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Do You Remember The First Time: Epilogue
With Margot Robbie & Cara Delevingne
Written by RV96
Codes: M/F/F, Cons, (Slight) Drinking, Oral, Rimjob, Anal, 69, F/F, Cumshot, Cum-Swapping
Disclaimer: A fanfic that's completely fictional that probably has never and will never happen? Why I never! Yes this is complete fantasy and never happened. Title taken from the song of the same by Pulp from The World's End soundtrack. This is going to be my first series but I'm not sure how long it'll be but hope you enjoy it! As always, feedback is more than welcomed.
A/N: This is it. My (proper) conclusion to my first series. I'm quite proud of how this turned out and hope to look back at it when I continue to write more fics in the future. And write more Margot and Cara-related smut as well.

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*Wait, the story of Tony & Margot Robbie had reached its peak right?! Well, yes and no. Yes, Tony & Margot had finally tied the knot and brought a beautiful baby boy into this world. Surely, that must be it right? Well, there are still some….Loose ends to tie. Now, we deal with the aftermath: Margot, Tony, & little René moved back to the United States and were living their life. Cara Delevingne was elected to be the Godmother of René as she too moved to America. The Holiday Season was in swing and Tony, Cara, & Margot received letters to the William Smithy High 10 Year Reunion. Will they accept the invitation? Read on to find out.*

*8 Months later*

I walked in from a quick stroll to the drug store for some cough drops (in below 50 on Margot playing with René. It's a sight I will never not love. I walked over to them and kissed both on their foreheads.

"Wave to daddy!" Margot whispered as she raised René's little arms and made waving motions towards me as I waved back and smiled.

"Oh babe, did ya get the message from William Smithy?" Margot asked, leaving me slightly confused.

"Message? William Smithy? Huh?"

"Yeah!" Margot exclaimed as she showed me the piece of paper.

"It's a Christmas-theme reunion. But here's another catch." Margot said as she pointed at a very specific excerpt from the letter.

"They want me to direct a special Holiday video? For what?" I pondered as Margot shrugged.

"Oh yeah, it's for 'exposure.' Me, you, and Cara are alumni and I guess they wanted you to shoot a Holiday video showcasing us?"

"That is weird. It's in 4 days. How do they expect me to direct a video in 4 days?"

"Babe, it's you." Margot said. "I'm sure you can whip something up before then whilst you can add your own signature 'touch' to it."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." I replied.

"What do you have a mind?" Margot asked.

"Hm. How about I'm Santa and you and Cara are my Little Helpers and we have a threeway?" I asked, causing Margot to scoff and roll her eyes.

"Actually, I like that Santa's Little Helpers idea. Sweet as actually."

"Want me to call Cara then?"


I called Cara about the idea and she immediately agreed to it. Leaving me with René, Margot and Cara went shopping for Christmas fishnets. I got the camera and they got into their little outfits (spoilers: they looked great). It was more of a 2 minute photoshoot filmed like a short film but about half-way through, an idea popped into my head.

"How about we end the video with a tease of a Lesbian kiss?"

"Wait what??" Margot asked.

"YES let's do it!" Cara gleefully exclaimed.

"Don't worry, it'll cut off before you even have a chance to touch lips." I reaffirmed.

"You do realize this will play in front of the high schools the day of the Reunion right?" Margot said as I just shrugged.

"I was gonna do this for the school buuuuuut……I'm gonna do this for me instead." I joked.

Eventually, Margot gave in and they leaned in for the 'kiss'. Just as I was about to yell cut, Cara leaned in to kiss Margot. Margot looked like she was ready to protest. What lasted 4 seconds felt like a lifetime and to say I kind of got a chub right there is an understatement.

"Oh…CC…Cut!" I stammered as Margot and Cara giggled and pranced around.

"That was kind of fun Tony!" Margot said as she hugged me. I wasn't sure if she was referring to the kiss or the shoot itself. I was definitely going to remember that.

*Reunion Night*

So the night of the Reunion came and we were all ready to go. Cara was kind of dreading it because no matter how inconspicuous she tried to be, she knew people were going to notice her. Margot didn't seem to mind it as much but she didn't wanted to get bombarded with people approaching her but such is the life of the celebrity. After Suicide Squad released, no way were these two able to live a 'normal' life again.

Me and Margot hired a babysitter for the night. It was the next door neighbors, specifically the neighbors 12 year old daughter Petunia. A fun, bright young lass who we could always count on to take care of our son. Usually, she would charge $15-20 but we didn't know how long we would be gone so I just paid her $40 upfront.

Arriving at the school did bring back some fond memories, particularly seeing some of the portraits of the teachers displayed on the wall. Margot was actually beaming as she spotted the old cheerleading room.

"Oi babe look! Remember Ms. Anderson's cheerleading room and how you helped me get me on the team on my first day of school?" Margot said as I nodded.

"Oh, this is the same hallway me and Tony almost did it in!" Cara exclaimed as I held my head in shame.

"Wait, what almost happened?!" Margot asked.

"Me and her were making out and I placed her right there and….Well I kinda got carried away."

"'Kinda?' You smashed me against the locker, which echoed throughout the hall and alerted one of the monitors in the first place!" Cara exclaimed.

"Oh please, we were gonna get either way. Besides, YOU instigated it." I told her.

"I was bored! Besides, I didn't think YOU would go through with it." Cara replied, causing me to groan.

"Regardless, how can you even tell it's the same hallway? They're pretty much identical, as far as the tiling is concerned." Cara then got down on her knees and pointed to the gum that was hidden right by the wall.

"That single piece of gum? It was mine. I was chewing gum on that day." Cara answered.

"RIGHT. You were." I said, remembering. "It was…" Me and Cara finished each others' thoughts.

"Juicy Fruit."

When we entered the gym, I was actually kind of astonished how well designed it was. There were plenty of Christmas ornaments and red Christmas lights and they even had a photo-booth were you can take pictures and apply Christmas-themed filters on them, which Cara immediately jumped on.

Me and Margot made our way through the gym and we were greeted by many people, most of whom I didn't know but Margot knew. One thing that kind of boosted my ego was seeing the former jocks flocking to Margot. Back then, they were the big, strong boys who dated all the girls and I was the quiet and timid nerd who probably couldn't get the girl to save his life. Oh how times change. I then noticed a lot of them but not Javier. After that incident at Cara's house all those years ago, I blocked him out of my mind but wondered what came of him so I asked Jonathan, one of his friends on the football team who now coaches the William Smithy high school football team.

"Oh he got busted for bringing in coke from Guatemala." Me and Margot were stunned.

"Wait what?!" Margot said in shock.

"Yeah, like 2 years back. Since he was an accomplice, he only got 9 months. Judicial system I know."

I just started to snicker. The big jock hot-shot who had everything handed to him on a silver platter and he threw it all away.

On a lighter note, they played the little video I had shot and suffice to say…….It didn't go over well with the superintendents as I decided to keep the kiss between Cara and Margot, briefly. The crowd in the gym seemed to like it though. I spotted Car and Margot, giggling as they seemed to be gossiping.

"Sooooooo whatchu girls doin'?" I asked in a playful tone.

"Nothin.'" Margot replied playfully with a shit-eating grin. She seemed to be up to something.

"She's right. Nothin.'" Cara said with a wink. Now I had a feeling they were up to something. I wasn't really the conceited type but was it about me? I was really…..Confused. Then again, I'm not a woman so maybe it's just a female thing?

It was about 10 at night now and so with that in mind, we decided to call it a night, much to Margot and Cara's delight. We said our goodbyes but we couldn't quite leave the school yet as there was some snow stuck under the tires of my car. Damn the weather this time of year! After about 10 minutes or so of getting the car warmed up, I was able to successfully leave the premises. Throughout the ride back home, Cara and Margot were chatting it up, the smiles never leaving their faces. I decided not to think much of it and focused my attention on the road.

When we arrived home, we entered the house to see Petunia half-asleep on the couch watching TV as René was sleeping in his room.

"Petunia? We're home." I whispered, waking her up by lightly tapping her.

"Oh you're home." Petunia groaned as she woke up.

"Thank you for watching René for us dear." I told her.

"René is a good baby. Very rarely cried and a deep sleeper."

"Hm. Just like his old man." I replied. "Cara, can you walk her home? I know she lives right next door but I don't want her out at this time of night." Cara nodded as I went up and checked on René.

Minutes later, we all had glasses of wine as we hung out for the remainder of the night.

"God, I can't believe Javier became a drug peddler. That's mental!" Margot exclaimed.

"Not gonna lie, I had a laugh about that." I joked.

"That is nothing to joke about!" Margot proclaimed.

"Yeah, it kinda is." I replied.

"Speaking of funny, that video sure pissed off some of the superintendents." Cara said, laughing out loud. Maybe the wine was starting to kick in or she thought it was REALLY funny.

"SPEAKING of funny, why were you two so giggly tonight?" I asked.

"God, conceited much?" Cara said in jest.

"I'm just curious. It couldn't be THAT funny right?"

"It's a ripper of a laugh babe!" Margot as she started to laugh. I was starting to get annoyed by their attempts to hide whatever was funny but at the same time, I didn't want to be intrusive.

"Well…" Margot said still trying not to laugh.

"Well…?" I repeated, anticipating her next answer. But Cara said next is was truly something I never thought would be said out loud.

"We want to have a threesome. Me, her, and you Tony." Cara said rather bluntly. She always was the kind of girl to not sugarcoat anything and get straight to the point.

"Bbbut I….I…Me and Marg…." I stammered. Was the wine kicking in and this is them becoming drunk? I won't lie, I had ALWAYS thought about something but there's fantasy and there's reality and you know what's so……Fascinating about reality? Even when you think you're ready for something in your head, you second guess yourself when the actual event is presented to you.

"No, must have second thoughts. You idiot, you've slept with both of them. Now, you can sleep with BOTH. What is there to think about?" Both my imaginary angel & devil whispered to me in my head.

"It's okay." Cara said as she slightly rolled her eyes at my response. "MARGOT is the one who suggested." My little minx of a wife was always full of surprises and with that response, I calmed down more and breathed a sigh of relief as both came over to my special sofa couch and sat on either side of knees.

"Pleeeeease daddy. We wanna play with you." Margot begged as Cara began to rub my chest, something she used to love doing when we together. Given both of their lustful expressions, no amount of potential protesting from me was gonna deny them. I basically had no say in the matter but I wasn't gonna complain.

I reached behind Margot's head and pulled her in for a big kiss as Cara slowly began undoing the buttons of my shirt. After a few seconds, I pulled away.

"Not here." I whispered, pointing over to René's room. Sure, he was a deep sleeper, but the combination of Margot & Cara's (inevitable) screams were gonna be too much as Margot and Cara headed over to the main bedroom as I went in and checked in on my son one last time, giving him a light kiss on the forehead while closing the door halfway.

The three enter the bedroom as I close and lock the door behind me as Cara jumped on me, all but devouring my mouth. I won't lie, I've had little thoughts about feeling Cara's lips on mine again after so long. We began kissing as Cara forced me against the wall, making a light thud as she giggled.

"You're gonna wake him (René) up!" I said.

"I'll be more careful." Cara said in a playful tone as she continued to kiss me as I put my hands around her waist. Margot decided to join in on the fun as she also began kissing me as well, leading into a three-way kiss. Eventually, Margot begins to unbuckle my pants and lowers them down to free my still growing dick covered through my boxers.

"Ohhhhh shit." I groaned as the two began rubbing their hands on the fabric, giving gentle squeezes every now and then. Then, Margot and Cara placed their lips on each other and began to make out, all while still rubbing me. I oozed pre-cum right then and there at that sight and would've full-on came right there but I held composure.

Breaking the kiss with light strands of saliva, Margot and Cara turn their attention back to me, looking at me with sexy looks that were to die for but they had 'malicious' intent. Finally, after light teasing, they pull down my boxers to free my aching erection from the confines of the fabric as they both lick their lips and flash incredibly hungry looking glances at it.

"Hmmmmm my God Margot. I forgot how much I loved this cock." Cara moaned as they both placed a hand on either side of my dick, rubbing it and slowly stroking it.

