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Sister Swap
With Vanessa and Veronica Merell
Written by TPG
CODES: MMFF, voy, orgy, finger, blowjob, exhibitionism, butt-play
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

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When Aaron and I initially met the Merrell twins, we just about thought all our Christmas' had come at once. Not only were the sisters both stunningly pretty, but they were somewhat naive and painfully sweet.

The way we ended up together was bizarre too since the girls clearly liked us both, but it was just dumb luck that we paired up in the way that we did - with Aaron and Vanessa becoming an item while I began to serenade Veronica.

Not that it really mattered of course, since the four of us were practically inseparable from the very beginning.

In any event, it was just two months into our relationship when the guys and I went out to celebrate at a local pizzeria, where a "fan" remarked how great we all looked, before wrongly guessing who we were dating.

This of course led to a very interesting conversation throughout dinner, with the girls deciding to try a little experiment and "partner swap" for the rest of the evening, even as we made our way home to cuddle up on the sofa to some wine and netflix.

Amusingly enough no one seemed to have a problem with the "swap" even as we made ourselves comfortable on two separate couches, and joked and taunted each other under our blankets.

As it turned out, it seemed neither one of the twins wanted to admit that they were overly jealous of the other, so we all just played along and had fun with it. Considering how close we all were it wasn't really a big deal, that was until I noticed just how "friendly" Aaron and Veronica were getting on the other couch.

However, any reservations I had about the entire experiment soon dissipated the moment I felt Vanessa's long nails rest on the inside of my thigh, inviting more contact between us, and allowing me to run my hands up and down her spine, to scratch an inch before massaging her back and hips.

"So how far are we allowed to take this?" Veronica asked from the other lounger.

"Ha! You can keep him," Vanessa giggled, alluding to Aaron. "I'm only kidding. I don't know, I don't care what you guys do over there, but in the morning things go back to the way they were, agreed?"

As Vanessa spoke, I deftly wormed my hand under her loose fitting top and snaked my fingers around her hips, belly and ribs, and ultimately up and over her perkish young breasts - finding and teasing her nipples.

To her credit nessa did her best to act "natural" while conversing with the others, while I couldn't help but find the entire incident incredibly thrilling – feeling her up like that, right in front of her boyfriend and sister.

"Err, what are you doing," she whispered playfully at one point, while flashing me those gorgeous dimples.

"If you want me to stop, just say so and I will." I offered, and yet she didn't object - giving me all the permission I needed.

"Nah, its okay." she shrugged. "I like it. It's relaxing. Keep doing that."

Just hearing this admission from her gave me instant wood.

We were then interrupted by roni and Aaron who giggled amongst themselves as they too messed around under the blanket, but to tell you the truth I was so preoccupied with Vanessa I didn't care. In fact nessa not only reacted favorably to my constant groping that she placed her own hand on the bulge of my pants to gently fondle my cock.

With both eyes still focused on the TV, we now sat there under the blanket touching each other inappropriately before I finally lost my nerve and began to fumble with her sweat pants, only to discover that not only was Vanessa Merrell fully shaved clean, but she was absolutely sopping wet!!

Vanessa squirmed as I inched my fingers into her warm lace underwear, and despite her reluctance, I fingered her right there under the blanket just a few feet away from her sister.

Meanwhile on the opposing couch we could see the other couple clearly having some fun of their own, which only thrilled and annoyed me at the same time. In fact I waited long enough for Veronica to look over in our direction before I leaned over and kissed her sister on the side of the neck, making her giggle.

"Stooop," she blushed. "You really shouldn't do that, it drives me crazy."

"You smell really nice, nessa." I told her while nibbling at her collar bone.

"Thanks, it's roni's perfume."

Unfortunately for us this didn't have the desired effect as Veronica finally snapped and got up from the couch and insisted that we put an end to our little "experiment" and swap positions.

"Aw," Vanessa pouted as I was forced to withdrew my hands from her magnificent body. "I was just getting nice and comfortable."

I actually felt disappointed as I watched the twins swap positions. Veronica immediately cuddled up to me on the couch, and quickly dismissed any regrets I might have had by placing her hand on my cock, picking up right where her sister left off.

