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With Jennifer Hawkins
Written by TPG
Codes: MMF, drunk, cuckold, cream-pie, handjob, fingering
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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Some of my fondest memories were hitting the Sydney club scene with Jake Wall, and the two of us picking up drunk teenagers and tag-teaming them together.

In fact Jake was such a charming son of a bitch that we even managed to score with women twice our age, and despite always getting sloppy seconds, I never complained since his standard of pussy was always much higher than mine, allowing me to sample ladies normally out of my league.

That being said, it had been years since I had last seen or spoken to him as we had lost touch with one another, and went on with our busy lives and careers, until one fateful afternoon when our paths crossed in a local hardware store and it almost felt like old times.

Jake explained how he had started his own construction company, built a new house, and had even gotten married, before insisting that I come over for dinner to see the new place and meet his lovely wife.

When he went on to explain that his recent bride was none other than onetime Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, I shouldn't have been surprised considering his dating history, knowing he'd ultimately settle down with a blonde model or pageant winner.

Days later Jake greeted me at the door of his Northern Beaches home and showed me around, before heading downstairs and introducing me to his gorgeous wife.

To say I was floored by her natural beauty would be an understatement. Heck I don't even remember what we ate for dinner that night, as I was so captivated by her poise and humor. She almost seemed too perfect, as she joined in on the conversation like she was one of the boys.

I ultimately thanked them for the wonderful meal and said my goodbyes and headed home. However a few days later Jen called me out of the blue and said that they wanted me to come over again that following weekend, and I accepted.

Predictably, Hawko managed to look even more ravishing than the previous week, and it was during dinner that Jake suggested that after our meal we head into the TV room and watch a game of footy.

After dinner, I helped Jen clear the table while Jake went to the bathroom. There we helped ourselves to some tequila shots before we adjourned to the TV room where I sat on one end of the sofa with Jen on the other end, while Jake relaxed in an easy chair beside her.

As we settled in to watch the pre-game show, we enjoyed our drinks and some light conversation, during which the statuesque blonde began to ask about her husband, and what he was like before they hooked up.

I looked straight at him, not knowing what I was allowed to say, but Jake claimed that I could answer any of her questions honestly, as they didn't believe in keeping secrets from each other.

Try as I might, no matter how many times I attempted to change the subject Jen seemed intent on bringing it back to sex and relationships, and the wild nights Jake and I used to have together.

"Is it true you guys used to share the same girls?"

"Pretty much. Yep, those were some wild times," I admitted. "It was fun."

"Wasn't it weird having sex at the same time," Jen asked. "didn't it make you jealous?"

"It was just a bit of harmless fun," I explained. "We were just letting off some steam and living in the moment. No pressure."

I hesitated discussing such topics with his wife, but to her credit Jen seemed totally comfortable with it. In fact she almost seemed strangely fascinated by it all, and I could tell that the couple had spent many a night talking about his swinging past.

"Yeah, it was pretty hot," Jake added at one point. "I always got a kick out of watching you bang the shit out of some blonde bimbo."

"Hey, I wasn't the only one pal!"

I kept glancing at Jennifer, but the smile on her face never changed ... well, maybe it got a little broader.

"Actually, Jen was just saying how she noticed that bulge in your pants last week."

"Jake!" his wife blushed.

"She wants to know how big you are. Don't you, hon?"

The leggy model pulled a throw pillow over her face but that didn't hide her smile.

I felt my heart drop. Had the onetime Miss Australia been thinking about me, or about my cock? Had they talked about me during sex? The mere notion alone gave me instant wood.

"Ugh. You're such a prick sometimes," she directed at Jake, before looking back at me with drunk, glassy eyes. "It's not a big deal."

"Sure it is," Jake chimed in. "At least it seemed like it the other night. She couldn't stop talking about it!"

"Wow, um. I'm flattered ... I think?" I said, not knowing what else to say.

Fortunately for us Jake got up to get more drinks, leaving his hot, drunk, and slightly peeved wife alone with me.

The moment he left the room I looked back at Jen, intending to apologize for her husband's behavior. All three of us had had a lot to drink, and weren't exactly acting ourselves.

However the moment we found ourselves alone Jen put the pillow aside and looked straight into my eyes, flashing me a playful almost seductive look.

"I'm really sorry about that," she started to say before I cut her off.

"—so what's your story anyway," I taunted. "You normally talk to your husband about other guys cocks?"

"It wasn't like that, we were just messing around."

"Yeah I bet you were."

"I was just saying it to get him off," she shrugged. "Sometimes we like to role play."

"Sounds like fun, I bet you're good at it."

"I do alright." she smiled back.

There was a long pause before Jen spoke again.

"... but just for the record, it did look big."

"Well, considering how good you looked the other night do you really blame me?"

"So what are you saying," she countered. "I don't look good tonight?"

"That's not what I'm saying, and you know that." I answered. "In fact, I think you look sexy as fuck!"

We both smiled as the sexual tension rose to new levels.

"I don't know if I believe you," she teased.

Feeling bold I lifted up my shirt to illustrate the obvious lump in my pants.

"How about now,"

Hawko smiled before taking my breath away, and reaching over to grab my cock with her hand, causing me to almost jump out of the seat.


"Relax, he's fine with it." she said, referring to her husband.

I barely had time to register what was happening as she now sat there casually feeling the girth of my cock with her fingers.

"Mm, he wasn't lying was he ... it is big." she said, before leaning over to kiss me on the lips.

In an instant her tongue darted into my mouth, the taste of tequila strong on her breath. I didn't even realize that Jake was back until I saw him standing there watching us a minute later, a smug grin on his face.

"No, please. Don't let me interrupt you," he said, before raising his phone and taking a snap.

"Err, Jake, um ..." I muttered incoherently, only to have her kiss me again.

With Jen's urging, I palmed her left breast as her hand never left my cock and she stroked me over my pants.

I kept throwing him a glance, still trying to come to terms with the fact that I was making out with Jennifer Hawkins, right in front of and with the full blessing of her husband.

"Don't mind him. Just pretend he's not here."

"Err, are you okay with this," I panted nervously.

"Go ahead," he answered. "It's what she wants. Don't you, sweetie?"

Jen put an arm around my neck and pulled me down, murmuring into my mouth, "Mm-hmm."

I worked my hands under her shirt and pulled it over her head. It took me an extra moment to work the hooks of her bra, but once she shrugged it off her shoulders it left her smallish tits open to my attention.

I massaged one of her breasts with my hand, pulling and tweaking her hard nipple, and covered the other with my mouth and began to suck. With our mouths still locked together, I popped the top button on her jeans and lowered the zipper to reveal sexy red panties below.

I was surprised at how fast she pushed those jeans down over her slender hips, while I slipped my hand into those same panties, gratified to feel the soaking wetness between her legs.

When my fingers found her slit and slipped inside, Jen moaned and shoved her tongue down my throat. In an instant I worked her panties down her legs, as she almost tore at my clothes.

I stood long enough to kick off my shoes, pants, and shirt and when I sat back down beside her, she eagerly grabbed my rock-hard staff and murmured erotically in my ear, kissing my neck and throat.

"Mm, let him watch." she whispered before our mouths locked together again.

Truth be told in all the commotion I'd almost forgot that Jake was still standing there watching us.

I broke our kiss and trailed my tongue down to her neck and across her pert chest, hesitating long enough to give each nipple a little extra attention, then kept going south, kissing my way along her sculptured body.

As if programmed, the further I went down the higher her knees came up, leaving her to ultimately lay there with her legs pinned back as my mouth found her pussy. I settled over her sweet, glistening sex with Jake just inches away recording the entire thing on his camera phone.

"ugh-god, yes." Jen purred as I finally wrapped my lips around her cunt and moaned into her cavity. "oh-fuck, don't stop. Eat me."

I happily obliged and sucked her clit into my mouth, suckling it so loudly that it made a lewd slurping noise. Seconds later, she shuddered for several moments and came, before I got up and swiped my probe along her soft, wet mound, and slowly pushed in.

