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Third Wheel
Part 2
With Paris Berelc and Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, MFF, BJ, finger, oral, creampie
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Part 1 (http://www.celebfanforum.com/showthread.php?235105-quot-Third-Wheel-quot-Part-1-with-Paris-Berelc-and-Olivia-Holt)

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"Fucking L.A traffic," I muttered to myself as we crawled to yet another stop light.

With the promise of spending the rest of the day with the girls at Paris's private pool, every minute that ticked by in the hot car only added to my frustration.

But while I was up front getting stressed, the girls in the back didn't seem concerned at all, giggling and whispering amongst themselves. Glancing back at them, I couldn't help but feel rather smug at the fact Paris couldn't stop smiling following our risky escapades in the dressing room.

Of course Olivia had helped with that – not that she'd ever admit to it to anybody, but by the way Paris was looking at her blonde friend, I wondered if perhaps she was hoping to thank her properly.

"Oh forget about him for today Liv," I heard Paris pout at one point after Olivia let out another exasperated sigh at her phone.

"Fine, fine, lemme just reply to this last one," Olivia argued but Paris was bored and having none of it, suddenly lunging for her phone.

As the traffic started moving again I heard the girls shrieking and wrestling in the back as they fought for Olivia's phone.

"Err...do you mind?" Liv finally panted, a quick glance showing me Paris had successfully pinned her blonde friend down.

"C'mon hand it over!"

"Or what?"

I almost rear-ended the car in front after they fell silent and I looked back to see the two teenagers gently making out right behind me. Unfortunately, slamming on the brakes snapped them out of it and Olivia was suddenly blushing again.

"You need to stop doing that," Liv muttered, sitting upright and fixing her hair, referring to the way Paris kept kissing her.

"Why? Because you know you like it too much?"

"You're meant to be on a date! You're just making him jealous," Olivia countered, dodging the question.

"Oh no, don't mind me, you two carry on back there," I winked at Paris.

"See, he loves it!"

Olivia simply rolled her eyes and unfortunately grew stubborn again. She continued to resist Paris's advances but couldn't help but smile inwardly at her persistence. Despite her reluctance, it was clear she was enjoying the attention and I knew it was only a matter of time before Paris was successful, I just hoped I'd be around to see it.

When we finally arrived at Paris's place thirty minutes later, we were chatting again like nothing had happened and Paris wasted no time leading us inside the empty house, finding the key to her dad's drink cabinet and grabbing bottles.

While I was directed into the garden with the drinks, Paris took Olivia to her bedroom to get changed. After making myself at home in a lounger by the pool, my mind drifted up to bedroom as I realised they were more than likely stripping down in front of each other up there.

In fact they were taking so long I began to wonder if I should go investigate. Maybe Paris had finally seduced her older friend and the two Disney starlets were locked in a hot, naked 69 on her bed?

Unfortunately that didn't seem to be the case because they returned just then to snap me out of my lewd thoughts but seeing the pair of them hand in hand in their little two piece bikinis didn't exactly help the growing bulge in my shorts.

I immediately recognised the bikini Paris had given Olivia to wear as the very same one she'd been wearing when she'd masturbated in the dressing room last week and a cheeky wink from my date told me it was no coincidence.

With no change of clothes myself I was content to remain at the side of the pool while the girls jumped and frolicked in the water. With her phone seemingly confiscated, Olivia finally let herself relax and before long any issues with her boyfriend seemed long forgotten, especially after Paris had insisted on doing a few shots.

Unsurprisingly, watching the two bikini-clad stunners soon started to get a rise out of me and the tent I was pitching in my shorts quickly got spotted by Paris.

http://t1.someimage.com/ZKgiRlt.jpg (https://someimage.com/ZKgiRlt) http://t1.someimage.com/EyaDcOO.jpg (https://someimage.com/EyaDcOO)

"I think he's getting off on watching us, Liv," she remarked, swimming to my side of the pool while Olivia smirked knowingly. "Why don't you get in here and cool off a little?"

"I'd love to but I doubt you have a bikini that would fit me," I joked back while Paris attempted to splash me.

"You could always borrow my dad's shorts?" she quipped.

"I'd rather go naked!"

"Go on then."

The look on her face told me she was completely serious with her dare. If we were alone I wouldn't have hesitated to initiate some skinny dipping with her but given the third member of our little impromptu pool party, I held off.

"Oh don't mind her," Paris said, reading my mind. "Besides, she already got a good look at what you're packing down there."

Olivia kept quiet, rolling her eyes again and refusing to get involved one way or the other.

"Alright but if I'm skinny dipping you have to as well," I bargained.

"Fair enough," she nodded and before I could even move she'd flicked her wet bikini bottoms at me.

I don't think I'd ever stripped faster in my life and in a flash I'd dived into the water, making both girls shriek as they were hit by the resulting splash.

"You guys are crazy," Holt blushed, dodging the bikini top Paris had tossed her way.

"This feels so cool, you should try this Liv!"

"Err...nah I'm fine, thanks."

"See I would have called you a prude if not for that little display back at the mall," I teased, swimming over to lean against the side of the pool with Paris.

"You'll have to get me a lot more drunk than I am to see me naked," she quipped after I'd successfully touched a nerve.

"Well that can definitely be arranged!" Paris grinned, hopping out of the pool and dashing inside.

This left Olivia and I alone for the first time and I couldn't help but look her up and down, undressing her with my eyes.

"Stop it!" she blushed. "You shouldn't be looking at me like that, you're with Paris."

"I hardly doubt she'd mind," I remarked. "She looks at you the same way, she's way more into you than she's into me and we both know it."

"Oh drop it would you," she said while smiling inwardly.

"You know I'm right and I bet you love it too, teasing her and shit."

"Does it make you jealous?"

"If it means I get to see the two of you making out I'm all for it," I replied honestly.

"We'll see, but don't get any ideas about you and me because I still have a boyfriend!"

Just as I was telling her she had nothing to worry about, Paris returned with a fresh bottle of tequila and quickly poured some more shots, Olivia throwing them back faster than anyone.

After that it didn't take long at all for Paris to finally convince her friend to rid herself of her bikini. I watched wide-eyed and was hard as steel under the water as Olivia revealed her magnificent, pert breasts and the most delicious looking teen pussy I'd ever seen, shaved just as neatly as Paris.

I hadn't even finished openly checking her out before Paris was thanking her with another soft kiss. With Paris trapped in between us I decided to join in, running my hand down her flat stomach to tease her little cunt.

Remembering Olivia's earlier comments, as much as I wanted to, I made sure to avoid touching her at the risk of scaring her off again.

As soon as I curled two fingers and plunged them into Paris's wet cunt, she gasped and turned to me, lust in her eyes as she proceeded to shove her tongue down my throat. I immediately tasted two flavours of lip gloss as she groaned into my mouth, her fingers quickly wrapping around my tool.

Meanwhile Liv was keeping herself busy, kissing Paris on the neck and caressing her small breasts, rolling her stiff nipples between her fingers.

Just like earlier Paris began losing her mind as she was pampered by two pairs of hands, commenting that she was the luckiest girl in the world while alternating between the two of us, kissing us in turn.

Occasionally I caught Olivia's dark eyes and I wanted nothing more than to kiss her soft lips directly but I held back, making do with Paris acting as our proxy as the three of us swapped spit.

I lost track of time and had no idea how long we stayed like that, with Paris pumping my cock, myself sliding two fingers in and out of her and whatever the girls were up to with Olivia under the water, but finally Paris panted out to stop.

"Wait—wait stop," she breathed. "I need your cock inside me again!"

http://i.imgbox.com/4N2oFETM.jpg (http://imgbox.com/YlMnF93g)

In a matter of minutes Paris had dragged Olivia and me out of the pool, into the house still dripping wet and upstairs to her bedroom where she wasted no time getting on all fours, tossing her hair over one shoulder and looking back with burning desire.

"I want you to fuck me from behind this time!" she demanded plainly.

With her flawless butt wiggling in my direction I didn't need to be asked twice. We both took a sharp intake of breath as I easily slipped inside her wet cunt, filling her nice and slowly to ensure we savoured every inch as I stretched her out to her limits.

"Oooh—fuck. That's perfect...right there..." she sighed, arching her back as I buried my sword inside her and began pulling out just as slowly.

"I could fuck this pussy all night," I growled as we picked up the pace, watching the way her vice-like cunt gripped onto my cock every time I pulled out only to slam back in, making her yelp and her ass ripple.

"Ugh. Yes. I'd like that. I could take it!"

Once again Olivia has been briefly forgotten as Paris and I began to fuck in a steady rhythm with her consistently pushing back to meet my deep thrusts. Finally I managed to look away from my insatiable date long enough to see Olivia openly watching us from the doorway.

Holt was gently biting her lip and even from where I was standing it was obvious her pussy was dripping wet from more than just pool water. Her cunt was practically glistening as she battled the temptation to touch herself and get involved.

"Liv, nggh—Liv. Get up here," Paris ordered after following my line of sight.


"Just do it, we all know you're going to anyway!"

I saw Olivia bite her own tongue to stop herself arguing and without another word obediently stepped into the room and onto the bed where I slowed down and allowed Paris to manipulate her friend into position until Liv was propped up on a couple of pillows, legs spread wide while Paris dove in head first.

"Paris wai—oh. Oh my God. Fuck!"

"Just let me do this," Paris whispered before going back in, wiggling her head slightly to force her tongue into Holt's very core.

Olivia's mouth hung open as her eyes rolled back and entire body shuddered at the sensation of Paris's talented mouth.

While watching this unfold I couldn't help but feel a little jealous, despite being almost balls deep inside Paris Berelc, I was eager to get a taste of Olivia's shaved, blonde cunt for myself.

Paris seemed to be doing a more than adequate job of it however, driving Olivia absolutely crazy as she licked and slurped on her dripping wet sex. In fact judging by Holt's visceral reaction, it almost seemed she'd never been eaten out so thoroughly before.

The lewd noises Paris was making combined with the sound of both girl's constant moans and panted words of encouragement was almost enough to set me off so I slowed down to admire the unforgettable sight before me – Paris Berelc with her long hair cascading down her naked, arched back, ass in the air while she was fucked from behind and had her face buried between Olivia Holt's spread legs, feasting on her cunt like her life depended on it.

"C'mon, cum for me Liv, cum in my mouth. Lemme taste it!" I heard Paris purr between her own moans as I continued to pump into her.

"Nghh—I'm close. More, I want more," Liv whined, her hips twitching and bucking into her friend's mouth. "I need something inside me!"

In that moment our eyes immediately locked and I knew we were thinking the exact same thing but Olivia quickly looked away.

"Your fingers," she stammered at Paris, "—just put your fingers in me!"

I suddenly gave Paris a sharp spank in my frustration and began fucking her so hard she struggled to do anything to assist Olivia getting off besides burying two fingers into her cunt.

"Oh fuck yes! Pound me...fucking—ugghh!"

"Don't stop now! Keep going!" Olivia whimpered, grinding her sex into Paris's moaning face as we practically spit-roast the climaxing teen.

Finally I snapped and threw caution to the wind. In one swift motion I pulled out of Paris's twitching cunt, rolled her to one side and abruptly slammed my rod balls deep into Olivia Holt.

Her brain struggled to even catch up with what had happened, her mouth open wide in a silent cry as I forced her wet pussy to accommodate my fat cock and I immediately began drilling her into the bed.

What's more, I was already so close to my own climax it only took me three deep thrusts and the knowledge I was suddenly fucking the gorgeous teen before I exploded deep inside her, unceremoniously filling her with spunk.

"Holy fuccckkk—" she moaned, throwing her head back.

To my surprise she actually came with me and suddenly hooked her legs around my waist to pull me in deeper, both our bodies shuddering as my cock pulsed inside her again and again.

Breathless, I briefly pulled out to see my load dripping from her flawless pussy and jumped when Paris suddenly dived down to take my cock into her hot mouth, swirling her tongue around and sucking it until I was hard and she directed me back into Olivia with a sly grin.

"That was so fucking hot," she giggled.

Given everything that had occurred I wasn't too surprised I was already rock hard again as I slowly sank back into Olivia but this time I glanced at her face to get the go ahead.

"Keep going, just fuck me. I need it!" she panted desperately.

With Paris settled in with her fingers buried in her cunt, I pulled Holt's legs up to my shoulders and abruptly slammed into her. I don't know what it was about her but I was eager to give her everything I had and she seemed more than capable at taking a hard pounding.

"Jesus. Yes! You're so fucking deep!" she grunted as she came again.

Before long she was holding her own legs open, hooking her hands behind her knees while I gripped her slippery, sweaty waist and we both watched my thick cock repeatedly split her in two.

Meanwhile Paris was more than content to watch, squirting over her hand until before I knew it I grunted and began filling Olivia with a second, hot load.

Holt looked like she'd almost passed out from the intensity of it and I didn't feel far behind when I finally pulled out of her spent cunt. Paris however was still full of energy, already crawling over us both as she got back into position between Olivia's legs.

I already felt my cock twitching back to life as I watched Paris give me a cheeky wink when she began gently exploring Olivia's twitching, cream-filled hole with her tongue...

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Gods damn that was hot! Fucking amazing as always Lemon.


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YAAAASSSS!!!! What a fucking sequel. Hot damn. I'm glad Paris stepped her game up here lately so u were inspired to finish it. and of course Holt is just amazing. Such a great read. :hulk: