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Soccer Mom
with Pia Miller
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, blowjob, public
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Little short I felt inspired to write

https://i.imgbox.com/q9cxfoba.jpg (http://imgbox.com/q9cxfoba)

It was one of the hottest days of the year that my kid's school was hosting their annual sports day and soccer tournament. My son wasn't even the sporty type and was only participating in one event but I felt obliged to be there. Of course, I'd never admit it to anyone, but one of the most dominant reasons I turned up was because I hoped to run into one of my kid's friend's smoking hot mother – small time local celeb Pia Miller.

And as luck would have it, it didn't take long to bump into the stunning brunette with her, thankfully, remembering me from previous school events and greeting me with a friendly hug.

We stood chatting for some time, sweltering in the Australian sun. Before long both our kids were done in their respective events but showed no desire to be heading home so we left them to it.

"I don't know about you but this heat is killing me," I finally admitted. "Wanna come back to the car and just blast the air-con?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" she replied to my relief before following me back to the car park.

I watched Pia fanning herself in my passenger seat while I cranked up the AC, the two of us sighing as we felt the blast of cold air.

"I don't know how they do it," I noted as our kids ran past, still full of energy despite the sapping heat.

"Tell me about it, I could barely even fuck this morning it was so hot!" Pia blurted out without thinking.

It went without saying I was a little stunned by her blunt comment and saw Pia blush as she realised what she'd said.

"Oh god, that was too much information, forget I said that!"

"No, no it's fine, really," I assured her. "It's just...warn a guy before you put images like that in his head!"

"I'll be sure to do that next time," she grinned, flashing me her million dollar smile.

We fell silent for a long minute until I grabbed a bottle of icy water to distract myself from the inappropriate thoughts about my passenger. Noticing the way she was looking at the bottle, I offered her a drink too which she gratefully accepted.

What followed was perhaps the sexiest example of drinking from a water bottle I'd ever seen.

Miller gulped it down so quickly a decent amount missed her mouth all together to run down her chin. It was almost like watching in slow motion as I followed the little droplets of water trickle down her slender neck, on to her chest and ultimately into her mouth-watering cleavage.

I must have been really gawping because I was suddenly snapped back to reality when Pia cleared her throat, making my hanging jaw snap shut again.

"You alright there mate?" she giggled. "Not having a heat stroke on me or anything?"

"Jesus I dunno," I gulped, forcing myself to look away from her eye-catching chest.

"I don't mind you know," she said calmly. "Why work for a body like this if I don't let people admire it?"

I turned back to face her, meeting her eye to check she was serious. I had to admire her own self-confidence and I suddenly wanted her more than ever. I tightened my grip on the steering wheel as her dark eyes silently dared me to check her out.

"It's still real hot in here, do you mind if I take this off?"


Before I could even finish my slow thought I watched spellbound as Pia crossed her arms and pulled her top off, shaking her tousled hair out to sit beside me in nothing more than a bikini top and her denim cut-offs.

"Fucking hell Pia, you're a real tease, you know?"

Her large tits looked absolutely incredible, barely contained in her top and covered in a thin sheen of sweat and water she'd — perhaps intentionally — spilled down herself.

"You want me to stop?" the sexy MILF pouted playfully.

"God no..."

"I guess I just can't help myself," she explained. "I just love the attention...love knowing I can still make guys hard – you are hard right now, yeah?"

"Yes..." I almost groaned.

Pia smiled again, her cute dimples enough to make me throb in my pants.

"Go ahead and sort it out if you want, it must be really uncomfortable right now."

"Uhh—I dunno..." I muttered, checking our surroundings.

We still weren't that far away from the playing field and I didn't exactly want to be caught with my dick out so close to the school sports event.

"Well I think it's only fair I get to see it," Pia argued. "You're not scared are you?"

I could barely believe what I was hearing, it was almost a dream come true to have Pia Miller actively asking me to pull my cock out for her so, understandably, I threw caution to the wind and did just that.

"Holy—wow, where were you hiding that thing?!" Pia gasped, much to my delight as I showed her my impressive package.

Without thinking she reached over and suddenly wrapped one hand around my thick girth, giving my cock a few slow, experimental strokes. I was so taken aback by the action I was rendered speechless.

"I sure know how to pick 'em," she grinned. "I doubt I could even fit this thing in my mouth!"

"Fucking hell Pia, don't tease me with something like that..."

"Who said anything about teasing?"

https://2-t.imgbox.com/S2pNg9nv.jpg (http://imgbox.com/S2pNg9nv) https://5-t.imgbox.com/htPYk1w0.jpg (http://imgbox.com/htPYk1w0) https://6-t.imgbox.com/vBHRbTh9.jpg (http://imgbox.com/vBHRbTh9)

My brain was struggling to keep up with the sudden turn of events but I heard myself grunt out loud when the mother of two leant over and gently enveloped my cock into her wet, warm mouth. In that moment I thought maybe I did have a heat stroke and had died and gone to heaven as the skilled starlet began sucking on my cock.

Her soft lips were stretched and wrapped tightly around my shaft as she slowly bobbed her head, taking more of my length on each down stroke until I felt the narrow passage of her throat but still she persevered, not once stopping for air until the tip entered that narrow hole and caused her to gag a little.

"Holy shit," I mouthed as she coated my shaft and balls in thick saliva before going back for more.

"Mmm, you're so hard," she hissed approvingly. "I wanna taste your load!"

She went back down on me and redoubled her efforts, seemingly eager to have me finish in her mouth as quickly as possible but didn't object when I wrapped her long mane in one hand and began dictating the pace.

"Just remember to keep an eye out, yeah? Don't let anyone catch us."

"Uh-huh, sure," I muttered, only half listening as I held her head in place and began thrusting upwards, fucking her hot mouth.

The 33-year old babe could only moan as I had my way with her, exploring every inch of her drooling mouth and throat, pushing into the inside of her cheek and slapping my wet shaft against her tongue.

At the same time I reached over and forced my hand into her shorts to abruptly slide two digits into her cunt, finding her to be much tighter than I'd expected. Having discovered just how wet and tight she was, I shoved her shorts and bikini bottoms down her thighs to reveal her pretty pussy, a neatly trimmed landing strip guiding the way.

"God damn, you're so fucking sexy," I hissed as I played with her flawless body. "I wanna fuck you so bad right now."

"Hmmm, but we can't," she whined, confirming the fact she'd be down for it in different circumstances.

"Why not?"

"What if someone sees?!"

"Fuck it, let them watch for all I care."

"You're bad..." she smirked up at me before yelping when I suddenly pulled her up, easily lifting her onto my lap. "Whoa what are yo—ughhh—ohmigod!"

In that one, swift moment of madness our bodies connected and I slid into her warm, inviting honey-pot as she groaned into my ear.

"Fuck. We need to stop," she whined unconvincingly.

"And we will, but I wanna see how you ride cock first."

"Oh god," she huffed, wiggling her hips as she struggled with my girth. "—you're so big."

That being said she couldn't deny the pleasure we were causing each other so she didn't argue again, holding onto the back of the seat as she began to ride me. It was an image and feeling I wouldn't soon forget, with her long hair falling down around her pretty face and dark, lustful eyes burning into me as she built up even more of a sweat.

But it only got better when I slid my hands up from her waist and felt her magnificent breasts for the first time, quickly pulling her bikini out the way to reveal her hard, brown nipples which I hungrily sucked into my mouth.

Pia let out another long moan as I worshipped her natural, soft tits and our fucking reached a fever pitch.

If anyone happened to look over now at the rocking car, they'd easily see us and there'd be no denying what we were doing but neither of us cared.

"Ugh. Fuck. Ugh. Oh my god. I'm close," she huffed already.

"Yeah?" I grunted back, struggling to hold back my own climax. "—you gunna come all over that cock, you hot little slut!"

"Fuck. Yes!"

"You like getting fucked in public don't you?! Where anyone can watch...anyone could join in..."

"Oh jesus—I'm—I'm cumming!"

With that her eyes rolled back as her cunt squeezed down as she creamed all over my shaft. It took everything in my power not to blast my load deep inside the mother of two.

Pia treated me to a sudden, scolding hot kiss as she came down from her high before clambering off me to suck me deep into her mouth, tasting her own pussy off my shaft.

"You close?" she murmured with a mouthful of cock. "—you need to cum!"

"Uh-huh, keep doing that and I will," I promised.

"Feed me that fucking cum!"

A moment later she got her reward. My hips bucked upwards to bury my wick into her throat as I unloaded, pumping load after load of hot spunk into her belly and filling her grinning mouth.


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:crying: so fucking great. You've made me a very happy lad. :yes:

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Fuck that was hot, LemonTalk.
Soccer mom indeed.


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Damn. I have no idea who Pia is, but she and this story is hot as hell.