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01-09-2018, 05:25 PM
With all this recent talk about unidentified flying objects and extra terrestrials, figured I'd ask.


01-09-2018, 05:45 PM
okay, so for the record and in full disclosure ...tried to make this short, but whatever (sorry for the wall of text)

Back in the mid-nineties me and my mate saw a "UFO" together, and before you say, it was probably just some trick lighting etc, let me tell you. I/we grew UP living beside (in walking distance) from a very busy and large local airport here in Sydney, so we know our shit (planes, heli's etc)

Anyways... long story short, one night we were hanging out on the back deck at like 10pm, and while in the middle of a conversation we saw this "object" fly over our heads at the speed of a jet fighter (just below the clouds, and very, very low) but without making a single sound!!

Now before you go and say it was probably just a light from the airport, the strange thing is this thing was blue/purple cylinder looking thing, and even though it didn't make ANY sound, you could hear it moving through the air - so it wasn't just a "light" ...it was a physical object.

Guess you had to be there. It was just so fucking spooky. Literally a second later, my mate and I looked at each other and we both looked like we had seen a ghost. To THIS day we still remember it like it happened yesterday.

Lol Personally, I DO believe in life OUT there, somewhere, but not here on Earth. But that still doesn't explain WTF we saw that night. And watching all these videos pop up lately on the news and stuff, just reminded me of what happened that night.

So that said, am I the only one here who's seen Unidentified Flying Objects before?


01-09-2018, 05:51 PM
I believe that their are aliens and other intelligent life out there, odds are just to great for there not to be. As for them visiting us, I don't know, it wouldn't surprise me either way. Though alien interference would probably help explain some of the more unexplainable things (Easter Island, Stonehenge, Pyramids across the world) in human history.

01-09-2018, 06:12 PM
Aliens? yes, visiting us? probably not. Thats just maths.

Also, don't under estimate the will and ingenuity of ancient peoples to build massive structures.

01-09-2018, 06:17 PM
Not so much that I am underestimating ancient peoples, but the fact that so many ancient societies built similar pyramid structures w/o any connection or communication between them is odd.

01-09-2018, 06:17 PM
Yeah absolutely, god only knows the stuff that's been build HERE already (hundreds, even thousands of years ago) and we don't even know about it. For all we know, these "aliens" could have already been here, before us!! ...and we're just in THEIR way, when they go out for a sunday drive/fly to the "shops" Lol


01-09-2018, 06:21 PM

01-09-2018, 06:37 PM
Take four cube blocks... now build the most stable structure you can that is least prone to fall over if the ground shakes or blown over in a storm or eroded away slowest by water/sand/wind/time. You're gonna get a pyramid or something close to it just about every time.

01-10-2018, 05:35 AM
I believe in intelligent life outside of our solar system. There’s just too many galaxies, stars and planetary systems out there for it to only be us here on earth. Has any other type of said life visted earth in the past? Maybe, but the distance it takes to travel is so vast it would have to be such an advanced civilization. I kind of believe in the theory that by the time civilizations can develop that type of technology, there’s a good bet their Sun is ready to burn out and destroy their home planet etc.

01-10-2018, 10:23 AM
Yep saw a ufo once while i was playing a little league game. Bright lights in the sky that moved and disappeared real quick. And yeah theres so many galaxies outside ours theres no way there isnt more life than just the 7+ billion on earf. Who knows there maybe an earth 2 where all of our celebs r porn chicks and vice versa.

01-10-2018, 12:54 PM
Yeah I think its pretty retarded to think that we're the ONLY intelligent life out there in space. Just spend one night looking up at the stars and see how many there are in the sky - and that's just like 1% of the sky YOU see ffs.

Something that always blew my mind was, when someone explained to me once that EVERY SINGLE STAR you see in the sky, isn't just some glowy little thing that's the size of a car that sparkles etc,

but is actual a SUN (star) so far away in some cases, that they might not even exist right now - and you're actually looking at something that once existed thousands of years ago!!! ...I mean think about it, ALL those suns, which belong to solar systems, and galaxies etc. It's mind blowing (the distance involved)

mate, punch some cones and sit back and look up and just think about that shit for a few hours Lol ...thousands, millions, billions of years, and we're only HERE for what, 100 years IF we're lucky? (not even a BLIND of an eye)

...and ppl wonder why I WANT technology to save us, and give us the chance to life forever?


01-10-2018, 01:08 PM
which is probably one of my all time favorite videos ever (haven't watched it in years) but such a great video to think about.