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Sister Act
With Vanessa and Veronica Merrell
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, dirty talk, voy, anal, fingering, public, mutual masturbation, facial
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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When my girlfriend initially asked about helping her twin sister move across town, I don't think she expected the answer she received.

"—there's no way in hell I'm helping that bitch move her shit!" I hissed.

But as it turned out, Veronica had already decided that "we" were going to help Vanessa move back into her folks place if I liked it or not, particularly after her sisters four year relationship had come to an abrupt end.

"Don't be like that."

"That girl only cares about herself and nobody else. Besides, she hates me." I argued. "Why would I do her a favor?"

"Because she's my sister!" Ronnie fired back. "And you'd be helping me out just as much as you would her."

"Yeah-well, I don't have to like it."

"Please babe, just do me this one favor?" she said while pouring on the charm. "I promise I'll make it up to you."

She was referring to the anal sex we had discussed the last few weeks.

"Really? ...it means that much to you?"

"I'll let you put it in."

"I'm not falling for that again." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm serious this time. I'll let you try it."

"And not just my finger either," I clarified. "The whole nine yards."

Ronnie giggled.

"Yes, the whole thing. But first, you have to promise to help her out."

"Fine," I shrugged. "If I have to fuck her too, then so be it."

Naturally I was only kidding, but judging from the look on my girlfriends face she wasn't amused.

"Really?" Ronnie whined. "You really think that's appropriate? You know she just broke up with her boyfriend don't you? ...you know she's in a really bad place right now, and not acting herself."

"Yes, yes, for fuck sake. I'm only kidding."

But as it turned out, Vanessa and I never got along. In fact I think she must have seen me as some kind of threat, because any time the three of us were together we would often get into the biggest fights.





"Ugh. Shut the fuck up!" Veronica would shout.

That being said, we arrived at Vanessa's place around noon. It was the middle of July and extremely hot. I was dying from the heat so I just wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

When we walked into the apartment I knew it was going to be a long day. There was shit scattered all over the place, and the kitchen was full of boxes, every room had clothes covering the floors.

We ultimately found Vanessa sitting on the floor of her bedroom, rummaging through her vast collection of shoes. She thanked us for helping out, which was a surprise to me since I'd never heard her say a positive thing to me for as long as I'd known her.

Veronica said she liked packing stuff so she would start in the kitchen downstairs. I asked Vanessa what she needed done, and she handed me a basket and claimed the laundry had to be collected. I managed to make my way to the laundry room and started sorting clothes. I found a few pairs of panties but didn't want to give her the satisfaction of getting aroused.

Ronnie always wore thongs, but it looked like her sister was more of a traditional girl who preferred something more intricate, more lace. I closed the washer and headed back to the bedroom and turned the corner to see Vanessa sitting with her legs wide apart.

She had on a tank top and loose fitting gym shorts, which left her legs and thighs completely exposed. She was leaning forward when I got a good view up the inside of her leg, and gasped when I realized I could see straight between the gap of her shorts and observe her pussy.

At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but as she continued to busy herself with her mess, I kept taking additional glances and low and behold could see her tight teen cookie, which just like Veronica, appeared to be totally shaved clean.

I almost considered saying something, just to piss her off and embarrass her for a few minutes, but considering the shit she had already gone through with the break up I decided against it, and continue to enjoy the free vag show.

In fact I spent the next few minutes just ogling her bare naked sex, which peeked out from under those shorts as clear as day. At one point I don't even remember what we were discussing, and just heard myself agree when I looked up to find her staring right at me, catching me in the act.

Her eyes locked onto mine and my mouth dropped open, but no words came out. She yelled Veronica's name, and I was sure I was about to get my ass chewed out. I was surprised when she asked Veronica if she needed any help in the kitchen, but Veronica said she was fine.

Vanessa then shocked me by her next actions.

"Getting a good look?"

"It's not hard when you're sitting like that, flashing the world."

"Yeah, you wish." she replied, but still refused to close her legs.

"Well at least that answers that question," I said, referring to them both being fully shaved.

"You're such an asshole. I don't know what my sister sees in you, aside from the crazy sex you guys apparently have."

"And I suppose that bothers you as well?"

"Not at all, I just think Ronnie can do a lot better than you. I think you're a dog, and you'd cheat on her at the drop of a hat."

"Not likely."