"Hmm, that's better." she smiled in the dark. "Don't ever forget, this belongs to me."

We shared a kiss and returned our attention back to the movie while my own hands began to wander and explore all around. Despite things going back to "normal" I was still worked up over the encounter with Vanessa, and could still smell her pungent juices on my fingers.

"So what were you two doing over there on the couch," I whispered into roni's ear while massaging her breasts.

"Wouldn't you like to know," she teased back.

I responded by shoving my hand into her pants and felt her tremble as I traced along her neatly trimmed pussy, the feel of her short sharp stubble against my fingertips. She retaliated to this by gripping my cock even harder, and it didn't take long for the two of us to essentially mutually masturbate each other right there on the couch.

"You won't win," she taunted with that sweet, cheeky smile. "Whatever you can do, I can do better."

To emphasize this point, she reached in to grab hold of my cock directly and jerked me off in her hand while we shared a kiss.

One thing I always loved about Veronica was her relentless competitive streak. The girl hated to lose, to a fault. Noting this, I decided to take things to the next level and dipped my hand even further inside her panties and rubbed my digit against her backdoor.

The look on her face almost made me laugh out loud, as she suddenly grew concerned that the others would see our perversion.

"Err, maybe we should go back to my room," she muttered, while I simply ignored her concerns and slipped the tip of my finger into her tight little bunghole and felt it tense and release around my digit.

"Babe!" she gasped.

"We're not going anywhere," I growled. "You're going to sit here and take it, right here right now."

I couldn't help but chuckle at her anxiety, as she fidgeted and squirmed (just as her sister had done a few minutes earlier). In fact the others weren't even paying any attention to us as they were making out passionately on the other couch.

I could tell the idea of touching her in such a lewd way really turned roni on, as her body shuddered wildly, and I now alternated between probing her ass and playing with her pussy, smearing her juices all around her sex.

"Baby, please—" she whimpered softly while gripping my shoulder, her eyes never leaving our friends.

Just hearing this submissive tone from her spurred me on and I inched further inside her ass.

It was only when I looked across the way a minute later that we were surprised to see Vanessa's head in Aaron's lap, giving him a blowjob. Even though it was too dark to see anything explicit, the mere notion alone turned me on to no end.

"oh god, what is she doing?" roni purred as I slipped a second finger into her ass, forcing her to stretch and accommodate me.

"roni, spread." I insisted. "Spread your legs wide for me."

Veronica did as I asked as I proceeded to fuck her sweet little ass with two fingers while we kissed each other zealously with tongue.

"You like that?" I asked as she refuse to answer me directly, but simply nodded her head and smiled in the affirmative.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed to a more serious tone - now filled with the sound of moans and whimpers and lips smooching together. I placed my hand on the back of her head and invited her to emulate her sisters actions and blow me.

To her credit, roni didn't hesitate and gave her the others one last look, before pulling her long hair to the side and leaning over to take my hard cock into her mouth. I had to bite my tongue to stop from moaning out loud, particularly as she sucked me with such force I almost yelped.

"Good. That's it, suck my dick." I encouraged her during a loud action scene. "I bet you suck dick better than nessa does."

Hearing this, Vanessa mumbled something incoherently around Aaron's cock and redoubled her efforts, almost as though she was trying to impress us, and outdo her sister at the same time. Veronica also picked up the pace and alternated between sucking and stroking my cock in her hand, jerking me off into her mouth.

Her tongue traced a wet path down the length of my shaft until she flicked the tip against my nut sac. She then licked her way back up my shaft and stabbed its tip into my piss slit.

I gripped the blankets as she engulfed my whole cock like a snake consuming its prey. She seemed pleased with my sudden intake of breath as she swallowed my entire length and made herself gag on my cock.

"Fuck, you look so sexy when you do that." I told her, while pulling her long dark hair into a tight ponytail.

"I want you to come in my mouth," she hissed, sensing my approaching climax.

But as I looked across the way Vanessa and I locked eyes and I could see this hot little spontaneous moment between us all was just getting started, and there was no way she was merely going to settle with just sucking some dick.

I felt no reason to hold back as I pulled Veronica up onto my lap, fumbled with her pants and eased her down onto my waiting rod. She barely had time to object before she was promptly impaled, and now rode me in full view of her sister.

We started out slow and inconspicuous, with her simply flicking her hips back and forth while we kissed. This of course progressed into a more intense pace, with her eventually throwing her head back and bouncing over my cock, while I sucked on her titties.

"ah-baby," roni whispered hotly as she churned and whipped her hips.

Her pussy was hot and tight and felt increasingly wet with each passing moment. Not wanting to be outdone, we then heard a moan from the other sofa and looked over to see Vanessa moving to straddle Aaron, only in her case she rode him reverse cowgirl style.

"ugh yeah, right there." Vanessa panted loud enough for us to hear.

With nothing but the TV illuminating the room, the movie was quickly forgotten as the twins proceeded to fuck their respective boyfriends in the same room.

I don't mind admitting there was something oddly exciting about watching them both have sex, which wasn't lost on Veronica who picked up the pace dramatically and now slammed her hips down on me hard and fast. It was almost like the ladies were competing with each other, and Aaron and I were just along for the ride.

"Yes, yes, oh shit!" Vanessa grunted as she bounced over her lovers cock, all the while watched Veronica and I fuck just a few feet away.

I reached around and placed both hands on Veronica's butt, pulling her close and forcing our heads together. This action caused to her come almost immediately, which was evident by the way she suddenly shuddered above me, before thrusting her tongue down my throat.

In all the times we'd had sex, I'd never known her to be so fucking turned on as she was in the moment. Whether is it was due to having an audience, or the fact that it was her sister watching, I don't know. Whatever the case, her feedback alone made me harder than steel, which in turn drove her absolutely wild.

"Yeah, fucking ride it." I growled in her face as she seemed to go absolutely wild with abandonment, taking my cock like never before.

When we finally stopped to change positions, I pulled Veronica down onto the carpeted floor and took her from behind – only to see Aaron and Vanessa follow our example and join us there, placing the ladies side by side in opposite directions.

I now pounded my girlfriend doggy-style as I watched Vanessa get pummeled from behind. In fact Vanessa was so close I was sure I could reach out and touch her. It was a surreal moment as both sisters now moaned out loud as they were fucked within an inch of their lives, right beside each other.

"oh shit, I'm gonna cum! ooh-god I'm CUMMINNNG!" roni cried as she pushed back against me - taking all eight inches at once.

At that premise moment, Vanessa also yelled out loud as Aaron railed into her and spanked her butt, calling her a dirty little girl.

In fact Veronica was still in the throes of her orgasm as she collapsed forward, and my cock slipped out with an audible pop, only for Vanessa to reach out and grasp it with her hand and stroke it!

I don't know what turned me on more, the fact that she felt compelled to reach for my dick or the fact that it was clearly covered in her sisters slimy essence, and yet she was so riled up she didn't care.

"Ah-god, keep fucking me babe!" Vanessa hissed over her shoulder while jacking me off.

I almost came right then and there, as her hand was then replaced by her mouth and Aaron and I now proceeded to spit-roast the stunning YouTube personality.

In all the scenarios in my head, in all the different ways I thought the night was going to end I never imagined in a million years that the evening would culminate with Aaron and I tag-teaming Vanessa fucking Merrell in front of the TV!

"Fuck yeah," he growled. "Give her more of that cock. She's loves that shit, she can't get enough!"

Vanessa glanced back at her sister to make sure she had the audience she desired, and returned her attention to my cock. She started at the base of my shaved balls, then dragged her tongue all the way up the side of my shaft, to the very tip.

All I could do was groan as my girlfriend lay there watching her twin sister blow me! To her credit, Vanessa didn't miss a beat and wrapped her hot mouth around my bell-end and took me deep into her throat.

I heard myself moan out loud when I watched Aaron pull out of his moaning muse, pivot his hips and then slam his meat straight into Veronica's waiting mouth. I almost felt a strange sense of pride as she polished his rode like a god damn professional, before he pulled back and entered Vanessa again, continuing the spit-roast.

"oh-god, I don't know if I can handle both of you," Vanessa moaned erotically while taking a pounding from both ends.

I was thrilled to see that roni, nessa didn't seem to be the kind of girl to shy away from body fluids - granting me an extremely drooling, messy blowjob. A real tongue-bath. What made it particularly hot was the fact that she really seemed to get off on making eye contact during the act, and knowing that her sister was watching us the entire time, made my cock throb even more.

"Grr, how does your sister taste," I boldly asked, referring to her polishing roni's juices from my cock.

Vanessa responded by simply batting her eyes up at me, insinuating that she liked it.

"I want to watch you fuck her!" Veronica suddenly stated in no uncertain terms, while playing with herself.

I didn't need to be asked twice. In fact I don't know who was more excited by this, me or Vanessa who immediately turned around and wiggled her butt in my direction.

"Yeah do to," nessa exclaimed. "Just stick it in me!"

My cock was still wet and shiny from her mouth as she spread her thighs, and wiggled that flawless butt in the air. Her pussy was slick, swollen, and wide open. She was so wet it was almost comical - her juicy slot oozing with excitement.

A part of me wanted to just bury my face in that sweet hairless mound and eat her the fuck out, but considering she'd just been fucked by her boyfriend, I instead did something that both surprised and delighted her, and bent over to stick my tongue in her ass!!

Her sharp response to this made us laugh briefly, before I straightened up and rubbed the head of my cock along her slimy taco. As soon as she felt me there, she barely waited a moment before pushing back onto me – and just like that I was inside Vanessa Merrell.

"Nnghh fuck sis," she hissed erotically, as I pushed deep into her tight pussy. "He's so big. He's so fucking big!"

"Fuck her babe," roni groaned back. "I want you to really give it to her. I want you both to really fuck her!"

The stunning brunette was so wet there was barely any resistance, and in an instant I was balls-deep. On the other end Aaron was treated to an award winning blowjob, while he and roni now kissed and fondled each other at the same time.

Watching them together, I started to fuck Vanessa harder, spearing my cock in and out of her while spreading her ass cheeks wide open. She just about had the softest, sweetest little butt I'd ever seen much less pummeled.

I looked beyond her round butt and past her narrow hips, up to her petite shoulders where I watched her long dark hair bob up and down on her boyfriends cock - moaning audibly the entire time.

Even though I had the privilege of taking nessa from behind, I couldn't help but feel a little cheated as Aaron appeared to have the full and undivided attention of both twins. That being said I finally reached over to pull Veronica back towards me and directed her to suck my dick, and clean my cock with her pretty mouth.

Despite her reluctance to taste me, I forced her to open her mouth and deep-throat me causing her to gag and splutter.

At this point I was so turned on I took her head and positioned it directly over Vanessa's ass, in a way where I could throw a few jabs into nessa from behind before pulling out and mouth-fucking roni.

We kept this up for some time, with Veronica spitting and even kissing her sisters butt. Watching this, I suddenly found myself in a terrible place. I didn't want it to end, but I wanted to come so badly that I was starting to think seriously about how I wanted to finish.

Fortunately for me Vanessa made the decision for us by spinning around and taking my cock back into her mouth, right beside her mewling twin. The sisters were now polishing my rod together as Aaron helped himself and alternated between fucking them both.

However while Veronica seemed keen for my load, Vanessa appeared intent on edging me for as long as possible before I actually came. In fact I'd been so aroused for so long that when I finally popped, the actual orgasm was almost painful.

I ejaculated so hard that the first squirt ricocheted off Vanessa's teeth before the next spurt blasted into the back of her throat, filling her esophagus and choking her briefly, while the next two squirts splashed heavily across Veronica's gorgeous face.

It was while I came over both of them that Aaron finally unleashed too, and he pulled out of Veronica's sweet little cunt and blew his load all over her butt and back, covering her body in copious amounts of spunk.

"Ah-god. Holy shit," Vanessa panted out of breath. "You guys came so hard!"

"That's what happens when you decide to experiment," I panted while smacking my spent cock against roni's lips.

"—that was awesome!"

"Absolutely," we agreed. "That was fun. We should do this again."



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