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Jewel Staite: My Little Fighter

By: T.D. Harley
Featuring: Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye of Firefly/Serenity)

Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading!

Jewel Staite swung her left leg out in what was meant to be a smooth chest high kick to the side, but as she had done the last several times she over extended and stumbled badly. “Shit.” She sighed under her breath.

“Lets take a brake.” I said walking over to help her back to her feet. Jewel had been training for a new movie where she needed to be able to do several extremely choreographed fight scenes but had been having troubles. Her physical training had come along very well and her body was looking extremely toned and though she was very graceful she was having a hard time with the fight moves.

There was a pile of crash mats off to the side that Jewel had set her gym bag and water bottle next to she snagged the water bottle on her way by and dropped down to prop herself on a 35 degree. She took a long draw of cold lemon flavored water then brought one knee up crossing her arms over it. “Why aren’t I getting this?” She asked as I moved up to lean on a near by mat.

“You’re getting much better.” I said reaching out to slap the toe of her running shoe. “And you got the basics down faster then almost anyone else I’ve worked with.”

“Bullshit. Thanks but bullshit.”

I sat watching her play with the zipper front of her light gray cotton sweater catching sight of the black sports bra she wore underneath. It was an absentminded habit she seemed to do without really thinking about it, the upper curve of her high tight breasts accentuated by the tight black cloth. I let my eyes trail down her body as she took another long drink, she had on light gray jogging shorts over black spandex shorts both hitting about two inches above her knee, white Nike running shoes with white ankle socks finished off the outfit. My eyes moved back up watching her slender throat move as she swallowed.

“Lets just go over some of the key moves again nice and easy don’t worry about putting them all together.”

“Okay.” She said with a little grunt as I helped her to her feet. She rolled her shoulders then shook herself loosing up. She had left her sweater unzipped low enough that I could see the bright zipper of her sports bra was half undone as well. She bent slowly forward leaning to touch her toes, giving me a wonderful vantage point to view her cleavage.

“Okay, now I want you to through a left cross followed up by a right.”


“Good, again and again.” I say watching her move through the swings. “Okay now a high front kick.” I watched as she brought her right foot up in a kick around chest high. “Good, good. You’ve been working on that haven’t you? You’re getting much higher and it’s a much smoother flex.”

“I have, but I still don’t think I’ll be able to do that one kick where I’m hitting the guy in the chin, I mean he’s taller then me and I can’t even kick as high as me chin.”

“Well you’ve still got time.” I walked around behind her staring longingly at her firm tight ass as she ran through some more basic combinations. “Okay lets run through the first fight scene.”

We moved into the stance for the opening move of the first and lest complicated of the scenes she was to perform. “Okay nice and slow lets just get the movements down. “

She nodded and we started into the fight, in this scene Jewel’s Character was to fight with one of the other women in the movie, it was a very physical scene, but not overly technical involving more grabbing and close kicks then the more technically challenging fights of the movie. As we both swung blocked and kicked we both started breathing harder, rolling through a smooth punch grab combination I pulled her forward my hand slipping around her slender waist the other going around her neck from behind. My bear arm brushing against her slightly exposed midriff as she raised her hands to grip my arm she bent forward rolling her shoulder in the practiced move of the shoulder through. I slapped my hand down landing as softly possible, in the scene Jewel was to pull a gun at this point and more or less end the fight.

“Very good, you didn’t even miss a beat that time.” I said taking her outstretched hand to help me to my feet.

“Thanks.” She breathed heavily. She again moved to the mats to get her water bottle taking a long drink then taking off her sweater.

“Okay lets work on the kicks now.” I stood to the side of the mat and watched as Jewel worked on several of the kicks that would be parts of the different fight scenes. With her top off I could see just how toned she had become over the last three weeks. We had hit it off right away her willingness to put in the hours needed to get the moves down right working at home on her own time. Her upbeat attitude even when she wasn’t doing as well as she had hoped she never gave up never stopped being able to smile as she tried again. “That’s great Jewel, lets see that high kick again.”

I watched as she brought her left leg up in front of her body about level with her rib cage. It was a straight kick, no bend to the knee, and as the scrip went was meant hit her opponent in the chin. “I still can’t get the height I need.” She said with a shrug.

“Okay we’re going to try something new.” I said walking towards her. “I’m going to just stand behind you to help you keep your balance and I want you to bring your leg up nice and slow.” I moved behind her left side and put my right hand on the small over her back my left on her hip. The warmth of her skin and the sent of her sweat nearly overwhelming me, I had been strongly attracted to her even before I met her having loved her smart and bubbly Firefly character of Kaylee Frye. I watched as she slowly gracefully razed her left leg once more, I dropped to my knee my right hand still on her back the left I placed on her left calf helping her to lift her leg higher.

“Let me know if the stretch gets to be too much.” I say looking up at her.

“Okay.” She said sounding a little breathy. As she slowly lifted her leg higher she started to slip a little and I dropped my hand a little lower to help steady her, my hand landing firmly on her tight round ass. She let out a small gasp but said nothing else. I looked up just in time to watch her nipples harden through her tight black sports bra.

I slid my hand down her calf to rest just above her knee, and watched as she lowered her foot razing her knee closer to her chest. I slid my hand higher up her thigh just brushing the inner side before letting her lower her leg once more. “Much better.” She sighed shuttering slightly.
I stay on my knee and with one hand on her ass the other high on her hip I lean in and run my tongue from the waist of her shorts up her spine till I found the back of her sports bra. She shuttered so hard only my hands on her body kept her from swaying, the taste the smell of the salt of her sweat and under that the taste of her flesh. I stand my hands lightly on her hips and she pushed her tight ass against the front of my body rubbing her ass against my erection. I could smell the sweet sent of her shampoo and reached up pull her hair elastic out tumbling her hair over her shoulders I breathed deep taking in the sweet smell.

I kissed her neck through her hair my hands sliding up over the soft skin of her trim smooth stomach till I reached her high tight breasts. She moaned her head tilting, back arching pressing her hard nipples into the palms of my hands her ass against my groin. I reach forward undoing the zipper on her bra feeling her small tight breast filling my hands her hard nipples tight against my palms I kneed her breasts longingly listing to her moan softly at the feeling.

“Oh god I’ve wanted to do this since you walked into my place.” I moan against her neck. I twist her nipples softly and she let out a long shuttering cry.

Jewel reached back between us and started to slowly rub my hardening erection through the front of my drawstring pants. “I just knew you’d have a big cock.” She purred “I told her you would.”

“Mmm told who?”

“Summer Glau, a friend.”

“Oh really?” I ask starting to walk her forward, moving her slowly towards the pile of mats.

She stopped suddenly pulling from my grip, “Let me suck it.” Jewel said sinking to her knees before me undoing the drawstring on my pants and reaching slowly under pulling my hard erection free. “Oh god it’s even bigger then I thought.” She mumbled before running her hot wet tongue up the length of my cock before taking the head into her small hot mouth.

Hearing the sweet sound of her voice her soft moaning was almost enough to make me cum without even the look of pure sex in her normally innocent looking hazel eyes. She gripped my throbbing cock about half way down and started to move her mouth up and down the remaining length taking her time to swirl her small nibble tongue over tip with every pass. It was clear that this beautiful, innocent looking young woman truly enjoyed giving blowjobs, and was very good at it.

I ran my fingers through her wonderfully thick silky hair pulling it slightly, reveling in the way she moaned softly around my erection with every stroke. She shifted slightly raising on her knees a little higher, moving so that her tight her breasts pressed against my thighs one hand on my erection the other on the back of my thigh to steady herself. She changed her rhythm and suddenly the pressure changed grew stronger, deeper as my erection pressed past the back of her mouth and into her throat. She didn’t take it all the way in, but deeper then any woman had taken me before. I shuttered as she pulled back nearly till my erection slipped from her sweet lips.

“Good god girl, if you do that again I’m not going to last long.”

She slid her mouth forward, and again the swollen head of my erection pressed to the back of her mouth, she took a deep breath taking me that little bit farther that little bit deeper. The soft pressure surrounding my throbbing body again deepened when she shifted that little bit deeper, it was an amazing feeling. I looked down seeing my hard body slipping into her soft mouth watching how far in passed into her mouth. She tilted her head from side to side before pulling back slowly crating even more friction around the swollen tip.

The feeling when she tilted her head made me shutter so hard my knees nearly gave out. She slowly pulled back them moved her hand to grip my erection closer to the tip, she lowered her head and flicked her tongue against the base of my swollen body before gently licking and sucking my testicles. Her eyes tilted upward as she gently played over my body I looked down into her sex filled eyes as I stroked her hair she said something eyes closed as she knelt in to lick the underside of my throbbing testicles.

“What did you say?” I moaned pulling her hair back from her face.

She slowly ran her tongue up the length of my shaft then looked up into my eyes. “I want to taste your cum.” She said sex dripping through her voice. Then before my distracted mind was able to even comprehend my luck she shifted her hands to either thigh and pushed her mouth down onto my throbbing erection. She began working her tongue over the under side of my body, she pushed harder taking the tip deeper into her mouth. She started tilting her head left and right changing the friction over my flesh, she suddenly moved forward taking even more of my body into her mouth.

The heat, the tightness, the feeling as her muscles worked as she swallowed around me, the sight oh but it was the sight that nearly undid me. Her beautiful pink lips parted around my erection only a few centimeters from completely engulfed. She began a slow steady rhythm pulling back then pushing slightly deeper with every stroke. As I was taken deeper into her tight throat she started to speed her movements, her throat seeming to stroke the head deeper and deeper as she worked to swallow around it.

The feeling was so intense the pleasure so great seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours, I still don’t know how long she worked to get my body so far into her sweet mouth it was imposable to keep track. Suddenly the pressure seemed so much greater, I looked does just in time to see the last millimeter disappear into her soft lips. “God I’m so close.” I moaned head back.

She slowly started draw back flicking her eyes up to watch my face looking back down at her, my orgasm so close my body was throbbing with every beat of my racing heart. She pulled back till only the tip was still in her mouth, then as if flicking a switch she bumped the tip of her small tongue against the underside of my throbbing tip, sending me over the edge.

I came on her hot little tongue her lips partly open, I gripped her shoulders to keep from falling to my knees as I emptied myself into her hot mouth. I was panting barely able to keep standing as the last stream splashed onto her tongue. I looked down breathing hard as Jewel looked up at me her mouth still open a little my cum thick and white against the deep pink of her tongue she closed her mouth and slowly swallowed the thick load, a slight smiled playing at her lips as she did.

“That was amazing Jewel.” I panted my grip on her shoulders easing slightly.

“Mmm, glad you liked it.” Jewel said grinning up at me before quickly darting her tongue out against the tip of my still mostly hard erection catching a last little drop. “Your cum tastes sooo good.” She said putting a bit of a playful country twang to her voice. She stood suddenly, nearly causing me to fall my legs still not being one hundred percent sure, and walked off towards her bag an exaggerated swing to her hips. She looked back over her shoulder, her silky hair bouncing around her shoulders, a wide smile on her lips. She scooped up her water bottle and took a long slow drink before sitting on the edge of the largest mat.

To be continued...

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