"Well love." Margot explained. "Even though he's my man, I can……Share every now and then." She said as she giggled. Even though my heart belonged to Margot, I still had a soft spot for Cara.

Like an ice cream, they started to lick my dick up and down as they looked up at me with alluring glances. Coating my dick with their saliva, Cara begins to make my way to my balls while Margot places one hand on my balls and another to begin stroking my dick slowly as Cara planted small kisses on my testicles.

"OOOoooo." I moaned as my dick was now fully erect without either of them actually placing their mouths on me. With that in mind, Margot then placed her mouth on my dick as Cara continued to work on my balls, causing me to moan.

"Jesus….." I moaned as Margot slowly sucked at me.

"Mmmmmhhhhhhhmmmm." Margot moaned against my dick as she began to speed up her sucks and strokes. I was slowly approaching my end but I knew I had to hold out. I wanted to make this last all night and it seemed Margot agreed as she let go of me.

"Hmmm looks like this cock is ace and ready to pop. But……" Margot said as her and Cara make their way to the bed as I remove what's left of my clothes. The bed was large enough to fit the 3 of us but I moved out of their way as they began to remove each others clothes and kiss with furious intent.

"Hmmmmm fuck Margot you taste so good." Cara moaned in-between the kiss as I slowly started stroking my cock watching them.

"I was just blowing my husband just now. Maybe that's it?" Margot joked as they both looked at me and giggled.

Soon, they were both naked and laid out on the bed. What a beautiful sight. Cara then mounted Margot as she slowly starts making her way down her body, planting sensual kisses all over Margot's body, causing her to moan in a low voice tone

."Fuuuuuuck hmmmmm." Margot moaned as Cara began to slowly drag her tongue up and down her nude frame. She began to draw circular motions over both her breasts, specifically her nipples. She then went on to playfully bite them, which further drew Margot crazy.

After a while, they switched positions and now it was Margot pleasing Cara. Unlike Cara, Margot was not wasting in her assault on Cara's body, kissing (or devouring depend on how you look at it) it furiously.

"Fuckin' hell Margot slow down yeh?" Cara whispered. Margot's only response was to bite at her nipples, "OW!" Cara winces. "I'm all for using teeth but easy there." I then slowly reach over and give Margot a firm smack her lovely bum, which she more than enjoyed.

"Hmmmm yeah like that baby?" Margot moaned as I continued to give her firm smacks as she continues to kiss Cara's stomach. I then moved towards Cara and gave a brief kiss on the lips, which I returned to Margot. Eventually, Margot got bored and whatever she had planned I stopped with just one tiny request.

"I wanna see you girls 69." I asked. With shit eating grins on their faces and no hesitation, they get into position with Cara laying down and Margot on top as they waste no time going to town on each other as I watch as I began to masturbate to the view in front of me.

"MMMMMMMFFFUCK." Cara moaned against Margot vagina as she licked Margot. Margot licked and shoved two digits into Cara's vagina, causing Cara to groan. "Oooooooh shit yes Margot!"

"Mmm yeah you fucking like that?!" Margot moaned as Cara slowly inserted a finger into Margot's hole. If you were to take a look at Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne at first glance, you'd think the latter was a wild, feral girl and the former was kind of sweet and innocent looking. Oh how looks can be deceiving.

Cara then smacked Margot's ass incredibly hard, which thankfully didn't echo throughout the room. Cara and Margot giggled, trying to stay quiet.

After about 5 minutes of straight slurping sounds and moaning, they were both ready to cum soon.

"Fuck Margot I'm there!" Cara shouted continuing her actions.

"FUCKFUCKFUCK!" Was all Margot was able to let out and within seconds, they both came with slightly loud grunts. A few minutes passed as they laid there, spent as they continued to sensually kiss.

"Goddamn that was incredibly hot girls." I whispered as they both smiled at me. I was beyond ready go by now and the feelings were mutual. I positioned Margot so I can enter her as Cara laid right next to her. I teased Margot by rubbing my dick up against her slit briefly.

"Pleeeeease…." Margot begged. After a few more teases, I slowly entered her incredibly wet hole with ease, causing us to moan.

"SHIT." I groaned as I started to thrust a medium pace, not wanting to waste anytime.

