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With Olivia Holt and Dove Cameron
Written by TPG
CODES: FF, blowjob, gloryhole, oral, fingering, cunnilingus, spit-play
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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"Come on, don't be so uptight. It'll be fun." Dove Cameron giggled while dragging Olivia Holt into the adult store.

It was bad enough the ladies had ditched their morning rehearsals at the Radio Disney Music Awards just a few blocks away, but were now sneaking into the local sex shop for reasons only known to Dove.

"Err, I don't know." Olivia hesitated. "What if someone recognizes us?"

"Just don't make any eye contact, and we'll be fine."

Judging from the way she carried herself, Olivia was certain that Dove was not only familiar with the adult club but was probably a frequent visitor. Fortunately for her the store appeared to be mostly deserted, but no sooner had they arrived and Dove immediately dragged them into the back of the establishment, behind a curtained area which read "private booths."

Olivia trembled knowing that whatever her blonde friend was up to was most likely going to get them both in trouble.

"You trust me don't you," Cameron asked while pulling her into a small video booth and locking them inside.

The booth itself was quite small, slightly bigger than your average bathroom stall where there appeared to be a padded bench on one side and an old fashioned television on the other.

Behind the bench were several strategically placed holes in the wall, while the room itself looked faded and covered in graffiti, and reeked of sex. The ladies paused for a moment to adjust to their new surroundings, as Olivia began to whine.

"I can't believe you talked me into this, what are we doing here!"

"Just wait, you have to see this." said Dove while feeding a few dollars into the machine slot under the TV.

To Holt's surprise the screen came to life with an image of two women locked in a sixty-nine position, both of which were moaning loudly as they ate each other out.

"Holy shit,"

"I know right!" Dove beamed. "—it's so hot and nasty, don't you love it!"

There was a long pause before Olivia finally broke the silence.

"Have you ever done anything like that before?"

"Kind of," Dove admitted. "But only with a boy. What about you?"

Olivia shook her head.

"But you have thought about it, right?" Dove quizzed. "—being with another girl, I mean."

The actress blushed as the explicit scene played out, with the camera zooming in close enough to capture the way they now rimmed each other's bungholes.

"Jesus, Dove. This stuff is so... graphic."

"When was the last time you had a guy eat your ass like that Liv?"

The younger blonde lowered her head in shame.

"Me? Never. No one's ever tried."

"Well trust me, it feels really good. You should do it sometime."

"Ah, I'll take your word for it."

Dove was already feeling dizzy with excitement when something suddenly caught their attention and Holt yelped out in fright. Her friend could hardly contain her laughter as a large penis appeared through a hole in the wall.


"Relax, that's what I wanted to show you." Dove giggled. "This place, it's a gloryhole."

"A glory-what?"

"Guys come back here to stick their dicks through these holes, in hopes that someone on the other side will... help them out,"

"You're joking right?"

Suddenly, Dove seemed to lose her sense of humor and looked straight into her friends eyes.

"Olivia. Listen to me. We have to do this."

"Huh. Do what?"

"We have to suck this guys dick,"

"What! Why?"

"Otherwise he might call the clerk, realize we're in here, and call the cops. You don't want the cops to take us down town do you, and have the media find out what we were doing?"

"What, no. oh god. What the hell!" Olivia panicked. "Why did I let you talk me into this,"

Dove couldn't help but grin at her friends anxiety.

"I don't know why you're so upset, you should be thanking me." Dove replied. "This is the perfect solution for girls like us, in our situation, because we can have fun and do it totally anonymously."

"Are you crazy,"

"Aren't you always saying how you wish you could be normal for one day,"

"...yes but, not like this!"

"Well, now's your chance." Dove pointed out. "Besides, haven't you ever wanted to do something fun and spontaneous?"

Olivia pouted as she looked back at the bare penis in the wall. It was probably the biggest dick she'd ever seen.

Despite her reluctance she had to admit that she was strangely enthralled by it, in fact the entire seedy encounter felt oddly liberating and taboo, which was precisely why Dove had brought her there in the first place.

"I can't believe we're in here right now, if anyone ever found out—"

"Look, don't worry about it." Dove interrupted. "If your this uptight, I'll take care of this guy and you can just stand there and watch. Who knows, maybe you'll learn a thing or two."

"Dove!" Holt gasped. "You don't even know this guy,"

"Err, that's kind of the point silly," she winked back. "Anonymity. That's the best part."

"...this is crazy,"

"Hey Liv, just think." Dove added for effect. "Imagine if this guy was one of our dads friends or something,"

Olivia grimaced at the thought, but at the same time felt a surge of adrenaline shoot up her spine. Even though she didn't want to admit it, the entire seedy affair was having an effect on her body – her small brown nipples standing at full attention.

Holt then watched as her best friend moved over to the wall to get a better angle at the sizable cock. For her part, Dove loved the fact that Olivia was made to watch her perform. In fact it had always been a fantasy of hers to have sex in front of one of her friends, and Olivia Holt was as good as any.

Without further ado, Dove dropped to her knees and slipped the meaty cock into her wet mouth, and was immediately rewarded with a faint groan from the other side of the wall. When she opened her mouth wide and took the entire length into the back of her throat, Olivia gasped in surprise.

"Holy shit Dove, where did you learn to do that?"

"Do you really want to know," she grinned. "My old man."


"My step dad,"

Suddenly everything seemed to make sense - as to why Dove had always been so wild and promiscuous growing up, and the fact that she always preferred much older guys. Meanwhile on the other side of the wall, the 52-year-old father of three could see Dove's soft plump lips working their magic through the wide hole.

"Good. Good girl," he hissed with encouragement. "Suck that big fat cock."

Noting this "dirty talk" Olivia stifled a giggle as Dove gave as good as she got.

"Mm, is that what you want mister?" she purred back seductively. "You like this sweet mouth around this fat cock?"

"Polish daddy's cock nice and slow," he groaned.

Strangely enough the dirtier he spoke the more Dove responded, while Liv simply stood there dumbfounded, watching as her best friend not only put on a show but encouraged the incestuous role play.

"Mmm daddy," Dove teased while polishing his sword. "Give this little girl that hot cum."

"—is that what my princess wants?"

"Jesus," Olivia rolled her eyes.

"uh-huh, come inside my mouth." Dove answered hotly. "I need it, I need it bad."

The stranger didn't need to be told twice, and grunted while humping the hole in the wall.

"ugh baby, you're so hot!"

"C'mon, I want daddy's hot load!" Dove insisted. "Feed me, please. I'm such a bad girl."

Just hearing this dialogue was enough to make Olivia's panties flood. In fact she had to use all of her strength not to jam her hand inside her jeans and get off right then and there.

That said, the mystery man moaned out loud as he finally blew his wad into the back of Dove's throat, who in turn gulped down his gooey seed. It was just about the most explicit, yet thrilling thing Olivia Holt had ever seen.

"Mm," Dove purred while wiping her chin. "I love the taste of hot spunk in my mouth."

At this point Liv's chest was heaving so hard she thought she was going to pass out. In all her years she'd never seen or heard anything so filthy before.

Dove polished the rest of his shaft before releasing his dick with a loud pop, only to see him fist a crumpled up fifty dollar bill through the opening. The ladies then heard the man leave as Dove snapped up the cash from the floor.

"Fuck yeah," she quipped smugly. "Easy money."

"I-I can't believe you just did that," Holt huffed in disbelief.

"What, you don't approve?"

"I didn't say that, it's just..."

But as the ladies quibbled back and forth, they could hear the sound of another "customer" enter the booth next door.

"Hey Missy, don't knock it until you try it," Dove countered.

"Err, no thanks."

Realizing how uptight she was, Dove happily offered to put on another show.

"Fine. Suit yourself. Just watch and learn princess. I can do this all day long."

"Yeah, I bet you can."

With her friend watching on, Dove immediately slipped the second cock into her mouth and proceeded to blow him like a god damn professional, using her lips and incorporating more of her hands into the mix, jacking him off while she swirled her tongue around his bell-end.

There was a long moment of silence before Dove stared back at her sexy friend.

"Why don't you just admit it, this shit is turning you on."

Olivia refused to respond to her allegation.

"Come on, Liv. I know you better than anyone else." Dove reasoned. "Stop being such a bitch and have some fun with me."

"Err, I'm having fun!"

"Yeah, you look it." she quipped sarcastically. "You know, you're more than welcome to join me down here. I could use the help."

Olivia blushed at the mere suggestion but couldn't deny how utterly wet she was.

"Why do you think I brought you here," her friend added. "I knew you'd get a kick out of this. Look, you don't have to blow him or anything. Just stroke it a little."

This was finally Holt's chance to live out one of her more depraved fantasies.

"Err, I dunno. Are you sure about this?"

"Trust me, no one knows we're in here." Dove pointed out. "We can do anything we want. No one will ever know."

"I suppose you're right," Holt shrugged. "okay, I'll do it! But only if you promise that we leave straight after."

Dove reluctantly agreed before she scooted over to make room for her friend who stooped down beside her on the floor and gingerly wrapped her fingers around the throbbing member.

"oh my god," Holt mouthed at the feel of his hard pulsating cock. "It's so big!"

"I know, look at it. He's practically throbbing for us."

"I can't believe I'm doing this right now, mom would kill me."

"Yeah but what would Cade and his friends say," Dove teased. "Bet he'd fucking love it."


"I'm only kidding," Dove giggled. "Just do what comes naturally."

"If you EVER tell anyone about this, so help me I'll kill you!"

"Who would I tell! Heck, who'd believe me anyways, little miss goody-two-shoes."

She had a point, considering Holt's pristine girl next door image.

That said, Holt proceeded to jack off the customer through the gloryhole and soon found a steady rhythm. Amusingly enough it didn't take very long for pre-cum to leak from the tip of his dick as she began to jack him off in her fist.

"ugh, yeah..." he growled from the other side of the partition. "Faster, yeah. Just like that."

"Hmm, see. He likes it. You're a natural Liv." Dove encouraged. "Now lean over and stick it in your mouth!"


When the cock twitched in her hand Olivia suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of power, and after several moments of hesitation, indeed leaned forward to tentatively lick the tip, causing it to throb with anticipation.

"Ah-yeah..." he groaned.

"Jesus Liv, if you're not going to suck it the least you can do is spit on it a little. The poor guy is going insane."

To prove her point, Dove leaned over and slobbered out a long drool of spit, before inviting Olivia to follow suit, causing both ladies to now spit and drool all over the large penis.

"Now go ahead, suck his dick." Dove insisted. "We both know you want to."

"You really think I should?"

"Do it. You deserve this."

https://img12.pixhost.org/images/248/49741599_45754456.jpg (http://pixhost.org/show/248/49741597_45734534.jpg)

Olivia opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his purple helmet, pulling back only briefly to then slid forward again, taking more of its length into her mouth. Her head soon began to bob up and down until she had coated the entire organ sufficiently with spit, which allowed her to take more and more of it into the back of her throat.

"Good. There you go. Good girl," Dove encouraged while reaching up to hold her friends hair back. "Just like a good little slut. Just the way daddy likes it. Don't forget about his balls Liv. Guys really like that too."

As Olivia applied Dove's cock-sucking tips, the "Barely Lethal" star sat back on the bench and worked two finger inside her own panties. Olivia winking at her friends actions before she focused all of her attention back on the hard dick in her mouth, pursing her lips harder to give him more friction, while reaching down to lick and coat his balls with more spit.

"God you look so fucking hot like that," Dove hissed as she scooted behind her cock-sucking friend and ran her hands all over Olivia's body.

Liv barely noticed what Dove was doing as she now had all of her attention focused on the throbbing member in her mouth.

"I knew you were a little slut all along, just like me." Dove whispered hotly in her ear, while running her hands over Holt's hips and butt and slipping her hand inside her friends panties.

"Mm... holy shit you're so fucking wet!" she smiled while caressing Olivia's dripping minge.

The direct contact briefly startled Olivia, but at this point she was way too gone to stop or resist her friends advances. Instead she moaned and squirmed against her talented digits, as they massaged her lips and twiddled her clit.

"Yeah, keep sucking that fat dick!" Dove purred while playing with Olivia's pussy, dipping and sawing two fingers into her tight hole.

"Ah, god!" was all Olivia could mumble, as her best friend now probed her with two digits, plunging her fingers knuckle deep.

"Ah, you're so tight and wet." Dove whispered hotly. "I've wanted to do this to you for such a longest time."

"unngh-please, Dove." Olivia moaned as she felt her friends lips brush along the side of her neck.

"Make him come Liv," Cameron hissed. "I wanna watch him shoot his hot fucking load all over your pretty face."

"—mm, yeah?"

"Yeah, make him pop and cover you in spunk! I wanna lick that shit off your face."

"oh-god, that'd be so hot and nasty."

Just then, the ladies pivoted their faces towards each other and suddenly shared a hot deep passionate kiss, all the while as Olivia had her hand wrapped around the pulsing cock in her hand.

Despite knowing each other for as long as they did, it was the first time they had ever shared a lip-lock together, and considering how powerful it was they couldn't understand why they had waited so long - their lips and mouths almost seemed made for one another.

It was at this point that Dove took her hand out of Olivia's pants and slipped her slimy fingers up into her friends mouth, insisting that she polish them off before jamming those same fingers back inside her tight cunt. Olivia immediately returned to sucking the man's cock with great vim and vigor as Dove continued to explore and probe her pussy.

"Mm, spread your legs Liv."

"Dove, please—" Holt whimpered, while parting her knees. "I'm so close."

"You better make him pop before I make you come, do you hear me," Dove growled. "Otherwise I get to eat your pussy."


Olivia could barely respond much less comprehend what Dove was saying, before her hips began to buck and thrash about uncontrollably, thanks to Dove's enthusiastic fingers.

"ugh, ugh fuck!"

"Mm yeah—" Dove moaned loudly. "Come all over my fingers you sexy little bitch!"

Holt panted breathlessly as she instantaneously came at the same time as the cock in her mouth exploded - filling the back of her throat with hot syrupy spunk. The actress barely managed to glug down the thick concoction while trying to catch her breath from her own spine-tingling orgasm, still bucking and grinding her hips against her friends hand.

"Jesus, I can't believe you just made me come like that!"

"You're just lucky I don't rip your clothes off and fuck you senseless right now," Dove growled. "I'm so turned on right now I could scream."

"Yeah, I bet you'd like that." Holt giggled while enjoying her high.

"Just wait until we get home later," Dove added. "I'm going to pin your legs back and stick my tongue in your ass."

"oh-god, that's so nasty Dove."

"Yeah but you'll love it," Dove quipped. "I'm gunna make you squirt tonight, Liv. I swear to god."

"You'd really think so,"

"Absolutely. I love making girls squirt, and I love eating ass. Just ask Paris or Kelli."

"oh god."

A moment later, and the two friends were suddenly locked in a heated lip-lock again, the two of them moaning and whimpering in each other's mouths as they exchanged fluids.

In fact their kiss was so intense it went on for several minutes with the two becoming almost oblivious to the fact that not only had their original customer fled the scene, but they were now surrounded by several more peeping toms who now openly jerked off while watching them together.

Olivia's heart pounded as Dove wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close. Dove wasn't even sure how long they'd been kissing but it didn't matter, as time had stopped moving forward. Without thought, she lowered her head and drew Liv's taut nipple into my mouth. As she rolled her tongue around the brown nub, she continued to knead the other breast.

Taking both hands, she squeezed her friends mounds together and began suckling each nipple. Olivia wrapped her hand around Dove's head and pulled her in tighter, spurring her on.

"You like that," Dove winked up at her.

Olivia could only nod as she watched her best friend alternate between one glittery breast to the other. The teen lovers stopped to kiss each other passionate again, with Dove stopping to tell Olivia to drool her spit into her mouth.

This was something new for Olivia, but at that premise moment the IDDI star was so worked up she didn't hesitate for a moment, and happily dribbled her saliva into her friends open mouth, before sharing another tongue kiss and spit-balling their combined efforts together.

Dove then pushed her best friend back onto the cushioned bench and began to lick down her body. Tiny stokes of her tongue teased and tantalized Olivia's hips and mid-section, until her friend finally arrived to her pubic bone and gently kissed her mound.

The actress panicked momentarily to the touch only to have Dove return her lips to her breasts, chewing lightly on her nipples while plunging her fingers inside her panties and fingering her - hoping to loosen her up.

"Let me tasted you Liv, please." Dove whispered sincerely. "I've wanted to eat your pussy for so long."

"I want to too, but..."

"Please Liv, I promise you'll like it." Dove begged.

Holt responded by pulling her friends hand out of her pants, and while locking her eyes with the girl, she licked her own juices from her friends digits causing Dove to moan with glee.

"Ah, you fucking tease."

At this point an entire army couldn't stop Dove from getting what she wanted, and without asking her permission, she pushed Olivia back against the bench and peeled her pants and panties down her legs, giving her just enough access to her sweet little cookie.

Looking down at Liv's glistening wet mound, Dove could see just how wet she was. The "Descendants" star licked her full lips as she began to kiss her way up Holt's smooth legs, causing her friend to wiggle and moan the close she got to her sex.

Dove ultimately pressing her face into her friends mound and inhaled deeply. Olivia smelled so good Dove began making wide wet circles around her hairless mons with her long tongue, moaning softly as she savored her. With each strike of her tongue Olivia groaned and pushed her hips forward.

"ugh god, Dove."

Pleasuring her friend now became her entire world as she continued making smaller and smaller circles with her tongue, zeroing in on Olivia's pea-sized clit. Fed up with the foreplay, Dove suddenly raised her friends legs up high in the air and plunged her tongue as deeply as she could into her warm pussy.

Olivia yelped and grabbed the back of her head and ground against her face, as sweet warm nectar covering her chin and she strained to push her tongue even deeper into her body. All the while Olivia just kept grinding against her friends face, shocked and amazed at the days events.

"Ah god, you taste so fucking good!" Dove said while slurping loudly at her cunt.

Olivia's head began to swim as she rode the wave of desire consuming her, warning her she was going to come. Dove simply continued to slurp and suckled her rigid clit into her mouth. Olivia protested but Dove continued nursing the tender flesh.

Soon she was whimpering uncontrollably as Dove relinquished her focus on her sensitive nub and now took long, slow deliberate licks of her entire undercarriage. Olivia groaned as she reached down to clutch the back of her friends head.

"oh-god, seriously... you're gunna make me come if you do that!"

Her friend simply smiled and began licking her longer and harder with her tongue. Her nectar was sweet and tangy and Dove loved the feel of it coating her face.

Increasing the pressure of her tongue, she began to pause at her butt where she'd flicked the tip of it against her asshole. Over-and-over again she tickled Olivia's most sensitive spot, causing her legs to shake and tremble uncontrollably.

"ohmigod. I can't believe you're doing that right now,"

"What, eating your ass?"

Olivia began to buck beneath her friend as Dove used both her hands to hold her friends cheeks apart, and proceeded to fuck her backdoor with the length of her tongue.


"Rub your clit for me, Liv." Dove insisted. "While I eat this sweet little asshole."

Holt immediately complied as her friend now tongue-punched her backdoor again and again, probing and lapping at her booty like a woman possessed. Olivia's sun-kissed thighs finally tightened around her friends head as she felt her approaching climax.

Her hips actually lifted as she froze for a second, then began grinding rapidly against Dove's face as her juices filled her mouth and ran down her chin. For her part, Dove licked and swallowed as much of her friends salty-sweetness as she could before being pushed away.

"Stop, fuck! I can't take anymore."

"Damn. That was so fucking hot!" Dove proclaimed. "Better than I ever imagined it would be."

The girls kissed each other once again before Dove noticed the burning desire in her friends eyes, followed by Olivia's fingers which abruptly slipped into her pants. Caught up in the moment, Holt decided to return the favor and began rubbing Dove's sex with her hand, causing the older starlet to moan and push her hips back against her fingers.

"oh shit, don't stop."

While one hand strayed to Dove's breast and nipples, the other found her clit and massaged it fondly.

Dove could only lean back and watch as her friend now openly molested her - and catching a side to Olivia she didn't know existed. The aroma of their combined sexes filled the room as Liv brought her friend closer and closer to an orgasm, their faces just a few inches apart.

"oh my gosh,"

"Is this what you wanted," Holt hissed. "Want me to make you come."

"God yes, please. I'll do anything you want."

Whimpering loudly, Dove pushed her mound harder against her friends hand and flicked her hips, her mind spinning out of control when she felt Liv withdraw her fingers from her slimy gash, and dipped them lower to rub and probe her backdoor - pressing and then penetrating her shit-pipe.


"How does that feel," Liv taunted her, while using her thumb to rub her clit at the same time. "You think you're the only one who knows how to play dirty?"

Ripples of pleasure shot through Dove's body as she felt herself tighten deep inside. Wave after wave of pleasure suddenly washed through her as she felt her climax approaching.

"oh fuck. oh fuck-fuck-fuck, Liv!" she shuddered wildly in her friends arms.

"Yeah, come all over my hand Dove," Olivia encouraged. "You little slut. Come for me."


It took almost several full minutes for Dove to finally catch her breath and calm down.

"Holy shit, that was fucking amazing!"

The sweat-glazed ladies shared another kiss before Olivia suggested they clean themselves up and leave.

"We better get out of here before someone catches us."

"Fine, whatever, but only if you promise that we get to do that again."

Olivia didn't respond initially - making Dove think she didn't hear her - that was until a minute later when she looked over at her friend and smiled.

"Maybe you're right, maybe we should go home and hop into the shower and get cleaned up."

"You mean it!"

"Sure, why not." Olivia grinned. "Maybe I'll let you sit on my face and we can finish what we started."

Dove could hardly contain her excitement as she grabbed Olivia by the hand and almost ran for the exit.


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So this wasnt just hot but hooot. Im not even a big Dove fan compared to everyone else but i like liv so fucking much that this was a winner.

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Absolutely amazing, TPG.

Always down to read a story featuring two of my favorite blonde babes.

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Don't get many F/F stories but that was hot, suited those two love birds perfectly, lol

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Fantastic story. Was worried when I read the title that Ed Powers would make a cameo, though. Thanks for skipping that part. :rolling: