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04-10-2018, 05:20 AM
With Margot Robbie
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, cheating, blowjob, oral, rimming, drunk, anal-play, betting, creampie
DISCLAIMER: This never actually happened, just part of my imagination. Get over it!

https://t18.pixhost.to/thumbs/104/67835016_42094382_0515211539052_04_15276607_1836218409969386_6036036901952028672_n.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/104/67835016_42094382_0515211539052_04_15276607_1836218409969386_6036036901952028672_n.jpg)

It was the middle of the night as I got up to take a leak, only to find one of my roommates seated out on the living room sofa. Truth be told, Margot Robbie and I didn't particularly get along. In fact the only reason we tolerated one another was due to our friends.

I actually thought she was a spoiled little brat, while she openly despised me. Suffice to say we didn't enjoy each other's company, and often avoided spending any time together ...until that one fateful evening.

"Did I wake you?" she said as I shuffled past her position on the couch.

It was only when I approached her that I noticed she was scantily clad in nothing more than a tank top and matching panties, while watching some late night soccer game.

"Why are you still up?"

"It's the semi-finals," she claimed, referring to the FIFA World Cup.

I found this amusing (knowing she was new to the sport) which in turn only seemed to annoy her and set off another argument. I asked if she knew anything about the game and she claimed that it was Germany vs. Brazil.

"I'm actually looking forward to seeing the boys teach the Krauts a lesson in football," she said, as I grabbed a beer and took a seat beside her on the couch.

It was there I suggested we play a friendly drinking game, something the boys and I often did which involved taking a swig of beer any time the Ref was forced to blow his whistle (which was often).

Amusingly enough Margot agreed and it didn't take long for the two of us to get significantly drunk, while I continued to steal fleeting glances at her body.

"Brazil is going to win big," she boasted.

Seeing an opportunity, I pounced.

"Wanna bet?"

"Sure. I'd bet almost anything,"

"What about fifty bucks?"

Margot's eyes scanned my body up and down. She was clearly intoxicated and in a playful mood.

"How about.. if my team kicks a goal you have to get naked!"

"Excuse me?"

She laughed at my reaction, particularly since it was the last thing I expected her to say.

"Of course," she added. "If you don't think they're up to the task you can always chicken out."

I thought long and hard and decided to take her up on the offer, before turning the tables on her.

"I'll take that wager, but only if you agree to the same terms." I countered. "If the Krauts kick a goal, you get naked too!"

Margot giggled at the premise before agreeing to the terms.

"You're on,"

Amusingly enough it didn't take very long for fate to intervene and the Jerry's to kick that same said goal. I must have jumped about five foot in the air, before turning to my blonde roommate who simply sat there flipping me the bird.

Robbie rolled her eyes before pulling her shirt over her head, leaving her to sit there on the couch completely topless - while still relatively covered by the blanket - and now partially exposed to my greedy eyes.

"Pervert," she hissed. "I hope you're getting a kick out of this."

We spent the next few minutes taking several more swigs of beer, before she finally spoke again.

"You know I wouldn't get too excited. It really makes no difference," she argued. "You guys are still going to lose in the end. We've got the best player on the planet,"

She was apparently referring to Ronaldo.

"Gee. For someone who's naked already you sure sound cocky,"

"Trust me," she stated. "I'd be willing to bet just about anything that we kick the next goal."


The actress smiled as she enjoyed her beer.

"Put it this way, I'd bet a hand job on it."

I almost choked on my beer as her blue eyes bore into me, waiting for my response.

Now I'm not entirely sure what made me say it, whether it was the beer or sheer cockiness or just the mere shock value of it all, but without missing a beat I immediately responded.

"Well if you're that confident, how about we wager your mouth on it. If the Krauts score next, you give me a blow job!"

Margot sat back, looking at me. I honestly didn't know if she was going to storm right out of the room, throw her beer in my face, or slap me across the mouth. What she said next surprised me.

"And what if Brazil score, what do I get?"

"I tell you what, if Brazil actually manage to kick a goal in this game I'll happily EAT your ass!"

The comment was only said in jest, but the look on her face was priceless.

"You're on!" Margot replied quickly, making me laugh.

"Wait, wait, wait a minute.."

"Nah, you said it!" she laughed. "You said it pal. Can't take it back."

I felt a shiver go up my spine as the deal was set.

I didn't think in a million years Margot would ever agree to such a thing, much less show so much enthusiasm. I guess another reason the "deal" felt so taboo was the fact that our friends were sleeping right upstairs, one of which happened to be HER boyfriend and MY best friend, Tom Ackerly.

That said, we sat back waiting for the first goal. To say the tension was high would be an understatement as we literally sat on the edge of our seats and watched the players run back and forth, each team moving up and down the field but without scoring.

I could also see the bet was having an effect on Margot's body, as her nipples were as hard as diamonds. Not only was this distracting to say the least, but it was just about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen - no thanks to those naturally dark, round areolas.

Hardly a word was spoken over the next few minutes, during which time I had gotten up to replace our drinks and snacks.

"No backing out, right?" she affirmed at one point, and I agreed.

"Yep. Someone has to lose tonight, and it ain't gonna be me."

The anticipation was killing up both, right up until the point where we watched the Krauts zero in on their target and finally kick in the next goal. I literally had to clap a hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling out loud in delight.

"2-0. Time to pay up, sweetheart."

The replay was shown again and again in slow motion, almost taunting her. But to her credit, Margot didn't hesitate and stood up in front of me before making herself comfortable on her knees. The entire thing was just so surreal, especially since we'd had such a love-hate relationship all these many months.

"I hate you so much right now," she said. "but a bet is a bet."

I pulled at the elastic around my waist, shoving my sweatpants down. I honestly think she was under the assumption that I didn't have the guts to expose my cock, but boy was she wrong. In fact not only was I eager to show her my dick, but I was already hard and standing straight at attention.

"You better not tell anybody about this," she said while reaching up to grasp the base of my shaft.

Leaning forward, Margot licked the underside of my cock before gliding her tongue up and down the side of my shaft, getting me wet and slick. I moaned as her lips finally closed around the tip of my rod and pushed down.

The actress was now forced to listen to the game in the foreground as she worked her mouth up and down my pole, sucking and nibbling on me. I was moaning involuntarily, thrusting my cock upwards into her throat as her fingers massaged my meat.

The sheer naughtiness of what we were doing was enough to get me off, but I really lost control when I felt her jack me off while licking my nuts, those beautiful blue eyes glaring up at me.

"Holy shit," I bemoaned as she swirled her tongue around in circles, eager to make me pop.

She didn't have to wait very long either, and immediately flinched back just in time to watch me ejaculate all over myself on the couch.

"Ugh. Happy?" she hissed while sitting back on her knees.

https://img18.pixhost.to/images/104/67845263_45688547.png (http://pixhost.to/show/104/67845255_6n6ueoi.jpg)

Margot licked her lips and looked over at the TV to see Brazil move down the field.

The poor girl actually seemed excited again as she crawled up onto the couch and cheered them on - only to be crushed a minute later as the German's intercepted the ball and ultimately kicked another GOAL!

3-0, and my cock throbbed with anticipation - as she was obliged to blow me again.

"Fine. Whatever," she shrugged. "Let's just get this over and done with shall we,"

Without using her hands, the actress plunged her mouth back over my sword and this time sucked me deep into her mouth. I groaned and pushed upwards, attempting to get as many inches into her mouth as possible.

It only dawned on me now how wrong this was, and how vulnerable we were to getting caught, causing my attention to shift between the TV and the staircase behind us.

When my hands ultimately moved down to cup her tits, she seemed to respond positively to this. Even as the tip of my rod brushed against the back of her throat, gagging her briefly.

However, this time I wasn't dumb enough to announce my impending climax, and instead of warning her I just blasted a hot load of spunk into the back of her throat, forcing her eyes to widen and her throat to suck and swallow it down in two big gulps.

The aussie actress wiped her mouth before sitting back up on the coach where she washed her mouth out with beer. I couldn't help but chuckle as she now refused to look me in the eye, having been forced to swallow my cum.

"You still think they can win," I remarked.

"That's two blowjobs in one night," she muttered. "I haven't given this much head in years.. they better win!"

Fortunately for her, just two minutes after the start of the second half and Brazil finally got their act together and replied with a Ronaldo inspired goal. I looked over at Margot, who had the most cunning expression on her face.

"oh well, you know the routine." she smirked. "on your knees!"

I simply smiled and followed her instructions, knowing she was looking forward to this.

"So I guess I'm eating some pussy then," I said. "I don't mind, a bet's a bet."

"Oh-No! You're not eating any pussy tonight, you're eating my ass remember."

Margot lay back on the sofa and spread her knees. Like her, I attempted to distract myself by watching the replay, but the actress wasn't having any of it.

"Stop wasting time, you owe me."

She then moaned as I kissed the inside of her legs and dragged my tongue past her mound and down towards her bunghole.

"This is so messed up," she slurred as I finally made contact with her booty, "I can't believe I'm actually letting you do... OOH!"

My tongue circled her bunghole for a moment, before I daringly licked my way up to her cunt and slurped her clit into my mouth, taking her breath away. Of course, this wasn't part of the deal, but I suspect it had been quite some time since anyone had offered her any kind of head.

"ugh, wait! wait, this isn't part of the deal."

"Huh?" I played coy.

"Just my ass! That was the deal."

"What was the deal?"

"You're only allowed to eat my ass," she insisted.

I made her state this at least two more times before she realized what I was doing - that just hearing her say this made my cock hard.

"Look, just eat my ass or I'm calling this whole thing off and going back to bed!" she warned.

I decided to meet her half way, and told her that the least she could do was play with her clit while I rimmed her butt. Margot moaned and writhed in place as I now kissed and licked her tight little asshole, and watched her rub one out above me.

"Ah yeah. oh-god, yes." she murmured. "Right there. Stick your tongue all the way inside my ass,"

I was only too happily to oblige as her libido took over and she now rocked her hips against my face, begging me to make her cum. I dipped a finger inside her butt and despite her earlier objections, wrapped my lips around her clit again and sucked it into my mouth like a Bluff Oyster - slurping it loudly.

The actress bucked and thrashing about wildly while attempting to push my head away, before eventually just conceding to the sensation and exploding in climax, shaking and moaning as I kept licking, sucking, and more importantly drinking down her abundant juices.

In fact I couldn't remember the last time I'd guzzled down so much girl sap in one sitting. My entire chin was covered in her essence.

But just when I thought the night couldn't get any more surreal, we turned to the TV to see Germany "head-in" another ball into the back of the net, and without having to be prompted, Margot motioned to blow me again – while this time permitting me access to her cunt.

I immediately played with her pussy as she blew me right there on the couch. At this point she was a god damn expert at it, and seemed to know exactly where to kiss and lick to get me off. I on the other hand, now had two fingers knuckle-deep inside her pussy, and took my time tasting and exploring her shaved cunt.

Amusingly enough, when we heard some additional commotion and saw Brazil kick-in another goal a minute later, our bodies seem to move on their own accord, and this time Margot simply swung a knee over my head to place us into a sixty-nine.

Unlike my previous attempt, this time I was much more aggressive. I immediately probed her ass with my finger while I sucked her nether lips into my mouth and savored her peach. For her part, Margot sucked me deep into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down.

When we heard the full-time whistle go off we didn't even stop, and just continued to feast on each other like two bitches on heat.

It was only after having my fill, that I finally pushed her off my face, pulled her ass back to the edge of the sofa by her hips, and slammed my cock into her from behind! Fortunately for me the actress was so drunk and riled up at that point, that she didn't object and just went with it.

In all my years I never imagined I'd get the opportunity to fuck Margot Robbie, much less do it bare back on our living room couch. As I pounded her from behind, fucking her harder and faster, I was forced to put my hand over her mouth to stop her from yelping out loud and waking up the entire house.

"UGH! Ah-fuck!" she grunted at one point. "I'm gunna cum all over your cock!"

Noting this, I pounded her even harder and took the opportunity to slip my thumb into her backdoor, which really seemed to set her off.

In fact I instantly felt her sphincter squeeze back, which then set off a chain reaction which culminated with me erupting deep inside her womb with a powerful orgasm – treating the onetime Neighbors star to a dirty-hot creampie.

It took all of my strength just to pull out before I collapsed beside her on the sofa, spent. Panting, we both watched the end of the football coverage and realized how late it was.

"I can't believe we just did that," she huffed. "on the sofa no less."

I grinned, "Looks like Germany's through to the finals next week,"

"I suppose we're gunna have to stay up and watch that game too huh?" Margot smiled.



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:chloe: fucking christ. Please for the love of christ continue to write about the aussie babes. They dont get enough love and this imo was one of the hottest stories you've ever done.

04-16-2018, 05:27 AM
I had a similar idea but in a privet box at Madison Square Gardens since Robbie is such a big Rangers fan.

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