"Yeah fucking your wife like you mean it Tony." Cara whispered, flashing me a sexy wink which seemed to urge me further.

"Yesyesyes fuck me Tony please!" Margot pleaded and I obliged, picking up my pace. Cara then stood up and planted her lips and placed both of Margot's legs on my shoulders, granting me more access to Margot's snatch. God, she felt incredible. Eventually, I stopped thrusting as I exited Margot's snatch and Cara immediately grabbed my dick and began to suck, stroke, and slurp at it.

"Oooohhhhh." I moaned, it being a long time since I felt Cara's mouth around my dick and I forgot how great it was. She wasted no time, going all in on me with rapid sucks and strokes, making sure to get as much as Margot's juices from my dick and as much of her own saliva on my member as possible. Seeing Cara go down on my cock really brought back some…..Sexy memories and made me even more comfortable with this whole situation that was transpiring.

I was always 50-50 on threesomes. On one hand, it would be a nice way to further explore our sex prowess but I never wanted to share Margot with another man but I'm was never sure if Margot wanted to. Well, I guess she did. The basis of any good threeway is trust and me and Margot had enough trust in each other and with Cara, who was my first love, being a close friend.

"Mmmmfffppp." Cara moaned as she continued to suck me off while looking up at me with those killer eyes of hers. Cleaning up Margot's juices off my while coating my dick with her saliva, I gave her one quick but sloppy kiss before reentering Margot, this time not holding back and thrusting into her like a man possessed shaking her the bed in the process.

"FUCK OHHHHHHH SHIT KEEP GOIN' BABY!" Margot all but shouted as I placed my mouth on hers to try to keep her down. I then placed my hand on her mouth to try to keep her voice down. Luckily, my hand was large enough and her face was small enough to do just that.

"HHHHmmmmmmmmfffffppppp!" Margot squeaked through my hand covering her mouth as I continued to thrust into her.

"I think she's ready." Cara whispered in a sexy, yet playful voice making reference to Margot's spasming body. She was indeed ready so I just continued to thrust into her as Cara started to kiss and suck at Margot's breasts. All of these elements were enough to send Margot over the edge.

"MMMMMOOFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOHHHHH!" Margot yelled as she came hard, my hand still covering her mouth.

"Shit….." I let out a low groan, feeling her pussy clamped around my dick as I removed my hand from her mouth as she was gasping in ecstasy. I then placed my lips towards her for a slow, powerful kiss. Still wanting to go, I had an interesting idea. "Margot, I want you under Cara and Cara, I want you on top of Margot."

"Oooh what do you have in mind dirty boy?" Margot asked.

"It's me. I'm just making stuff up as I go." I jokingly replied as they both got into position. I slowly made my way behind Cara as I was prepared to enter her for the first time in years.

"I've been wanting this again for sooooo long." Cara moaned, biting her tongue with a needy expression on her face as she braced for contact. Slowly, I entered her causing us both to moan aloud. "Ooooooooh I forgot how big you were Tony ooooh." Cara gasped as I held that position for a few seconds. "Also, it's been a while since I've….'Properly' been with a man." Cara joked. Emphasis on "properly."

I then started to move at a a normal pace, causing Cara to moan lowly as her and Margot began to make out. The original way I had envisioned this position was Margot on top and Cara at the bottom but Cara's long legs offered me more of an advantage.

"Mmmmmhhhmm." I heard them both moan through their kisses, which led to me inching in closer and now began to properly thrust into Cara as my balls began to smack Margot's pussy.

"Fuck yeh Tony keep going!" Cara moaned which I responded with a light smack on her bottom.

"Spank me again dirty boy!" Cara urged me as I did just that , adding an additional 4 smacks on her bottom, each one harder than the last. After a few extra thrusts, I slid out of Cara and reentered Margot, thrusting into her as I placed my arms on either side of Cara as I planted my head on her left shoulder, which allowed me to kiss her.

"Yesyesyes oh Tony!" Margot moaned as her and Cara continued to kiss. This was a site to behold as it's always been my fantasy for me to have sex with Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne at the same, as I'm sure is the case with MANY men and women around the world. Luckily, for me anyways, I've known these two since we were teens. Eventually, I pulled out of Margot and reentered Cara. To keep a consistent pace, I decided to enter one and began thrust for about a minute, exit, and repeat. I kept this up for about 7 minutes and it's a miracle I didn't burst during that time.

I let myself rest as Margot and Cara resumed kissing each other. Margot then crawled toward me slowly as she slowly inserted my cock into her mouth, blowing me. As Margot was licking me, Cara arched shifted Margot's ass upward as she knelt down in front of Margot and placed her tongue down on her pussy. At least that's what I thought.

"OOOOOOHH WOAH!" Margot yelped. "Did you…..Did you just stick your tongue in my arse?" Margot asked, totally not seeing it coming as I couldn't help but laugh.

"Problem love?" Cara asked rhetorically as she slowly brought her tongue back to Margot's holiest of holes, once again making Margot squirm.

"That's…….Oooooohhhmmmmm……Shit Cara…." Margot moaned audibly, clearly enjoying this as she resumed blowing me.

"Nice one Cara." I murmured as I placed both my hands through Margot's golden locks and slowly bobbed her head up and down my dick.

"Mmmmmhyoummmmmm." It sounded like Cara was saying "Thank you" but I couldn't quite make it out, mostly due to Margot's audible slurps of my dick. I slowly threw my head back and closed my eyes in pleasure, my hands never leaving Margot's head.

A few moments had passed and I decided I wanted another crack at Cara but I was pretty exhausted as evidence by the amount of sweat on the three of us. I had the idea of her riding me in my head and it seemed she read my mind as well when she announced to me that she wanted a 'ride.'

"I wanna ride you Tony." Cara whispered. Not wanting to waste anymore time, I laid down on the bed while Cara crawled towards me. Margot then crawled over to her as she was about to insert my dick inside of her. Margot helped her out by grabbing my dick and slowly inserting me into Cara. Margot almost immediately began to kiss at Cara's breasts and suckle at her neck.

"Hmmmmm you like this Tony?" They both said simultaneously as Cara started to ride me.

"God yes!" I moaned out loud, the first time I actually shouted all night.

"Shhhh. You'll wake the baby." Margot said in jest, ribbing me on my insistence that we try to keep our voices as down as possible. Easier said than done.

"MMMMMMMMM FUCK TONY." Cara exclaimed as she now began to rock her hips back and forth as Margot kissed her on the lips.

"Keep going." I whispered and she did just that. She decided to mix it up a bit even as she lifted her hips and slammed them back down me. She repeated this for a few seconds until she resumed to riding me. I took a quick glance at her body language and knew almost immediately she was close so I decided to bring my thumb to her clit to help her reach her climax as Margot continued to kiss her.

"OH FUCK I'M……" Cara squeaked, nearly there. Even though hadn't been dating in nearly a decade, I had to believe I knew her body better than most. Maybe more than she knew herself. All of this became too much for Cara as she came with a yell that was (thankfully) muffled through Margot's kiss as Cara clenched her vagina walls around my dick like a vice as her juices began to leak onto my dick.

Taking a breather for a sec, I went over to Margot to kiss her once again as she went right back down to my dick, quickly stroking and sucking on it making sure to get all of Cara's juices off my dick.

"Shiiiiiiit." I moaned as she finished sucking. I felt myself ready to reach my high. I wasn't sure when but I could feel it slowly building.

"I WANNA GO NEXT." Margot exclaimed innocently, referring to a ride of her own. Once again, I laid down on the bed as she inserted my dick inside of me, immediately gyrating her hips back and forth. If there's one thing I've learned about Margot being together with her from dating to marrying her, she's the kinda woman that, when the moment is opportune, will get what she wants. Cara was to an extent but never quite like Margot and it was kind of a neat contrast.

"FUCK BABY." Margot moaned quietly. Finally recovering, Cara came to my side and pulled me in for a long, deep kiss as she started to dirty talk me.

"You fucking love this huh? Dirty fucking boy. Your wife was so kind to share me with you. I know it's what you've been wanting for years" Cara said as she held my face in her last, looking deep into my eyes with a shit-eating grin on her face. "You love watching us fucking cum on your big fucking cock don't ya? I know you do!"

"Fuck yeah." I moaned.

"I wanna fucking sit on your face. Fucking eat me out and make me cum again with your tongue." Cara moaned bluntly.

"Fucking do it." I whispered as she gave me one more kiss before climbing on top of me, her incredibly wet pussy now hovering over my face. Finally, Cara brought herself down on my face as I immediately started to tongue punch her hole.

"God shit!" Cara moaned as she stood in place as I ate her out. Meanwhile, Margot began to change her methods of riding me, intertwining from grinding on me to bouncing on me.

"Hmmmmmm I fucking love watching seeing my husband eating out my best friend whilst I ride him." Margot moaned, matching Cara's dirty talk.

"Holy fuck I've forgotten just how amazing his tongue is!" Cara squeaked as she slowly began to grind herself on my face. It kind of bothered my nose at first but I got used to it pretty quickly.

"OH TONY SHIT. I love my husbands big cock soooooooo much." Margot whispered. I couldn't see her but I would imagine her golden hair was beyond messy, her eyes filled with lust, and that gorgeous mouth of hers was flashing a smile to die for.

"OOOOOOOOH." Cara moaned as it seemed to she was about to cum again. I could tell by both her moans and how much she was grinding her pussy on my face now. "FUCKING TAKE IT." Cara shouted as she grind herself on me, causing the bed to shake even more than it already has. My hands gripped the sheets as I was laying flat on my back in the best possible position imaginable: underneath my wife Margot Robbie and our close friend Cara Delevingne.

"OH MY TONY I'M ALMOST THERE." Margot moaned, confirming what I already anticipated.

"Shit me too!" Cara whispered. Right after that, I didn't hear them say anything else and I couldn't see what was happening but I would imagine they were both kissing each other so that they can stifle their cries. Few more licks later, Margot and Cara came simultaneously, Cara's pussy juice leaking not as much as I would've liked but enough for me to savor while Margot came all the way down on my dick, coating it with her juices as she tightened around me. Now, if my math is correct, this would be the 6th time they've both came between the two of them: Cara-3 and Margot-3 but hey this isn't a competition, thankfully, because Margot is very competitive.

Sweating, exhausted, and still ready for more, we all had a breather and rested for a few moments. Then, Cara announced something to me I never thought I would hear and wasn't prepared for.

"Take me from the ass." Cara begged. I was stunned. She's into anal? I mean, I guess it surprises me but it shouldn't.

"Oooooh that is well naughty Cara!" Margot giggled.

"But…please be gentle Tony." Cara asked.

"Of course." I whispered and nodded as my dick, which was still covered in her Margot's pussy juice, was ready to enter her. But then I remember something. "Get it ready first." I told them both and they knew exactly what I meant. They placed their mouths on either side of my dick, getting wet with their saliva. They then both began to kiss with my dick in-between their mouths as they let out low moans.

Eventually, I was ready to go and Cara prepared herself for me to enter her holiest of holes. I slowly and I mean SLOWLY entered the tip into her as Margot looked on in anticipation.

"OOooooo." Cara winced with a hint of agony in her expression.

" You OK?" I asked, worried. "We don't have to do it if you don't want to."

"NO. I WANT IT." Cara exclaimed rather bluntly, which took me by surprise. So, I decided to slowly etched myself into her very delicately, which caused Cara to cry out more before eventually loosening up around me. Even with her sexual experience before meeting me AND after dating me, I was still a little taken aback by the fact that she was an anal virgin but she eventually eased up around me.

"Mmmmmmmoooohhhh." Cara let out a low whimper as I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth, my member never fully pulling out of her behind but never going too deep either.

"Looks like she's starting to get used to it." Margot proclaimed as I noticed Cara flash a quick smile and nod of approval. Still, I didn't want to go all in and end up hurting Cara so I decided to take it nice and easy, really making her feel it without making her "feel 'it.'"

"Mmmmmff." I grunted softly, grabbing Cara by her hips, as I picked up my pace, which went from snail speed to turtle speed. Even if this pace was methodical, it was just right enough for us to get used to each other in this act while still being satisfied.

