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Uber Tales #4
with Hailee Steinfeld
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, BJ, public, anal
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

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I'd been having issues with my car all day, repeatedly pushing my luck by accepting new fares and, while I knew I should be calling it a night and booking it in at a garage for the next day, I could hardly say no when my next customer appeared to be rising teen starlet, Hailee Steinfeld.

My two daughters practically idolised her at the moment so I figured I'd be father of the year if I managed to get a photo or at the very least an autograph from the famous teen.

After picking her up and confirming she was who I thought she was, I decided not to ask until I'd driven her home safely but unfortunately it was during the drive that my luck finally ran out and my car came to a stuttering stop on an empty road in the hills.

"Shit. I'm really sorry about this," I apologised, jumping out with the vague hope that we'd get going again soon.

"Don't worry about it, it's an 'experience', right?" she smiled after climbing out as well.

After lifting the hood, we both stared at the engine hoping it would miraculously fix itself. When nothing happened I finally conceded that I didn't know the first thing about car repair.

"I'll just call somebody out," I muttered.

"Hang on, my brother's really good with cars, I could call him, save you the bill?" Hailee suggested.

"Really? He wouldn't mind?"

"I'm serious, he loves this stuff. He'd probably kill me if he found out about this and I hadn't called him!"

"Well alright then, that'll be great, thanks."

With that Hailee phoned her older brother and after a quick conversation revealed he was more than happy to help but would take at least an hour to reach us.

"Thanks for that," I said again. "Here, let me call you another ride so you can get going at least."

"Nah, forget it. Griff can just drive me home afterwards. I don't mind waiting and keeping you company. I'd feel mean leaving you alone on the side of the road like this."

Given her celebrity status I was surprised at how friendly she seemed to be, especially considering some of the nightmare stories I'd heard from other drivers and the divas they'd dealt with. As the sun began to set, we both hopped up and sat on the hood of my car and chatted about mundane things, ultimately ending up talking about her music career.

"You know, my daughters are big fans," I finally confessed, making her smile. "I know it's a bit cheeky given all this, but would it be alright to get an autograph or something for them?"

"Of course! Anything for a fan...or dad of a fan," she beamed.

"I'd be disowned as their dad if I didn't even ask," I explained while she rummaged in her bag for a pen and photos she carried for such an occasion.

"So how old are they?"

"Twelve and fifteen," I replied, thanking her as she handed me the two signed pictures.

"And do they have a favourite song?"

"That err...'Love Myself' one," I admitted with a sigh.

"Oh yeah?" she grinned, clearly noting my reaction.

"Yeah about that, maybe less songs about female masturbation in the future?" I said half-jokingly. "Don't need them wearing any more shirts with those kinds of quotes on them, thanks."

"Hah! How dare you," she exclaimed in mock offense. "That song's all about female empowerment! You clearly just have a dirty mind."

"Yeah sure, you keep telling yourself that!"

"Is that what you think about when that song's playing? Me getting off? Screaming my own name?"

Hailee giggled again at my flustered reaction to what she'd said, stammering and struggling to find a way to avoid the question.

"No of course not, it's just—"

"Yeah sure, you keep telling yourself that," she grinned, repeating my own line back at me.

I simply shook my head and tried to let the subject drop but Hailee kept pushing.

"It's perfectly natural y'know, all girls do it, heck I do it practically every morning and every night!"

"Err—shall we just talk about something else?"

"What, like what type of porn we watch?"

"Jesus, what's gotten into you?"

"Sorry I couldn't resist, teasing the fan's daddies is just too much fun," she smirked, poking her tongue out.

But if I thought that was the end of it, I was sorely mistaken.

"So come on, what do you watch when your wife isn't in the mood?"

"I'm not talking about this with you," I told her firmly.

"Fine I'll go first. Recently I've been really into anal stuff, y'know? I don't think I can even get off anymore without at least something in my ass!"

"Anal?" I scoffed, trying, and failing, not to imagine Hailee playing with her own ass.

"What's wrong with that!?"

"Nothing! I just expected something more...adventurous."

"What? You wanted me to say I have daddy issues and gangbang fantasies or something?"

"You don't?"

"Is that what you fantasise about? Sharing some hot, na´ve teen with all your friends?" she teased. "—cause I'm just not that kinda girl I'm afraid."

"I wasn't saying that I jus—"

"I prefer the whole one-on-one, thing," she continued in a softer tone. "Looking into a guy's eyes while he fucks me, making sure I give him a night he'll never forget before sending him home wishing his girlfriend...or wife...was half as fun as me."

By this point the mutual attraction and chemistry between us was undeniable, the sexual tension palpable.

"You'll get yourself into trouble saying stuff like that one of these days," I managed to croak out.

"Maybe I like trouble..."

I'd always considered myself a loyal man and husband but then again I'd never faced true temptation and the look Hailee was giving me in that moment certainly tested me.

"I—err—I'm just gunna check the trunk for some tools," I stammered as a lame excuse, pushing off the hood and escaping the moment.

But as I circled round the back and opened the trunk, Hailee quickly followed.

"Hmm, nice and roomy back here," she smiled, climbing in and inviting me to join her.

"I know what you're doing Hailee."

"Oh? And what's that?" she asked innocently.

"You're just bored and trying to get a rise out of me, but it's not gunna work."

"Is that so?" she cocked an eyebrow. "...because it seems it already has gotten a rise out of you. And I must say...I like what I see."

Unfortunately she was right and there was little I could do to conceal the obscene bulge she'd caused in my pants, especially when she reached over and grabbed it and within seconds managed to fish it out in what had to have been a well-practiced manoeuvre.

"Whoa wai—" I started before she cut me off by taking me directly into her hot, young mouth. "—ugh. Oh fuck..."

"Yeah, you like that?" she grinned wickedly. "...don't fight it. I'm only just getting started."

With that she swallowed me again, successfully sucking down at least half my length while my hands came down to her tousled hair, brushing it back to watch her service me with her mouth while lying in the back of my car. I knew I should have pushed her away and put a stop to it but I couldn't force myself to do it.

"Ugh...what about your brother?" I managed to grunt after Hailee suddenly spat over my shaft.

"Relax, we've got ages," she assured me before dipping down to flick her tongue against my tight nuts. "—when was the last time your wife treated you to something like this?"

Guilt at what I was allowing her to do stopped me from answering but I suspect my face said it all due to the cheeky smirk that lit up Hailee's face.

Instead I silenced her from saying anything more by pulling her head down and forcing my cock back into her teasing mouth, making her choke on it before pulling out, giving her a brief respite and then slamming into her drooling, slobbering mouth again.

"Oh god—" she moaned while shoving her hand down her pants. "Mfffphh—yeah—ugh. Fuck my throat!"

But she'd pushed me this far and now I wanted more than just her talented mouth. I practically dragged the teen out of my car and spun her around so fast she almost lost her balance in her heels before I caught her and bent her over.

Hailee quickly caught herself with her hands in my car while I peeled her skin-tight pants down to her knees to reveal her creamy white ass and puffy, dripping wet pussy.

A part of me was screaming to stop before I went too far but a stronger part of me wanted to fuck the slutty teen more than anything. I wanted to take my frustrations out on her and something told me she'd be more than willing to take the punishment.

Before anything, I struck one of her pale cheeks with my hand, making her yelp and flash me a fiery glare over her shoulder.

"Are you just gunna stand there all night?" she growled.

She took a sharp intake of breath and braced herself when I stepped forward and came inches away from forcing my cock into her tight pussy when I suddenly had other ideas. Instead I teased her, sliding the length of my cock against her wet lips, occasionally teasing the entrance with the very tip but refusing to give her what she wanted.

"Ugh, fuck," she grunted. "Just give it to me! Give me that hard cock already!"

I was soon finding it as hard as she was to hold back given how intensely hot and inviting her soft cunt felt, especially whenever I dipped an inch inside her.

"This what you want?" I asked rhetorically while slapping my cock against her cunt.

"God yes, I wanna get fucked! I deserve it!"

"We can agree on that at least," I muttered before taking my cock and suddenly aiming it directly at her tiny backdoor.

I gave her no warning before roughly pushing forward and entering her tight asshole. Thankfully my cock was wet enough from her mouth and pussy and she hadn't been lying about regularly playing with her butt because I slipped in with relative ease.

"Nngggh—fucker!" she hissed, her back arching sharply at the unexpected intrusion. "Fuck...you're bad! I can't believe you just did that!"

Hailee was smiling over her shoulder again but I barely took any notice, her ass felt so incredible. I marvelled at the way it opened up to me, letting me effortlessly slide into her tight hole before slowly pulling out and allowing me even deeper access when I forced in again.

"God. Ugh. You're so big," she moaned loudly. "So big in my ass...ugh. Harder!"

Her hand had gone straight to her cunt, rubbing away at her clit as I picked up the pace and quickly began pummelling the moaning starlet from behind.

"What would your daughter's think?" she suddenly giggled between panted moans. "—if they knew their daddy was fucking their role model in the ass?"

I rewarded that comment with another firm spank which only seemed to rile her up more until she finally screamed and came. Before I could even stop myself I erupted, filling her clenching rectum with a thick stream of cum.

"Oh my god..." she panted when I pulled out of her gaping hole. "—you came so fucking much!"

"You were asking for it," I replied, just as breathlessly.

"Hmm, I was wasn't I?"

Hailee's teasing smirk was suddenly lit up by approaching headlights, giving us just enough warning to compose ourselves before her brother pulled up to get us back on the road.


09-26-2016, 02:10 AM
Fark, there's just something so fitting about Hailee acting like a little whore.
Maybe its just me projecting, ala her similarity to Sasha Grey?
Whatever the case, it so suits her. That was so fucking hot!!
Hailee Steinfeld anal FTW!! ...what a series.

:joker: :bravo:

09-26-2016, 02:20 AM
Yep. Maybe the best chapter yet. Series keeps getting better. Something extra hot about these girls fucking a fan's daddy.