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CFF Interviews
With Katie Cassidy
Written by TheLW
Codes: MF, Blowjob
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


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It wasn’t that long ago, that I was hired by a company, that started publishing a new adult celeb magazine called CFF Magazine, which was owned by a billionaire named Trevor P. Goodridge. As for me, I rather enjoyed the work, as I got to travel the world, interviewing celebrities, finding out just what they were into, discussing whatever sexual encounters they've had, their favorite positions, and what kind of kinky stuff they are into, that sorta shit.

On this day, I was handed my newest assignment, where I was supposed to fly out to Vancouver, British Columbia, to interview an actress named Katie Cassidy, who happened to be the daughter of actor David Cassidy. A few hours later, I found myself boarding a WestJet plane heading to Vancouver, where they were currently filming the sixth season of Arrow, which airs on the CW.

Once I landed at Vancouver International Airport, I grabbed a quick bite to eat, before making my way to the hotel and unpacking my luggage. A short time later, I caught a cab and made my way to the address I was given, where I would be conducting my interview with the thirty-year-old television star.

Having arrived at my destination, I quickly head up the steps and knock on the door, a moment passes by, before Katie dressed in a sexy little black zip up mini dress (that leaves very little to the imagination) and six inch stiletto heels, answers the door.

"You must be Mr. Thompson."

"Please call me Lee."

With quick introductions out of the way, the starlet flashs me a sexy smile, before inviting me inside, as Katie leads the way to her living room, I can't help but check out her amazing ass. Once we've reached the main room of the house, the young woman takes a seat on the couch, well I sit down across from her, in the matching chair, before firing off the first of many questions.

Lee Thompson: Now I’m sure you were expecting this, but I gotta ask Katie, who was the man in the leaked photos, that you were giving a blowjob too?

Katie Cassidy: I probably shouldn’t mention it, given he’s married with a kid and all, but it was my Arrow co-star Stephen Amell.

Lee Thompson: Oh really? So do you have a thing for married men, or is he the exception?

Katie Cassidy: Well there is Mike.

Lee Thompson: Mike?

Katie Cassidy: Mike Comrie, we've fucked a few times, while he was still married to Hilary Duff.

Lee Thompson: Interesting, so it's definitely a thing for married guys then.

Katie Cassidy: What can I say, it makes the conquest all the more hotter.

Lee Thompson: Backing up a bit, other than Stephen Amell, have you ever hooked up with any other co-stars?

Katie Cassidy: Oh definitely, last year after filming the big crossover event, that took place with all of the DC shows, Candice Patton and I went out to celebrate with Melissa Benoist, sort of a girls night out kind of thing. Anyways let's just say after quite a few drinks, both Candice and I welcomed Melissa to the Arrowverse in our own special way.

Lee Thompson: If you could expand upon that, for our readers, that would be great.

Katie Cassidy: Of course, after celebrating the three of us made our way back to Candice's place, where we both ended up double teaming a drunk Melissa with a pair of strap-on's.

Lee Thompson: Wait what, did you guys plan this in advance? I mean, you would of had too, to have a pair of strap-on's on hand right?

Katie Cassidy: Well not quite, the "cocks" were there from a previous encounter.

Lee Thompson: A previous encounter?

Katie Cassidy: All I'll say is Melissa isn't the first woman, to get spit roasted by Candice and myself.

Lee Thompson: I gotta say, from the sounds of it, the two of you know how to have a good time.

Katie Cassidy: For sure.

Lee Thompson: Moving on, besides the whole thing with married men, is there anything else you are really into?

Katie Cassidy: Well as I'm sure you can tell by the leaked photos, I really love sucking cock... plus, I've been told quite a few times that I give a wicked blowjob.

Lee Thompson: I bet.

Katie Cassidy: It probably helps that I'm capable of deep-throating, without gagging on a man's cock, guy's love it when their balls smack against my chin.

Lee Thompson: Oh my, it sounds like you have some impressive oral skills.

Katie Cassidy: I've never had any complaints.

Lee Thompson: No, I guess you wouldn't... having said that, are you a spitter, or a swallower?

Katie Cassidy: A swallower for sure, no point in letting all that cum go to waste.

Lee Thompson: You sound like my kinda woman.

Katie Cassidy: Why thank you.

Lee Thompson: Anyways, I think that just about wraps up this interview, unless you have anything to add, Katie?

Instead of answering however, the Los Angeles born actress moves with a quickness that would even make The Flash impressed, as she moves from the couch, across the room to where I was sitting. The TV starlet known for her role as Laurel Lance, reaches for my belt buckle, as she unfastens it, before tugging the belt through the loops on my jeans.

With my belt removed, the Arrow star then grabs the zipper, pulling it down and fishing out my dick, through the opening of my boxers, which has gotten hard due to all the sexual talk between the two of us. Cock in hand, Katie starts stroking my meat stick, working her palm back and forth, before leaning over and spitting on my shaft, as a moan escapes between my lips.

"Ughhh!" I groan.

The daughter of David Cassidy, slides her tongue up and down the underside of my pecker, leaving a trail of saliva in her wake. As she reaches the top, Katie Cassidy swirls her tongue around the tip of my candle wick, before engulfing it into her cock hungry mouth. Katie moves her head side to side, as she expertly works over my boom stick, proving that she can indeed deep-throat a pole shaft, as she takes every inch of my sausage.

"Fucking hell, you weren't kidding about giving wicked blowjobs."

I grab a fistful of the famous actresses hair, and start to face fuck the TV star, thrusting into her oral hole as she let's out a muffled moan. With a firm grip on her hair, I persistently attack her mouth, slamming into her, ramming my cock into Katie's kisser, until I can't take any more. "Gonna cum," I hiss, knowing she'll happily swallow every last drop of my jizz, as I shoot rope after rope of my gooey spunk down the back of Katie Cassidy's throat.

The End

08-31-2017, 04:30 PM
That was fucking awesome!!
The Trevor P. Goodridge part made me LOL
This could legit be a really great series
Can't wait to see who you do next