"SHIT TONY IT'S REALLY IN THERE!" Cara yelled with a mixture of pain and joy in her voice. She said it's really "in there" but it really wasn't it. I was probably about 3 inches in there, maybe 4. It's just that it was really filling her up, which was more than enough for me and her.

After another 5 minutes or so, I could feel myself starting to get closer to my own release so I pulled out of Cara's behind very slowly as Margot's watery mouth devoured my dick, the same dick that was just up Cara's butt a few seconds ago! Immediately, I let out a audible sigh as my body began to shiver as Margot's hungrily sucked at my dick, looking up at me with those killer eyes.

"Hmm damn Tony, you're wife is a dirty little birdie ain't she?" Cara giggled as she spanked Margot's bottom, causing Margot to moan even louder.

"Mmmmmfffppph." Margot moaned as she hungrily devoured my dick, making very loud slurping noises. I knew I wasn't gonna last much longer after this.

"Lay back down." I ordered Margot, panting as I just went straight into Margot, thrusting like a mad man. Margot and Cara knew that this meant I was incredibly close.

"You gonna fucking cum for us Tony? Huh?!" Cara pleaded, urging me to release. "We want it in both our dirty little mouths!" Cara said as she traced circles around her mouth as I continued to thrust into Margot. "We want to drink ALLLLLLL of it and feel it go down our tummy's!" Cara innocently pleaded as she started to rub her stomach and lick her lips.

"FUCK PLEASE GIVE US THAT CUM DADDY PLEASE!" Margot shouted as she begged with puppy dog eyes. That was it.

"OH SHIT GET DOWN!" I yelled as I pulled out of Margot and began to furiously stroke my dick as Margot and Cara got on their knees right next to me and stuck their tongues out, touching directly as they starting giggling, waiting for my release. After a few more strokes, I let out a loud cry and came with a grunt, unloading rope after rope of jizz into their eager mouths with some of it hitting their face.

After I unloaded my last few drops, I returned to the center of the bed as I watched Cara and Margot swap my cum in their mouths through intense kisses as they slowly turn towards me with sexily satisfied expressions on their faces, the combination of saliva and jizz still trickling down their mouths as they giggled. God, what a messy, sexy site it was!

After a few minutes of gathering ourselves, we got ourselves (somewhat) cleaned up and ready to retire for the night when all of a sudden…

"WAHHHHHHH." René began to cry in the other room.

"Oh no!" Margot exclaimed.

"I can calm him down." Cara, now clothed in her underwear and one of Margot's spare shirts, pronounced as she went into René's room.

"We were a pretty loud at the end there." Margot said as she planted her head on my chest.

"Yeah but he didn't make a peep during the whole ordeal." I replied, still slightly out of breath from the episode that just transpired.

"Maybe it's separation anxiety? He hasn't seen any of us in a few hours. I think we should check on him too." Margot stated as we both headed to our son's room. To our relief, Cara had more than handled little René as she sung him a song to help him sleep.

"You say you've got to go home 'cos he's sitting on his own again this evening. I know you're gonna let him bore your pants off again. Oh God, it's half past eight you'll be late. You say you've never been sure tho' it makes good sense for you to be together. Still you bought a toy that can reach the places he never goes & now it's getting late."

"Of course." I said with a smile, referring to the song she chose to help René sleep.

"He's so beautiful." Cara whispered, smiling down on my son.

"He is." Margot replied, looking down on our son. In that moment, we came back to reality. We had just had our little threeway that brought out sex drives we haven't experienced since we were teens but the little baby boy that laid in front of us, my son, Margot's son; Our son.

We were adults. We had matured in our own ways. I had my first love in high school and the godmother to my son, Cara Delevingne, on one side and I had my best friend and the love of my life and mother of my child, Margot Robbie, on the other side. And I had my son and my greatest accomplishment, René, right in front of me. I will always remember the first time I met these three people in my life.


12-01-2016, 06:55 AM

Loved the storyline and now that it's over I realise I'm going to miss it

12-01-2016, 11:17 AM

Loved the storyline and now that it's over I realise I'm going to miss it

Thank you! Loved writing it as there were some deep, personal things from my life that I implemented into it. I will definitely write more Cara and more Margot in the future. :D: