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with Olivia Holt
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, cheat, creampie
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Only she could inspire a 3k word story from me just by posting a picture of herself wrapped in a sleeping bag.

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The weekend camping trip had been planned months in advanced, a necessity thanks to Olivia's busy schedule. It was meant to be a quiet, double date kind of getaway with me and my girlfriend (Olivia's best friend and hair stylist) Denise along with our long-term friend Olivia Holt and her boyfriend Ray.

Unfortunately at the last minute, Ray decided he had a better offer elsewhere and pulled out leaving Olivia upset and in the lurch. She'd immediately assured Denise and I that she'd be fine and that we should carry on and go without her but, knowing how much our blonde friend had been looking forward to the weekend break, we insisted she tag along anyway and refused to take no for an answer.

Soon enough we got a smile back on her pretty face and not much convincing later, we were bundled up in the car and on our way.

We didn't bother going far, just a few hours' drive from the city but Denise quickly had Olivia forgetting all about her useless boyfriend with the pair of them laughing and giggling constantly in the back while filming and sharing videos online.

Before long we arrived at the campsite and found a nice, secluded place to pitch our tents. We'd brought two of course but by the time we'd struggled and argued over getting the first one erected, none of us fancied doing it all over again so I was relieved when Denise proposed we just all squeeze into one for the night.

"...I mean, if that's okay with you Liv?" she added.

"Yeah I don't mind, would rather be nice and cosy in there than all cold and alone in my own tent."

Realising Olivia was about to slip off into another low mood, Denise quickly grabbed some alcohol from my truck and passed it around while ordering me to start a campfire.

"Oh just forget about him for now Liv!" Denise insisted, slurring her words a few hours later.

All evening Olivia had been wandering around with her phone held high in the air attempting to get a phone signal.

"I just want to give him a piece of my mind, let him know what he's missing!" she replied, the petite teen sounding even drunker than Dee.

"He's missing out on watching you walk around aimlessly," Dee quipped, sitting beside me by the fire.

"Dee's right," I added. "Forget him and sit your ass back down."

"Yeah, we should have had a 'no technology' rule on this trip, no more phones allowed!" Denise decided.

"Alright fine, mom," Olivia conceded sarcastically, dropping her phone and cuddling up in a blanket by the fire, shivering a little.

"There, isn't that better?" I teased after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, we can really get attuned with nature now," Denise agreed, sharing a blanket with me.

"Whatever, you'll be having us stripping down soon to go fully 'au natural'," Liv smirked.

"Few more of these and I will be," Dee giggled back, waving an empty bottle before handing out another round.

My girlfriend never had been good at holding her drink and even worse at knowing when to stop so it didn't come as much surprise when she ultimately lay passed out, snoring softly in the tent.

Olivia of course found it highly amusing and made sure to take several photos to tease her with the next day while I busied myself making up the sleeping arrangements. Olivia had her own sleeping bag while I simply unzipped a second to throw over myself and Denise and a few minutes later it was lights out and I found myself sandwiched between the two girls.

"Guess it's a little more cramped in here than I thought it would be," I whispered to Olivia who lay facing me, our faces just a matter of inches apart, her features illuminated by moonlight.

"Hey I'm only little, it must be you two taking up all the space!" she countered playfully.

Despite how tired I felt, Olivia and I found ourselves simply laying there having a whispered conversation for a good hour, talking all sorts from work to relationships. I didn't have many female friends but Olivia was always happy to talk things through and likewise, I did my best to offer her the best advice I could about the boys she dated.

It must have been almost 3am when Denise rolled over and tugged the covers off me leaving to shiver a little.

"Here, you can share with me," Olivia immediately offered sweetly, unzipping her own sleeping back to toss half over me.

I was immediately enveloped by her warm body heat and I muttered a thank you as we were forced even closer together. Olivia simply responded with one of her magic smiles and all of a sudden I felt a powerful urge to kiss her.

As attractive as she was, I'd never felt about Olivia that way before, I'd known her so long she was almost like a younger sister to me. But in that very moment, for the first time ever, I just wanted nothing more than to kiss her, and the way she had her
soft pink lips parted, and was silently watching me with her big brown eyes, I wondered if she was thinking the same thing and waiting for me to make the move.

"Err—we should get some sleep," I forced myself to whisper and it crushed me a little to see the brief spark of disappointment flash across her face.

"Oh. Yeah, we probably should," she agreed reluctantly.

I silently cursed myself when she rolled over a few minutes later and turned her back to me. Of course I'd done the right thing really, I couldn't exactly cheat on my girlfriend while she was sleeping right next to me and with her best friend no less. It had been Olivia who'd first introduced us afterall.

That being said, I hated the thought of things being awkward between me and Olivia but there was nothing I could do about it now so, with a sigh I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep.

