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Do You Remember The First Time
With Margot Robbie
Written by RV96
Codes: M/F, Cons, Oral, Rimjob, 69, Facial, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cumshot
A/N: A fanfic that's completely fictional that probably has never and will never happen? Why I never! Yes this is complete fantasy and never happened. Title taken from the song of the same by Pulp from The World's End soundtrack. This is going to be my first series but I'm not sure how long it'll be but hope you enjoy it! As always, feedback is more than welcomed.

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*When we last left off, Tony remembered the day his nana died and how it didn't really scar him as had been prepping for the inevitable for months. Meanwhile, Margot told him that she was going away to college and initially, Tony felt sad but he came to terms with it. But that's only part of this chapter. The bulk of this chapter is the big day has finally arrived: Tony's birthday! Will he actually propose to Margot? Read to find out.*

*Present day*"

Ahhhhhh." I yawned as I woke up. My 27th birthday had finally arrived. I noticed Margot was peacefully still asleep as I turned to her and kissed her cheek. As I was brushing my teeth, I feel two arms wrap around my chest. It was Margot as she stood there and kissed my shoulder.

"Happy birthday baby!" Margot gleefully exclaimed as I finished brushing my teeth.

"Hmm thank you." I said as I kissed her cheek. Today was the day I planned to propose to the woman who is staring right next to me. Oh and my birthday too.

"What time does the party start?" I asked.

"Oh everything is almost set. The party should start around 6."

"Who's coming? My mom texted me and said she landed in town yesterday evening. My siblings are coming too."

"It's not gonna be a BIG party as the nightclubs I looked at were already booked but it's pretty good. I'm inviting my friends as they either like to just party or want to meet you because I've gushed about you for so long."

"Hm. OK then." I said.

"Oh and mummy and daddy are coming too. In fact, I think they should be in before the afternoon so I'll pick them up from the airport."

"Alrighty and I'll meet my folks later on today. Sounds like a plan." I said as we kissed. The kiss went from playful to blissful within seconds. Margot started to reach for my pajamas with her hands, rubbing her hands around my cloth-covered groin area as I began to rub her body.

After about a minute of teasing, I beckoned Margot to the shower as we both undressed, her pussy starting to become wet as my dick was semi-erect. As we entered the shower, Margot began to pour soap on her hands and rub it all over our bodies. She rubbed all around my shoulders and neck to my legs and then to my dick as she began rubbing her chest and her arms.

"Hmmmm like that?" She whispered as I nodded.

Margot then got on her knees and applied more soap to my now hardening dick, rubbing it and tugging at it. The only sounds that can be heard in the bathroom are the sounds of her hand stroking my soap-covered dick.

After about 2 minutes or so of her non-stop teasing, she got up off her knees and planted her lips to mine as I turned on the showers, the soap dissolving off our bodies as we stand right in the center of the running shower, never breaking the kiss. After a minute of kissing and embracing each other, Margot looks at me with a dangerously sexy look as she slowly drops back down to her knees, as she grabs a hold of my dick and launches her mouth onto me, getting a moan out of me.

"Ooooooohhhmmmmm." I moaned as she continued her assault. With the soap+water acting as lubricant, she really didn't have any trouble going down on me with furious intent. Then again, I think she would've done so anyways, lubricant or not considering how skilled she is.

"SHIT!" I yelled but the sounds of the running shower kind of drowned it out.

"Mhmhhhhhmmmmyeah." Margot moaned, intertwining from slow sucks and fast strokes to fast sucks and slow strokes. A blowjob in the shower, especially in the morning, a quite a feeling! Me and Margot had tried shower sex before but even with a big shower with plenty of room, it still wasn't satisfying enough. Margot was very nimble while I wasn't. And then there's the constant slipping in and out and…Yeah I find shower sex overrated but head in the shower is always great!

"Is my birthday boy enjoying this?" Margot said with a slight giggle.

"Hell yeah." Was all I can let out as she continued to suck me, this time using no hands, going all the way down on me until she started to gag on me.

It's very rare that she full on deepthroats and whenever she does do it, it still manages to send shivers down my spine.

"Yeah fucking dirty girl." I moaned as I grabbed a hold of her now soaking wet hair and held it in a pigtail as I began to slowly move myself in her mouth. Even more rare than her deepthroating me is me throatfucking her. It happened once when we were drunk and we never did it again….Till now.

"Mhmmmmmffff." Margot gagged on my dick as I continued my slow pace. I had no intention on throatfucking her so this was as good as it was going to get. It could've been the water or her building up tears but I noticed Margot's eyes begin to tear up so I then pulled myself out of her mouth, which made Margot gasp and cough slightly.

"You OK there?" I asked with a hint of concern, not wanting to hurt her.

"Mhm I'm fine babe." Margot said with a smile. "I know you would never hurt me." She reassured as she went back to stroking me.

"God seriously bless your hands Margot." I moaned as I closed my eyes and threw my head back in pleasure.

"Hmmmm I can feel your dick throbbing. You're ready to pop." Margot slyly said as she continued to jerk me off.

"KEEP GOING." I let out. Margot then placed one hand on my balls, rubbing them and slightly pinching them as her other continued to stroke me.

"Oh shit I'm close." I moaned, which only seemed to exhort her even more.

"Cum for me baby." Margot moaned.

"OOOOH SHIT." I moaned as I came with a low grunt. Two ropes of jizz landed on Margot's face while, at the last second, Margot took some of the other drops of cum into her mouth as she continued to stroke my now non-erect dick.

"Mhmhmhmm happy birthday baby." She said with a playful tone and a wink as she washed her face down on the still running shower as I departed the shower. As I departed the shower, I just knew this was gonna be a fun birthday.

*8 Years ago*

Over the last month or so, me and Margot tried to go the extra mile in our friendship and no, I don't mean dating. As we were both prepping for the end of Senior year, we began doing A LOT more together. We went on trips up in the mountains, carnivals, sleepovers even and why not? There was a decent chance we weren't going to see each other so why not make the most of it.

*WHOOOOOO* Margot screamed in joy as were riding The Zipper at the local carnival. Goddamn, I hated this ride.

"I HATE YOU FOR TALKING ME INTO THIS MARGOT!" I shouted at her but was drowned out by the other peoples' screams on this particular ride. After about another 4 minutes or so, the ride mercifully ends, much to Margot's dismay.

"Awww I didn't want that to end!" Margot pouted, causing me to look at her with a blank stare.

"Really?" I asked her. "Why did you not have fun?"

"Does it LOOK like I had fun on that?" I asked annoyed.

"Admit it, you had fun!" Margot teased.

"Yeah overall but I told you I didn't want to go on THAT RIDE. I've hated that ride since I was 6 years old"

"Please Tony don't be like that! Besides, I thought life was about conquering your fears?" Margot asked innocently."

Yeah that maybe so but THAT thing still haunts me! I mean do you hear the way that thing creaks? Sounds like a screw is gonna get loose any second!" I protested as Margot just looked and smiled at me.

"What? What are you smiling at?"

"Pussy." Margot joked.

"I'm sorry what? I know hearing degrades overtime but I don't think I caught that. I'm what?" I asked.

"Pussy. Pussy pussy pussy!" Margot shouted as she skipped and pranced around me.

"I will knock your ass out, I don't care that you're a girl." I teased with a chuckle.

"PUSSAY!" Margot right in my face.

"OK that's it!" I said as I lifted her off the ground, which caused her to squeal and giggle.

"Put me down!!" She laughed as she playfully smacked my shoulder with her little hands as I began carrying her.

"Not until you say I'm not a pussy."

"OKOKOK you're not a pussy! Let me down please." And I did just that as we both laughed.

"I think 2 hours at the carnival is more than enough, I say we call it an evening." I announced.

"Yeah. NO WAIT!" Margot said.

"UGH NOW WHAT?" I groaned with a slumped shoulder.

"I want a teddy bear." Margot said, referring to the game right by the entrance.

"You already have a bunch of teddy bears at home though." I said.

"Big teddy." Was all she said.

"C'mon Margot…"

"Big teddy." She said with a pout."Can we just go home?" I told her.

"BIG TEDDY." She said with a more annoyed voice and I had no choice but to conform.

"OK." I regretfully said, much to Margot's delight. After a few tries, I eventually won her a giant white teddy bear, which seemed to make her extremely happy which, in turn, made me a little happy.

"NOW we can go." Margot said. I dropped her off at home, the night sky starting to show. Her radiant blonde hair complimented the night sky in a strange way.

