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Lucky Bastard
Staring Victoria Justice, Appearance by Kelli Berglund
Codes: MF, Oral, Cheating
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction;

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I am a lucky bastard, ask anyone who knows me. My name is Edward, most people call me Eddie, though in high school I also picked up another nickname. While at practice during my freshman year of high school I went to go pick up a ball that had rolled over by the senior cheerleaders. As I picked up the ball, one of the varsity captains came up from behind me and pants me, pulling both my shorts and underwear down to the floor. He was expecting the cheerleaders to point and laugh at me, but instead they just gasped and stared wide eyed. For you see I was blessed with a big dick and even at 14 I was still 6 inches flaccid. From that day on I was given the nickname "Mr. Ed" because I was hung like a horse. I spent the next 3.5 years fucking every hot girl I wanted in my high school. My two proudest moments were screwing my 25 year old spanish teacher in the principal's office right after graduation, and taking the vaginal and anal virginity of my science teacher's daughter (she was a freshman cheerleader when I was a senior) in his classroom after school one day. After high school I went to the same state college as a lot of the kids from my high school so I my reputation as the best dick around followed me there.

One of the downsides spending all high school and college screwing your choice of hot women is that you don't really pay attention to your classes and also you don't actually develop any game for picking up women who don't know your reputation. So for the next couple of years after college I just kind of coasted through life. However when I was 27 my good luck struck once again.

It started when I bought a lottery ticket on my birthday that wound up being not only a winner, but the a winner to largest Powerball jackpot in the lottery's history. Then a couple months later my best friend from high school, Ryan, called me up with a proposition. We'd stayed in close contact with me staying in San Diego and him finding success in LA working in the film industry. He'd gained some note in Hollywood for some short films he had directed and now he felt ready to do a full length indie film. He wanted to see if I would use my new fortune to fund his movie, after some back and forth I agreed. I told him as part of the deal I wanted an executive producer credit and to be involved in the casting. Knowing my reputation he was really hesitant but at the same time I was willing to give him the money for his movie, and dealing with me was a lot easier than trying to find funding elsewhere. So the agreement was I got to do the preliminary auditions and I'd have pass my recomendation on to him for another audition where he'd get final say.

So now I am in a office with a list of names that are going to be auditioning for the lead female role, which is only described as a good looking brunette in her early to mid twenties. A lot of the girls auditioning were relative unknowns, but thanks to the buzz that Ryan may be the next Damien Chazelle, some of the names I did recognize. Mainly former Nickelodeon & Disney girls who were desperate for their first big break in more mature role. It is that desperation I had to thank for my current situation of having a naked Kelli Berglund on my desk with her incredible legs up on my shoulders as a jackhammered my dick into her.

I know what you're thinking, but no I didn't blackmail her this was all her idea. While reading her lines she kept messing up was growing more and more frustrated with herself. Finally she just threw script up in the air and then offered to fuck me if I just sent her name along to Ryan. My younger step sister were a big fan of Kelli's show and I'd always thought she was cute so there was no way I was going to say no.

"Holy fuck yes...your dick's so big...oh god" Kelli was moaning, trying to keep her voice down. It's a shame we couldn't take our time and enjoy ourselves, because while we hadn't you could just tell this little sex pot was into some freaky stuff. But we'd already been screwing for a while and we were up against the clock so we were fucking just as raw and hard as possible. I took her legs off my shoulders and scooped her up. Continuing to abuse her cunt with my dick she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I bounced her on my cock.

"Gonna cum, I'm so close" Kelli panted as we fucked standing up.

"Me too, where do you want it?" I asked.

"Cum inside me. I can't walk out there with jizz on my face." I just nodded and after a few more bounces Kelli came on my cock and seeing her O-face set me off and my cock began spurting inside her. After we both finished cumming I gently dropped her back on the desk. She laid back down trying to catch her breath. I reached over to grab my cell phone which was next to her.

"Smile" I said as I aimed the phone at her. She put up the peace sign and gave a kissy face as I took the picture.

"You're not going to show that to anyone are you?"

"No," I responded. "Well, maybe one of my step-sisters. They are fans of yours and also like to call me a loser who isn't doing anything with my life. Showing them that we had sex should shut them up."

Kelli giggled "Yeah that could work. If all else fails you could just whip out your dick, I'm sure that things left plenty of girls speechless."

Eventually we both got redressed, I sneakily snapped a few more pics of Kelli. That girl has some killer legs and seeing her naked there in just heels was too good to resist. After she got dressed and I'd told her I'd pass her name on to Ryan. She was about to open the door before she turned back to me.

"Oh, I have a party at my house this weekend. Your welcome to come if you want." She said.

"Sounds fun, but you do know I don't have final say when it comes to the role, right?"

"I know, but I'm but I'm going to want another cock of yours and I'm curious to know how that thing will feel in my ass." She then gave me a wink and walked out the door.

The next two hours were pretty unremarkable. There was only one actress that I saw in that time that seemed right for the part. I was starting to realize that this casting thing was a bit more boring than I had fantasized. But if all that came out of it was that I became fuck buddies with Kelli Berglund that's not too bad, especially knowing how girls talk and who were some of Kelli's close friends are.

I was looking at pictures of Kelli with Olivia Holt & Paris Bereic when I pressed the intercom and told the receptionist to send in the next person. When I heard the door open I looked up and was in for a surprise. Dressed in simple grey t-shirt, skin tight jeans and white sneakers was Victoria Justice. She had not been on my preliminary list of auditioners. Nonetheless, I tried to play it cool and explain our audition the process to Vic. I told her to go ahead and start whenever she felt ready as I looked over the credits on the back of her head shot. I had thought of her as kind of a big name so I was surprised to see that since Victorious she really hadn't done much, and what she had done was all pretty unremarkable.

Watching her read the lines, she was definitely not the best actress I'd seen that day but she wasn't the worst either. I was planning on passing her name along to Ryan if just because she was a name that if picked could sell the film. We we're wrapping things up and I was asking some of the questions Ryan wanted me to ask everyone who auditioned when Victoria interrupted me.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just want you to know how much I love this script and how I need to be in this movie."

"That's great," I told her, "But I don't have final say, it'll all be up to Ryan."

"I know, but is there anything you can do to help me out? How well do you know him?"

"Well, we've been friends since back in middle school, but…"

"So you have to have some influence," Victoria interrupted me. "There must be something you can do. My career is all but on life support. I need this role. I'd do anything for it." Hearing that last line set off alarm bells in my mind.

"Really? Anything?" I questioned her.

As if suddenly realizing what she said she tried to backtrack a bit. "Well, not anything anything, but I really am desperate for this part. Why, what do you want?" she asked with some worry in her voice.

I tried to play coy, I didn't think she'd be down to fuck a guy a stranger for a chance at role like Kelli was. Eventually Victoria grew impatient and put her hands on her hips.

"How 'bout a blow job? Would a blow job do it?" Asked in a annoyed tone

"Has anyone ever said no to a blow job from you?"

"Of course not."

"Well, I sure as shit am not going to be the first. But I also want you topless." Like every other guy with internet access I had seen Victoria's Fappening pictures and I had to know if her tits were as perfect in person as they looked in the pictures.

"Fine. I give you a topless blow job and you do whatever you can to get me this role."

"Deal." This was a no brainer for me. I was going to put her name on the list for a second audition already and Ryan had made it clear that that was as far as my level of influence on the casting would be. Victoria grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, paused for a moment, rolled her eyes before taking off her shirt revealing her white lace bra. The bra was also quickly discarded as Vic walked over to me behind the desk.

"Holy shit, those are spectacular." I said somewhat dumbfounded. I'd seen a countless set of tits either in real life or on the web at this point, and Victoria's may have been the best. While not the biggest, they were still a good size, great shape with next to no sage, and fantastic nipples (size and color) . They great as they looked in pictures, they were even better in person.

"Yup, they're real and spectacular." Victoria said sarcastically as she dropped down to her knees between my legs. "Now let's get this over with." She undid my pants and I raised up so she could pull my pants and boxers down.

"Jesus Christ!" Victoria said reacting to by thick rock hard 10 inch cock slapping her in the chin after it was released. Her hands quickly gripped it, her hands not fully closing around it, and she began examining. It was clear that this was the biggest she'd ever seen. "Are you serious?" She asked me finally looking at me up at my face.

"What never seen one that size."

"No. I mean… just, fuck."

"Go on, taste it. You know you want to."

"Why, do all guys with nice dicks act like such assholes," she mumbled before sticking out her tongue and give the head a lick and then swirling her tongue around the head a couple of times. Changing her grip Victoria bent down further so she could lick up along the underside of the shaft, before quickly backing off.

"Did you fuck someone else?" she questioned me seeming none to pleased.

"Little bit."

"Good are you blackmailing all the girls you're auditioning?"

"What? No. First, you suggested giving me a blowjob," Victoria gave a big eye roll to that, "second Kelli Berglund came in here messed up and then asked if I wanted to screw."

"Fucking Disney slut." Victoria said under her breath as she looked at my cock. She then gave me another lick. "You're lucky she tastes good." And with that Victoria opened her mouth and enveloped my dick in her mouth. She took half my dick in her mouth on her first attempt.

"Holy fuckkkkk…" I moaned. The girl had some serious skill. She may have started off somewhat reluctant but as time went on she was clearly getting it. Currently she was swirling her tongue around the head as her hands stroked the shaft. She then lifted my cock and rested it along the center of her face as she kissed the underside of my cock, working her way down to my balls.

"Jesus christ. Between your face, your body and the way you suck cock, how are you struggling for roles?" I accidentally wondered out loud.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud. It's just, fuck, you're so fucking gorgeous and my god this might be the best blow job I've ever had."

"Yeah well tell me…" Victoria was now stroking my cock as she stared at it "if I make you cum, how long will it take for you to recover?"

"Not long usually, but for you I doubt I'd even go soft."

"Good," She said before devouring my dick. She was moving her mouth as fast as she could and I was getting close but not close enough. So I then stood up, put my hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her throat. Considering what a goodie goodie she came off as I'm surprised she let me do this.

"I'm gonna cum." I warned her as I stopped my thrusting. She responded by sinking half my cock down her throat and pumping the rest of my shaft with both hands before I finally exploded. She didn't even flinch. Instead she just stared up at me as she swallowed rope after rope of cum and the sucking what ever was left out of me. My knees felt weak after i came and I quickly sat back down. My dick slipped from Vic's mouth and she leaned forward.

"Wow, you were right" She said as she slapped my dick against her face, "you're still hard." She then giggled a bit before standing up to strip out of her shoes, jeans and thong, revealing her clean shaven pussy. Seeing her their fully nude I felt the hunger of passion start to take over me again so I began standing up, but I was quickly pushed down by Victoria.

"Oh, no you don't. We deal was I give you a blow job, what's about to happen now is because I am horny and need to get off. You're nothing more that a tool to get me off. Got it? You're just a big dildo to me."

"Emphasis on big."

"No talking" She said as she straddled me in the chair. I quickly shut up as Victoria lowered herself on me. She was only able to take a few inches at first.

"Holy fuck your thick." She groaned. While she grinded herself against on my cock, I attacked her breasts. Groping one while I kissed and sucked on her other before switching over. After a few minutes Victoria really starting to ride me hard but still she was only taking a little over half my cock. I put my hands around were waist to try to force her down a little further, but suddenly the office chair broke quickly dropping to its lowest setting. This caught me by surprise and I tightened my grip and pulled her down with me and all of a sudden Victoria went from having just half my cock in her to having my full length buried inside her.

"HOLY SHIT!" Victoria yelled out in shock and orgasm. "Jesus, you're going to split me in two but it feels so good!" If there was any doubt for the people in the lobby about what was happening inside the office before, it was probably gone now but we didn't care.

"Fuck yeah it does." After getting out of the busted chair we cleared the desk and she had me lay down on the desk before jumping on and riding me on once again. Something must have gone of in Victoria after that first orgamism because see was not holding back any longer. She was riding me like a wild banshee slamming her body down on my whole cock and was way more vocal.

"Oh yeah. Fuck me hard. Oh god why doesn't my boyfriend have a cock like this."

"Yeah, your boyfriend not able to fuck you like this?"

"Fuck no. He's way smaller"

"So how's it feel? How's feel to be fucked by a real man."

"So good. I feel so full, so stretched out. Your hitting me in places he never has."

"Yeah you remember this next time you fuck him. Remember how much better sex feels with me. How much more I stretch you out. How a sex should feel."

"Oh god, just shut up and pound my pussy."

"Is that what you want? You really want to get pounded?"


I quickly but carefully flipped us over on the desk. So now Victoria Justice was on her back, legs up on my shoulders, while I was on my knees drilling her will everything I had. I know a lot of guys who love doggy style, but I preferred to be able to see a girl face forward. In part because I am more or a tits than ass man, but also because there is nothing better than watching a girls face while you're fucking her and she is in the throes of absolute bliss. Soon enough Victoria was screaming out in orgamic joy and I then pulled out shooting my load across her tits and face.

"Holy fuck that was amazing. I'd normally be pissed that you came on my face, but fuck it. That was too good." Victoria said as she tried to catch her breath,

"No kidding." I replied as I tried to memorize the image of a naked Victoria Justice with streaks of my jizz across her face and breast. I thought for a moment about taking a picture with my phone like I had with Kelli, but I had a feeling Victoria would smash my phone if I tied it.

After calming down and catching her breath Victoria quickly got dressed. I walked over to my pants and pulled a business card out of my pants as Victoria fixed her hair and wiped the last bit of cum from my face. When she was done she made her way towards the door.

"So I should be hearing from Ryan in a week or so?"

"Yup. Also here is my card with my cell phone number," I said as I held out the card for her.

"And why would I want that?" She spun around and asked.

"In case you want to hook up again. Doesn't sound like boyfriend is getting the job done and a girl like you shouldn't be going without."

Her eyes dropped down to my now half hard man slab dangling between my legs, and she bit her lip while she pondered for a second "Fucker," she said as she looked back up to my face and snacked the card from my hand. "BUT IF there is a next time I'm not the only one give oral."

"Deal" I said as she walked out the door slamming it behind her.

https://t11.pixhost.org/thumbs/369/48015310_victoria-justice-07.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/369/48015310_victoria-justice-07.jpg)

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haha nice. That was hot! I bet that's exactly what goes down in Hollywood auditions all the time too.


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It's good to see you decided to write more stories, Miami. :thumbs: