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with Pia Miller
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, inc, blowjob, dirty talk
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: A last minute quickie for my February Girl of the Month – Pia Miller.

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While a lot of people probably had strange celebrity crushes they'd rather keep to themselves, mine was certainly out there and one I'd never admit to anyone.

Not that there was anything wrong with crushing on Pia Miller of course. While she was still relatively unknown, one look at her would have most men hooked, especially if they saw her in one of her many two-piece bikinis.

Really, the sole reason I was so ashamed of my own crush on her was because, frustratingly, Pia Miller was my aunt.

It appeared being teen mums ran in the family with her older sister having me young so there wasn't much difference between our ages, me at 21 and Pia just hitting 33. As such, it had always felt as if we were more close friends than aunt and nephew or at least that's what I told myself.

That closeness definitely didn't help with my foolish schoolboy crush I harboured for her. As much as I tried to ignore it, I still couldn't help but shift uncomfortably whenever she walked into the room and especially whenever she uploaded a new sexy picture online.

If you thought photos of Pia Miller in a bikini were special, seeing her in person in one of her sexy two-pieces was unreal and almost made me curse the fact we had a private pool in our garden which she often liked to visit, particularly during the current Australian heatwave we were enjoying.

In fact it was becoming more and more common that by the time I got up in the middle of the day, I'd look out my window and be treated to the sight of my sexy aunt working on her tan by our pool, her fit body glistening in tanning oils. It was a sight I'd never get tired of and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't beat off while watching her before.

For the most part I avoided her, not trusting myself around her when she was half naked but this weekend my parents were planning a big family BBQ where we'd spend the entire day getting drunk, eating good food and lounging in the pool.

As predicted, my aunt turned up looking as ravishing as ever accompanied by her two young sons. It still boggled the mind that she was a mother of two given her incredible figure which today was showcased in a simple orange bikini.

I forced myself to maintain eye contact as I greeted her at the door and invited them in, showing them into the garden where the barbeque was already well underway.

Barely ten seconds later, I looked over at my favourite aunt hugging my mother, already clutching a large glass of red in her hand. That was another thing I liked about her, Pia could probably drink the rest of the family under the table and was rarely seen without a red wine in hand and it seemed today she intended to hit the sauce pretty hard.

By the time the sun was going down the adults were well and truly wasted and I actually felt a little left out being the most sober one there not counting the kids.

"You've been quiet today, you're not avoiding me are you?" a voice suddenly spoke behind me.

I glanced up just as Pia sat down beside me on the edge of the pool, our feet hanging in the cool water while the rest of the family were gathered around the table behind us on the other side of the garden.

"No, what makes you say that?" I stammered, acutely aware of how close she was sitting, close enough for our legs to be touching and for me to feel the warmth of her smooth thigh.

"When you were younger we were practically joined at the hips," my aunt pouted, wrapping an arm around me and resting her head on my shoulder. I'd forgotten how affection she got when she was drunk. "I hope you don't think you can outgrow your favourite auntie!"

"Of course not," I smiled as she briefly hugged me tightly.

"Good, because I'm not ready for you to grow up, it makes me feel old!"

"You barely look a day over 20," I assured her making her smile.

"You're sweet," she said before giving me an innocent peck on the cheek. "So what's new with you anyway?"

I shrugged and began telling her the usual, college was boring, the part-time job was worse and the social life was average until she finally cut me off.

"No girls? A handsome guy like you should have them queuing up!"

"You're my aunt, you have to say that," I rolled my eyes.

"I'm serious, you're a catch! Shit if I were ten years younger..."

I knew she was only joking but her words sent a shiver up my spine and made my cock twitch at the very idea.

"Okay maybe pretend I didn't say that last part," she giggled bashfully after an awkward silence. "But I know some cute girls your age, maybe I could hook you up?"

"You don't have to do that," I muttered.

"Oh come on, you've got to live while you're young! When I was your age I probably had someone new in my bed every other night, I used to sneak them through my bedroom window," she winked.

"Wow you really are drunk tonight Pia," I told her, shocked at her blunt confession but she simply shrugged.

"Whatever, I'm just saying enjoy yourself, fuck around a little, it's not like you have anything to be ashamed of," she said with a glint in her eye as she nodded at my swim shorts.

"I—err—what?" I stammered.

"You don't think I see that thing when you look at me?" she grinned wickedly. "It's cute that you try to hide it but I'm not stupid."

"Sorry..." was all I could think to say as I looked down, ashamed and praying she hadn't mentioned it to anyone else.

"Don't be, it's kinda...flattering? In a way," she assured me, giving me another comforting hug.

"No it's messed up is what it is," I muttered, glancing behind us to check no one was within earshot.

"Aww don't be like that, I didn't mean to upset you," she pouted, suddenly turning apologetic. "If it makes you feel any better, I'm probably just as bad."

"How so?"

"You think it was a coincidence I tan out here in the spot that gives you the perfect view from your bedroom window?" she grinned knowingly. "It makes me wet knowing you're up there thinking about me..."

"Jesus, don't tell me that," I groaned.

"I'm serious, I've seen you peeking," she purred in my ear. "Sometimes I think about just stalking into the house, coming up to your room and swallowing that hard young cock down my throat!"

I almost came then and there in my shorts at the sudden filthy dirty talk she whispered in my ear before she moved back and laughed playfully.

"What the fuck, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" I complained, I thought I'd been teased before but that was nothing compared to this. "That drunk mouth of yours is gonna get the rest of that body in a whole lot of trouble one of these days."

"Trust me, it has done plenty of times," Pia smiled.

"Stop teasing me like this," I forced myself to plead.

"Who said anything about teasing? Meet me upstairs in five minutes."

Without another word she suddenly stood up, leaving me with her cryptic message as she entered the house. As I glanced at my watch and watched the seconds crawl by, I began to wonder if the whole exchange had been some bizarre figment of my imagination. Even so, I could only bare to wait for three of those excruciatingly long minutes before I stood, passed the rest of the family and slipped inside.

My heart was in my throat as I crept upstairs and onto the shadowy landing.

"Err—Pia, are you up there?" I quietly called out.

There was no answer so I began checking doors. She wasn't in my bedroom, the master bedroom or the spare room which only left the bathroom. Light spilled out as I turned the unlocked handle and poked my head in to see her fixing her appearance in the wall length mirror.

"Someone's eager, you still had two minutes to wait by my watch," she grinned, watching me in the reflection.

I let my eyes wander a little as she continued applying a little makeup. It was strangely liberating feeling free to admire her without the fear of being caught. My eyes roamed up her long, tanned, smooth looking legs, took in the sight of her ass, barely concealed by her orange bikini bottoms before moving up her slightly arched back with her wavy brunette locks falling down to her waist.

"So what are you waiting for?" she asked, snapping me out of my trance.


"Aren't you going to take it out? Everyone's still outside, we don't have all night!"

"Wait, are you serious?"

"This is what you wanted isn't it?" she asked, turning to face me. "To beat off in front of your sexy aunt?"

I felt like I had to pinch myself to ensure I wasn't dreaming as she stepped forward and helped me with my shorts, hooking a finger into the waistband and flicking them down to free my aching cock. I listened to her take a sharp intake of breath through her teeth as I began growing in my hand.

"Mmm, damn, the thing's I'd do to you..." she teased while biting her lip and stepping away again.

"Likewise," I had the courage to say, making her eyes light up.

"Tell me," she encouraged as she leaned against the bathroom counter again and watched me. "Tell me what you'd do to me with that big, young cock if we weren't related..."

I didn't even know where to start, every sordid fantasy I'd had about my aunt rushed through my head. I'd even imagined this very situation countless times but now I was dumbstruck.

"Well first I'd rip that bikini off," I told her, gaining confidence as she smirked, egging me on.

"Uh-huh, I like the sound of that," she purred. "I love it when a guy literally tears my clothes off me!"

In that moment I actually considered striding over to her and doing just that but thought better of it, deciding not to risk pushing my luck.

"Okay so I'm naked, then what do you do?"

"Your tits," I blurted out. "I'd start with your tits, I'd probably just worship them with my mouth for god knows how long!"

"Fuck yeah, I do love having them pampered," she admitted. "But then what, I hope you'd put that mouth to good use elsewhere..."

"Absolutely," I nodded feverishly while jacking my cock like a madman. "I'd just lift you up on that counter and dive straight in."

"Ugh. Good boy," she hissed. "There's a reason I shave, just so men like you can spend hours down there."

To prove her point Pia eased her bikini bottoms down a little to flash me her bald mound before covering up again with a wink. It had only been a split second but it had been enough to get me leaking pre-cum all over my hand.

"You ever eat a girl's ass before sweetie?" she suddenly asked of me.

"Err—no," I replied honestly.

"Well there's a first time for everything, and with me it's definitely a requirement!"

"Yeah?" I grunted.

"Uh-huh, your aunt's dirtier than you think," she teased.

"I dunno, you're pretty fucking dirty as far as I can tell," I quipped straight back.

"Are you close?"

"Almost," I replied. "Can't you take that bikini off for me?"

Pia considered it for a long moment before nodding at the door.

"Lock the door."

In my haste to find her earlier, I hadn't even bothered closing it behind me. So far anyone could have walked in on me jacking off to my auntie while she encouraged me so I hurried to push it closed and firmly locked it only to turn back to see my aunt stood before me utterly naked.

I could have plastered the bathroom wall with spunk at the mere sight of her and probably would have if I hadn't been squeezing my cock so tightly.

"As good as you imagined?" she grinned as she hopped up to perch on the edge of the counter.

"Jesus Christ, and then some..." I mumbled.

I watched absolutely spellbound as Pia spread her knees and exposed her shaved cunt which she leisurely began toying with her fingers.

"Don't stop, keep stroking that fat, young cock for me," she whispered.

My lips were dry and my breathing ragged as we began to masturbate in front of each other. We were only separated by a couple of feet and it crossed my mind how easy it would be for me to step forward and slam my cock into her pretty cunt. I wondered if she would even stop me.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she confessed. "I've done some wild shit in my time but this is something else...having my nephew jerk off for me."

"You like it though, don't you," I teased noticing the way her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second.

"I do, and that's what makes it so bad!"

"I want to fuck you so bad right now," I blurted out.

"I want that too..." she blushed, blowing my mind. "But we can't, that's too far..."

It was beyond frustrating but I knew someone had to have the voice of reason.

"But maybe..." she started, biting her lip as her lust-filled eyes admired my throbbing member. "Maybe a quick taste wouldn't hurt..."

So much for voice of reason.

Before she changed her mind, I watched Pia slink to her knees and approach me.

"You better not tell your mates about this," she warned me.

Before I could even open my mouth to vow silence my mind went blank as my hot aunt finally took my hard cock into her experienced mouth.

I grunted and bucked forward as she swallowed my entire length with ease, taking it down her throat where she gagged a little and drowned me in spit. Without thinking I let my fingers run through her hair as she keenly serviced me, loudly slurping and sucking on my cock.

My knees were shaking as I was treated to her mind-blowing blowjob. Pia alternated between sensually sucking my dick to suddenly throating it like a pornstar.

"Mmpphf—you have a really beautiful cock," she complimented at one point while fisting my saliva-coated shaft against her wet tongue.

"Fuck. That feels incredible!"

"I bet you could get used to this," she grinned. "Maybe every time I come round to use your pool I could sneak up here first, wake you up like this?"


"Yeah, with your mum just down the hall with no idea I'm in here draining her son's huge cock!"

My filthy talking aunt swiftly deep-throated me again while glaring up at me with her blazing, dark eyes.

"—and trust me, I'd swallow every. fucking. drop!"

Without warning I suddenly let out a primal-like grunt of rapture as I was sucked over the edge and filled my famous aunt's throat and mouth with semen, feeding her my young cum. She closed her eyes in bliss and I felt her swallow greedily as she continued sucking and licking at the tip, teasing every drop out of me until she finally pulled back.

It felt like the whole room was spinning as I fell back against the nearest wall for balance. It had been pleasure unlike anything I'd felt before and Pia couldn't help but snigger at my reaction.

"Worth the wait?"


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Holy. Christ. What a way to cap off maybe the greatest week I've had on this site. FFS. This one too is one I'll be reading multiple times (obviously). :bow:

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What.. I.. just.. WOW.
You know its super fucking hot when now,
every time I look at her I'm going to giggle like a little school girl.