"Want to stay over for some dinner?" Margot asked.

"My mom made some lasagna."

"No sorry I can't but….Hey you know what? Do you think you can maybe wrap some up for me to take home?" I asked.

"Sure, but can you hold onto Snowball?" Referring to her new giant teddy bear.

"SNOWBALL?" I whispered, cringing at that name.

"Here's some extra." Margot said as she came out with a wrapped up plate.

"Thank you Margot and tell your mom I said thank you too."

"No thank you for taking me out tonight Tony. You really are a great friend." Margot smiled as did I as we traded the bear and the plate.

"And you're still a pussy!" Margot said as she sprinted to the door, giant teddy bear in hand. I gasped and was about to chase but it wasn't worth it.

She always was able to get one over me.

*Present day*

I started to get dressed as I took a glance over to Snowball and began to smile. As Margot got out of the bathroom and started putting her clothes on, I turned to ask her about Snowball.

"Hey babe remember when I first won Snowball for you?"

"YES. I remember annoying you at the carnival, begging you to win it for me after calling you a 'Pussy.'"

"Thought you'd remember." I said with a smile.

"Hey I'm seeing Matt so he can do my hair for the party tonight." Margot said, referring to her hair stylist Matt Rez.

"Should I invite him over too?"

"I see no harm in it." I replied.

"OK I'm gonna head out a little early out to the airport and pick up my folks and then meet up with Matt. See before 6 babe." She said as she kissed me, but I playfully pulled her in.

"Ooh..OK. I really……Gotta go." She said in-between kisses as I let her go.

"Happy birthday babe." She said quietly as she winked and headed out. I waited until she was right out the door and went to my drawer on my side of the bed and pulled out the ring box and took a peak at the ring I was getting ready to propose to Margot with TONIGHT.

"No thinking now, you're going all in kid." I heard a voice in my head saying.

I then received a text message from Cara. Weird, I don't remember giving her my number. I then look at the text.

*Don't worry, Margot gave me your number. So….Happy birthday.

"Thank you. But I should be worried cuz Margot gave out my # without consent.""Oh Tony, u always were so super serious."

"Only when it counts.

"Suuuuuuure. "

"So what time are coming to the party Cara?"

I waited 3 minutes for her response.

*Around 6:30. I have to pick a decent dress and do my hair.*

*Gr8! Hey, I'm gonna run off and meet my family in a bit. See you tonight!*


I then reunited with my family members as I picked them up and drove them back to the house. On the way, my mom said something that kinda made me think.

"Tony remember when you and Margot were kids and you were inseparable?" My mom said.

"Ye…Yeah. Yeah I do."

*8 Years ago*

The last day of school. The last day of Senior year. The last day of high school. I have been waiting for this day for a long time but also kind of dreading it. Excited because it's the last day of public school for me but dreading it because this was gonna be the last time I may ever get to see Margot again.

We met up my house and had breakfast together. My heart was kind of hurting but I tried to stay positive. Margot was full of positivity as she always was but even I had to know she was hurting. Just a little.

"Damn Tony." Margot said. "We made it. We actually made it!" She then hugged me.

"It's crazy isn't?" I asked her as I hugged her back.

"It was like it just yesterday when I had just moved to America and I was the shy lil Aussie girl with glasses and pigtails. Then I met you and well…."

"Oh yeah. And then Cara came into the picture and…..Those were some awesome times." I said with a smile.

"I really wish Cara was here to celebrate with us." Margot said in a bittersweet tone.

"Yeah. I still miss her." I replied.

We carried on with the rest of the day. We had year-book signings, group pictures, and a bunch of other boring festivities. Quite frankly, some of these kids I was dying to get away from. The school day ended and received our gowns to walk on-stage with tonight.

"Well that was boring." I sarcastically quipped, referring to the school day.

"Really? I thought it was fun!" Margot replied.

"Of course you did. You have so much more clout that me."

"And what does that have to do with anything?"

"You're really popular. Need I say more?"

"UGH!" Was all she let out.

"Say you want ice cream? We'll go stop and get some right now." I asked her.

"Sorry, I gotta go get ready. My mum is doing my hair and my brother is helping my dad pack up."

"Pack up? Oh. So you're really gonna leave." I said, disappointed.

"Just little things. We won't be leaving until next week. I promise." She said as she cupped my cheek.

"Yeah I guess that makes me feel a little better." I said bitterly, causing Margot to slightly frown.

"You know what? Lemme ask mum if we can go out for ice cream after the ceremony is over." She said with made me smile a little.

So the ceremony came and went and we all went out for ice cream. Upon reflection in that time, I was really happy for Margot. Sure, I was sad she was leaving but she was no doubt going to do great things in her life. It made me no longer feel a hint of resentment for Cara leaving. Yes, my teenage angst did get the better of me at one point or another.

The next week followed when Margot would have to leave. I wasn't dreading it like I thought I would but I was still a little sad. I had planned on visiting her at her house but no she visited me instead.

"Margot. Hi." I said, seeing her at my doorstep as I hugged her.

"Hi." Margot replied.

So we hung out most of the morning, just reflecting on these past few years or so and sharing a bunch of laughs. Then, the mood seemed to change when Margot began to talk about leaving.

"I'm gonna miss this. All of this." Margot said somewhat bitterly.

"Yeah. But you know what? At least it happened." I said. Normally, she's the ray of optimism countering my cynicism but not this time.

"Why do you sound so chipper?" Margot pondered.

"I've had time to reflect this past week or so and accept it. I'm a little sad yeah but….I'm happy for you and I'm happy for Cara. You two will do great things." I reassured her, which caused her to smile.

"You really are the best friend I've ever had Tony." Margot whispered as she hugged me, which I retuned.

We followed Margot and her family to the airport as we all said our final goodbyes.

"Like I said, you're gonna do great things Margot. I know it." I reassured her.

"Thank you for everything Tony. Seriously." Margot said with a slight tear in her, which I wiped away.

As we hugged one last time, Margot surprised me by giving me a quick kiss on the lips. Well, it was more a peck but who cares? I smiled as I saw her and her family depart on her plane.

*Present day*

"You know we kinda were inseparable." I replied to my mom as we arrived back to the house.

For the next 3 or so hours, we chatted up as we all got ready for the party. I decided to wear a navy blue dress shirt with my "trademark" black pants and shoes. Hey, I don't look good with any other color combination.

So around 5:30 pm, we departed to the "night club." Well, it was more of a fairly big former jazz club. Fine with me as I'm not a club guy nor are is my family and I don't even think Margot's parents are either.

"Hello. And you're here for the party?" The owner asked me. He was averaged sized and very short, maybe Margot's height.

"I'm the man of the hour." I replied.

"OH! Welcome!" The short man greeted me. " "You're earlier than expected. Much earlier."

"Yeah, it's a bit of a flaw of mine." I sarcastically replied.

"We're expecting the cake to arrive in a few minutes."

"Really? What kind of cake?" I asked.

"It's a cookies and cream cake with whipped cream."

Margot knew me so well. Of course she would.

"My favorite." I smiled.

After about 30 or so minutes of waiting for the guests to arrive, mostly comprising of Margot's friends, the party started. The music was all curated by me and Margot, composing of classic rock, hip-hop, and synthpop. I also was able to catch up with Margot's parents.

To be honest, even though some of the people were very kind and the music was great, I wasn't enjoying myself too. I was waiting for Margot and Cara. Then, no longer as I was able to finish my thought, they both showed up together.

https://t1.someimage.com/Up6gGK7.jpg (https://someimage.com/Up6gGK7) https://t1.someimage.com/LrI2kLq.jpg (https://someimage.com/LrI2kLq)

"WHERE'S THE BIRTHDAY BOY?!" I overheard Cara shout, her and Margot looking great as usual. I snuck up behind them both, and tapped them on the shoulders and surprised them.

"Hey!" I shouted as they greeted me with hugs and kisses.

"TONY!" Cara squealed in excitement. "Happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday baby!" Margot added as she kissed me.

"How have you been enjoying the party?" Margot asked still hugging me.

"To be honest, it's been kinda boring." I added. "But you and Cara are here now so now it's lively." That made Margot smile as Cara just went straight to dancing.

"Tony dance with us!" Cara said, which I initially refused as Margot joined in.

"You know I'm not a dancer. Besides, I'm not hammered enough to do so anyways." I replied.

"PUSSY!" Margot playfully shouted at me.

"You're still playing that up??" I told her.

"Come on, just dance with us Tony. We'll lead you." Cara said.

After a few seconds more of refusing, I caved in and had them lead the way. The "dancing" was them mostly grinding up next to me as I slowly started moving to the music. It was awkward looking from my view, but Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie dancing right next to me? Can't pass that up and thankfully, the room was somewhat dimly lit.

3 or so hours passed and we eventually had the cake, which was absolutely delicious. As everybody was singing me "Happy birthday", as soon as I had just finished blowing out the candles, Margot pushed me into the cake! Luckily, it didn't tip over and only managed to my chin area, which caused everyone to laugh.

"Happy birthday babe!" Margot smiled and giggled while I initially looked mad. She eventually licked off some of the cream off my chin and kissed me, which caused me to chuckle a bit and return the kiss.

The party started to die down after another 30 minutes or so as people began to leave. The only people that were left were my family, Margot's family, and Cara. Good, the people I trust the most with how to handle what I was about to do.

"Thank you for throwing this party, Margot. This has been wonderful." I looked at Margot as she waved and blew a kiss to me.

"There's.....No easy way for me to put this so I'm just gonna get straight to the point." I said. "Margot, can come over here please babe?" She looked confused at first but eventually came over. I looked her straight in the eyes as I planted both my feet together and held both her hands.

"Margot, we've known each other since we were teens but it feels so much more longer than that. When we first became friends, I felt so lucky and cherished our friendship, even when we met Cara over there." I said nudging my head in Cara's direction.

"When we started dated a few months back, that's when I felt like I had won the lottery. You are seriously the coolest girl on the planet." I told her.

"Tony what is...." She said before I calmly interrupted her.

"Shh just let me finish please." I whispered. "I'm not sure just how strongly you feel for me but I sincerely fucking love you Margot."

Her eyes start to light up as I finally dropped down to one knee and pulled my hands from hers, which caused my mom to audibly shriek. I reached over to my right pockets in my pants and pulled out the ring box.

"Margot Elise Robbie." I stated as I opened the box up to show off the 4K White Gold Engagement Ring I bought her, which made her tear up. "Will you marry me?" I asked calmly.

Without hesitation, she answered "YES!" with tears in her eyes as she jumped onto me, wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, and her lips to mine as everyone who still in attendance all cheered.

"I fucking love you Tony!" Margot said in-between kisses. My heart was racing at this whole ordeal but now I felt calm as she accepted and everyone was happy. Her mom and my were crying and even my sisters were crying too.

I looked over to Cara as she was just delighted. She then came over to hug me and Margot and eventually everybody else did. Me and Margot sat at one of the tables, all by ourselves just admiring the ring and our love for one another when Cara came to stop by.

"Congratulations, you nerds!!" Cara said, slightly tipsy.

"Thanks but are you sure you're gonna be in any condition to drive tonight?" I asked her.

"I'm not that drunk first of all." Cara replied. "Second of all, I called for a cab to come for me in about 20 or so minutes."

"God, this is so gorgeous baby." Margot said to me, still admiring the ring.

"Anything for you." I replied as I kissed her.

"Sooooo....When are you two gonna start having babies? Always wanted to be a grandmother." Cara said somewhat in jest which me and Margot look at each other in bewilderment. We never even thought about kids. I mean don't get me wrong, when we were teens, we always talked about being parents but certainly not with each other.

You say you've got to go home
'cause he's sitting on his own again this evening.
I know you're gonna let him bore your pants off again.
Oh God, it's half past eight,
You'll be late.

"I'll let you two ponder that." Cara replied as she continued to dance to the music. 10 Minutes or so later, our families called it a night and headed out, leaving only me, Margot and Cara. Like it always has been. The last song to play was Pulp's "Do You Remember The First Time." That took us both off-guard as we continued to slow dance on near the stage.

"You looked shocked there for a second." Cara said as Margot just simply closed her eyes and slow danced with me, her head resting on my chest.

"Yeah, this is our song. This played when me and Margot began dating." I replied as the song continued.

Do you remember the first time?
I can't remember a worse time.
But you know that we've changed so much since then,

"Well, it's been quite a night you two." Cara stated, getting ready to leave.

"Goodbye love." Margot said to her as they hugged and kissed goodbye.

"Congratulations babe!" Cara replied.

"Thank you for coming out tonight, Cara. Really means a lot." I said to her as she hugged me tightly.

