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One Time Hall Pass, Part 2
With Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt
Codes: MF, BJ, Public
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction;

With the exception of some details this story comes straight from a dream I had. The length has gotten away from me a bit so this is going to be a 3 parter, not two. This is my first attempt at writing a story and I hope you enjoy it.

PART 1 (http://www.celebfanforum.com/showthread.php?266284-quot-One-Time-Hall-Pass-Part-1-quot-with-Hailee-Steinfeld-and-Olivia-Holt)
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As I opened my hotel room door and watched Olivia Holt and Hailee Steinfeld strut passed me into the room, I'll admit that my nerves were starting to get to me. After finally cumming thanks to a blow job by Olivia in the elevator I was finally starting to think straight, and considering my usual shy demeanor that was not a good thing. Up until two months ago I was a normal guy who'd have masabatory fantasies about women like Emma Watson, Olivia Holt and Hailee Steinfeld, and now I was dating one and about to have a threeway way with the other two. And if that wasn't intimidating enough, considering I'd never remotely come close to having a chance at a threesome before I was really starting to doubt whether or not I was going to have the stamina to pull this off. All that said, I sure as shit wasn't going to giving it a try. So I followed them into the room glancing at their asses as they both seemed to put a little extra of a shake into each of their steps.

"You girls want a drink?" I asked nervously.

"Hell yeah!" "Of course." The responded.

So I walked over to the mini bar, grabbed a mini rum bottle, opened it, and downed it hoping to calm my nerves. I then grabbed another bottle of rum for me, and a handful of what ever else they had in there. I turned around, and to my surprise neither girl was in the room, though I could faintly hear them talking.

I followed the sounds of their voices and as I moved towards the bedroom I could start to hear them more quickly.

"Have you other done anything like this before?" Olivia.

"Yeah a bunch of times." Hailee answered. "The first time was with Anna Kendrick and a producer so I could get the part in Pitch Perfect. Then there was the time with Selena and Taylor when we all got really drunk. Since then there've been a few other times. I usually don't do the all girl thing unless I'm really drunk. There just is no replacement for a good hard dick. What about you?'

"A few times. Some of those Disney cast house parties can get kind of crazy,"
Olivia said shyly.

I stayed in the bedroom doorway listening and watching them talk in the dark bedroom, the only light coming from the city lights through the big floor to ceiling window. I was being quiet, totally enthralled by their conversation and hoping they would continue but Olivia must have saw my reflection in the window and turned around, so I entered the room and give them they pick of the mini bottles in my hand. Haiz grabbed the tequila while the Tennessee girl took the Jack Daniels.

"What about you?" Olivia asked me as she untwisted the top of the bottle.

"Me? A threesome? No. never. I've only ever fantasized about it" I said before downing my second bottle of rum.

"Well aren't you lucky? Emma gives you a hall pass and that opens up your chance to realize your fantasy." Hailee said before taking a sip from her bottle.

"UMMM!" Olivia moaned as swallowing the whiskey in her mouth so she could speak. "I forgot you're dating Emma Watson! Oh my god, what's she like? I'm such a huge Harry Potter fan!."

"Ahh… she's great… I mean.." I looked to Hailee for some help, feeling a little uncomfortable telling the girl I'm about to fuck how great my girlfriend is. Hailee just simply rolled her eyes before finishing her drink.

"Here" Hailee told Olivia while taking the other bottle of Jack out of my hand and handing it to Oliva. "Drink this." Olivia took the bottle and Hailee stepped in front of me and while staring me in the eyes says "Now let's turn your fantasy into a reality."

I'd always known form pictures that Haiz had some sexy eyes but up close and in person, staring at yo,u they were damn near hypnotic, especially while she is dropping to her knees and reaching for your belt. Olivia finished her first bottle of Jack Daniels and opened the second while watching my pants and underwear drop to the floor and Hailee began kissing my rapidly expanding cock. She had kept eye contact with me the whole time getting me rock hard. She licked the underside of my cock back and forth before giving the tip a kiss and finally breaking eye contact as she dipped down to take one of my balls in her mouth.

