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02-27-2017, 03:19 AM
with Pia Miller and Sarah Ellen
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, oral, rim
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Didn't intend to but had an idea to continue this little storyline with my favourite Aussie pairing, hope you like it.
Part 1 (http://www.celebfanforum.com/showthread.php?255171-quot-Agony-Aunt-quot-with-Pia-Miller)

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I got hard at the mere thought of what my aunt and I had done during the last family BBQ. Never in my wildest dreams had I expected to get a world-class blowjob from Pia Miller but that was exactly what happened.

Unfortunately once my aunt had sobered up and had time to think, she'd quickly had a lot of regret for the act, despite the fact she was enjoying it just as much as I was at the time.

"It never happened you hear me?" she hissed when she confronted me a few days later at the house. "—and it's never happening again either!"

Naturally I was more than a little disappointed that I wouldn't get to experience her talented mouth again, see her incredible body or act out any of my countless dirty fantasies with her but I forced myself to agree with her demands but she still saw the disappointment on my face.

"Look I'm sorry, I shouldn't have led you on like that," she said, her tone turning more sympathetic as she took pity on me. "But like I said the other night, I've got the perfect girl for you. She's a model, actress, super cute and far more appropriate for you, i.e. she isn't related to you."

Pia smirked at that last part, trying to make light of the situation so I smiled back and agreed to meet this girl although we both knew the only woman I wanted was her.

But as it turned out my aunt was a pretty spectacular matchmaker and when I met her friend Sarah Ellen for our first date, we got on like a house on fire.

Not only was she as cute as Pia had implied, the feisty teen was definitely way out of my league but somehow seemed completely taken with me and ended up inviting me back to her family home after our dinner date.

"You know I don't normally do this on a first date," she said as we pulled up outside her house. "But Pia trusts you and you seem like a good guy."

"And here I thought you were a good girl," I teased.

"Oh I'm anything but, trust me!"

I was liking her more and more by the second.

"Ah shit, I think my mum's still up," she grumbled a moment later, noticing the lights still on in the house. "You'll have to sneak in round back."

I'd had a few relationships in my years but never had I actually done the whole sneaking through a girl's bedroom window before, I thought that was just something that happened in movies although it did cross my mind that my aunt had mentioned sneaking countless guys through her window in her youth. That being said I agreed of course, desperate to get into Sarah's bed given the way she'd teased me all night long with her long, slender legs exposed in her short dress and heels.

"Alright, I'll message you when it's safe to come round," she winked, giggling excitedly as she hurried up to the front door.

I sat alone in the car for some time, Sarah's mum was probably grilling her about our date and as more time passed I began to wonder if she'd had second thoughts. But just as I considered calling it a night my phone finally pinged.

"Okay you're good, be quick!" she messaged.

"Finally, thought you were having second thoughts!"

"Fuck no, I just got stuck talking to my mum. Stop texting me though and get your ass in here, I need it bad!"

"Bad eh?" I couldn't help but tease.

"Ffs don't tease me!"

"Why not? You've been teasing me all night long," I countered.

"Don't make me start without you..."

"Go ahead, get that pussy nice and wet and ready for me," I told her boldly.

"You mean...this pussy?" she replied a minute later, her message accompanied by a photo of her gleaming, hairless cunt!

I was out of the car in a flash. We hadn't even finished our first date and already I had a precious memento of her in the form of a photo of her sweet cookie. I'd definitely have to thank my aunt for setting this up and I silently cursed myself for taking so long to agreeing to one of her blind dates.

I easily jumped the fence and crept through the garden, counting the windows until spotting the one Sarah had instructed me to and began climbing to the first floor using agility men only had when there was hot, teen pussy waiting for them.

I gingerly tapped on the window, praying I'd counted right and then breathing a sigh of relief when Sarah's beaming smile peeked through the curtains and she let me in. She'd already changed out of her clothes and now wore a silky kimono that barely reached her tanned thighs and given her hard pokies she had on display, she was stark naked underneath.

I didn't even have time to take in the rest of her appearance before she pulled me into her bedroom and kissed me forcefully on the lips. It was our first kiss but there was nothing awkward about it, we melded together as if we were made for each other, stepping backwards until we fell onto her bed.

I lay on top of her as our tongue-fuelled kiss continued, somehow instinctively knowing what the other liked as if we were long time lovers while I let my hands glide up her ultra-smooth legs.

Sarah let out a soft moan into my mouth as she spread her legs wide, hooking one around my waist and pulling me in to grind her hot little cunt against me. I managed to pull myself away from her lips to begin moving down her petite body, opening her robe to reveal her sexy, dark nips which I eagerly took into my mouth, making her gasp and squirm before I kissed down her flat tummy and crawled between her smooth thighs, faced with the prettiest, mouth-watering peach I'd ever seen.

I found myself simply lying there and admiring it for a long moment before Sarah began squirming again.

"Please..." she whined, trying to buck her hips into my face.

I considered teasing her again but couldn't bring myself to do it so simply buried my face in her young twat. She was so fucking tight I could barely get my tongue inside her as she let out another loud gasp and arched her back on the bed.

I glanced up to see Sarah quickly muffle herself with her hand as I began devouring her sweet cunt like my life depended on it, holding her legs open as they trembled and threatened to clamp shut.

In all honesty I probably could have spent all night simply drinking her nectar down like that but in that moment something my aunt Pia had said popped into my mind. A little line about eating ass.

"There's a first time for everything," she'd said.

With nothing left to lose and Sarah already beside herself, I suddenly closed her legs and pushed them back against her chest. Her eyes grew wide as I manipulated her into the vulnerable position, I made eye contact with my new girlfriend as I held her in place and tentatively flicked my tongue against her tiny backdoor.

"Ohmigod," I saw her mouth silently as her eyes rolled back.

Taking that as the go ahead I grinned and began eating her teen ass with abandon, quickly sending the young model into the stratosphere.

By the time she came back down to earth her eyes were glazed over and she made it perfectly clear what she wanted as her hand reached and fumbled for my cock. I don't think I'd ever been harder in my life which was saying something given what I'd done with my aunt Pia the other day.

"Give it to me," she begged as I aimed my cock at her juicy pussy. "I want your cock!"

Thankfully she was so wet and self-lubricated I was able to ease my thick rod into her without much fuss but her eyes still grew to the size of saucers as I filled her.

With her legs stilled pinned to her chest I had complete control and began pounding the submissive teenager into her bed.

"Uh-huh! Yeah! Fuck me!" she hissed quietly. "Fuck me! Unngh. Fuck my little cunt!"

I could tell from her expression that it was taking everything in her power not to loudly moan like a whore as I pummelled her. But as far as I was concerned, her family could have come and listened in or even watched for all I cared.

I knew I wasn't going to last long in her tight, warm confides as I grunted and tried to distract myself but when Sarah cried out and came again a minute later I knew I was done, quickly pulling out and showering her incredible pussy with spunk!

It went without saying that Sarah and I stayed in contact, in fact we could barely get enough of each other. Sarah was the definition of 'lady in the streets, freak in the sheets'. From my experience there weren't many girls you could take to a classy restaurant for dinner, follow it up with some road-head on the drive home only to sneak into her bedroom again where you could choke her, pull her hair and have her coming on your cock again and again.

"So how's it going?" my aunt Pia asked me with a knowing smile one afternoon, out by our pool.

The look on my face must have been telling.

"Hah, I knew it! You can't stop smiling, that girl must be really something."

"You could say that," I agreed coyly.

"So come on, you gotta tell me!"

"What, no way, you're my aunt!"

"Hey you can't use that excuse on me mister," she reminded me. "I set it up so you owe me something."

"We're having fun, that's all you're getting," I told her, refusing to play along.

"Oh come on, it's sweet you're not kiss and telling but you can talk to me."

"I'm your nephew, why do you even want to know so bad?"

"That girl is hot as fuck!" my crude aunt admitted. "So give me the details or I might have to pay her a visit myself."

"Shit I'd pay good money to see that," I muttered to which she grinned mischievously. "But if I tell you how good she is you'll definitely want to have your way with her."

"Mmm, I bet she's a real wildcat, a proper little pocket rocket."

I nodded, not saying another word.

"You have any pictures of her? That's what you kids do these days isn't it?"

My silence must have been telling because Pia immediately gasped and insisted she see them.

"No way am I showing you! Sarah would kill me if she ever found out!"

"She'd also kill you if she ever found you let your aunt blow you!" Pia countered with a dangerous smile.

Strangely enough I found the thought of showing Pia the photo of Sarah's sweet, teen cunt more than a little hot so using her no doubt empty threat as an excuse, I pulled my phone out.

"Fuck me, now I'm really jealous! I miss being young, getting to fuck all night long," my aunt whined candidly as she admired the private photo.

"Well we can't go all night," I told her, opening up a little. "Her family's always home, I have to sneak into her room and be gone before anyone wakes up."

"Damn, that's a shame. Kinda hot but still a shame..."

I shrugged, I didn't say it out loud but I kind of liked it, it was thrilling fucking the shit out of Sarah when her parents or brother could catch us at any moment.

"You know, my place is empty most days..." Pia hinted.

I could hardly believe my ears. Was my aunt really offering her own home as a fuck pad for me and my girlfriend?

"Your mum has a spare key lying around somewhere...I'll say no more," she winked before pulling herself out of the pool and heading inside.

To be continued...


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hehe great addition. Looking forward to them all having some fun in part 3. :D

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Nice follow up, Lemon... looking forward to the third part.

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God damn that was sexy, pummeling Sarah like that on her own bed.
FFS, I haven't been this anxious about reading the next chapter in my life!
My brain can't even process what its going to end up like.
That was awesome LemonTalk