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With Ashley Benson, Isabela Moner and Vanessa Hudgens
Written by TheLW
Codes: MFF, MFFF, Blowjob, Drugs, Oral, Voy
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


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(This story was inspired by the following pix of these three lovely ladies)

Up until a few months ago, I couldn't tell you the latest fashion, to be honest, I preferred to keep things simple, a pair of jeans and a worn out t-shirt would suffice for me, that all changed though, when I started seeing Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa and I, had initially met through a mutual friend of ours named Ashley Benson, the two of them met, while filming a movie together called Spring Breakers, a couple of years back.

I was instantly smitten with Vanessa from the moment I first met her, I mean how could I not, she has a rather infectious personality and a smile that could light up a room to go with it. In the three months since the both of us had started dating one another, Baby V as she liked to be called, wasted little time wrapping me around her little finger.

It was in part because of that, that I found myself bored out of my mind, while attending my first ever fashion show, some Jeremy Scott show... I dunno, both Ashley and Vanessa talked him up as some sort of big deal, whether that was true or not, I honestly couldn't tell you.

About an hour into the show, I noticed Vanessa lean over and whisper something into Ashley's ear, before doing the same with me.

"Hey babe, we're gonna go find somewhere a little more private," Nessa whispers "...and have our own little fun."

A second later, Vanessa grabs my hand, leading me backstage, as Ashley followed closely behind us.

Once we made our way backstage, it didn't take long for the three of us, to find a unoccupied washroom. Stepping inside of the empty room, Ashley headed over to a nearby sink, setting her purse down and rummaging through the bag, before pulling out a small metallic container.

Quickly popping open the container, the blonde haired actress removes a small clear baggie, that had a white substance (cocaine) residing inside of it, followed by a small blade which she used to chop up the nose candy. It's while the three of us are taking turns hitting the white powder, that the ex High School Musical starlet, starts to feel frisky as she runs her hand up and down over my crotch, giving it a good squeeze in the process.

It's while Vanessa and I are making out with each other, that I hear the sound of my zipper being undone, before Nessa fishes out my cock, and starts stroking it, as Ashley does a line of coke, off of the counter.

"Damn, if I knew you were that big," the Pretty Little Liars star starts to say "...I would have gotten with you myself, instead of hooking you up with Vanessa."

"Your lose was definitely my gain, Benzo," Hudgens states "...but since I'm feeling generous, this one time, I'd be willing to share him with you."

"Mmm, I'd like that."

With that, Ashley Benson grabs my chin, pulling me towards her, as our mouths meet, tasting the flesh of one another's lips. Ashley and I continue to explore each other's mouths, as Vanessa inhales more of the cocaine, before dropping to her knees, and spitting on my pecker.

Inches away from my hard dick, my girlfriend Vanessa shows just how cock hungry she is, as she runs over the sides of my pole shaft with her tongue, leaving a trail of saliva as she makes her way too the bulbous of my candle wick. A few seconds later, the blonde haired actress joins Vanessa on her knees, in front of me, as the two beautiful women start to work over my cock.

Baby V swirls her tongue around the tip of my prick in a circular motion, at the same time that Ashley Benson works over the base of my Italian sausage, licking away at it. Benzo would then take me by surprise, as I felt her take my nuts into her mouth, just as Vanessa Hudgens parted her lips, and devoured my cock with her oral hole.

"Fuck!" I hiss "...this is incredible."

I continued to be treated to a world class dual blowjob from both ladies, as Vanessa bobbed her head up and down my shaft, taking as much of my man meat down her throat as possible, while Ashley Benson massaged my balls with her tongue. It was due to all three of us being distracted, that none of us heard the bathroom door being opened, and in fact it wasn't until we heard another woman's voice, that we realized someone else was there.

"Oh my God!"

"Shit!" cusses Ashley, as both her and Nessa got off of the floor.

"What's your name?" Vanessa asks the young woman.

"It's Isabela… Isabela Moner."

"Look this isn't what it looks like," Ashley says.

Oh, you mean, you weren't on your knees like a slut?" Isabela sarcastically asks.

"I'm not a slut."

"Ok, maybe it is what you think," Vanessa chimes in "...but you can't tell anybody about what you just saw."

"I promise, I won't... besides I'm a fan of yours." the young woman answers back, before she turns around to leave, however Vanessa grabs her by the arm, stopping her from doing so.

"No offense Isabela, but your word isn't good enough," Vanessa states, before turning her attention towards the little bit of cocaine, that still sat on the counter, "...prove it, snort up what's left of the coke."

"Err I don't know," Isabela starts to say, "...I mean sure, I've smoked a little marijuana here and there, but I've never done anything like this."

"It'll be fine," Vanessa assures her.

"Trust me, you'll love it," Ashley adds in.

"Fine," Isabela Moner reluctantly agrees.

With that the teenage actress walks to the counter, bends over, and snorts up the remainder of the snow candy.

"Happy now?"

"Sure, you can't go blabbing your mouth, without outing yourself," Ashley claims.

You know Izzy," Vanessa says with a grin, "...I couldn't help but notice, that you've been eyeing my man's cock."

I uh, I wasn't," the actress blushes, as she stammers her sentence.

"It's Ok," the former Powerless star tells her, "...I'm sure it's the first cock you've seen."

"Actually it's not," Isabela responds back, "...It's just, it's just well I haven't seen one that big before."

Both Ashley and Vanessa let out a laugh, before the actress known for her High School Musical role, starts to talk again.

"Well, you know, you're more than welcome to try it."

"I don't know... are you sure?"

"Of course."

A few seconds later, Isabela Moner finds herself in a similar position, that she caught the other two women in, on her knees, and in front of my candle wick. Izzy looks hesitant at first, but quickly wraps her hand around my cock, as she pumps her wrist in an up and down motion, stroking it untill I'm nice and hard again.

Once hard to Isabela's satisfaction, she drools onto my shaft, before taking me into her awaiting teen mouth, as my prick slid in and out. As Isabela continued to work over my dick, Vanessa gently placed her hand, on the back of Izzy's head, guiding the teenager's oral hole, over my cock.

"Now who's the little slut?" Ashley asks with a grin crossing her face.

"You enjoying that blowjob, babe?" Vanessa purred.

"She's not as good as you," I groaned "...but she's a better cock sucker than Ashley."

I steadily plunged my boomstick, between her lips, as she sucked me off, bobbing her head, side to side, I couldn't help but let a moan escape the back of my throat. Over the course of the next several minutes, I repeatedly pumped my schlong into the TV scarlet's mouth, as she slobbered all over my cock, some of it even dripping down her chin.

Eventually, I pulled out of Isabela Moner's oral hole, allowing her to get back to her feet, I then instructed her to bend over the counter, however before doing so, she took off her blue jacket, and handed it to Benzo to hold onto. I move in behind the former Nickelodeon star, grabbing the waistband of her matching blue pants, pulling them down to her ankles, and in doing so, exposing the fact Isabela was in fact commando.

"What, I don't like wearing underwear," Izzy mentions slyly to everyone in the room, before shrugging her shoulders.

Remembering what the young woman said about not seeing a cock as big as mine before, I slowly start to enter her teenage snatch for the first time, as I didn't want to hurt her. With each gentle thrust, I started to work more and more of my cock into her, feeding her inch after inch of my man meat.

It took a few moments, but as things progressed between Izzy and I, I was able to quicken up the pace, as the two of us, got a good tempo going. As I persistently moved my hips back and forth, ramming my schlong into my newest conquest, my girlfriend Vanessa leaned over kissing me on the lips.

"Ugh fuck!" Isabela cries out.

I continued to attack Moner's vaginal walls, sliding my prick in and out of her pussy lips, one thrust after another. Unfortunately the enjoyment I was getting from being inside of Isabela would come to an end, as Ashley Benson was tired of standing on the sidelines, demanding that she get a turn with my sex organ as well.

Ashley would lift herself up onto the counter, as I moved into position between her thighs, impaling her with my sword. I relentlessly hammered away at her bushy twat hard and fast, as Benzo moaned into my ear, encouraging me to fuck her good and hard. It's while I'm pounding into Ashley's well fucked cunt, that I catch Isabela from the corner of my eye, getting onto the counter, next to Benzo in a similar position.

"Fucking hell," Ashley pants "...I needed this so bad."

Seconds later, Vanessa Hudgens kneels in front of Isabela, sticking out her tongue, as she starts to eat out the sixteen year olds neatly trimmed sex hole. Meanwhile, I'm repeatedly slamming my boomstick into one of my girlfriend's best friends, only inches away from them.

Given everything that has already transpired, I didn't think I had much left in me, but I nevertheless ravaged Ashley's vagina, and was ultimately rewarded as she came on my cock. Baby V lapped away, like a kitten drinking milk, as she probed Izzy's love mound with her oral organ, licking up her creamy juice, Isabela Moner couldn't help but Iet out moans of pleasure, as Vanessa Hudgens, a woman who she looked up too as a role model, munched away on her snatch.

"Gaahhh! Ahhhh!"

I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so instead of letting Ashley Benson know that I was about to cum, I decided to keep it to myself, as I thrusted into her a couple of more times, before flooding her womb with my baby batter.

"You should have pulled out," Ashley screamed at me angrily.

"Sorry," I said offering her a half-hearted apology.

Shortly after, all four of us, got ourselves organized, before departing the sex filled washroom, though Isabela did exchange numbers with both Ashley and Vanessa.

The End

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Damn, that was hot AF! LW.
We definitely need more Vanessa/blowjob action around these parts
This story actually has me thinking/lusting after Ashley Benson again!