Try as I might though, I simply couldn't drift off and it didn't help matters that Olivia was constantly fidgeting next to me.

"Are you alright?" I finally asked her quietly.

"Yeah—I'm just really hot under here," she replied, still facing away from me.

My eyes widened a moment later when I saw her toss an item of clothing out from under the covers and realised she was trying to cool off by stripping down!

"Liv—I—what are you doing?" I muttered nervously.

"Well I normally sleep naked anyway," she shrugged nonchalantly. "You don't have a problem with that do you?"

"Umm—well maybe we shouldn't be sharing the covers?"

"It doesn't bother me."

"Well it might bother Dee, what if she wakes up?"

"Relax, it's not like we're doing anything are we?" Liv argued, an odd tone in her voice.

"I guess not..."

"Then drop it and go to sleep or she probably will wake up!"

If trying to find sleep had been difficult earlier it was nigh on impossible now with the knowledge I was under the same covers as a stark naked Olivia Holt!

The little tease appeared to be finding it just as hard to fall asleep, fidgeting and rolling next to me until I opened my eyes to see her facing me again, her bright, brown eyes peering at me through the darkness.

"Were you going to kiss me earlier?" she asked as if it had been on her mind all this time. She was so close I could feel her warm breath on my neck.

"...it crossed my mind," I admitted honestly, keeping my voice low.

"Why didn't you?" she breathed. "I would have let you."

"Don't say that Liv," I groaned longingly. "We can't, you're like a sister to me, I'm dating your best friend!"

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her, she'll never find out," Olivia promised.

"What's gotten into you Li—"

Before I could finish speaking, Olivia closed the small gap between us, shut her eyes and gently pressed her soft, glossy lips on mine. I didn't resist her. I simply sighed into her mouth as I tasted her sweet lip gloss and instantly fell to temptation, closing my eyes as well while her tongue slipped into my mouth.

For some time we simply lay there making out like a couple of love sick teenagers, barely coming up for air as we tenderly explored each other's mouths, our passion rapidly rising as we swapped some serious spit.

Before long it was Olivia who made the next move, bringing one hand up to rake her manicured nails across my chest while wiggling herself closer to me. The moment she tangled her naked legs in mine, I moaned into her mouth which only encouraged her.

"Mm...touch me," she whispered between kisses.

I was too far gone to even consider denying her so I let one hand down to caress her leg. Her skin was like burning, smooth velvet under my fingers as I teased my way up and down her thigh before reaching round to settle on her sweet, teen ass.

https://t9.pixhost.org/thumbs/591/40879467_1c7jfqzgv0aa0usb.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/591/40879467_1c7jfqzgv0aa0usb.jpg)

I immediately felt her push against my hand, egging me on as I squeezed and massaged her soft flesh and she began kissing me more passionately. She had one hand running through my hair, pulling me in to our deep kiss while her other abruptly slipped into my shorts to grab my erect cock.

"I want this," she purred, suddenly going down to attack my neck with her lips and tongue. "I'm so horny tonight..."

I couldn't help but agree, in fact I don't recall ever being so turned on in my life. If we weren't careful I was at risk of simply ejaculating all over Olivia's pretty hand. As she stroked me and brought her lips back to my mouth, I let my hand leave her ass and come forward to her naked, smooth sex.

My head was already spinning but when I discovered just how sopping wet the shaved teenager was I almost lost it.

Olivia whimpered and began grinding herself against my hand as I teased her slimy lips, tracing the length of her neatly shaved cunt with my fingers. But it was just as I dared to slip a fingertip inside her tiny fuckhole that my girlfriend shifted behind me.

To my shame I'd almost completely forgotten she was even there but I immediately panicked and pulled away from her stunning, blonde vixen friend.

Olivia's eyes were wide as she pulled back too but there was no fear or worry, if anything she looked excited with a cheeky half smile lighting up her face while she bit her bottom lip.

It was only then I realised how much the little thrill seeker was enjoying the danger of it all and the moment my girlfriend stopped moving again, Olivia wasted no time shoving her tongue back down my throat.

There was more urgency to it now, as if she could tell I was having second thoughts but she quickly quashed them when she rolled over, turning her back to me again to push her ass against my straining cock.

"I want you," she purred submissively, grinding her naked body against me, knowing full well there was no man on Earth who could deny her in that situation.

Liv knew exactly what she was doing and when she felt me give no resistance, a gentle roll of her hips allowed the swollen head of my cock to split her lips, her hot, wet cunt kissing my tip with a forbidden kiss before another slight adjustment let me suddenly slip inside her.

We both gasped at the initial penetration but she didn't let up and gently eased herself back on my rod, sighing and grunting as she took my length.

"Fuck—Liv—" I groaned as I bottomed out inside her, my head swimming. "This is so wrong..."