"In fact, I bet if I was desperate enough you'd totally try to fuck me."

"Ha. Well someone definitely thinks highly of themselves."

Meanwhile, as Vanessa and I continued to bicker back and forth I noticed that she still hadn't closed her legs, or cover her sex in any shape or form.

"Maybe if you weren't such a tramp, you're boyfriend wouldn't have dumped you." I added, attempting to frazzle her.

Strangely enough Vanessa didn't just get angry but she snapped back, giving as good as she was getting.

"You're calling me a tramp? Look who's talking, standing there staring at my pussy."

"Don't flatter yourself sweetheart, I've seen it all before."

"I'm sure you have. But I bet it's the first time you've seen pussy in weeks." she added. "You probably couldn't even handle seeing me naked."

"What are you, high?"

"In fact..." she grinned, as I watched her lick her fingers and then bring them down to her crotch, and just like that Vanessa Merrell was casually touching herself, all under the pretense of provoking me.

I simply stood there dumbfounded, shocked at her actions while trying to make sure it was actually happening.

"...see, I told you. You're so predictable." she said before licking her fingers again and returning them to her clit.

"Err, what the fuck are you doing Vanessa?"

"What's it look like?" she smirked. "I'm proving a point. I'm proving you're a pervert."

My god, I thought. The GALL of this girl. Here she was sitting on the floor playing with herself, and she had the audacity to call ME a pervert?


"Go ahead, run away." she mocked. "Run back to your little girlfriend downstairs, and try not to think about me the next time you guys fuck."

"Are you insane? You're like a bitch on heat."

"I knew you were all talk," Vanessa said while rubbing one out in front of me. "I knew you couldn't handle it."

To her credit, Nessa never lost eye contact with me as she slipped her fingers into her cunt, and started to move them around. I blinked slowly, and could see her hands working, as she looked down my body and locked onto my shorts.

I was rock hard by this point and my cock was forming an obvious tent in my pants, as she continued to cram her fingers into her cunt, and pointed at my shorts. I looked down and saw my hard-on was more than visible.

"Well you obvious like it," she said, referring to her little masturbation show.

"You're such a slut."

"Take it out," she countered. "I dare you. Let me see it."

I was absolutely bewildered by it all, and yet for the life of me I just couldn't find the strength to turn her down.

"I haven't seen a hard cock in over a month," she said while returning her attention to her clit.

I reached down into my shorts and pulled out my eight inch cock. She gasped at the sight of it, staring right at it and then moved her eyes to mine.

"Ronnie said you were big, but I didn't believe her till now."

I walked over and stopped about two feet from her face, giving her ample opportunity to look at my package. She stared at my cock the entire time as though hypnotized, and then looked up into my eyes with the most pleading look yet. The whole time rubbing her clam with two fingers.

"You like acting this way don't you," I said. "Provoking guys. Acting like a little slut. It suits you."

"Tell me to stop and I will."

Not only did I NOT tell her to stop, but I encouraged her.

"Lick your fingers again," I whispered, and Vanessa didn't hesitate.

"Mmm, I taste really good."

She stared directly at me as she spread her legs farther apart, giving me a clear and unobstructed view of her pussy. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see that it was almost identical to her sisters cunt.

"What are we going to do with you, Vanessa?" I said as I stood directly over her, watching her play.

"Stroke your cock for me," she purred, biting her bottom lip.

"Nessa, this is fucking insane. If your sister comes up here and catches you like this."

"I don't care. I'm so horny right now, I haven't had sex in weeks. I know I'm not supposed to act like this but, I can't help it. I'm too worked up. And I see the way you look at me sometimes. You undress me with your eyes. I can tell you want to fuck me so bad, but you can't because of Ronnie."

"You're my girlfriends sister."

"Yeah, but you wanna fuck me bad. Don't lie, admit it. You've thought about it. I've thought about it too."

Despite my better judgment, I reached down and stroked my cock in front of her face as she kept fingering herself.

"We shouldn't be doing this right now," I whispered. "Veronica would kill us both."

"Think you can come," she asked point blank. "Think you can come for me?"

I started stroking my cock with more purpose. I wanted to show off and show her how turned on she had made me. She moved her hand up to her clit and started swirling her wet finger around it. As I stared at her chest, she seemed to read my mind and pulled her shirt up so I could see her pert breasts.

Her big round nipples were hard and poking out. She moved her free hand up to her tit and started squeezing and pinching it while shutting her eyes, then moaned as she buried two fingers to their second knuckle inside her glistening snatch.

Watching Vanessa's performance had me ready to pop and I cupped my balls in anticipation, stroking my cock hard and fast. I couldn't believe that I was jacking off to my girlfriends twin sister, with Veronica in earshot downstairs.

Thinking about how dirty and wrong this was had me on the verge of climax almost immediately. When I let out an involuntary moan, Vanessa knew I was getting close, and grabbed one of her panties and tossed it to me.

"Come for me, Dan. Show me how much you like watching me."

"Keep playing with your cunt and I will," I hissed as I fisted my cock for her amusement.

"I bet you'd love to slide that big dick all the way inside this, tight little pussy."


"Do you ever think about me when you're with Ronnie?" she teased. "Do you ever fantasize about having us both at the same time? ...I bet you do. I bet you'd love to fuck my sister, and then have me clean your cock with my mouth."

"—fucking, bitch," I huffed. "You're such a tease."

"Has she ever told you about us, and the things we do together?"

I stopped dead in my tracks, making Vanessa giggle.

"What are you talking about?"

"Did she ever tell you about the times we'd sleep naked together, and spend the night kissing and touching and fingering each other?"

"You're just saying that to get a rise out of me."

"It's working isn't it?" she pointed out. "Besides, I'm telling you the truth. And for the record, I love the way her pussy tastes."

I was now fisting my cock so hard I nearly pulled the damn think off.

"Does that turn you on?" Vanessa taunted. "Are you thinking about us together? Are you thinking about fucking me right now? ...you could you know, and she'd never even know about it."

"Stop it, Vanessa."

"I bet I'm a lot tighter than her. I should know, we sixty-nine in bed all the time. You should hear us."

http://i.imgbox.com/M6jFy0am.jpg (http://i.imgbox.com/qsLhTGfy.jpg)

That was all I needed to hear, before instincts took over and I impulsively stepped forward, grabbed the back of her head and proceeded to blast her gorgeous face is thick ropes of spunk!

I think I was more surprised than she was by this brazen act, as she yelped with fright before getting blasted across the face with a hot thick load, and immediately responded by sticking out her tongue and receiving two additional torrents across her mouth and chin.

The entire incident was so lewd and erotic, that she closed her eyes and started to shake and shudder while rubbing faster and faster. My legs almost gave way as I simply stood there shooting my wad across the stunning teenagers face, plastering her face and dimples in hot, thick cum.

"f-f-fuck," I grunted as Vanessa moaned and seemed to be lost in a daze.

"Ah, I can't believe - ugh - you did that!"

"You deserved it."

But before either one of us could start up with each other again, we suddenly heard movement from downstairs and Vanessa's eyes popped open. It was Veronica, and she was coming our way.

My blood turned cold as Vanessa grabbed the nearest article of clothes and attempted to wipe away the evidence, while I still had a pretty good hard-on so I grabbed another laundry basket to cover up, just as Ronnie rounded the corner.

"What are you guys doing in here?" she asked. "Didn't you hear me calling out to you?"

"Dan's been a huge help today sis, he's doing all my laundry." Vanessa stammered. "I'm so glad he came."

Veronica smiled and I knew she was happy I was getting along with her twin. If only she knew how well we had gotten along.

"Sounds about right. He never does laundry for me." Ronnie complained. "He must like you or something Nessa."

Hearing this, I caught something in my throat and coughed my way out of the room leaving the sisters to continue packing all the boxes upstairs. We finished up the day stuffing every box Vanessa had and I started cleaning out the garage.

Vanessa and I didn't say anything about our little experience together, and acted like nothing happened. She did catch me staring at her ass though, and flashed me a playful look as she bent over to pull up a heavy box for my benefit. Other than that, the packing went on like normal.

We decided to call it quits around 10pm, and were all pretty tired and hungry. On our way home, Veronica and I stopped by a fast food place, and while waiting for our order in the drive-thru, Ronnie mentioned how great it was to see her sister and I get along so well.

"Yep." I agreed. "It's got to be tough on her you know, not having Aaron around anymore."

"Yeah, it's apparently softened her up a bit." Veronica said. "I still can't believe she didn't bite your head off today. Usually I'd have to call a SWAT team to break you two up."

"I think after today Vanessa and I have come to an understanding." I grinned. "Besides, I just want to make my girl happy."

We shared a brief kiss and for whatever reason I suddenly felt particularly randy, and slipped my hand up her leg. Ronnie naturally blushed and giggled, and attempted to push my hand away but I was more than determined to have some fun.

"Don't forget that promise you made." I said, referring to her anal vow.

"Babe, wait till we get home to talk about it."

But at that point I was so riled up that the last thing I wanted to do was talk. So as we pulled up to the final drive-thru window, I slipped my hands into panties and played with her.

"What the hell has gotten into you?" she giggled as she attempted to push my hand away.

I always loved making her blush, and got an extra thrill when the attendant handed our food through the window and realized I was finger banging my girlfriend from the passenger seat.

A minute later Veronica pulled out onto the highway while as I continued to play with her pussy.

"oh-god, you think he noticed what we were doing?"

"Who cares. I can't wait to get you home."

"I've got to admit, I've been thinking about sex all day long."

"Prove it," I said, while slipping two fingers into her tight cunt, and smearing her juices all around.

Veronica tensed up and giggled to the touch, finding it hard to concentrate on the road ahead.

"Baby please, I can't concentrate when you—ooh, fuck."

What, when I play with your cunt!" I growled in her ear.

I took her breath away when I dipped my fingers down into the seat and stabbed a single digit into her ass. It wasn't the first time I had done this before, in fact it had always proved to be a sure fire way to rile her up.

"Ah. Stop it. I can't drive like this."

"Like what?"

"...when you have your finger in my ass."

"You should be grateful I waited as long as I did," I told her. "Back at the house I was almost tempted to just bend you over the kitchen counter top and fuck you right then and there."

"Yeah I'm sure Vanessa would love that," she quipped sarcastically.

"Sure, maybe she'd learn a thing or two."

"Then again, that'd probably just turn you on." Ronnie grinned. "Having her watch us fuck."

As my girlfriend spoke, I felt her grind her hips down onto the finger that was probing her backdoor.

"Don't lie, that shit turns you on too."

Ronnie didn't answer but the grin on her face spoke volumes.

Noting this I went on, "I guess I'd be lying if I said the idea of you two making hasn't crossed my mind."

"Ew. Don't say that!"

"Well shit, then I guess the ass-to-mouth stuff is out of the question?"

As expected, Veronica was not amused and pushed my hand away and gave me the silence treatment all the way home. Unfortunately for her, I was still riled up beyond belief and wasn't in the mood to play any of her mind games. It had already been a momentous day, and one of her hissy fits wasn't going to spoil it for me.

I waited till she drove into the garage, and climbed out of the driver's seat before I grabbed her roughly by the hair and pin her over my work bench.

"OUCH! Babe, what are you—ooh god!" she cooed as I hauled her shorts down and jammed two finger into her wet cunt!

"I'm not in the mood for any bullshit Ronnie," I hissed in her ear.

To my delight Veronica immediately switched from being a coy little dear, to dirty little slut in an instant. It was one of the things I genuinely loved about her, her ability to change personas immediately.

"Yeah? ...you gunna punish me, huh?"

"You little slut. Strutting around your sisters place all sexy and shit, waiting for someone to FUCK you!"

"Yeah, that's what I did. I wanted someone to fuck me!"

"I bet if I wasn't around, you'd probably just push your sister to her knees and made her eat this tight cunt."

"Ugh, yeah." she played along as I probed her with long, deep thrusts. "I love it when she eats my pussy baby. She licks it so good."

"Yeah I heard," I growled. "If she was here right now I'd have that slut on her knees polishing my fucking cock."

"Ah-yeah. She'd love that. She needs a big dick."

"Then I'd bend you over like this and have her lick your ass, get it nice and ready for me."

"Ugh. Please. Take me." Veronica moaned, kissing me over her shoulder and shoving her tongue down my throat. "Please baby, I'm so wet."

I didn't need to be asked twice, and pulled her into the house and straight to the bedroom. By the time we arrived to the bed we were both naked. There, I pushed Ronnie to the mattress and attempted to eat her out but she stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Like hell you are," she huffed. "Right now I want you to put my legs over your shoulders and pound me."

"oh-yeah, is that what you want? ...to be pounded."

I swiftly obliged and aimed my cock at her slick opening.

"Yeah maybe as you pound me, Vanessa could climb in bed and sit on my face!"

We both moaned as I slid inside her effortlessly, deeper and deeper until our pubic bones touched. She wiggled against me, making sure I was all the way inside and adjusted to my girth.

"That's where this cock belongs," she purred. "Right here. If Vanessa wants to ride it, she'll have to wait her turn."

"Sure, why not. But then I want you to watch. I want to you lay there and play with yourself as you watch my fuck that little whore sister of yours."

I moved in and out of Ronnie as deep as I could. She pulled her legs back towards her chest, allowing me to pound away and cause my balls to slap against her ass. I rammed into her with full force, fast strokes, sending her over the edge.

"Ugh-God, you're gunna make me cummm!"

"Don't cum yet, I want you to save that for Nessa."

"ah-yeah. Imagine if she was watching us fuck right now!"

I felt her pussy spasm around me and get very wet. Her muscles clamped down as she came. I figured she was done for the night, even though I was still hard and hadn't come yet. But she surprised me again by flipping over onto her knees, face down ass up.

"Pound me doggy style, babe." she begged. "Pretend she's here with us right now and you're taking me from behind."

"Yeah, while you eat her cunt!" I added while lining up my cock behind her.

I got behind Ronnie and looked down at her round butt. I slid into her, but intentionally teased her with slow, shallow movements. She kept trying to push back against me but I would move away from her, causing her to beg.

"Ah-Fuck, don't tease me!" she panted. "I want you inside me. Please."

"You want me to fuck you like Vanessa wants to be fucked?" I said.

She was quiet for a minute and I thought I might have gone too far. Then she moaned.

"Yeah. Do it. Fuck me like Vanessa wants. Pound my pussy so hard I can't walk straight. Punish this little slut."

I looked down at my girlfriend's ass and started thinking about my earlier escapades with her sister. I imagined it was Vanessa's ass that was up in the air, her face buried in the pillow. I slammed my cock into Veronica and pulled her hips back to me. She grunted out loud as I rammed it in her as fast and as hard as I could, taking her breath away.

"Nnngh-holy shit!"

I thought about all the dirty things she had said to me earlier that day, and grabbed my girlfriend's ass and looked down at her little bunghole. I moved my hand down and stuck my finger into Veronica's butt. She jumped to the action but didn't object.

Her pussy clamped down on me so hard it hurt. I imagined it was Vanessa's tight pussy and grabbed a handful of Veronica's hair and shoved her head hard into the mattress, while feeding my sword into her backdoor.

"Baby, wait! ...UGH-shit!"

"You promised, remember?" I hissed, as I slowly impaled her tight back passage and stretched her sphincter.

"ohmigod. ohmigod. You're too big baby."

Veronica screamed that she couldn't take it anymore. I looked down again at my girlfriend's ass and watched my cock thrust deeper and faster with each passing minute. I just couldn't get Vanessa's face out of my head and the notion that I was finally fucking Veronica's ass pushed me over the edge.

That being said, I finally blew my load into my moaning girlfriend, harder than I ever had before. In fact I kept moving my hips, pumping a torrent of spunk into her tiny, twitching rectum. I came for what seemed like an eternity before I stepped back to admire my handy work, watching my thick load seep out of her gaping hole.

"What the hell was that?" she said in a daze, while gleaming in sweat.

We both knew why it had happened – the mere mention of Vanessa's name – but we dare not admit it. Instead I climbed into bed beside her and we were just about to pass out when Veronica's phone rang. It was her sister.

I listened to them have a quick conversation, with Veronica saying that she couldn't help her pack more boxes tomorrow since she was too busy. The sisters then argues for a minute before Vanessa finally asked if I could come over instead.

Despite playing dumb, I could hear every word Vanessa said through the phone.

"Just ask him if he'd be willing to do more of the same tomorrow," she said. "He'll know what I mean."

Ronnie rolled her eyes and asked me if I was interested, expecting me to decline, but in a calm and cool tone I agreed.

"Sure, why not. I've got nothing better to do. What time does she want me to swing by?"

"Listen Nessa, I'll let you borrow him for the day," Veronica naively giggled into the phone. "But I want my man back by supper."

"Err, sure. It's a deal."


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