I let out a loud groan as Hailee played with my balls in her mouth. Olivia finally finished her drink and got into action bending my head down so she could kiss me. I could still taste the Jack in her mouth. Ever since a bad time on my 21st birthday I'd stayed away from Jack Daniels, but on this night I didn't mind the taste at all. With one hand on Haiz's head I used my other to feel up one of Liv's tits. While no one would ever call Olivia or Hailee stacked, I didn't mind. I always tended to prefer girls with more athletic frames and pretty faces, so this usually meant girls with a b-cup, c-cup at most. Olivia fit right into this type, and she moaned into my mouth as a pinched he nipple through her dress.

Hailee then switched it back up, releasing my ball from her mouth so she could deep throat my cock. It this sudden change that caused me to stop playing with Holt and look back down, and just like before Hailee was staring right back into my eyes, I also noticed that she seemed to have either one or both her hand under her dress. It was at that time and idea popped into my head.

"You know, I've always known I'm a little bigger than average, but I've always wondered if my cock was built for two." Hailee seemed to know what I was getting at, and appeared to be smiling while she had half my cock in her mouth. Olivia on the hand didn't seem to understand right away until Hailee took hand tugged it towards her moved over to make room for Olivia. Liv took the hint and slid to the floor as my dick 'Popped' out of Hailee's mouth and she began kissing up and down the side. Olivia grabbed the base of my dick and slid my down her mouth giving it one big suck before releasing it began copying Hailee. It took a few moments but soon the 2 girls began moving in unison. Each girl with half my cock in their mouth sliding up and down as if as one.

Hailee continued to play with herself as I got the dual blowjob. It was then I hear and felt Olivia squeal as it turns out Hailee with her free hand had reached over began fingering her. We kept up this arrangement for a couple of minutes with the two girls blowing me and Hailee fingering both herself and Olivia. Things finally changed up when Hailee pulled her hand from Holt's snached and put it behind her head and the next time the two came to the end of my cock she pulled he in for a three-way kiss between them and my cockhead. I could feel their tongues dancing across my tip as they slip their tongues in and out of each others mouths. It was beautiful to watch felt amazing.

"Holy shit." I groaned as they broke apart.

"Alright, I was promised some serious fucking and it's time you paid up." Hailee told me as she stood back up. She then turned around and bent over while leaned up against the window and pulling up her short dress. The site of the Hailee's nude ass bent over and her literally dripping wet cunt peaking out underneath and the lights from the LA night skyline in the background is one of those sites that will be forever burned into my brain. Any other time I would dropped to my knees and buried my face into her snatch, but at this moment Olivia was still holding my cock. She gave me a quick deepthroat as Hailee got into position. She then pulled me by the cock toward Hailee but my pants were still around my ankle so I quickly pulled off my shoes and stepped out of pants and underwear. Meanwhile Liv gave Haiz a lick before lining up my cock and releasing me as I slid into Hailee's hot wet pussy.

"God yes, that it," Hailee moaned as I slid buried myself fully inside her.

"Fuck yes," I agreed. She felt amazing. I just stayed in for a few moments, letting the feeling soak in. Then I slowly pulled back until just my tip was in, took hold of her hips and then slammed back into her as hard as I could. Then I did it again and again, going quicker and quicker and each time slamming into her as hard as I could.

"FUCK YES! FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!" I promised her downstairs that I'd pound until one of us either passed out or broke out pelvis and I was doing my best to keep that promise. Pounding her as she used the window to help push her ass back into my dick.

"SLAP MY ASS!" Hailee yelled at me. I'd never really never had a girlfriend who liked to be spanked before so I wasn't too sure how hard to do it. I give her a mild tap. "What was that?" Hailee turned and looked at me frustrated. I give her a harder slap, but that still wasn't enough. "COME ON! I SAID SLAP MY ASS!" and with that I wound up and gave her a big hard slap! "YEEEESSSSSS!!!"Apparently that was exactly what she need because right after that slap her pussy spasumed in orgasim around my dick. Hailee may have orgasumed, but I didn't stop plowing into her.

