

"Just the usual. Blue tank top. Matching panties."


And Cash doesn't fuck you on sight? I thought.

It seemed like someone had to have some serious words with my buddy. Taking a deep breath I began to push my luck, after all it wasn't like I had anything to lose.

"Well, it's getting kind of late, and I'm really tired Jack..." she wrote.

For a second I began to panic, wondering if I had wasted too much time on pleasantries and had bored her tired. Thinking quickly, and not wanting to lose this opportunity, I decided to go ALL in and spoke my mind.

"Leaving already?"

"I'm really tired ...and frustrated for that matter!"

"Well in that case, why don't you get more comfortable?"

There was a long pause as I waited for her response.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Why don't you lie back, and take those panties off."

There was a moment of nothing, just long enough to make me wonder if I had overplayed my hand.

"You want me to take my panties off?"


"You're a bad, bad man ;)"

The sexy texting between us caused me to grin widely. The conversation was proof that the stunning MILF was up for it!

"Err. I don't know..."

"Your old man is passed out drunk isn't he?" I pointed out. "Go ahead, he'll never find out."

There was another long pause as I grew anxious.

"Are they off yet?" I insisted.

I felt my heart drop with her next message.

"Done :) Happy? You've got me all bottomless now!"

"Prove it."

Another moment of silence, then my eyes went wide when a picture arrived. My mouth went dry as I opened the file, wondering if she actually had the guts to send me a photo.

While the picture she sent was nothing explicit, the sheer sight of it made my cock throb. It showed her dainty, pedicured feet, lifted slightly off the bed with ruffled sheets and one with her big toe dangling a small pair of light blue cotton panties. Even though the picture wasn't exactly x-rated, the suggestiveness was incredible. A second later another text arrived.

"Proof enough? :P"

"You're such a tease, Jess. :D"

"Yes, I am! And proud. So ...what now mister?"

I didn't reply straight away, and let her sweat it out for a few seconds before choosing my words carefully.

"Why don't you lay back and spread."

She didn't answer so I just threw caution to the wind and kept typing, praying she was in a playful mood.

"Why don't you tell me about your body Jess. Are you shaved? I bet you are too."

"Actually, my lips are shaven clean but I've got a small patch of trimmed hair just above my clit."

"Nope. That just won't do." I told her.


"Whenever I think about you I always imagine that you're totally shaved clean."

"You think about me huh?"

"Sure. All the time. In fact, you should probably shave it all off."

"I should huh? Interesting."

"Yep. That's how I like it. I like a nice, clean hole."

The playful MILF replied with funny emoticon.

"...I can't believe we're actually having this conversation right now." she giggled.

"Just promise me you'll do it."

"Do what, shave for you?!"

"Absolutely. It would mean a lot to me, knowing you were totally hairless." I told her. "Could be our little secret."

"You're so funny."

"You still haven't refused to do it though?!"

There was another long pause.

"Fine. If it means so much to you, I'll do it."

"Good girl."

"Anything else, master?" she wrote in a playful tone.

"Well now that you mentioned it, maybe you could do something else for me?"

"I'm almost nervous to ask."

"Are you still laying there in bed with your panties off?"

"uh-huh :P"

"Why don't you do something for me, and lick your fingers."

"okay ...and then what?"

"Then run them up and down your lips."

"...my lips?"

I gulped hard as I typed the next message.

"Your pussy. Run them up and down you pussy lips, Jess."

"Um. okay?"

"But no penetration, you hear me! Just teasing. Just get those fingers nice and wet."

"God. Now who's teasing who?"

I responded with a simple smiley face.

"Fuck. I'm really wet right now."

"Good. That's how I like it. Circle your clit, Jess. Just one finger."

It took a minute before the answer came.

"Mm. That's nice. Gotta be careful not to moan too loud..."

"Why don't you flip on over on all fours?" I suggested. "...stick that pretty ass up in the air. That way you can play and bite the pillow and stay quiet."

"Err, okay! ...wait."

There was a pause in the conversation as she adjusted her position on the bed.

"...this is so bad. *giggling* I can't believe you're making me do this right now. You're such a bad influence on me Jack."

"Hey, I'm just drunk and rambling here. What's your excuse?"

"Ugh. I'm just really horny tonight. I can't help it. God. I must look like such a little slut right now."

"That's so fucking hot," I grinned, my hand unzipping my pants, letting my erection out.

Jessica Alba was following my commands as she played with herself in bed. It gave me a powerful rush!

"How are you doing over there, is he still asleep? Are you still on all fours with that ass up in the air, touching yourself?"

"uh-huh. Really wet. Fuck!"

"Are you still massaging that clit?"

"No. Now I've got two fingers inside. Riding them slowly ...in, out. in, out. Mmmm."

"Close your eyes and imagine if I was standing there watching you right now," I told her. "Stroking my cock for you."

"Damn it Jack. That'd be so hot right now. I'd totally play for you."

"I bet you would."

"ugh, god. These wet noises of my pussy are so loud it's embarrassing. I wanna cum so bad!"

"Not yet!"


"Not yet, okay? I want you to tease your pussy for me."

After the longest pause she replied again.

"Please, can I cum?"

"Lay on your back again." I directed. "and I want you to spread your legs wide for me."


"Now stick those wet fingers inside your mouth and taste yourself. Really savor them. Then I want you to spit all over them and smear that saliva all over that pussy of yours. Get it really hot and wet."

"Fuck. This is crazy. This is driving me nuts Jack. Are you beating off right now? Please tell me you are!"

"I'm right there in that room with you, Jess. I'm standing beside that bed stroking my hard cock for you."

"ugh god, I'd love that! I'd love you to watch me like this. I'd put on a show for you."

"Yeah. You look so sexy right now you'd probably make me blow my load in no time."

"god-yes. I'd love to watch you cum. You could cum all over my body. All over my tits, my spread legs."

"I want you to stick two fingers inside you as deep as you can, and rub your clit with your thumb at the same time."

"oh-god. okay."

"You think you can handle that Jess? Think you can fuck that pretty little cunt and make it cum!"

I could almost see the scene playing out in my head, her laying there moaning and thrashing around beside her sleeping husband with two fingers buried inside her snatch.

"oh Jack, you're making me act like such a little slut!"

"Do it Jess, be my slut! Fuck that tight little cunt with your wet fingers for me. Do it while I shoot my hot load all over your face, neck, and chest!"


There was a pause in the conversation, no doubt due to her getting herself off. I took this opportunity to ask her to send me another picture, to prove to me that she had complied with my demands.

Another minute later and a file arrived. Opening it I licked my lips as Alba's fingers were raised into the darkness of her bedroom, her fore-, middle- and ring finger gleaming with her essence in the light of her phone's flash with a short message attached.

"I taste sooo sweet! Thank you. I needed that. Sweet dreams. XOXO"

Taking another look my eyes went wide. Either Jessica had been careless or felt incredibly naughty, but in the dim light of the background I could make out a mirror and the dimly lit reflection showed the starlet, lying on her bed with spread thighs, unconsciously or not, presenting her soaked, thoroughly fingered pussy to the camera's lens.

With my eyes fixed on the blurry image of Jessica Alba's spread snatch I began to fist my cock, making myself shoot a load within minutes after all the exciting talk.

Images of my buddy's submissive wife were on my mind the whole time as I cleaned up and went to sleep that night, wondering where this new found relationship would take us next.

...to be continued.


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Great start to a series. Hot by it self also