"Happy birthday, you silly man. You got yourself a really special girl. I know you'll take good care of her." She said as she cupped my face with her hands and kissed me on the cheek.

"Let's go home." I whispered to her as we departed the building and we left home. As soon as we arrived home and got out of the car, Margot immediately jumped on me and planted her lips on mine, which I returned. As she was devour my lips, I had to keep an eye out for whatever was in front of me making sure not to fall or bump into something.

Given how much Margot was trying to eat my mouth, it was a miracle we reached the bedroom in one piece. I thew her down onto the bed and began to properly return the favor to my future wife to be.

I kissed her on the lips with such powerful ferocity that I nearly swallowed her whole!

"Hmmmm I love you." Margot whispered as I simply responded by kissing down her neck, and slowly began making my way down her body, making her moan.

Her cute Monse (?) trench dress was delicate and I didn't want to ruin it so she helped me slowly remove it. After some work, we managed to help get it off, which only left her in bra & panties as she turned her body around and flashed an incredibly sexy look at me.

https://t1.someimage.com/pUtVMbK.jpg (https://someimage.com/pUtVMbK)

"Wow...." Was all I can say. Yes, we have had sex numerous times before and have seen each other naked but I just proposed to this girl. It really hasn't dawned on me how lucky I am.

She then stood up and began to kiss me as she undid my shirt. She tossed my shirt to the ground as she went for the belt of my pants and quickly unbuckled it to reveal my boxers as she slid them off, freeing my semi-erect dick.

"Hmmmmm." Margot moaned as my fiancée used her small hands to stroke my dick, bringing it to full attention.

"Shiiiiiit." I moaned as she quickly picked up the pace of her strokes, changing from her left hand to her right to both. After 2 minutes of fast strokes, my dick was now fully erect and Margot just looked at me with hungry eyes. I then noticed the wet stain that appeared at the center of her panties, indicating she was ready for me.

Just to be sure, I hooked both hands on either side of her panties as she lifted her legs up slightly to help me remove them but I didn't go to her right away. Instead, I laid back down on the bed, giving her a subtle hint for some 69 action. Taking the hint, Margot removed her bra and turned her body around so that her pussy wass hovering over me and her face was facing my dick.

Margot finally brought her pussy to my face and we both brought our tongues to each others' respective private areas.

"Mhmmmm." Margot moaned as I slowly began licking her labia, just as she did with my dick. Licking my dick like a lollipop, she dragged her tongue up and down, side to side around my erect member, causing me to moan against her pussy.

"Mhhhhhmyeah." I moaned against her pussy as her juices slowly started to leak more and more, causing her to moan too as she finally placed her mouth against the tip of my dick. Margot began sucking my dick with soft sucks and strokes, moaning against my dick as I continued poking her hole with my tongue.

I then smacked her ass firmly as I sped up my licks, causing Margot to shiver.

"Mhfffmyeahbaby!" Margot moaned as she began to suck my dick much harder. Her body language was saying she was close to reaching her climax.

I added slightly more pressure as I slowed down my licks, which only seemed to send her over even more.

"FUCKBABYYEAHIMCLOSE." Margot shouted as I continued my licks. Like, she prolonged her strokes, firmly gripping my dick trying to push me over too. With a minute or so of more licks, Margot was ready so to muffle her screams, she placed her mouth back on my dick.

"MMMMMHHHFFFFFFMMHHH!!!" Margot screamed against me dick as she came, her juices flowing into my mouth as I sucked and licked at her.

Margot then laid back down on the bed with her ass sticking in the air, which gave me an idea. I moved over to the side of the bed to get into position to give her a quick rimjob. I placed my tongue inside the holiest of holes, causing Margot to briefly yell, clearly not expecting it but she didn't seem to mind.

"Ohhhh hmmmm you dirty boy." Margot moaned. I intertwined from long, methodical strokes with my tongue to quick licks, giving her a proper tongue pongue in her "fart box."

Eventually, my jaw was starting to ache so I stopped and turned Margot around and lined my dick next to her hot, wet area, teasing her first, which annoyed her.

"Stop teasing me please...." Margot whispered and I nodded as I slowly entered myself into her.

"Hhhhmmmyeah." I moaned as I slowly rocked back and forth. Margot began to moan, which only urged me to pick up my pace.

"Fuck me baby please." Margot whispered, as the sweat slowly began to build up on both of our bodies. I then maneuvered as we switched into the spoon position. a favorite of hers. We then faced each other, not breaking our eye contact. To prolong that, I used my right hand to grip the back of her small head as I used my left to pull her chin next to mine as we were face to face as we entered into a passionate kissing session, my dick rocking inside of her.

"Mhhhmmmm." We both moaned through the kisses, the bed now starting to rock with us.

"Yeahyeahyeah baby keep going." Margot whispered next to me, which only seemed to make go faster. I now started to pound into Margot's sweet, tight pussy as more sweat started to build on us.

Eventually, I slowed down but as I did so, Margot flipped me on my back and began to intensely ride me cowgirl.

"MMH YEAH LIKE THAT BABY?!" Margot moaned as I nodded, placing her hands on my chest, using it for leverage. Margot would very rarely ride me with vigorous intent as she would like to build up a solid pace but she was so into this session that she just disregarded that.

"YES I LOVE THIS COCK. YOUR COCK IS MINE AND ONLY MINE BABY!" Margot shouted as the sound of flesh smacking flesh hit the room. Not gonna lie, hearing my fiancée say that boosted my ego by quite a bit. I was in Heaven right now.

"You like my dick babe?" I asked her, which she moaned. I took that as a yes. Margot began to slow down her hips as she whipped her hair back in ecstasy as she brought my right hand to her neck and her chest she brought my middle finger into her mouth and began sucking at it briefly.

"Mhmh dirty girl." I whispered. I withdrew my finger from her mouth as I brought my right hand to her right nipple and briefly played with it, which led Margot to resume her hip movements. After a few seconds more, I began to lift her ass and helped her bounce on my dick, her cute bottom smacking against my testicles.

"OH GOD YESYES! TONY!" Margot shouted. Between the sweat on her body and her "puffing", I knew she was gonna reach her second climax so I drew my left hand to her clit and began rubbing it, further pushing her over.

"OH SHIT TONY I'M CLOOOOOSE!" Margot panted as she further continued to pounce on my dick as I started to feel my testicles starting to churn, my climax nearing too.

"TONY I'M GONNA....." Margot screamed as she came for the second time, her pussy gripping my cock in a vice grip as I let out a low groan. After Margot's juices covered my dick and her orgasm subsided, she brought herself off me and brought her mouth to my dick, began sucking furiously, working to milk me for all I was worth.

"Hmmmm yeah suck me baby." I moaned, which she responsed with my sucks and strokes. Her left hand massaged my balls as her right stroked my dick.

"Mhmffffmh." Margot moaned against my dick as she shot an incredibly sexy look at me, which only seemed to push me further.

"OH FUCK MARGOT I'M ALMOST THERE." I whispered, making Margot continue to suck me harder than before.

"MARGOT I'M CUMMING!" I moaned as I came in Margot's little mouth with a grunt, unloading rope after rope, spurt after spurt as she drank after single drop, never breaking our eye contact.

After a few extra seconds of sucks and strokes, my dick started to deflate. Margot then stuck her jizzed covered tongue out at me and swallowed what was left and giggled at me.

"Happy birthday baby. How was it?" she asked innocently.

"Best birthday ever!" I gasped, still recovering from that orgasm. Margot replied with a big kiss on me cheek. As we cuddled next to each other, we discussed our plans for tomorrow

"Sooooo......What's the plan for tomorrow?" I asked.

"Mum is probably gonna want to start planning the wedding." She replied.

"Wedding planning. UGH." I groaned., dreading all the planning.

"You're a man! Very rarely have I seen or heard men partake in any of the wedding planning." She replied with a cute little pout.

"Hm. I guess you're right." I said with a smile.

"BUT.....I do hope you help in some of the planning." She said with that stunning smile of hers. I would've objected to it on most occassions but not this time.

"Sure why not?" Margot was surprised.

"Really?" She had some elation in her voice.

"You deserve a wedding fit for a queen. I am hoping to deliver on that promise." I replied as I kissed her forehead which caused her to giggle.

"It's coming out of your wallet though." Margot joked as I starting nibbling at her neck causing us both to laughed as we embraced and began sharing kisses before succumbing to a deep, blissful sleep. Indeed, this was the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

End of Chapter 6.