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Sleepless Nights
with Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, voy, mutual masturbation, cream-pie
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Been a while but figured she needed something written up given how good she's looked during her short tour before it's over.

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I'd always had difficulty sleeping in unfamiliar places and the 'Rise of a Phoenix' tour bus was no different. Being cramped in small bunk beds with the rest of the band didn't help matters, especially when there was a spacious, private bedroom at the other end of the vehicle for the star of the tour – Olivia Holt.

After our third successful show in as many days, I should have been beat and passed out like everyone else but sleep continued to allude me. After a couple of hours of tossing and turning, I finally decided to get out of the stuffy bus for some fresh air.

As silently as possible, I climbed down and unlocked the door, stepping out into the cool night of whatever city we were in, it was already difficult to keep track.

Closing the door behind me, I began to pace, wandering around the perimeter of the bus until I circled to the other side and paused near a cracked open window. Given its location I knew it was Olivia's room but I was surprised to see a light on and hear she was awake at this time as well.

I was even more taken aback that the usually hyperactive, happy teenager sounded as if she were crying going by the little whimpers she was letting out, just about audible to me standing outside.

The window was too high for me to look through but I stayed in place, wondering if I should go in and check on her. That being said, I wasn't sure if we were even close enough for that. While she was friendly and we all got along, we weren't exactly at the stage to talk about our personal problems and cry on each other's shoulders.

I had just come to that conclusion and was about to leave her to it and give her some privacy when a soft moan escaped her lips and drifted through the open window.

That made me freeze in place again. I barely dared to breathe as I realised what was really going on.

Once that first moan had slipped through, Olivia was now struggling to hold back, moaning again and again to whatever she was doing to herself in there. Ultimately they were muffled slightly and I had to assume she'd put a hand over her mouth or was biting into a pillow.

It went without saying I was rock hard at this point. While I was simply her band member and friend, I wasn't blind so it was difficult enough being around Olivia and trying to remain professional at the best of times.

Before I could think of what to do next, I heard Olivia let out a final, gasping 'Oh God!' followed by a series of cusses before she fell quiet.

If I strained my ears I could make out her heavy panting as she came down from her self-induced high until I finally had the sense to quickly make my escape in case she decided to come to the window.

I didn't want to go straight back inside in case she heard me so I waited a good ten minutes before slipping through the door and back into bed. If I thought it had been difficult to fall asleep earlier on, it was nigh on impossible now with Olivia's sexy little moans playing on repeat in my head.

It was business as usual the next day and while I found it difficult to look Olivia in the eye over breakfast, we were soon so busy I didn't have time to give it a second thought while we prepared for our next show.

But after another successful performance was in the bag and another late night of celebrating, I once again found myself lying in bed wide awake thinking back to the previous night and wondering if it were a nightly ritual for Olivia.

I knew I stood no chance of falling asleep without at least checking to sate my curiosity so under the guise of simply getting some fresh air again, I crept out of bed and quickly circled back to Olivia's window, thankfully seeing it cracked open again.

I stood waiting in the cold for five minutes and heard nothing until I shivered and finally realised how futile it was and the odds of getting a repeat audio performance was unlikely.

That being said, I didn't want to go back to bed having gained nothing so with a quick glance around to check the coast was clear, I quietly stepped onto the tyre and lifted myself up to peek through the starlet's open window.

If anyone had been watching me now they probably would have called the cops, killing my young career instantly but with what I saw I couldn't care less.

Thankfully Olivia was fast asleep as I'd suspect and, despite how chilly it was outside, she was hot and had managed to kick most of her bed sheets off herself. I heard myself gulp at the sight of her little tank top riding up and showing her midriff not to mention her smooth legs, showcased in some barely-there shorts.

I was busy taking it all in up until I jumped when another nearby window was suddenly lit up by someone using the on-board bathroom. I quickly hopped down and continued to circle the bus as casually as possible, my heart beating a mile a minute until I finally felt brave enough to go back inside and sneak into bed again.

This became a nightly ritual for me over the next week if we weren't driving through the night. I even lucked out and listened to Olivia getting herself off a couple more times and on the days she was too tired for that, I stole a quick look at her in her various sleeping outfits. Unfortunately I still didn't dare look through the window on the nights she was awake and playing as much as I wanted to.

But the real frustration came from the blue balls she was unknowingly giving me. Unlike her, myself and the rest of the band didn't get a private space on the bus so we were rarely, if ever, alone. Not willing to jack off in a room full of friends, I was left climbing back into bed with an aching erection almost every night.

It all began to culminate late one night after jealously listening to Olivia get herself off yet again.

With my cock almost tearing a hole through my pants I re-entered the bus and slipped into the cramped bathroom. There was room for a toilet, shower, sink and not much else but I made do with the limited space, pulling out my raging hard-on to finally deal with it while everybody else slept.

I was only a few seconds in however that I was startled by someone pulling at the door, rattling the lock briefly.

"Oh, sorry," I heard Olivia's voice whisper from the other side.

I almost groaned in frustration. Of all the people who could have disturbed me.

Knowing I wouldn't be able to finish in time with her waiting outside, I reluctantly sorted myself out, flushed the toilet and stepped outside.

Even in the dark I could see Olivia was positively glowing – the very reason why being the cause of the menacing erection I was still sporting and failed to successfully conceal in my pants.

It was only a split second but I saw her pretty eyes flick down to the obvious bulge and the sly little smile her lips curled into said it all as she passed me to enter the bathroom.

I didn't even feel embarrassed by it, if anything, the look she'd given me made my cock even harder if that were possible. Hearing the lock click behind me I almost considered waiting around to confront her but soon thought better of it and retired to the shared bedroom.

The next day Olivia acted perfectly natural as if nothing had happened, which I suppose it hadn't, leading me to think I'd read into our brief passing much more than I should have. With another performance in a few hours, I pushed it all from my mind and focussed on setting up, sound checks and the upcoming show.

https://1-t.imgbox.com/MO0Z7rrj.jpg (http://imgbox.com/MO0Z7rrj) https://6-t.imgbox.com/4bfFm5hk.jpg (http://imgbox.com/4bfFm5hk) https://9-t.imgbox.com/89VLc25y.jpg (http://imgbox.com/89VLc25y)

With another late night show complete we all piled back into the bus to get some sleep ready for a day of travelling tomorrow. As usual I lay awake, waiting for everyone else to drift off. By this point in the tour I was going absolutely stir-crazy and struggled to think of anything but the hot little tease I was working for.

So much so, I didn't even bother visiting her window that night and instead went straight to the bathroom. I told myself I simply needed to beat off like a madman and get it all out of my system so I turned on the shower and jumped into the tiny cubicle.

There was barely enough room to turn around but I made do, grabbing my almost painfully hard cock in hand. But yet again, Olivia's keen sense of interfering timing came into play.

"Err—gimme a minute," I grunted hearing her knocking at the door.

"I can't wait a minute, I'm bursting!" she whined back.

I rolled my eyes and was just about to reach for a towel when she tried the door handle and to both our surprise the door opened, it seemed in my rush I'd forgotten to even lock it.

"Don't worry I'm not looking," she assured me, her shadow flitting pass the shower curtain.

I immediately panicked, praying she couldn't see me and wouldn't catch on to what I was doing. There was an awkward silence then although my cock still managed to throb in my hand, probably simply due to being naked so close to Olivia but at the same time, despite being the subject of my fantasies, I just wanted her to leave.

"Sorry about this, but it's not like there's much privacy on this bus anyway, right?"

"I guess not," I replied nervously, breathing a sigh of relief when the toilet flushed a second later.

"Hey have you got the hand soap in there?"

Before I could even look around for it, Olivia suddenly poked her head round the curtain, her eyes immediately growing wide at the sight of my menacing erection.

"Whoa, okay..."

"Liv, what the fuck?!" I chastised, struggling to cover up in front of her shit-eating grin.

"Sorry I couldn't resist! I saw that huge tent in your pants the other night, I just had to know if I'd just imagined it or not..." she explained with a giggle, bolstering my confidence considerably. "Besides, I'm pretty sure you owe me at least this, you should know better than anyone how little privacy we get on this bus."

Her eyes looked up to meet mine but I still didn't catch on, rendered speechless at what was happening.

"You don't think I know you've been listening in on me? Watching me? I could've had you fired ten times over!"

"...and why didn't you?" I managed to croak out, not even bothering to deny her accusations.

Olivia shrugged. "You know me, I like to have an audience, plus since you really owe me, it's time to pay up."

"Pay up?"

"Yep, come on."

With that she left, leaving me standing alone in the shower again, the hot water long having run cold.

Not knowing quite what was expected of me, I got out and quickly dried off. When I stepped out of the bathroom I could go right, to the shared bedroom and back to bed, or left where I saw Olivia's bedroom door cracked open. I pretended to consider the two options for a moment but naturally, I went left.

"You took your time, I thought I was going to have to drag you in here," she whispered from the bed.

The only light in the room came from a string of fairy lights she'd hung up around her bed, casting her in a soft glow as I gingerly stepped into the room and closed the door behind me. She was wearing the same night attire I'd seen before, a midriff-showing tank top and cotton shorts.

"Look Liv, I'm sorry about everything, I know I shouldn't hav—"

"Forget it," she interrupted. "I'm used to it at home, trust me. If I don't mind my brother doing it, I certainly don't mind you doing it. It's kinda hot, don't you think?"

"Umm—alright, I guess I'll leave you to it then?" I muttered, making a move for the door.

"Hold on, that doesn't mean you get off that easily," she said, making me pause. "Take it out again, I want to see it again."


"I'm serious, take it out, it's only fair."

I wanted to argue that I hadn't technically seen her naked or anything but figured it was a moot point really. Plus somewhere in the back of my mind I liked the way she'd admired my cock in the shower so who was I to deny her another look?

"Now stroke it," she ordered firmly.

I'd worked with her long enough that being bossed around by the young starlet was nothing unusual so I took another step closer with my cock in my hand, stroking it for her benefit.

"I love seeing how hard you get for me," she grinned as I now stood at the edge of her bed. "Bet I could make it even harder though..."

"You think?"

"Yeah definitely, you're probably dying to see my tits right now," Holt claimed, making my gaze drop down to the prominent pokies she was displaying, proving she was getting as aroused by this as I was.

"Go on then, I dare you."

"Hey this is meant to be your punishment!"

"I thought you liked having an audience."

I knew I was probably pushing it but I no longer cared and seeing Olivia genuinely consider it made it clear I'd made the right choice.

"Okay fine, but no touching and no telling anybody about this!"


With that Olivia pulled the loose top over her head, shaking her wavy blonde hair out again as her small, pert breasts were revealed to my greedy eyes, perfect handfuls with a pair of tiny, hard nipples. Despite her initial reluctance she was clearly proud of her assets and now confidently flaunted them, mere inches away from my throbbing cock.

"You could probably explode right now, couldn't you?" she teased, watching my cock leak pre-cum.

"Have you played tonight?" I asked after a moment of silence.

"No," she replied quietly, her eyes never leaving my manhood. "Not yet..."

"Well don't let me stop you."

https://i.imgbox.com/NbRSiOUZ.jpg (http://imgbox.com/NbRSiOUZ)

Olivia's dark, lust-filled eyes flicked up to mine. We both knew we'd already crossed the line but what I was suggesting was giving her pause again.

"I dunno about that..."

"Why not? I bet you need to get off as bad as I do right now. Tell me you aren't wet."

Holt bit her lower lip, suddenly getting coy again.

But while she thought about it, I pushed my luck once again and gently placed a hand on her warm thigh, inviting her to spread her legs a little.

"At least show me that sweet little peach," I insisted.

I was well aware that compliments worked better than anything on this girl so after some more sweet-talking she finally gave in, pushing her shorts down her smooth legs to reveal her pristine, 19-year-old cunt.

"Fuck," I almost growled at the glistening sight, spreading her legs further and climbing onto the bed for a closer look at her neatly shaved, wet clam until my hand was playfully slapped away.

"Hey, the no touching rule still applies!" she warned with a smug grin.

"I can see why you can't stop playing with yourself," I quipped as Olivia traced her lower lips with a single finger before drawing small circles around her pea-sized clit.

"Ugh, I'm so wet right now," she grunted to no one in particular.

"Yeah, play with yourself, show me how you've been getting off every night," I encouraged, openly stroking my cock above her as I now watched her letting out those erotic moans I'd become so familiar with.

"Fuck, you must be close by now, I wanna see you shoot!"

In truth I'd been fighting the urge to blow my load for the past five minutes, desperately holding back to see how far Olivia was willing to go in her current mood. My endurance soon paid off when Olivia unexpectedly reached forward and grabbed my cock with her spare hand for the first time, pulling me forward to rub the tip against her slick cunt.

"Feel that? How fucking wet I am?" she hissed through gritted teeth.


"I bet you wish you could just fuck me right now!"

"Uh-huh," I grunted. "Don't tempt me..."

"You've got no idea how good it would feel, this huge cock inside my tight little, teen pussy!"

Suddenly her language and the friction between her hand and slick cunt pushed me over the edge and I came harder than I had in years. Weeks of pent up frustration unleashed in several powerful ropes of cum, firing over Olivia's naked body, covering her chin, chest, stomach and cunt in hot, white spunk.

We both gasped in shock at the copious load but without thinking I took my still pulsing cock and forced it deep inside her wet pussy.

Olivia's back arched off the bed and she let out a long groan as I stretched her tight cunt while filling her with seed but I gave her no time to adjust and immediately began pounding her, taking her breath away.

"Holy shi—" she began to yelp before I quickly clapped a hand over her mouth, muffling her as best I could to avoid waking the others.

It was only then I noticed a brief flash of fear in her eyes so I forced myself to slow down until she feverishly shook her head until I removed my hand and let her speak again.

"Don't stop now, keep going!" she practically begged. "Fuck me!"

"You need to be quiet," I cautioned.

"I'll—ugh—I'll try...you're so fucking big inside me though!"

With that said I decided I didn't really care if we were caught or not as I pushed her smooth legs up to her chest, almost folding the petite starlet in half to jack-hammer her tight, sopping little cookie again and again.

To her credit the insatiable little slut took every inch of my thick cock and continued begging for more, even after biting into a pillow as she came, demanding I fuck her numbing pussy as hard as possible.

I was surprised our clapping flesh and consistent grunts and moans hadn't woken up the whole bus but I struggled to give it a second thought with Olivia's tight cunt strangling my cock as she came yet again.

As soon as Olivia sensed I was running out of steam, she quickly changed things up, rolling me onto my back to straddle me, looking down with her smug little grin as she grabbed my cock and took me back into her tiny fuckhole.

"I bet you've been dreaming of this since the day you met me," she teased as she slowly sank onto my cock and began to ride me.

I couldn't even find words to reply, all I could do was groan as she rolled her hips with my cock embedded inside her.

"You guys are all the same, I know you all want to fuck me, so count yourself lucky!"

"You call this fucking?" I quipped back to the cocky teenager.

Olivia raised an eyebrow and immediately played along, stopping her slow gyrations.

"You couldn't handle it if I really began riding this big cock!"

"You can hardly talk, you've already cum on it twice!"

She didn't have a smart answer to that so she replied in actions instead. First she grabbed my wrists, pulling my hands off her waist before pinning them above my head with surprising strength. This left her leaning over me, her face inches away from mine where she suddenly kissed me for the first time, plunging her cool tongue into my mouth. At the same time she began rocking her ass causing us both to moan into each other's mouths.

As she increased the pace, slamming her ass down on my rod again and again, she soon gave up on pinning me down and sat up straight again, running her hand through her tousled hair. Her body shined with a thin sheen of sweat as she bounced up and down on my cock with reckless abandon.

I never wanted it to end but I knew I was close, already having gone on longer than I would've expected. I grabbed her waist, signalling to her but she shook her head.

"Please, I'm almost there," she panted. "—just shoot inside me if you have to!"

With a grunt and final burst of energy I held her tight and hammered her tight cunt, feeling it constrict around me as her body trembled and another orgasm washed over her at the same time as mine.

I could feel her slick, velvet-like walls milking my pulsing shaft as I shot my load deep inside the breathless teenager. My pumps slowed down as I gave her everything I had until she rolled off me and I almost passed out immediately, leading to the best night's sleep I'd had in weeks.

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11-20-2016, 08:26 AM
Holy shit. Now every time she posts something from her tour bus,
I'm going to giggle like a little school girl.
What a babe. What a setting. What a fucking amazing story!!


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More like Sleepless Night In Olivia... but still hot story... wont get though of peeping on Olivia out of my time.... just the though of that is just..... hot

11-20-2016, 01:54 PM
HO.LY SHIT!!! That was fucking amazing. I don't know what else to say. The reveal of her knowing he was watching was just grrrr. Another great read, U like Tpg seemed to crank your writing up to 11 when writing about Ms. Holt. Outstanding.