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02-11-2018, 11:03 AM
with Hailee Steinfeld
By LemonTalk
Codes: MF, public, finger, blowjob, anal, creampie
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
A/N: An idea I made a note off a while back and first thing I came across when I found myself in the mood for writing earlier tonight, hope you like it!

https://t17.pixhost.org/thumbs/40/63718160_hailee-steinfeld-at-lax-international-airport-09.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/40/63718160_hailee-steinfeld-at-lax-international-airport-09.jpg) https://t17.pixhost.org/thumbs/40/63718164_58234089_haileesteinfeld_laxarrival_november30_2017-4.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/40/63718164_58234089_haileesteinfeld_laxarrival_november30_2017-4.jpg) https://t17.pixhost.org/thumbs/40/63718165_hailee-steinfeld-at-lax-international-airport-13.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/40/63718165_hailee-steinfeld-at-lax-international-airport-13.jpg)

In my career, work had me flying all over the globe and I was constantly rubbing elbows with celebrities and elites so I wasn't particularly star struck when I found myself sat across the aisle to Hailee Steinfeld on a red-eye flight from LAX to Berlin but I was surprised to see just how attractive she was in person.

In fact despite her young age, there was something incredibly sexy about the starlet and my mind immediately went to dirty places when she flashed me a friendly smile while taking her seat.

Her get-up didn't exactly help matters. A figure hugging top was slightly see-through offering me a glimpse at the black bra she wore underneath while she was otherwise wearing a comfy tracksuit for the long flight.

After take-off it was evident she was flying alone so as you can imagine, it didn't take me long to pluck up the courage to introduce myself and strike up a conversation with the 'Pitch Perfect' star.

To my relief she was actually super friendly and more than happy to chat after finding nothing of interest on the in-flight entertainment.

It didn't take long for talking across the aisle to become quite frustrating with other passengers and attendants constantly walking past until Hailee ultimately got up, squeezed past and slid into the seat next to me.

"You don't mind do you?" she asked with a less than subtle flirty smile.

"Not at all, make yourself comfortable," I assured her, matching her smile while my ego swelled at the obvious mutual attraction between us.

"So how old are you? I really can't tell," she asked a moment later.

"Twenty-nine," I admitted, wondering if I should have lied and claimed to be younger. "At least for another couple of weeks."

"Oh yeah? Big birthday coming up then," she grinned. "I do as well actually, turning twenty-one next week!"

"Twenty-one, eh?" I nodded. "Any plans then?"

"Ehh, not really," she shrugged. "Probably just have some friends and family round."

"C'mon Hailee, you only turn twenty-one once, and you're not meant to remember it!"

"I'm sure I'll do something wild and stupid, don't you worry!"

With the sly wink and look she flashed me then, I didn't doubt it but she quickly turned the conversation back on me.

"What about you then? No mid-life crisis?" she asked with a shit-eating grin.

"Hah, it's only thirty so not quite, I'm doing alright."

"I can tell," she said approvingly, her eyes flicking down to my suit. "Big shot business man?"

"Could say that," I shrugged nonchalantly. "We can't all fly dressed down and comfortable."

"Checking me out were you?" she teased, cocking an eyebrow at me.

"You love the attention," I countered just as playfully, prompting her to turn her whole body in her seat to face me, her eyes narrowing a little as she pondered something

"You know, I kind of wish we'd met on solid ground," she admitted brazenly. "I reckon we could have had some real fun."

"Who says we can't up here?"

As if on cue, just as I spoke and Hailee's eyes widened in surprise a flight attendant interrupted us, asking if we'd like any refreshments.

After quickly ordering a couple of drinks for us and getting rid of her, I turned back to Hailee to see her giving me her evil smile again.

"That's why we can't have fun up here, plus I'm not that sorta girl!"

"Bullshit," I replied before boldly moving the armrest up and touching her for the first time, resting my hand on her tracksuit covered leg.

Hailee didn't flinch and her eyes never left mine, she made no effort to stop me and the look on her face was practically daring me to continue, as if she was attempting to call my bluff.

Unfortunately there wasn't too much I could do with her outfit without potentially going too far too fast so for now I made do with simply stroking her thigh, my gaze occasionally dropping to her chest which was rising and falling more rapidly now as her excitement grew.

"I can't believe I'm letting you do this," she whispered at one point after our drinks arrived and she quickly downed hers.

"We aren't even doing anything yet," I pointed out as my hand returned to her leg.

"Yeah but...I want you to," she confessed. "This is driving me crazy."

I couldn't help but grin smugly before pushing her.
"Tell me what you want," I pressed as I teased the hem of her loose-fitting pants.

"I need you to touch me," she pleaded softly, suddenly vulnerable.


I'd leaned closer now so I was practically whispering right into her ear, making her shudder in anticipation while I inhaled the scent of her body and hair which was tied back in a high ponytail.

"Ugh—you're such an asshole," she muttered, a smile on her face as her eyes closed.

I responded to this by quickly checking the coast was clear before kissing her on the side of the neck, behind the ear and down to her exposed shoulders.

"Mmm—I like that," she sighed submissively as she allowed a near-stranger to practically maul her pretty neck before turning her head and kissing me hard on the lips.

At the same time she took my hand and guided it straight into her pants and into her warm underwear, moaning softly as I came into contact with her neatly shaved pussy.

I actually gasped at just how wet she was as our spontaneous kiss broke but I supposed the taboo location had a lot to do with her heightened state of arousal.

"Oh my god," she muttered, blushing with shame as she realised just how turned on she was in the moment while spreading her legs involuntarily.

"You feel so fucking good," I told her as I examined every inch of her sex with my fingertips, stroking her cunt as she began to grind against my hand. "You're so fucking sexy."

"Please..." she begged again. "I need it."

"Uh-huh, yeah you do," I continued to tease as she bucked her hips a little, desperate to have something inside her.

But before giving her what she wanted I instead reached in further and without warning took one of my slick fingers and pressed it against her twitching bunghole.

"Oh my God, don't you da—" she started before squeaking and almost jumping out of her seat when I pushed in.

The pretty starlet gave me a stunned look but made no effort to stop me as I now sat there casually probing her butt.

"That's for calling me an asshole," I smirked.

Hailee hissed inwardly as I pushed deeper and despite her initial reluctance it was clear she loved having her ass played with and it only took a second before her hand found its way onto my own crotch, slipping into my suit pants to grab my aching erection.

"Oh fuckk," she groaned as she felt just how hard and big I was. "I want this inside me."

"What do you think we'll be doing during the connection?" I hissed in her ear, referring to the hour long layover we had coming up.

"That's hours away," she whined, gasping as I moved into a more comfortably position, moving my fingers from her ass and sliding two into her slick pussy.

Meanwhile Hailee was now openly jacking me off in my pants just as the cabin lights dimmed. It was now my turn to panic slightly as Hailee took things to the next level, throwing one of the complimentary blankets over my lap before ducking her head down under it.

https://t17.pixhost.org/thumbs/40/63718224_tu0sswl61vd01.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/40/63718224_tu0sswl61vd01.jpg) https://t17.pixhost.org/thumbs/40/63718226_9lkcv275eie01.jpg (https://pixhost.org/show/40/63718226_9lkcv275eie01.jpg)

A moment later I felt my cock spring free and almost groaned out loud as Hailee's hot breath wafted over the sensitive tip before the softest pair of lips I'd felt in years wrapped around the head.

"Fuck—" I mouthed, my hand gripping the armrest as Hailee Steinfeld herself hummed approvingly while taking me into her hot, wet mouth.

It was one of the most wild, spontaneous things I'd ever been done and I was harder than steel because of it. So hard and long in fact, Hailee couldn't resist the urge to choke herself with my cock, gently gagging herself several times under the blanket and drowning me in spit while proudly jacking me off against her extended tongue.

All I could do was squirm in my seat as the starlet treated me to one of the most intense blowjobs of my life until I distracted myself by reaching over and sticking a finger back into her upraised ass.

Unfortunately the moan this evoked from her sent a vibration through my entire body causing me to shudder as I erupted without warning straight down the sexy singer's throat. Hailee gagged yet again before composing herself and keenly swallowing my thick, spewing load.

Once all was said and done, she carefully tucked my member away again before remerging from the blanket and straightening up, a smug grin lighting up her face.

"Not that sorta girl are you?" I enquired again.

It was another long couple of hours before we finally began to descend for our layover by which time I was rock hard again and Hailee was probably so wet she was soaking through onto the seat. There was a hunger in her eyes I'd never seen before in a woman and I have expected her to pounce me then and there.

It went without saying that we were first off the plane when we were finally allowed to disembark and Hailee seemed to know where she was going, taking me by the hand and leading me into the executive lounge.

Thankfully it was pretty deserted and the few people in there took no notice as we deftly slipped into one of the bathrooms which was an even bigger room than my own at home.

"We don't have long," Hailee muttered, locking the door behind her before grabbing me and shoving her long tongue down my throat.

Despite the short amount of time we had together, we stood there simply making out for some time, thankful to finally be somewhere relatively private.

My dick was hard as a rock and threatening to tear a hole in my expensive suit by the time Hailee finally released it, dropping to her knees to devour it again.

"Fuck yeah," I hissed down at her, grabbing her ponytail for leverage as I fucked her open, salivating mouth.

When my cock was once again suitably covered in her spit I pulled her to her feet and manoeuvred her to bend over the sink for me where I yanked her tracksuit pants and underwear to her knees before plunging my tongue into her butt.

Hailee gasped out loud as she realised my intentions, gripping the edge of the porcelain sink as I hardened my tongue and probed her ass. Without further ado, I soon straightened up and, using my spit and her own pussy juice, I lubed her up and deftly entered her backdoor – taking her ass.

"Ugghh—Jesus," she grunted, pushing back against me.

"That's it, good girl, this is what you wanted isn't it?"

"Fuck—yeah, give it to me!" she hissed erotically as I pushed deeper. "Give me that fat cock in my ass!"

Hearing her speak like that, I didn't hesitate to grab a fistful of her hair, cocking her head back and taking her breath away as I slammed forward and began pounding her.

"Oh my gosh—yes! Fuck—ughn—harder!" she moaned wantonly as I admired her reflection in the mirror both in front and parallel to us.

Hailee's ass was so damn tight, as good as it felt, I soon had to pull out but quickly entered the warmth of her twenty-year-old cunt instead. It was at this point I could grab her hips and really take my frustrations out on her and Hailee was more than happy, and capable, to take it.

It only took a matter of seconds for her to finally climax, screaming loud enough for the entire lounge to hear her at which point I ultimately joined her over the precipice, holding out long enough to press the head of my cock into her twitching backdoor and ejaculate inside her flawless ass!

Hailee's eyes rolled back and her legs almost gave way, shuddering at the sensation as I cream-pied her, only to have her drop back to her knees to clean me off with her mouth.


02-11-2018, 11:48 AM
This was just epic on so many levels!
What a fucking amazing tale LemonTalk,
God you know how to do that girl justice!!


02-11-2018, 12:04 PM
Sweet Jesus, it's good to have you back, and with Hailee no less.

It goes without saying, but that was hot as fuck.

02-11-2018, 12:21 PM
:chloe: ffs u wrote that cause you were bored? jesus christ. Im just running out of ways to describe your shit. Just well done mate.