Hawko let out an audible moan as I entered her for the first time, and proceeded to move in and out of her slippery sex. Her fingernails kept raking my arms and upper back as she pulled and tugged and hummed and moaned.

It was only now for the first time that I looked over at Jake for his permission, wondering if he was okay with it it.

"oh-yeah, keep going." she urged as she forced me to look at her. "Look at me, not him."

I placed her legs over my shoulders.

"God, don't stop okay," she muttered. "No matter how loud I get, or even if I come."

I nodded in agreement as Australia's Next Top Model host began churning out little moans and chattering away while I fucked her tight pussy. For a woman who stood at over 5'11, she sure had a snug little cunt.

In fact on one inward stroke in particular, her legs tightened and remained that way, holding me jammed tight in her cunt, balls deep. We both moaned as the hair on my nuts tickled her backdoor, while her fingers dug painfully into the flesh of my shoulder and she came again.

"ohmigod, baby—" she directed at her husband. "I'm gunna cum again ... he's gunna make me fucken cum!"

Jake was still scrambling around shooting his little home video as I resumed pumping Jen's pussy with abandonment, using her hips, legs, and ass, and whatever else I could latch on to for leverage to fuck the ever-loving shit out of her.

It was while clutching her slender thighs and moving them this way and that, that I yelped out loud and began shooting rope after rope of hot white spunk, into her velvet tunnel, and felt her cunt squeeze down on me before milking my shaft of every last drop.

When I finally deflated and popped out, I sank gingerly to the carpet, my legs no longer strong enough to hold me up. I still couldn't believe it had actually happened – I had just fucked Australia's hottest Miss Universe.

I was only half aware of Jake still hovering around us, and taking pictures of Jen's oozing pussy. When I turned to look between her still-splayed legs, I saw my load seeping out of her cunt like the lava flow of an angry volcano.

"ugh-god babe, that was so hot," she panted breathlessly while looking at her husband through half-slited eyes.

I then watched as Jake put the phone away and rapidly stripped out of his clothes, and seemed eager to get a piece of the action, burying his sword into his wife's slimy, wet taco.

I was both aroused and repulsed by the action, only cause I never imagined that someone of her caliber would be so ... dirty?

Be that as it may, I watched the loving couple screw each other for a few minutes before my legs recovered, and I stood beside the moaning supermodel and assisted in pulling her legs up high and wide to give Jake full access to her, his balls now slapping loudly against her ass.

"ugh-ugh-yes. fuck. ugh." she grunted persistently.

It was the same move we had practiced a hundred times before, only on this occasions it was his famous wife we were tag-teaming.

Although I hadn't planned it, I didn't object when Jen grinned up at me and pulled my cock to her mouth and began to clean it off, polishing my wood as Jake now jack-hammered away at her, causing her to scream.

"ugh-god, Jake! Yes. Fuck, babe. Harder!"

It only took Jake maybe five more minutes before he grunted his impending orgasm, and pushed forward and treated the stunning blonde to her second cream-pie of the evening.

Glancing at the time I realized how late it was, and not wanting to impose, I quietly reached for my clothes and began to dress, only to hear them both object.

"Hey, what's the rush?" Jake quipped. "You don't have to work tomorrow, right?"

It was true. I didn't have anywhere particular to be the next day.

"Well, there's no reason you have to leave just yet." Jennifer added. "You're more than welcome to use our shower upstairs."

"Err, are you sure?"

"Well we certainly couldn't have you leave looking the way you are right now, all sweaty and drunk." Jen giggled, before peeling herself up off the leather sofa and, as naked as the day she was born, grabbed a hand from us both.

"Come on boys, time to go upstairs," she chirped. "This nights just getting started."

I looked at Jake and shrugged, "Can't argue with the misses."


10-07-2016, 10:42 PM
That was awesome mate, could totally see that couple doing stuff like this, the prettiest ones are always the dirtiest behind closed doors, lol.

10-08-2016, 02:01 AM
What a lucky mate, to have a friend like Jake.

That was amazing! Well done TPG.