While this was going on Olivia was kissing my neck while striping me out the rest of my clothes. Taking off my jacket, unbuttoning my shirt, and kissing my chest and licking my nipples as she pushed off my shirt. Now that I fully nude, it was time to get the girls out of their dresses. As Olivia was bent over I slid the straps of her dress down freeing her cute perky titties for the first time. She had small pink nipples and I gave one a little tweak and bent down to suck the other before refocusing on Hailee.

I gave her ass one more hard smack before reaching up to unzip the back of her dress. While I wanted to take the dress off her she was still leaning up against the glass and I wasn't ready to stop fucking her yet so I reached around the sides of her dress and felt up her tits. Like Liv her tits were not that big, but Hailee had some thicker nips that her great to pinch and tease.

"Ummmm… play with my nips." Hailee moaned. I had become so focused on Haiz that I hadn't notice Liv had finished slipping her dress until she turned my head and kissed me. As I pulled away I finally took in Liv's as she was totally nude except for her heels and a sultry smile. As I scanned her up and down my vision narrowed when it got to her completely shaved pussy. Glistening in wetness, it was the most beautiful pussy I'd ever seen. Like a moth to the flame I took my hand from Hailee's breast to touch Liv's clam. Not only was she shaved, but she was unbelievably smooth. Shit was smooth as butter.

"Ummm...yes" Olivia moaned.

"Come on, harder! Fuck me harder" Hailee pleaded. As I was focusing on Liv I was slowing down the pace with Hailee. "Harder!" Hailee pleaded again before turning her head and seeing me fingering Olivia and sucking her nipple.

"Alright." Hailee said while standing up and sliding my dick out of her. "If you want to play with her, go lay on the bed so I can ride the dick." I wasn't going to argue, so I scooped up Liv into my arms, and walked over to the bed before throwing the small blond on it and jump on myself. I looked over to see Hailee stepping out of the dress. For the first time I got to see her darker, very biteable looking nipples and the manicured landing strip she had above her pussy. While Liv looked amazing nude, watching Hailee walk over and get on the bed there was no question that while she was a good actress and singer this was a woman who made for one thing, to fuck. As Hailee straddled me I sat up gave her a quick kiss before moving down and biting he nipple as she slid down my pole.

"Fuck yes" she signed before rising up and dropping down again. I tried to switch over to the other nipple, but I was then shoved flat on my back. Olivia had apparently grown impatient. She straddled my face saying "Now it's your turn to finish what you stated," before dropping her pussy straight down onto my mouth. After gathering my bearings of Hailee riding me and Liv sitting on my face I hooked my arms around her thighs and went to task. There was no teasing or slow build up, I just attacked her pussy like an hungry animal.

"Fuck yes! Eat my pussy! EAT IT!" Liv screamed as I continually buried my tongue as far s it would go, swirling it around before sucking out her sweet nectar. Two things became obvious pretty quickly while I was eating Olivia out. First was she had by far the best tasting pussy I had ever gone down on, sweet like I piece of fruit. And second was, the girl was loud. While Hailee would moan and grunt and occasionally talk dirty, Olivia was a screamer who just could not stop talking.

"That's it, that's it right there," Olivia was shreking as I was sucking on her clit. I was holding onto her ass cheeks so when I heard Hailey say "Hey" followed by two smacking sounds I knew (or rather could feel) that she had given Liv some mild ass slaps to get her attention. Liv looked over her shoulder.

"Turn around" Hailee told her, and rather than just spinning around Holt stood and turned around.

"How's that cock" Olivia asked as she fixed her hair a bit before dropping back to her knees and resettling back onto my face.

"It's a Goldilocks cock. Not too big, not too small...just..the...right...size" Hailee relied as she timed each of the last four words with herself plunging down on my cock. "How...how is he at eating pussy?"

"Yeah! Yeah! Ummm! He's not as good as Paris or Kelli, but he seems to know what he's doing."

I could feel Liv starting to been more and more forward but didn't think anything about it until I noticed how much quieter it had gotten. I then replaced my tongue with two fingers I squeezed inside her. I was just barely able to move my head around so that I could see what was going on, and while I didn't have a great angle it was clear the two women were making out and Hailee was playing with Liv's tit. Watching this I really started to jackhammer her pussy with my fingers and she was now really starting grind against me.

"Ummmm..Yes! Yes!" Olivia broke the kiss clearly enjoying herself. "Oh my god yes! Almost! Almost!" When she said that I instantly knew what that meant, so I took my fingers out instead using them to rub her clit as I once again buried my face into her sex. Olivia responded by grinding herself harder down onto my face. Maybe 20 seconds later she let out a high pitched screech, her whole body shook, and suddenly felt like I was being waterboarded at a flood of fluid hit my face.

"Oh my god are you squirting? Are you a squirter." Hailee excitedly asked as she picked up her pace on my cock.

"Yes." Olivia answered as she slid off me and I gasped for breath.

"Do you do that often?" Asked Hailee.

"Probably 8 out of 10 times. I had to sneakily change my sheets a lot after I found out how to do it when I masterbated" Olivia replied basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. Hailee meanwhile seemed to have been filled with renewed vigour after watching her blond friend squirt as she was now riding and grinding on my cock even faster and harder than before. I tried sitting up to play a more active role but I was rebuffed as she pushed me back down.
"No don't, I got this" she told me, so I did what I was told. I watched he have her fun with me. I watched her tits bounce, I watched her facial expressions be filled with, I watched her eyes filled with the look of lust and desire. I didn't completely stay still as I smacked and grabbed her ass a few times with one hand and played with her clit with the other.

"Fuck..yes..here...it" the brunette actress said before her cunt tightened up on me and she closed her eyes letting out a silent scream. Mid way through her eyes shot open and I could see in her eyes the pleasure and euphoria she was feeling. After her 2nd orgasm of the night died down she collapsed on top of me, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and rolled off of me on the opposite side of Olivia. Hailee then let out a big sigh and said "Cocks all yours Olivia".

"Bought time." Olivia said playfully while getting into place. I had known Liv had a tight pussy from when I finger banged her, but feeling her try to slide down onto me was another thing. I hadn't felt a pussy this tight since I took my friend's virginity in high school. Holt looked like she was feeling it too. She was gripping my dick in her hand pointing it straight up to her cunt but she had barely made it passed the tip and judging by the discomfort on her face I wasn't so sure how much more she could take.

"Jeez you have a thick cock" she groaned

"You're one to talk. Are you a virgin, because you're tight as fuck" I shot back.

"No I'm always this tight. Just give me a minute and I'll loosen up. Trust me if I can fit my friends dad's dick in there, I can fit you."

"Which friend?" Hailee asked. She had a big smile on her face and seemed to be enjoying the show. Olivia shot her a dirty look. She was about half way down and she slowly started to ride me up and down. Each time down she'd take a half an inch more, and she was right I could start to feel he loosen up. I put my hands on her hips and when she had about an inch and a half to go I tighten my grip and slammed her all the way down on the next down stroke. Olivia let out a yelp, but now that she had finally taken it all, she started to let loose. She began quicken up the pace and becoming more and more vocal.

"Yes! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" Oliva was really enjoying herself but I knew I was getting into trouble. I could feel the cum in my nuts start to bubble up right before Hailee came, and now between the look of Olivia's tits bouncing and the feel of her tight cunt stroking my cock I new the countdown clock has started. Knowing this I leaned up to and kissed Liv and while she had her tongue in my mouth I slide my arms under her legs the picked her up spun her around and dropped her on her back with her head on the pillows. Holt instinctively put her legs up on my shoulders and as I slid back into her I look a quick peek over at Hailee, who was watching while rubbing her pussy in one hand and teasing her breasts with the other. I then refocused on Olivia and slammed into her over and over again.

"YES! Fuck me with the big dick!" Olivia screamed. Watching her small tits wobble with each thrust was a little too tempting for me so I leaned forward bending Holts legs back into her and began sucking on her small pink nipples as I continued thrust into her and tease her clit with me free hand. Olivia continued to be her noisy self, but she really wasn't even making words anymore. I could feel the countdown lock ticking down in my head.

"Hold your legs Liv'" I told her, she just nodded and grabbed each leg, keeping her folded while I straighten back up. I now had a real clean view of dick hammering away at cunt. That was until seemingly out of nowhere Hailee leaned over giving me and Liv a couple of simultaneous licks and that pushed both Olivia and me over the edge. Olivia let out a screeching "FUUUUCCCCKKK!" as she clamped down on my dick her powerful orgasm causing her to squirt once again. I then grabbed Olivia's hips, rammed my dick into her one last time and shot my whole load into her. "I can feel it! I can feel it" Liv screamed as she felt me shoot off inside her. When I finally did pull out of her, I feel over to my side trying to catch my breath, which wasn't that easy as Hailee slid over and started cleaning off my cock my semi hard cock.

"Oh my god. Oh...my...god" Olivia said trying to catch her breath as she came down from her orgasmic high. "You came inside me."

"Yeah, sorry" I said while still out of breath.

"You're supposed to pull out or at least give me some kind of warning."

"Well, I would have but things got a little accelerated."

"That's not an excuse."

"If you're really worried about a little bit of cum," Hailee interjected after releasing my cock, "I'll take care of it." Hailee the maneuvered back over to Holt.

"What do you mean you'll...holy fuck!" Olivia was taken off guard as Hailee started eating her out, or rather started eating my cum out of her.

"No please, wait…" Holt pleaded.

Haiz sat up and looked at Liv in the eyes, "Look you don't want cum in you, and I want to see if I can make the geyser you call a vagina go off again." Haiz grabbed a pillow and slapped it down on top of Liv's head. "Feel free to scream into that pillow, but outside of that I don't want to hear anything else about it." And with that she dove right back into her pussy and got to work.

I just simply watched for a few minutes. By the way Olivia was screaming that pillow it's safe to say Hailee knew what she was doing, though she seemed to no longer be scrounging for semen and was simply just teasing the poor blond now. I was now starting to feel my juices flowing again and was ready to get back to the action. I scanned the whole scene in front of me trying to figure out how to take part, when I noticed the way Hailee was positioned. Instead of being flat on her stomach, she was actually really far bent over on her knees leaving her ass raised up down by the foot of the bed. I now knew my plan of attack.

https://t11.pixhost.org/thumbs/158/46824450_bca936ca2887401f12120fb93cf24acb.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/158/46824450_bca936ca2887401f12120fb93cf24acb.jpg) https://t11.pixhost.org/thumbs/158/46824454_hailee-steinfeld-in-swimsuit-at-a-beach-in-miami-05-22-2016_26.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/158/46824454_hailee-steinfeld-in-swimsuit-at-a-beach-in-miami-05-22-2016_26.jpg) https://t11.pixhost.org/thumbs/158/46824467_olivia-holt-feet-2663668.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/158/46824467_olivia-holt-feet-2663668.jpg) https://t11.pixhost.org/thumbs/158/46824461_oholt111015bznimage3.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/158/46824461_oholt111015bznimage3.jpg)

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That was fucking hot loved how Liv freaked out about him cumming inside her.

07-13-2017, 08:23 PM
That was awesome miamidolfins, even better than Part 1. Hopefully you decide to keep writing after this series

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That was awesome miamidolfins, even better than Part 1. Hopefully you decide to keep writing after this series

Thanks. There is one more part coming, and after that I may write some more but most likely stories will be few and far between. Reason why I wrote this was because even 12+ hours after waking from this dream I still had most of the details from begin to end still vividly replaying in my mind.

07-14-2017, 06:52 AM
I've been liking this series, Miami... looking forward to the third chapter.