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With Margot Robbie and Olivia Holt
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, drunk, fingering, blowjob, oral, rimming
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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I'd only been in Los Angeles for a few days when I found myself fortunate enough to not only attend a red carpet event, but accompany one of Hollywood's sexiest stars, in the form of one Margot Robbie.

As it turned out, Margot had recently gotten hitched to my best friend Tom Ackerley, but due to circumstances out of his control, was unable to attend the event and asked me to cover.

Fortunately for me his new wife was exactly as Tom had described – extremely friendly and down to earth – so we hit it off almost immediately, particularly since we were both Australian. In fact the aussie actress was so infatuated with me that she seemed intent on playing the role of a matchmaker, and was determined to find me a girlfriend.

Of course being two very loud and rambunctious aussies, it didn't take long for us to get quite drunk and make fools of ourselves, with the two of us turning the entire event into our own little private playground. To make matters worse, Margot grew more crude and flirtatious the more she drank, while we continued to judge and critique other guests at the party.

"What about her?" she'd comment out loud. "You see the lips on that one."

"Absolutely, they're hard to miss."

"How'd you like those chops wrapped around your bell-end!"

I couldn't help but laugh at Margot's lewd commentary as I realized the woman in question was Disney starlet Dove Cameron.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm not the only one who'd like to experience those lips," I remarked.

"Hey, can you blame me! A girl can't survive on dick alone."

I'm not sure why this even surprised me, considering how casual and laid back Margot was about sex, but the revelation that she liked both boys and girls still startled and thrilled me. It actually made me look at her in an entirely different way. God she was sexy.

"So what are you saying, are you one of those lipstick lesbians?"

"Hardly," Madge explained. "But Tom still likes to fantasize about it all the time, about me bringing home a chick for us to play with."

"Would you ever do it?"

"Maybe, if she was hot enough. God knows it turns him on something chronic. He can't stop talking about it, especially when we're both worked up. Once I get started with the sex talk and scenarios, the poor guy loses his mind."

I couldn't half blame him, since despite only knowing Margot a few hours I could only imagine how dirty and detailed her imagination was.

"Yeah I bet he does, but what about you," I imposed. "Does the idea of being with another woman get YOU off?"

"Meh, I still prefer a nice hard cock." Margot admitted. "..but I'd be lying if I said I've never thought about being with another woman before. I think every girl has."

It was at this point during the conversation that the onetime Neighbours star squeezed my hand and pointed to another blonde teen who we later learned was Olivia Holt.

"Oi, check it out." she fawned. "she's fucking gorgeous don't you think?"

I had to agree.

"You should go talk to her," Margot insisted. "I dare you."

"..and tell her what?"

"Just make up some shit. Tell her you're a rich movie producer from Australia or something, god knows that used to get ME wet."

"Ha, a stiff breeze gets YOU wet Margot." I chuckled.

The aussie actress responded by pinching my arm as I built up the courage to approach the stunning teen. Of course, Olivia seemed dismissive about who I was or where I was from, until the moment I mentioned who I had accompanied to the party which immediately peaked her interest.

"Do you really know her! ..think you can introduce us?"

Naturally I had initially had full intentions of making the introduction, but now decided to string her along for a few minutes and make her work for it.

"Seriously though, I'd do almost anything to meet her." Holt remarked.

"That's a pretty bold statement in a place like this," I pointed out. "What if I was some kind of pervert or something, looking to take advantage of you?"

Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Trust me, I've met them all. I can spot a pervert from a mile away, and you're not one."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because you haven't tried to touch my feet, or smell my hair in the last ten minutes."


"Please, you have to introduce us." Olivia insisted. "My mom and I have been fans of hers since her time on that Pam-Am show."

"Tell you what, how about you give me your number and I'll seriously consider it."

"Just my phone number, nothing else?" she smiled.

From the look on her face she almost seemed disappointed.

"Well.. what else are you offering?"

Olivia looked around and grinned evilly.

"Most of the time guys usually ask for my panties."

"Well I wouldn't want to disappoint," I laughed. "How about it then, you give me your panties and I'll introduce you to Margot Robbie."

Amusingly enough, despite having made the lewd suggestion in the first place, Olivia seemed to contemplate something before agreeing to the terms and asked me to follow her to the bathroom. I actually thought she'd back out and change her mind at the last minute, but to her credit she emerged a minute later with her panties in hand, which to my delight were still warm to the touch.

"So do we have a deal?" the stunning blonde blushed.

"..and you're actually naked under that dress right now?"

"As free as a bird." she giggled. "It's actually fun, feels quite liberating."

That said, I boldly grabbed her by the hand and walked her through the party and over to my partner in crime who immediately worked her charms, greeting Olivia with a friendly peck on the cheek.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see the girls get along so famously. As a matter of fact, they appeared to get along so well that I almost felt like a third wheel. They just seemed to make the sweetest couple. In fact watching them from a far, one could almost mistake them for real life sisters.

"So what do you say," I overheard Margot comment, "..think you'd be interested in showing my friend around town for a few days, you know show him the sights and stuff."

"Err, I probably would but I'm currently dating someone." Holt admitted.

The look of disappointment on Margot's face must have been telling cause Olivia immediately backtracked.

"—but I mean, we're not really serious or anything." Holt lied. "so I'd be happy to show him around, sure."

Both Margot and I knew it was bullshit, but we were just happy to see how eager she was to please. It was at this point as Olivia went to the bar to collect our drinks, that Margot leaned over into my ear and surprised me with her next (drunk) comment.

"Hmm, I dunno. I'm catching a little vibe from her. I might have to steal her away from you, and take her to some sleazy motel."

"You seem really taken with her."

"She's really pretty, and I bet she's got a smoking little body under that dress.. not to mention the sweetest little pussy." Margot giggled.

"That's funny, cause that's what I hear from Tom," I chuckled, spurred on by liquid courage.

https://i.imgbox.com/pPTVSxVv.jpg (http://imgbox.com/PW2RvoJN)

"It's too bad you'll never find out," she winked. "I mean as cute as you are, and as much chemistry as we have I don't think I could ever cheat on him with one of his best friends. It'd just feel too wrong. It'd be like fucking one of my brothers."

"That's precisely why it'd be so hot," I added.

"You're probably right," she giggled. "Besides, the way the nights turning out.. who knows."

"By the way, I should mention that your cute little friend isn't wearing any panties at the moment."

The look on Margot's face was priceless.


I proved the point by taking her hand and showing her that I held the teenagers underwear in my pocket.

"Fuck. Now there's an image," Robbie added, referring to Olivia's teen peach.

"Why, does that excite you?"

"Seriously, I could totally swap teams for this girl tonight. I've never really considered myself a lesbian or anything, but right now I could happily eat her pussy."


Minutes later the three of us were hitting the drinks pretty hard, so hard in fact that I briefly excused myself to go to the bathroom, only to return to the main gallery and find the ladies nowhere to be seen.

"Well you certainly didn't waste much time," I text-messaged Margot's phone. "Where are you?"

It took an extra minute for her to reply, but when she did it brought a smile to my face.

"You snooze, you lose pal :P"

"You didn't take her home already did you?"

"Not yet," she clarified. "But fingers crossed. Something might happen."

Fuck. I wasn't sure who was more excited, me or Margot.

"Remember, go easy on her. She's not wearing any panties right now." I typed.

"Right now.. mine are flooded!"

"Wet?" I simply wrote.

"So effing bad, I could scream."

"For fuck sake, where are you two?"

"We're still here. Find us. Good luck!"

I spent the better half of twenty minutes just combing the venue, checking every nook and cranny before ultimately stumbling across a secluded area backstage where I lurked in a doorway and realized I could hear gentle smooching going on.

I probably stood there for a solid minute, utterly dumbfounded as I stumbled across Margot Robbie and Olivia Holt making out with each other, with Margot groping the impressionable teenager, while trying to get her out of her dress.

"..wait, we can't." Holt whined. "What if we get caught."

"Come on, you trust me don't you?" Margot urged. "Besides, there's no one around. We're just having some fun."

"..but, but I've never done anything like this before."

"Sure you haven't," Robbie winked, not falling for her innocent, girl next door act.

I just about tripped over my own jaw when I watched Margot slip her hand down between the girls legs while shoving her tongue down her throat. It was just about the most erotic thing I had ever seen, up until the point where Margot kissed her way down her body, pushing Olivia to lay back on a table, and proceeded to go down on her!

When Robbie finally spotted me standing at the door spying from a distance, she simply smiled and signaled me over with a curl of her finger. I didn't need to be asked twice, and happily joined the two ladies at the table where I took out my cock and stuffed it into Olivia's waiting mouth, silencing any qualms she might have had about cheating on her boyfriend.

Judging from the moans that escaped her lips, Margot knew exactly what she was doing as she literally devoured the young star, getting all rough and noisy and slurping loud enough to make the teen blush.

"ugh-god," Holt panted with a mouthful of cock, as I reached down and pulled her knees apart to spread her wide for her lover.

"God you smell and taste so fucking good," Robbie murmured while slurping on her cunt, her mouth and chin gleaming in girl juice.

When the ladies briefly stopped to share a kiss, I took this opportunity to move between Olivia's legs and immediately pushed home, burying my wick and impaling the gorgeous singer-actress in one swift action.

"Yeah, fuck her." Margot grinned. "Give her that big fat cock."

I could feel Olivia's pussy growing juicier with each stroke, and was pleased that she was now getting off due to the combined efforts of Margot and I. The entire encounter was so surreal I'm not even sure who made the next move, but a second later Margot and I were kissing each other with wild abandonment, as I continued to thrust into the teenager.

I almost moaned when I detected the distinct taste of Olivia's pussy on her mouth, and grabbed Margot's head and directed her to lick Holt's pussy while I pummeled her. This of course sent Olivia into hysterics, thrashing about wildly and wailing out loud as she came like a freight train.

"Ah, yes baby, yes." Robbie encouraged. "..cum for me, cum all over that big cock."

A moment later, I reluctantly pulled out only to watch Margot maneuver herself back down between the teenagers legs, to feast on her cream-filled snatch. At this point I was so riled up that I simply hiked up Margot's dress (and without her permission) pushed forward to claim her pussy for my own.

The onetime Neighbours star was so caught up in what she was doing, that she didn't even object as I effortlessly impaled her from behind. Up until that point I wasn't even sure she was going to allow it to happen considering our association to one another, but the time for small talk and half measures was over. I just had to fuck her.

When I finally grabbed hold of her thick aussie hips and thrust into her again, Margot gasped out loud and was inadvertently pushed deeper into Holt's pussy, grinding her chin into Olivia's ass and causing the blonde teen to damn near lose her mind.


"Yeah, eat her ass." I growled as I pounded Margot from behind. "I think she likes it. Stick that tongue deep in that sweet little ass."

To her credit, Margot didn't hesitate and immediately licked Olivia's backdoor, lavishing special attention to both holes with her wet tongue. I continued to jack-hammer the Queensland native throughout this ordeal, marveling at the fact that not only was I finally fucking my best friends hot wife, but taking her from behind (at a public event no less) while she licked Olivia Holt's ass.

"Yeah, get right up in there," I encouraged, as she spread the girls cheeks apart with her hands and tongue-punched her fart box. "God damn that looks so fucking sexy."

By now all three of us were moaning and sweating profusely as I was determined to give Margot just as much of an "O" as her friend had experienced, but was cut short when she suddenly got up and turned to face me. I couldn't think of anything to say as I watched her drop to her knees before me.

"Fuck it, I have to taste you," Margot hissed as she took my slick cock into her mouth.

With Olivia laying there on the table exposed and spread wide for all to see, my hand found the back of Margot's head as she hungrily gobbled my meat stick and seemed intent on making me cum in her mouth.

"Go ahead, shoot. I want it." she purred up at me with those deep blue eyes. "Do it, come in my mouth!"

..which is precisely what I did, flooding her throat with hot salty spunk.


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Holy shit, just holy shit.

Great story TPG, I'll definitely be rereading this time and again.

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Holy shit is right

What a pair and what a story...almost disappointed they aren't a real couple now given how well it sounds like they'd get along, lol.

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Pretty sweet story... little manipulation, bargaining and all for the better.

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Maybe hands down the best story you've ever done. 5 pussy stars.