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02-08-2017, 11:01 PM
With Olivia Holt and Aubrey "AJ" Joseph
Written by TPG
CODES: MMF, interracial, blowjob, deep-throat, oral, voyeur, cream-pie
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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It was the middle of the night as Olivia Hastings Holt lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. Between her latest project, Jet-lag, and getting into a fight with her boyfriend on the phone, she was feeling unusually stressed and agitated.

With insomnia threatening to set in, Liv decided to burn off some energy in the hotel gym downstairs, only to be surprised to find that it was already occupied by her co-star Aubrey Joseph, and his thuggish friends.

Judging from the looks she received, the guys were clearly surprised to see her at such an ungodly hour of the night, much less dressed in her current attire which consisted of nothing more than a tight-fitting tank top and sweat pants.

Olivia flashed them an impish grin as she went over to the treadmill to start her workout, and suddenly realized that not only was she alone in a gym in the middle of the night, but now surrounded by a dozen or so sweaty men and teenagers - all of which were openly ogling her.

Oddly enough, this notion alone seemed to turn her on, which was suddenly evident from the obvious pokies that decorated her top. Activity in the gym quickly returned as the guys worked out in her company, trying their best to impress her and each other. It was at this point that Aubrey walked over to have a friendly chat, while trying his best not to stare directly at those very erect nipples.

"Shouldn't you be a sleep?" he teased. "Figured you'd be out like a light by now."

"Not me, I'm too worked up to sleep."

"Yeah, or-leens (New Orleans) has that effect on people."

Amusingly enough, despite his best efforts AJ found himself taking long glances at his co-stars chest, providing Olivia with a much needed confidence boost. In fact the more he stared, the harder her nipples ached.

As far as Liv was concerned, she'd never consider herself attracted to black guys before, but her new co-star had a boyish charm about him that she found appealing.

"You better go back and bench press with your friends, and let me finish my workout."

"I suppose I should," Aubrey shrugged. "Or I could just stand here and check you out some more, since we both know you like it."

Olivia blushed as she suddenly had a mental image of him picking her up in his strong arms and plowing his cock into her! Up until that point the thought had never even crossed her mind, but now the mere suggestion made her pussy wet.

"Ugh, go away!" she giggled playfully. "Now you're just distracting me."

"—I'm distracting YOU! Look who's talking, princess." he grinned while winking at her pokies and wandering off to his friends.

A minute later Holt was running at full stride on the treadmill while Aubrey and his friends lifted weights in the distance, when she suddenly pulled up on the machine in pain, and almost tumbled over.

"God damn it!" she exclaimed, as her leg cramped up.

"Need a hand," a deep voice above her said. "Just lay back, stretch it out."

Olivia didn't usually talk to strangers, but her body was in pain and he seemed to know what he was doing. She did as she was told as he then began to massage her calf, causing her to blush and wince at the feel of his hands.

"I'm Dan by the way, a friend of AJ's." the tall dark man said. "Looks like you did a real number on your leg."

"Ah, it hurts."

"You need to stay off your feet for a few minutes," he claimed. "..and you're gonna need someone to massage it out for you."

Liv could only nod in pain, as dirty images of "Dan" dragging her into the showers to pound her senseless, filled her head. By the time AJ realized what all the commotion was about, he helped walked Olivia into the men's locker room to sit on an empty leather couch.

"You should probably let Dan take a look at that," he suggested. "He knows what he's doing."

Holt felt a little uneasy having this attractive stranger look her over and touch her thighs, but she trusted Aubrey enough to permit it. She winced in pain as Dan inspected her closely, but due to her sweat pants, was restricted to only a portion of her legs.

"We need to take these off," he insisted, referring to her sweats.

Olivia hesitated briefly before the pain caused her to ignore her inhibitions.

"Go ahead, just make sure no one else walks in here. This is so embarrassing."

That being said, she slowly peeled her pants down her legs to reveal her sexy lace underwear, which almost seemed to be molded to her sex. Olivia could feel their eyes staring at her panties, which only excited her more and sent a surge of adrenaline up her spine. This wasn't the first time the Disney star had openly flirted with a group of men, and it certainly wasn't going to be the last.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" she pouted, as Dan moved his hands across her smooth thighs and proceeded to apply some heated gel to the affected area.

Liv wasn't sure where this was heading but she suddenly felt hot and horny and resolved to do something crazy and spontaneous. It was only when Dan looked up and noticed the look on his friends face that he decided to throw him a bone, and suggested that Audrey stick around and give him a hand.

"You know it might be sensible to massage both legs," Dan claimed, before AJ immediately grabbed Olivia's other leg.

The IDDI star immediately giggled to this action, but her laugh was soon replaced with a moan as both men now kneaded and massaged the days tension away.

"oh-wow, that feels really nice." she fawned. "A girl could get used to being pampered like this."

Holt closed her eyes and savored the touch from both men, their hands inching higher up her legs and closer to her sex. Despite her initial reservations, this was exactly what she needed - to feel loved and appreciated, to feel pampered.

In fact Olivia moaned as she yearned to be touched, and almost lost her mind when she felt Dan's fingers deftly work their way up the inside of her thighs, and gently caress her panties.

"Just close your eyes and relax," he said, as her body slowly surrendered to his touch.

With her purring like a kitten, Dan immediately turned his attention to her crotch and proceeded to massage her sex through her panties, rubbing her in rhythmic circles. The sensation was so intense, that she didn't even notice that Aubrey had stop massaging her feet and had made his way up her body.

Liv tipped her head back and moaned involuntarily, lost in her own fantasy world before being jolted back to reality when the tip of AJ's cock brushed against the side of her face.

Her black co-star cupped the back of her head and guided her pretty face towards his angry hammer. The salty texture of cum and sweat brushing her lips before she finally engulfed him.

"Yeah, suck my black dick."

Holt went to work almost immediately, bopping her head up and down, letting his cock slide deeper into her mouth and throat with each downward tease. Watching her devour AJ's prick like this, gave Dan all the encouragement he needed, so he peeled her panties down her legs, and without farther ado buried his face into her teen snatch!

Olivia moaned while she feverishly blew her co-star, her tight teen pussy licked from top to bottom for her troubles. Aubrey took this opportunity to peel her tank top over her head, before pawing, squeezing, and fondling her magnificent breasts.

Olivia had always been open minded about sex, but never in a million years had she ever dreamed about participating in a three-way with two guys, much less two African-American men she'd only known for a few hours - both of which were now ravishing her.

"Ugh-God," she grunted to the licking and pawing. "I need some cock!"

Dan was only too happy to oblige, and stood up from between her legs to reveal his imposing package.

To no one's surprise, Dan had the biggest cock Olivia had ever seen. She wrapped one hand around his shaft and started doing her best porno impression, working her hand up and down his shaft while using plenty of spit in order to get him going.

"Good girl, you really know how to suck a dick!" he complimented. "Look up at me as you jerk me off.. good."

"I'm sure that's not all she's good at," AJ quipped, as he carefully inserted two fingers into her cunt.

Olivia let out a loud moan as AJ proceeded to work his fingers in and out of her teen cookie, making sure to slam two fingers home while using his thumb to play with her clit. The actress tried her best to take as much of Dan's cock into her mouth, but soon realized it was all but futile.

"God damn you're tight," Aubrey commented, as his friend concurred.

"Let's find out, shall we?"

Dan pushed her onto her back as AJ plunged his hard cock back into her eager mouth. She started sucking him off again as the room filled with the scent of sweat and sex. Dan pressed the tip of his cock against her shaved hole and buried his wick with the greatest of ease.

"Ah.. fuck yes,"

The Kickin-It star gave an audible groan as she felt his huge cock plowing into her, slamming into her pussy again and again. He slapped her ass for good measure as he fucked her on the couch - claiming her teen body for his own.

AJ scooped Olivia's head with both hands and pumped his cock into her drooling mouth, fucking her pretty face until she gagged and coughed, spluttering her spit all over herself and his junk.

When she finally suppressed her gag-reflux, he forcefully pushed all the way into the back of her throat until his nuts smacked against her chin, using all of his strength not to blow his wad right then and there.

"Nngh, shit.. you can deep-throat?" he gasped with surprise.

Having pulled back from her mouth, Aubrey insisted the guys swap positions as he had been eager to fuck his new co-star from the moment they'd been introduced. Despite pausing for a minute to change positions, Olivia never once showed any sign of regret or reluctance and in fact seemed eager to continue and get fucked by a second man in as many minutes.

Aubrey entered her juicy-filled cunt effortlessly, causing her to start moaning again. It seemed the mere idea of being fucked by two different guys in the same night drove her absolutely crazy, and dripping wet.

When Olivia happened to glance over at the door and realized that they appeared to have a small audience watching them, it sent a shiver up her spine.

What would her mother say is she saw her now? What would her boyfriend think, her fans, her neighbors, colleagues. Had she totally gone off the deep end? Had she taken leave of her senses? Everyone she knew seemed to have a perfect image of her, which seemed completely contrary to what she was doing right now.

Olivia sucked Dan off like a woman possessed while AJ pummeled her squelching pussy, pinning her legs back and pivoting his hips, trying to strike at different angles to hit her g-spot.

"You like that big nigga cock inside you?" he growled while dripping sweat all over her body.

"Ugh, just fuck me!" Olivia taunted, almost taunting him. "Gimme that big cock!"

The audience snickered at her defiance as she felt her orgasm starting to build.

Aubrey grunted as he picked up the pace of his thrusts, causing his nuts to slam against her ass.

"You and I are gonna get along just fine," he smirked. "I'm gonna give you this big nigga dick every single night, ya'hear?"

It was only now that Olivia realized that most of the guys that had been watching the action were now openly masturbating to her, watching as their friends literally fucked the ever-loving shit out of her on that leather couch.

Aubrey almost seemed to go into a trance, putting on a show and pounding the young star like a jack-hammer while she wailed out loud. Dan was now stood directly over the grunting couple and took aim at her face while jacking off.

"Yeah, fuck this little white bitch!" he gloated while beating off with his friends.

The timing could not have been scripted better, with Dan shooting a thick rope of cum right across the bridge of her nose, before two other "thugs" stepped forward from the crowd and unleashed a torrent of cum, plastering the blonde star in nigga spunk.

Having watched his friends now take turns ejaculating all over her face and tits, Aubrey was surprised when he felt Olivia's pussy clench tightly around him, and suddenly lost all control blasting spurt after spurt of hot jism into her welcoming pussy.

To her credit, the cock-hungry teen happily sucked Dan clean as AJ eased back to admire his handy work, watching enviously as his hot cream-pie slowly seeped out of the blonde star.


02-09-2017, 12:21 AM
Well damn. Those two definitely have a fun time ahead of them over the next few months, lol.

02-09-2017, 12:51 AM
FUCK YES!!! That ending reminded me of the brother load series. I'm sure u were aware while writing. Hehe Man, I hope we see more of their adventures on here. Liv and black dick go together so well. (In story form) :giddy:

02-09-2017, 09:07 AM
Holy shit.

That was a great read, TPG... I love the idea of Olivia becoming black owned. I've already read it twice now, definitely one of my favorite Liv stories on CFF.

I also got a chuckle from this bit of the story...

"I'm gonna give you this big nigga dick every single night, ya'hear?"

Just because I wouldn't be surprised if that's actually the case once Cloak and Dagger starts filming.