"Ugh. You're so hard though, you can't tell me this doesn't feel good?" she purred, turning her head a little to look back at me "My pussy is so hot and tight for you..."


It was all I could do but hold onto her sweaty hips as she began rocking back and forth, earnestly fucking herself on my cock, the friction between us becoming slicker and slicker by the second as she grew increasingly wet and aroused.

As for myself, I don't think my cock had ever been so hard as I began fucking her back, slamming into Olivia's sweet cunt until our flesh was loudly slapping together beneath the sleeping bag.

"Yes! Nggh—yes, fuck me!" she panted quietly "Harder! Fuck me hard!"

My orgasm hit me before I even knew what was happening as I slammed forward and spasmed, my cock pulsing as it spewed my thick, creamy load deep inside her pussy!

"Oh—shiit—fuck—" I gasped as my hips worked on auto-pilot, bucking into her as I continued to ejaculate while Olivia was forced to bite her pillow to stifle her squeal of delight as she joined me over the precipice.

Nothing had ever felt as incredible as that moment and before I knew it I had my tongue down her throat, urgently making out with my off-limits lover while still buried to the hilt inside her.

"Ngh—you're so hard still," she marvelled as we separated for air.

"Well can you blame me?" I whispered back while groping one of her soft, teen tits.

"You ready to go again?" Olivia asked in a low voice, her dark eyes on mine. "This pussy needs to be filled again..."

"Jesus, keep talking like that and I'll be going all night!"

"Hehe, I like the sound of that."

Naturally, I did too and if there was anyone capable of getting me to go for hours and hours on end, it would be Olivia Holt. At this point I no longer saw her as a friend or little sister, she was a sexy, teen blonde starlet gagging for cock – and I was ready to give it to her.

I kissed her again as we rolled back into our original spooning position before having her bend forward, her back arching as I held onto the back of her neck as an anchor point as I began pulling back only to slam back in deeper than ever.

"Uhh! Fuck—again!" Olivia grunted. "Nice and deep like that...I love that!"

I didn't need to be told twice and now pounded into her from behind, treating her needy pussy to deep, long, measured strokes. I was thankful Denise was such a heavy sleeper but even so I forced myself to hold back a little, there was only so much rocking of the tent we could do before she'd wake up.

Without realising I'd done it, my hand had moved up Olivia's neck and was now in her hair, grabbing a fistful of her blonde mane and tugging it a little as I railed her from behind which only made her grow more animated and vocal.

"Fuuuckk—don't stop! Keep going babe, you're gonna make me come again!"

Her voice was still a low, husky whisper but was constantly rising the longer we fucked. I never wanted to pull out but the more we carried on, the louder Liv got and the more likely it was that Dee would wake up.

"Liv—ngh—Liv wait," I grunted as she moaned out loud and now slammed her ass back against me. "You need to be quiet!"

"I don't care," she huffed. "Just keep giving me that cock!"

Before I could stop her, the energetic teen suddenly rolled over and climbed on top of me, pushing the covers away as she eagerly slipped my cock back inside her wet folds. If Dee woke up and saw us now there'd be no denying what was going on but when I opened my mouth to complain, all that came out was a long groan as Olivia began to ride me.

Try as I might, I couldn't bring myself to make her stop. She looked incredible on top of me, her young figure a dark silhouette while her tussled blonde hair fell down around her gorgeous face. Not only that, but Liv certainly knew what she was doing as she rode me.

"Ugh—yeah, you like that? I could ride this cock all fucking night," she purred seductively, whipping her hips.

I simply nodded dumbly in response as I felt my inevitable release fast approaching. Reading my expression, Olivia bent forward, her breasts pressing against my chest as she kissed me again before whispering in my ear, just a few inches away from my sleeping girlfriend.

"You gonna come soon? Gonna fill my little cunt up again?"

I was at a loss for words and simply grabbed her ass and helped her bounce on my straining cock until I erupted for the second time. Olivia screamed before muffling herself by biting down on my shoulder as we came in unison.

Her creamy pussy squeezed down so tightly on me I doubted I'd have been able to pull out even if I'd wanted to as she kissed up my neck and our lips locked. We made out for a long moment as we rolled back onto our sides, our tongues gently exploring each other's mouths despite panting for air.

"Don't pull out," she breathed quietly. "...not yet."

"If Dee wakes up—" I started.

"Just a few more minutes," she begged as she settled into my shoulder and closed her eyes, almost immediately drifting off, my cock still buried deep inside her...


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Jesus Christ that was fucking hot, it seems no one is safe when Liv is on the prowl, not even her best friends man, then again, that shouldn't come as a surprise, considering how many times she has hooked up with her brother over the years on here. :laugh:

04-20-2017, 09:29 AM
Fucking Christ. That was incredible. Little sneaky slut. :flashing-omg:

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Just a glorious story. She really needs to go camping for often. :thumbsup: