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Down Under
with Brooke Hogan, Pia Miller and Sarah Ellen
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, MMF, M+F, inc, cheat, blowjob, anal, DP, creampie, shower
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: Been feeling a bit burnt out on writing recently but came across a few partly finished ideas and decided to throw them all together as three short stories featuring my three favourite Australians.

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I'd been friends with Trent since middle-school but like most, we'd soon drifted apart up until he called me out of the blue with a last minute job offer.

Being a Sydney based photographer was a pretty lucrative gig despite the tough competition so I naturally jumped at the chance, of course it had nothing to do with the fact the model for the photoshoot was Trent's hot, younger sister Brooke Hogan.

Although I was almost five years older than her, I'd had a crazy crush on my best mate's sister throughout our teen years, not that I'd ever acted on it, so when I arrived at the house acting as today's studio and laid eyes on the young model for the first time in years, my jaw practically hit the floor.

It didn't help matters that she was already in a little two-piece bikini as she rushed over and grabbed me in a bear hug and while I tried to keep it cool, I wondered how I was going to keep the camera steady.

Brooke had always had a crude sense of humour and I was glad to see that was still the case, if anything she was even more laid back and dirty-minded now, constantly cracking jokes and flirting up a storm if only to wind her brother up who was forced to continue to chastise her, insisting we keep the whole shoot 'professional'.

Still, as much as she messed around, Brooke was damn good at her job, eye-fucking the camera and striking sexy pose after sexy pose and I ultimately gave up on trying to conceal the serious hard-on she was giving me.

"You need a hand with that?" she whispered playfully between shoots while Trent was distracted.

"Why? You offering?" I responded in jest but I was surprised to see her cock her eyebrow suggestively.

"Get rid of Trent and maybe I'll think about it."

My mouth felt dry after that brief exchange but it wasn't until we'd gone through a few more outfits that I conjured up a good enough reason to get Trent out of the house for a little while.

"...yeah it's definitely busted," I explained, pointing out an obvious crack in one of my old lens.

"And you're sure we need this one?" Trent asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

As bad as I felt for lying to him just to screw about with his little sister, I could see Brooke watching carefully behind him. She was by far the smarter one of the siblings and no doubt knew I was spewing bullshit as I carefully convinced Trent he'd have to make the drive across town to get a new camera lens.

"At least by the time you get back the sun will be setting, should give us some really good shots," Brooke chimed in.

"Okay fine, I'll be quick," Trent finally declared before thankfully heading off and leaving us alone.

After checking the front to ensure he'd really gone, I returned to the living room to see Brooke had vanished as well.

"Are you coming or what?" she called from down the hall a moment later.

I'd never moved faster in my life but only got faster still when I rushed down the hallway to see a trail of her discarded lingerie on the floor leading to the bathroom where I could hear the shower already running.

While the bikinis and lingerie she'd been wearing all day had left little to the imagination, stepping into that bathroom to see Brooke Hogan standing before me in all her naked glory was a sight to behold, not that I got to drool over her for long before she grabbed my shirt and pulled me into a deep, surprisingly passionate, kiss.

I followed her lead as she stepped backwards into the large cubicle while pushing my shirt off and prompting me to drop my quickly soaked-through shorts.

"We have to be quick," she muttered before dropping to her knees and taking me into her mouth before I had the chance to mentally prepare myself.

"Oh-fuckk—" I grunted as she gagged herself on my cock several times, clearly just lubing me up with her saliva before she stood back up.

But as desperate as she appeared to be to just fuck, the moment she straightened up again I took charge, spinning her around to face the shower wall before dropping down to worship her flawless, sun-kissed ass.

I didn't wait a second before burying my face between her cheeks, plunging my tongue straight into her bunghole.

"Uggh—yeah! How long have you been waiting to do that, huh?" she purred down at me, gasping as I rimmed and probed her backdoor.

Brooke was clearly no stranger to a little ass-play and appeared to enjoy having her ass eaten as much as I enjoyed doing it. She was right of course, I'd fantasied about doing exactly this to her for years and couldn't believe she tasted sweeter in real life that I'd ever imagined.

"Fuck you're good at that," she hissed a moment later, reaching back to push my head further in, egging me on. "...if you keep this up I might just have to let you fuck it!"

I literally groaned out loud before upping my efforts, spreading her soft, golden cheeks wide to give her butt a proper tongue-fucking until her long legs were quivering and struggled to hold herself up until she finally gave in to her carnal desires.

"Fuck it, I need your cock," she grunted.

"Yeah?" I replied, standing up behind her. "Where do you want it?"

"Where do you fucking think?" she snapped back. "Stick that thing in my ass before I change my mind!"

I didn't need to be told twice, eagerly taking my wet cock and rubbing it against her twitching bunghole before gently pushing in.

"Ughh—yeah that's it, fuck me!" she purred over her shoulder as I slipped inside her.

It was clear the leggy model was no stranger to anal as she easily took almost every inch of my cock into her butt and soon begged for more, pushing back against me as we began fucking hard and fast.

"C'mon, harder! Fuck me like you've always wanted to," she hissed. "Fucking spank me!"

I was struggling to keep up with the young wildcat as I pounded her as hard as I could from before while giving her ass a quick slap.

"Nghh—don't be a pussy, I said spank me!" she growled prompting me to give her a proper, stinging slap across her flawless, cock-stuffed ass.

Brooke yelped out loud before flashing me the sexiest, most smouldering look yet over her shoulder.


"Ugh—yeah, you like that, you little slut?"

"Yesss...again! I've such a bad girl, letting my brother's best friend FUCK my ass!"

I gave her several more strikes in quick succession while leisurely pumping into her until Brooke practically melted in my arms.

"F-f-fuck—you're gonna make me come," she whimpered.

I felt just as close at that point as I pulled her arms, pinning them behind her back to arch her spine and jut her ass out while my other hand went around her and onto her throat.

"Holy shit, yes! Yess!"

It was only then that I finally gave her everything I had, pummelling her butt for all it was worth. It wasn't until I looked down to watch my cock repeatedly slam into my dream girl's ass that I finally lost it and erupted deep inside her bowels, making her howl and almost collapse in my arms...

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I'd lived in the same house my whole life so as strange as it sounded, I was somewhat used to living next door to a bonafide MILF. The same couldn't be said for my friends who, if they were lucky, happened to spot my neighbour Pia Miller when they came to visit.

Unsurprisingly when summer came around, my house was one of the most popular places to hang out. It of course had nothing to do with the fact my sexy neighbour spent most days lounging and tanning at her outside pool which my bedroom window conveniently overlooked.

Of course we were all only eighteen while my hot neighbour was in her thirties so we never tried anything, as cocky as they acted, most of my friends stammered and ended up blushing if she even said hello to them. It wasn't until my undeniably hot, considerably more confident friend, Matt, came to visit that things escalated.

"Whoa, holy shit, you never mentioned her," he exclaimed, doing a double-take when he saw the gorgeous mother-of-two for the first time, parking up in her Jeep and heading inside, giving me a friendly wave in the process.

"Mate you just wait until you see her in a bikini, she's unreal," I told him, waving back.

"You've got to introduce me, I'll owe you big time."

Suddenly I grew hesitant. As if introducing Pia to Matt would completely kill any chances I had with her, as slim as they may be. Nonetheless he wouldn't shut up about it so ultimately we agreed to head over and politely ask if we could have a dip in her pool given how hot it was today.

As bold as Matt was around girls, even he was a little stunned however when Pia answered the door in a black two-piece bikini and sheer sarong, a large glass of red in her hand.

"Hi—err—Mrs Miller," I smiled, trying my hardest not to let my eyes slip to her incredible cleavage. "This is my friend Matt, we were just wondering if we could use your pool?"

Pia gave it some thought for a moment and to my surprise made no effort to hide the fact she briefly checked out my shirtless friend and I before shrugging.

"Sure, why not? I could use the company."

As it turned out the timing of our little request and attempt to get to know her better couldn't have been more perfect. It was barely midday and it was clear Pia had already had a couple of drinks and we quickly discovered she was going through a break-up and with the kids away with their father, she had been feeling particularly lonely when we came knocking.

Out at the pool Matt and I both did our best not to stare too openly as Pia laid back to work on her tan while we dived into the water if only to hide the obvious boners we were soon sporting thanks to my sexy neighbour.

"Fuck it, I gotta go for it, she's worth it," Matt finally whispered to me before boldly approaching her.

I couldn't hear what was being said but it was clear he was putting all his best moves on her and she appeared to be giving as good as she got. As jealous as I might have been I stayed out of it until I noticed Pia gesturing me over.

"Your friend here thinks I need some more tanning lotion on, do you mind?" she asked, handing me the bottle.

She was clearly messing around and winding Matt up but like hell was I going to shoot that offer down as she rolled onto her back.

"—just, don't tell your mom about this, yeah?" she added at the last second.

"Not a word," I promised as I started touching her for the first time, applying a generous amount of lotion to her back while Matt was forced to watch on enviously.

"You're a real tease you know," he told her plainly.

"Am I? You know I'm old enough to be your mother, you shouldn't be thinking about me like that."

"Can you blame us?" I blurted out without thinking, causing Pia to give me a little grin over her shoulder.

"I guess I should be flattered," Pia decided, closing her eyes as I massaged her back and shoulders. "It's not every day I get to be pampered by two hot, young teenagers..."

When I was done with her lotion, she gave me directions to her bathroom to wash up but once there, I realised I was so hard I'd almost torn a hole through my shorts and seriously considered beating off while I had the chance but ultimately thought better of it.

I was on my way out however when I noticed her bedroom, the door slightly ajar. Despite my better judgement I slipped inside and silently began going through her things, gasping when I spotted a pair of lacy black panties on the floor – no doubt the ones she'd changed out of earlier before putting on her bikini.

Without giving it a second thought I snatched them up as a keepsake before heading back outside before my long absence was noted.

To my surprise however neither Pia nor Matt were anywhere to be seen in the garden. Heading back inside I soon heard some odd noises from the living room and was floored by what I saw – Matt sat back smugly on the sofa while Pia was on her knees between his legs (loudly) sucking some serious cock.

Naturally Matt gave me two thumbs up and couldn't stop smiling.

"Err—I guess I'll give you some privacy," I muttered jealously, alerting Pia to my presence.

"Hang on," she called back. "I still have to repay you for that little massage out there."

"Seriously mate, she gives the most amazing head!" Matt exclaimed so I didn't hesitate to join him on the sofa to find out for myself.

"Let's see what we're working with," Pia grinned up at me before fishing my cock out and tugging my shorts down and off. "Ugh. Fuck yes, I'm a lucky girl today."

Pia's eyes were wide and hungry as she gripped both our tools in each hand. While mine wasn't as thick as Matt's, it made up for it in length.

It was certainly surreal watching the woman I'd lusted over for so long, the majority of my teen life, on her knees with my cock in her soft, warm hand. I felt on the verge of climax already and almost lost it entirely when she went down on me for the first time.

"Ughh. Shit—" I grunted as Pia treated me to a world-class blowjob, jerking Matt off with her spare hand to keep him happy before suddenly pulling her drooling mouth away to give him the same treatment.

I'd never seen such a wanton display and watching her go between us, getting sloppier and sloppier, it was a scene that wouldn't have gone amiss in a porno.

"Mmmphf—come on, don't hold back boys. I'm not fucking either of you until you give me that cum!" my lust and alcohol-fuelled neighbour suddenly hissed before taking my cock back down her wet throat.

After that the tables quickly turned on her with Matt and me both getting to our feet and taking over, taking it in turns to grab her long hair to fuck her pretty, wet mouth. Understandably we didn't last much longer, especially what with Pia begging for our young loads and soon enough we both fired our hot, creamy spunk down her greedy throat.

My head was swimming and I could barely stand after shooting what felt like the biggest load of my life. Matt however recovered much faster and wasted little time in bending our horny hostess over the front of the sofa, eagerly ripping her bikini bottoms off and entering her bareback from behind.

"Ughh—fuck. Yes. That's what I need," Pia moaned. "That's what I fucking need..."

"Fuck, so tight," Matt grunted in surprise, grabbing her hips and giving her some long, hard thrusts.

"Uh-huh, you like that?" she smirked over her shoulder. "Like that cunt squeezing your cock? Come on fuck it—fuck it hard!"

Matt fucked her in that position for a few minutes but was soon forced to tag out to stop himself blowing too early. With Pia giving me the eye and staying on all fours I took it as permission to move in behind her.

To my shame I found my hands shaking a little as I lined up, briefly rubbing the head of my cock over her slimy wet lips before easing myself in.

"Oh fuckkk—" Pia drawled as I slowly filled her completely. "Good boy. So fucking hard for me, how long have you been waiting to do this, eh?"

As hot as it was listening to the gorgeous mother-of-two carry on, she was quickly silenced when Matt unceremoniously grabbed her hair and stuffed his hard, shiny cock back in her mouth, causing her to moan wantonly as she got spontaneously spit-roasted on her living room floor and tasted her own cunt.

"That's it, suck my cock you slut," he hissed down at her and I was surprised to feel her sex literally tighten up on my shaft as she got talked down to.

"Fuck yeah, I think she likes that," I chuckled as I gave her tanned ass a brief slap and picked up the pace.

"Mmmphhf—uh-huh—fuck me!" Pia grunted erotically before having her throat filled again.

The three of us kept up this intense position until I successfully managed to make the sexy MILF cum all over my cock. At this point we were all so riled up and turned on we barely spoke as Pia pushed Matt up onto the sofa and impatiently straddled him, eager to be filled again.

It was as if something primal had taken over her as she aggressively rode his teenage cock, her large natural breasts in his face before she glared over her shoulder at me.

"What are you waiting for? Stick that cock back in me, I want it in my ass!"

"Fucking hell," I muttered, quickly stepping up to the plate and briefly holding my lust-fuelled neighbour still as I eased into her pliant ass.

"Ohh fuck yess—" she sighed blissfully, throwing her head back as Matt and I sawed in and out of her. "C'mon boys don't hold back, you won't break me—fuck me! Pound those holes!"

Unsurprisingly it didn't take long for Matt and I to reach our limit as I grabbed a fistful of Pia's dark mane, arching her back as I pummelled her shitpipe and ultimately blew my load deep inside her while Matt grunted and creampied her from below which sent her hurtling, shuddering into her own earth-shattering climax.

https://i.imgbox.com/OlLsapks.jpg (http://imgbox.com/atBhsZzD)

For as long as I can remember, our family had never stayed in the same place for more than a couple of years. We didn't move far on most occasions, just across town or a few blocks but the 'tradition' continued even when my model sister Sarah Ellen and I moved out. Although we lived separately for a few years, we ultimately decided to save money and move in together.

It was strangely freeing whenever we'd move to a new area where no one knew the first thing about us, including the fact that the pretty girl I was living with wasn't in fact my girlfriend like everyone assumed but was actually my teenage sister.

Sarah found the mishap hilarious whenever it happened and loved to keep the lie going as long as she could, partly to wind me up but also, or so she claimed, it prevented all the neighbourhood guys hitting on her if they thought she was already in a committed relationship.

Although we were constantly moving, we never had a problem making new friends and quickly fell in with a group of guys who lived down our street and threw house parties almost every weekend. Naturally with my sister being as attractive as she was, it didn't take her long to get us invited.

Things quickly got awkward however when we drunkenly found ourselves sat opposite each other in the same game of spin the bottle. It wasn't until she landed on me that we looked at each and our eyes widened as we came to the realisation that everyone in attendance was still under the impression we were dating and had no clue about our real relationship.

"Uhh—" I started before Sarah, always the impulsive quick-thinker, crawled across the circle and crushed her soft lips against mine.

The spontaneous kiss couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds but it felt like eternity but when we broke apart our spectators apparently weren't happy.

"Aw, c'mon you can do better than that," one person jeered which soon got everyone else on side.

Ultimately Sarah rolled her eyes before grabbing my head and shoving her tongue down my throat. I was surprised to discover just how good a kisser my little sister was and without thinking started kissing her right back, getting so lost in the moment the cheers around us soon drowned out, only to return when Sarah finally pulled away.

I was worried I'd gone too far as Sarah retook her place and took a big gulp from her cup but, despite her blushing profusely, I caught her eye a few minutes later and shared an assuring smile.

With that settled I quickly excused myself from the game to prevent a forced repeat performance. I figured I must have been drunker than I thought because for the rest of the night I could think of nothing but my sister's lips and how damn good they'd felt.

Despite thinking of her all night, it wasn't until I figured it was time to head home that I realised I hadn't seen Sarah for a good couple of hours and even stranger still, everyone I asked got pretty cagey when I asked if they'd seen her around.

Normally I'd put it down to her hooking up with someone and would have left it at that since she was perfectly in her right to do so but my brotherly concern started kicking in when no one would give a straight answer about where she was, prompting me to head upstairs and start bursting into rooms.

It didn't take long to find her and for a moment, stood in the doorway I thought I must have been seeing double and then some. Either that or my naked sister really was surrounded by six half-naked guys.

"Oh shit—" someone gasped, making a quick exit as my brain caught up and I stormed across the room and clocked the guy currently inside my sister on the side of the head, throwing him across the room.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I shouted, quickly sobering up as I grabbed Sarah and started trying to drag her to safety.

"Wait—Laughlin, wait! This was my idea, I want this!" Sarah insisted, pulling free of my grip.

"You're drunk," I told her. "They're taking advantage of you!"

"They aren't, please. Just—I need this."

I found myself looking deep into her eyes, her face just a few inches away and before I could argue back she suddenly kissed me again.

My sister had always been able to manipulate me to get whatever she wanted but never in my wildest imagination would I have thought she'd be able to talk me into this but just a few minutes later I'd stepped back as my own sister pulled another of our new friends to the bed.

I refused to leave in case things got out of hand but at the same time had no idea where to look or what to do as I felt a conflicting twinge of jealousy as Sarah spread her legs and literally begged for cock – and quickly got some.

As it turned out, Sarah was a real insatiable little pocket rocket in bed and even with me in the room had no issue being extremely vocal and loud as the roomful of guys had their way with her.

"Fuck man—your girl has the best fucking pussy," several boys commented.

"Ohmigod—yes! Yes you're gonna—oh fuck—!" Sarah suddenly squealed as one of the more well-endowed friends proceeded to fuck the shit out of her on the bed and ultimately made her squirt!

Sarah could barely stop smiling as he pulled out to give her a breather and let her come back down to earth. Her flawless, naked and sweat-sheened body writhed erotically on the bed before she reached out and grabbed me.

"I want you," she slurred, pulling me onto the bed. "I've been thinking about you all night, Laughlin."

"Whoa, hold on," I stammered as my cock-drunk sister fumbled with my jeans and unceremoniously grabbed my junk, finding me rock hard.

"Mmm, you want me too," she giggled playfully. "Don't deny it..."

Once again she kissed me to stop me arguing, pulling me on top of her, my exposed cock now pressing directly against her slimy wet cunt.

"Sarah stop," I whispered urgently.

"We can't stop now, we have to do this," she purred back, referring to the room of onlookers. "Besides I'm serious, I want this."


"Just shut up and fuck your little sister, bro!" she finally growled in my ear, quietly enough that no one else heard.

As it turned out I didn't have to do anything as, with a simple roll of her hips I found myself easing into her greedy little cunt.

"Fuck—" I grunted.

Despite being in a room full of people, the entire world seemed to fade away yet again, leaving just me and my sister as I went balls deep inside her exquisite pussy for the first time.

"Ughh—yes, right there...give it to me!" she groaned in my ear.

I couldn't fathom how good she felt as I pumped into her at a steady pace while she wrapped her smooth legs around my waist to pull me in deeper.

"More—I want to take it all," my petite sister begged. "Fuck me hard babe, I can take it!"

Given what I'd witnessed so far tonight I didn't doubt it so I picked up the pace and went from making love to my younger sister to fucking her like the cock-hungry little slut she was, making her squeal and claw at the bedding as I pounded her ass into the mattress.

"Fuck Sarah, you're gonna make me cum," I grunted out loud as I pulled her legs over my shoulder and slammed into her twitching cunt.

"Not yet—I'm almost there," she gasped breathlessly.

"Yeah, you gonna squirt again?" I hissed, doing everything I could not to creampie my own sister.

"Uh-huh—squirt all over that big cock!"

By now my sister was again surrounded by our new friends who were openly jerking off over her sexy body as I fucked her. Sarah's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she let out the loudest moan yet when the first guy lost it and jizzed over her flat stomach.

Her legs quaked in my hands and her hips lifted off the bed as she came like a freight train, squeezing my cock in a death grip and giving me no choice but to buck and shoot inside her while one after the other our friends plastered every inch of her body and face in ropes of hot, white spunk!

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Yep. Easily one of my favorite stories ever. Without a doubt. :woot:

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What. The. Fuck. Does one say after reading that?!
One vignette is hotter then the next. That was just extraordinary!!
You're fucking amazing LemonTalk.
...and here I thought I was over Sarah, but after reading that I'm RIGHT back into her again!!


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Damn, this 3-in-1 story was hot as fuck, Lemon... especially the Pia Miller story (my favorite of the three).