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with Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, inc, oral, feet
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: For some reason I suddenly felt like finishing and posting a Holt story.

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It had been another unsuccessful date night which meant I was pulling into the driveway at home several hours earlier than intended. By the looks of things, with all the lights off, nobody was home but I was soon corrected by a loud crash and bump from upstairs.

Most people's reaction then would be to call the police on the intruders but I knew better or, more accurately, I knew my sister better.

I simply rolled my eyes as I carried on into the kitchen and let whichever lucky guy Olivia had snuck in tonight make his less than stealthy escape through her bedroom window. They probably thought I was our mom or dad on their way up to kick his ass.

The house fell silent again after he'd left and I thought nothing else of it, dropping onto the sofa for some late night television. I was almost dozing off by the time I was jumped awake by Olivia calling me from upstairs.

"Cade?! Cade is that you down there?!"

"Yeah, what?" I shouted back, not bothering to get up.

"Would you come up here, I need help with something!"

"With what?!"

"Ugh, just get up here!"

Noting the urgency in her voice I sighed and pushed myself up and dragged myself up the stairs but as I approached her closed bedroom door she called out again.

"Cade wait, you have to shut your eyes first!"


"I'm serious Cade, you need to help me but you have to promise not to look...and not to laugh."

Suddenly I was far more interested in my sister's mysterious plight.

"Umm, okay?" I replied from the other side of the door before turning the handle.

"Are your eyes closed?!"

"Fine, yes they're closed."

"They better be!"

I sighed and did as she asked, stepping blindly into her bedroom.

"Good," she said with a sigh of relief. "Just follow my voice I need you to...umm...untie me..."

"Huh? Untie you from what?"

"Don't open your eyes!" Liv snapped. "Please...just do this, I'll owe you one."

"What the hell have you gotten yourself into, Liv?" I muttered, my active imagination beginning to run wild.

"I'll explain later," she promised.

"This is stupid, I'm gonna trip on something," I grumbled as I gingerly stepped through her messy room.

"Trust me, I'll guide you," she insisted but a second later I cried out when I stubbed my toe on the dresser.

"Ah, fucker!" I cursed, instinctively opening my eyes.

"Cade!" Olivia shrieked.

The pain in my toe vanished. It was a long few seconds before I managed to avert my shocked gaze from my sister who lay sprawled out, naked as the day she was born on her bed, both hands tied to the headboard above her head with a scarf.

"Jesus sis, I never took you for the kinky type," I couldn't help but tease while looking away from her struggling body.

"Ugh, you really think this was MY idea?! I told you not to look!"

I couldn't help but laugh at the situation my normally faultless sister had gotten herself into.

"This isn't funny! Would you just untie me already, I can't let mom and dad get home and find me like this!"

"Mm, good point, maybe I should leave you, let them see you aren't quite as innocent as you pretend to be?"

"Cade, don't be an asshole," she whined.

"Well now I'm definitely not helping you," I replied stubbornly while heading for the door.

"Fine!" my sister snapped back angrily, her attitude changing. "I'll just tell them that instead of helping me you just checked me out and went back to your bedroom to beat off to your own sister!"

I stopped in the doorway and turned back, once again taken aback by her incredible body. In all honesty she'd read my mind since that was exactly what I'd have ended up doing. Before I could think of a reply I was rendered speechless for a long moment as I admired her toned, evenly tanned body until she blushed and attempted to turn away but all that did was reveal her sweet, bare ass to my roaming eyes for the first time.

"Please Cade, stop looking at me like that, this is getting weird," Olivia whined in a softer, much kinder tone in an effort to get her way.

"What's in it for me?"

"For fucks sake, can't you just be a helpful little brother for once?!"

"What's the fun in that?" I smirked, stepping into the room to stand at the foot of her bed.

"You want fun? You'll be having plenty when you get back to your bedroom you perv!"

"No need for name calling, sis, because I could think of plenty for you right about now."

"You don't think I've noticed the missing panties?" she continued. "I never told mom or dad about them!"

It was now my turn to flush red with embarrassment.

"Yeah exactly, I bet you've dreamt about finding me like this, admit it. You're probably hard right now!"

To prove her point she suddenly stretched out with one leg to press her bare foot against my crotch, her dainty toes caressing my predictably hard cock for a brief, heavenly instant. I instinctively flinched to the action and caught her ankle in my hand and ended up holding it in place, her pretty foot pressed against my hard cock.

Our eyes met for a moment, she was breathing heavily and still looked pissed yet strangely curious as she wiggled her toes against me. I could literally feel my cock throbbing.

"Is this what you want?" she whispered in a sudden sultry tone.


"What's the matter? You scared? Take it out!"

"Olivia..." I repeated.

"Oh, not so cocky now are you?"

In all honesty I simply didn't trust myself. A darker side of me was now looking down at my restrained sister. She'd never looked sexier and I wondered if I'd be able to control myself if we went any further.

I let her go of her foot, letting her leg drop back down.

"Just untie me Cade," she whispered again. "Then we can forget any of this happened."

"No," I muttered as my hands suddenly fumbled for my belt.

"Whoa, wait! What are you doing?!" Liv panicked, yanking at her tightly fastened restraints. "I was only joking Cade!"

"Calm down Liv I'm not gonna touch you," I promised. "You said I'm going to beat off, so I'm going to beat off!"

"What the fuck, Cade?!" she gasped, her eyes widening as I pulled my cock out and began obscenely stroking it in front of her. "This is so messed up!"

"We do this and we're even, I swear," I lied.

"No way Cade, do it in private if you want but I'm not letting you beat off right in front of me!"

"Way I see it you don't have much choice."

Olivia chewed her lip angrily while glaring up at me. The way her eyes kept subconsciously dropping down to check out my menacing erection only made me harder in my hands as I jerked it to my hot, famous sister.

"Whatever, just hurry up," she finally conceded, trying her best to pretend it didn't bother her.

"Spread your legs for me," I quietly pleaded.

My sister hesitated for just a moment before slowly parting her knees to show off her incredible, neat little peach in all its glory. I don't think she expected me to climb onto the bed then because she immediately tried to snap her thighs closed before I caught them and settled myself between her spread legs.

"Jesus Liv, you look so fucking sexy right now," I couldn't help but mutter, knowing compliments worked wonders on her.

"What are you doing?" she whispered nervously when I placed a hand on her leg and began gently running my fingers up and down her thigh, marvelling at how smooth and soft her skin felt.

I ignored her questioning, too focused on her flawless, delicious looking pussy just a matter inches in front of my face.

I was practically salivating.

I wanted nothing more than to taste her. Just once. But I knew I shouldn't, I knew it would probably ruin our relationship forever. But that being said, I couldn't help but notice how damn wet my sister was getting.

"Cade..." she whined quietly as I continued tracing little circles up and down her thighs. "Cade stop it..."

I did no such thing.

Despite herself, her body couldn't help but react naturally to the way I was teasing her. As my hands kept a firm hold on her legs, keeping them apart I leaned in even closer, feeling her tense up as my hot breath wafted over her gleaming cunt.

"Cade I'm serious," she mumbled unconvincingly.

"C'mon sis, look at you, let me help you get you off!"

"No, Cade, we can't!"

Her body continued to betray her though, I could see her physically fighting the urge not to buck her hips up into my waiting mouth while she glared down at me with her big, brown eyes.

"You're an asshole, Cade," she finally huffed in frustration, letting her head fall back into the pillow.

I simply responded to this by placing a tender kiss on her soft inner thigh, sending a shudder through her aroused body like an electric current.

I had to admire her willpower as we stayed like this for some time, with me kissing and licking all around her sex, teasing her to the brink. Before long every move I made seemed to make her twitch and groan.

In truth she was getting so fucking wet I was finding it nigh on impossible to resist the temptation to bury my tongue inside her for much longer.

"Liv...you can't keep this up all nigh—mmphff!"

I was cut short when, finally, with a simply flick of Olivia's hips, all my senses were filled by my sister's hot cunt.

I groaned into her at the first taste, my nose filled with the scent of her arousal while I hooked my hands under her legs and pulled myself deeper.

Olivia's legs were shaking in my hands as she held her ass up, forcing her pussy into my mouth and chin all while moaning incomprehensibly.

I gulped her down like a sweet liqueur, devouring her precious peach until my lower face was coated in her sticky essence with both of us gasping for air. I ate my moaning sister out in such a ravenous, carnal way she couldn't help but blush at the lewd slurping sounds that filled the room.

"Jesus Cade..." she whined, eyes fluttering as I paused to catch my breath. "—where did you learn that?"

"Not all my dates end in failure, Liv," I pointed out. "Paris never could get enough of this..."

"Ughh—really?" Liv questioned, surprised at what her little brother and seemingly innocent friend had been getting up to behind her back.

"Not jealous are you?" I teased.

"No!" she snapped a little too quickly. "You can tell me about that later, now just get on with it, you can't get me that close without finishing me off."

I couldn't help but grin smugly to myself as she now sang a very different tune and was now basically begging me to continue eating her out – in her own stubborn way at least.

Normally I would have called her out on her sudden change of attitude but I wanted this as badly as she did so without further ado I firmly forced her hips into the mattress and delved in mouth first for more.

I plunged my tongue as deep into her as I could, intent on getting her off which happened sooner rather than later. Despite how firmly I was holding her down, when she came a minute later, Olivia bucked and thrashed so violently she nearly broke my nose.

My sweaty sister looked like she was off on another planet but I didn't let up, pinning her down again to bury my tongue back into her convulsing cunt, literally gulping down her squirting juices while I beat my cock like a mad man, racing to my own conclusion while Olivia was still riding her high.

"Yeah? You gonna cum too?" she purred, her glazed eyes fixated on my cock.

"Uh-huh—I'm close," I grunted, pushing back onto my knees to take in the vision of my breathtaking, naked sister.

"Let me..."

I jumped again when Olivia raised her legs and suddenly gripped my cock between her pretty, pedicured feet and began jerking me off.

"Whoa...I guess you're full of surprises too," I gasped as Olivia treated me to an impromptu foot-job, her skills making it evident this wasn't her first time performing the act.

"Fucking cum, Cade!" she hissed a moment later. "I want it, give it to me!"

At first I assumed she was just trying to get this over and done with as quickly as possible but she sounded more than a little convincing, so much so I was sure she was enjoying this as much as I was. It was that revelation that finally caused me to buck my hips, moan out loud and erupt all over Olivia.

While the majority went over her feet and toes, I was still close enough between her thighs to splash her tummy and shaved sex with a few hot, sticky ropes of cum.

I'm not sure what kind of primal instinct came over my entire being then because the next thing I knew I'd suddenly pushed Olivia's legs apart again and slammed my still-erect cock inside her!

Olivia's eyes grew to the size of saucers as she was suddenly impaled with her brother's thick length, her tight little cunt filled instantly.

"Holy shi-i-it—!" she growled. "Wha—what are you doing Cade?! You're too big..."

Her words were a mere buzz in my ear as I looked down to admire the sight of my sword sliding in out of my sister's slick pussy. My brain was screaming at me to stop but Olivia just felt so indescribably good I couldn't bring myself to pull out. It wasn't until I suddenly felt her smooth legs wrap around me that I was snapped back to reality and looked up to meet her lustful glare.

"Don't stop..." she panted quietly.

I could barely believe my ears as I gave my needy sister a few more deep strokes, feeling her shudder with delight beneath me each time I bottomed out.

"Harder," Olivia begged. "Be quick, before mom and dad get home..."


"Uh-huh, I can take it," she purred seductively. "Just fuck me until we both come Cade!"

With the way she was now carrying on and bucking her hips to meet my thrusts, that was due to be sooner rather than later. Hearing the need in her voice however, I quickly unhooked her legs from my waist to hold her down and proceeded to pummel her into her bed.

Almost immediately Olivia's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she let out the loudest groan yet. She was audibly wet as I pounded her into submission until without warning I was feeding her pulsing cunt my second load of the night.

"Oh my God, Cade!" Olivia cried out as I pumped her full of spunk and felt her climax around my throbbing cock.

I collapsed on top of her and suddenly we were kissing, her soft, pink lips parting to gently push her tongue into my mouth as our hips continued to bump and grind into each other.

"Okay, now will you untie me?" my sister smirked once I finally found the energy to get up.

Looking down at her, glistening in sweat, my jism over her feet, body and oozing from her teen cunt I had second thoughts.

"I dunno sis, I think I prefer you like this."


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