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The Stories Behind the Blind Item Reveals:
Victoria and the Neighbor starring Victoria Justice
Codes: MF, Oral, Creampie, slightly FDom
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy
These are the (fictional) stories about real Hollywood gossip blind items that have since been updated to reveal the celebrities that they are about.

Today's Revealed Blind Item: This former tweener who was never a tweener but had her own tweener show and is now trying to move into the regular world of acting has a boyfriend. They have been dating for a while but she told him she wants them to wait until marriage. Meanwhile she is having sex with the guy who lives next door every other night or two. Victoria Justice 2015

https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963769_0916ln-l.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963769_0916ln-l.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963784_victoria-justice-chic-street-style-at-lax-airport-march-2015_3.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963784_victoria-justice-chic-street-style-at-lax-airport-march-2015_3.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963793_victoria-justice-fashion-good-day-new-york-in-new-york-city-september-2015_3.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963793_victoria-justice-fashion-good-day-new-york-in-new-york-city-september-2015_3.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963795_victoria-justice-leggy-in-cutoffs-out-in-los-angeles-may-2015_2.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963795_victoria-justice-leggy-in-cutoffs-out-in-los-angeles-may-2015_2.jpg)

Victoria Justice sat in the passenger seat of her new boyfriend's car. They were currently making out with his tongue in her mouth while one his hands cupped the side of her face and the other was sliding up her leg. It was a Tuesday night and they had just come back from dinner. Victoria wearing a short tight purple and black dress with black stilettos, a bit overdressed for dinner but she wanted to look good. As she felt his hand slide up her inner thigh she dropped a hand to her lap to block him from sliding up under her dress. Rather than be deterred, her boyfriend took hold of her hand and pulled it over and placed it on top the hardness still trapped in his pants.

"Pierson, no" Victoria said as she recoiled away.

"Oh come on Vic, please. I agreed on holding off on sex, but come on. Give me a little something tonight," he said.

"No, I'm not going to blow you while we're parked outside my house. What if my parents see us?"

"Please" Pierson Fode pleaded while undoing his pants.

"I said no." Victoria said and before he could pull his dick fully from his pants Victoria opened the car door and was climbing out. "I'll text you later, and I promise I'll make it up to you this weekend." She heard him groan as she slammed the door shut and made her way inside.

Victoria watched, hidden, from the window by the front door as Pierson put his dick away, started up his car, and drove off. Victoria felt bad for him. She new her house was empty, and she really did enjoy giving head, but she was so horney she knew if she had gotten started there was no way she was going to stop with a simple BJ. There was a time where she would have probably gone ahead and fucked him in his car, but as she had gotten older she had learned better. Between personal experience and watching her friends relationships, she had learned to become more discerning about who she slept with. There were too many guys in Hollywood out there who were just out there looking to bang the next hot starlet and Victoria refused to be another trophy on another big game hunter's wall.

That said she still was someone with a healthy sexual appetite and she had her ways to get hers. As she watched her boyfriend drive off she took out her phone and scrolled through her contacts list until she found the name she was looking for. She then sent a simple text to that person which was simply a eggplant emoji followed by an exclamation point.

Jack Sampson was a 22 year old college senior at UCLA who was currently living in the pool house of his parents house. His father was a very successful lawyer while his mother was a secretary for an executive at CAA. He had lived on campus for his first 3 years at UCLA, but told his parents that for his senior year he wanted to live at home so that he could focus on his school work. While partially true, that was not the main reason why he chose to live at home. The real reason was the same reason why a huge smile came across his face when he heard the text notification on his phone. Checking the message he turned off the the Lakers game he was watching, and without even putting on pants of shoes he ran out of the pool house in just a t-shirt and gym shorts.

Victoria had meet Jack 3 years earlier when she bought the new house next door to him. While she thought he was cute, she rarely paid him any attention. She had talked to him a few times and asked him to help her around her house a few times when she was home alone, but like most people in Los Angeles, she largely ignored her neighbors unless there was some incident that made them pay attention to them. And it was an incident several month ago when he finally caught her attention.

Victoria had a change to her shooting schedule and suddenly a day where she thought she was going to be at the studio shooting her show until nighttime, was now just a half day and she was walking back into her house at around 2pm. Walking in the house she was looking to see if her sister was home and if she wanted to go shopping with her. She discovered her sister as she looked out at the pool through the kitchen window. She saw her sister in the hot tub with her top off and her head buried in Jack's lap as he sat up on the ledge. Victoria froze as she watched her sister blowing their neighbor. From the view she had she also got a good profile view of Jack's dick when her sister finally pulled her mouth away from his hard dick. From the kitchen he looked to be rocking a 7.5 to 8 inch dick that was about at thick as a pepperoni stick. While she knew she should leave them alone, she continued to watch. She slid her hand into her shorts as she watch them move from the hot tub to a lounge chair where Jack proceeded to tear off Maddy's bikini bottoms and fuck her. At first from behind, then side spooning, and then later rolling her over onto her back, and finishing off by pulling out and shooting a huge load all over her boobs.

Four nights later was Victoria was naked in her bed masturbating, but her vibrator just wasn't getting the job done. She had been thinking regularly about the good fucking she watched her neighbor give to her sister. Tori then gave into her desires. She slid on a silk robe, went downstairs and through a door in her fence snuck next door. Jack got the surprise of his life when he he hear a knock on the pool house door and saw Victoria Justice standing there in a thin black robe that didn't even reach her mid thigh. Opening the door Victoria asked him how long he'd been having sex with her sister and if he'd told any of his friends about it. Jack said a couple of months, and that he hadn't. Victoria then untied and shrugged off her robe, leaving her naked body exposed to him. She then walked past him into his room and told him that if he does a good job and keeps his mouth shut maybe they can become a regular hook up thing too. They had sex 3 times that night before Victoria snuck back to her place, and ever since then 2 or 3 times a week Jack get a text to come over and bang one of the two sexy latina sisters.

https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963771_images.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963771_images.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963796_victoria-justice-pierson-fode-beach-hawaii.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963796_victoria-justice-pierson-fode-beach-hawaii.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963778_tumblr_nwdvn0pzuf1qcpno5o1_500.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963778_tumblr_nwdvn0pzuf1qcpno5o1_500.jpg)

Tonight Victoria walked her way to through the house and unlocked the door to her back patio. She then reached behind herself and unzipped her dress. She slid it down to the floor and then removed her thong. Victoria hopped up onto the dining table. Victoria, dressed in just her heels now, spread her legs and teased her wet pussy while waiting for her neighbor. Shortly thereafter Jack emerged through the patio damn.

"Damn." Was also Jack could say as he saw the naked Victoria sitting on the table touching herself. Pulling her hand from her pussy lips, Victoria bit her lip and gave him the come here signal with her finger. Jack walked over to her and stripped out of the clothing as he did.

"This is new, we haven't done it on the dining table before" Jack commented.

"Well we have the house to ourselves, plus I thought this would be an appropriate place to do it" Victoria answered.

"Why's that?"

"Because I really need you to get down here and dine on my pussy" she told him seductively. Jack just simply smirked as he got down on his knees in front of Victoria. He pulled her right up to the edge of the table and put her legs over his shoulders. Instead of diving right in, he kissed the inside of her thigh and moved his way up to her crotch. He gave her vulva a long lick before closing his mouth over her lips and sucked the up the juices her pussy was already leaking. Victoria leaned back on her elbows and let out a long moan as Jack started using his tongue to probe her pussy and clit. After several months of hooking up, and Victoria being unafraid to tell her booty call what she wanted, Jack knew how to make Tori pop when going down on her. That said tonight he wanted to see if he could push her to go a little further.

Tori was now flat on her back lost in pleasure and audibly moaning loudly as Jack lifted up her hips a bit higher. His hands, already groping her ass cheeks, spread them apart a bit further. Jack sucking on her clit, let it go and gave her folds several rapid flicks of his tongue while moving further and further down. Once he got down to the bottom of her pussy, Jack made his move and licked her asshole. Victoria was shocked.

"No!" Victoria shot up and pulled his face away by the hair on the back of her head. "I told you, no butt stuff" Victoria told him sternly.

"You sure? You're sister seems to kind of like it when I fuck her ass."

"Oh yeah? Tell me, did she start letting you do that before or after she found out you were also hooking up with me?" Tori asked, obviously annoyed.


"Exactly. Look I love Maddy to death, but she's kind of a slut. She's been using sex to get guys to pay attention to her instead of me since she was 13. I know for a fact she has screwed a couple guys I had broke up with."

"And you're cool with that?"

"I was done with them, and if I really wanted to get her back by screwing her boyfriend, I could."

"Someone's confident in themselves?"

"Damn right. I think that if I wanted to, I could get her boyfriend to fuck me in front of her, on her birthday, literally right on top of her birthday cake. No be quiet and get back to work." Victoria said as she shoved Jack's face into her pussy. After being distracted and taken out of the moment it took Jack another ten minutes to get VJ back on the verge of cumming "Ugghhaaaa! Yes! More! More! Keep going, work my clit!" Victoria told Jack as he worked two fingers out of her pussy and his thumb rubbed her clit. Jack could feel VJ's legs tighten around him so he knew she was about to burst. Pulling his hand away, he dove tongue first back into her crotch. "Yesss! Oh Yesss!" Victoria blurted out as she came all over her neighbor's face.

"You've gotten a lot better at that" Victoria said blissfully as she caught her breath and slid off the table. "Now, let me" Victoria said as she dropped down to her knees and took hold of Jack's cock. Victoria opened her mouth and slipped half of his dick in before closing her lips and started sucking. Victoria really did enjoy giving blow jobs, though not as much as her cast mate Ariana Grande who after a few years of tutelage under Liz Gillies had secretly become the biggest slut on set. Victoria liked the feeling of a hard cock hitting the back of her throat, and also the feeling control she felt as she blew a guy. Knowing they'd agree to just about anything so long as she finished.

VJ normally really liked to take her time if she was just sucking him off to get him to cum, but right now she just wanted to get his dick wet and ready to fuck her. Victoria alternated between deep throating for several bobs, and using her tongue to play with his tip and balls as her hand greased up his cock with saliva. When his dick was good hard and wet Victoria looked up a Jack who had his eyes close, head tilted back, and a big smile across his face. She new he was about a minute or two away from busting his nut, so she pulled her mouth away.

"What? Oh come on Tori, just a bit longer" Jack said as he saw Victoria stand up and turn her back to him.

"Nope. You know my no butt stuff rule. Consider that your punishment." Victoria said as she lifted one leg up and put it on the table, exposing her pussy from behind.

"You're going to pay for that" Jack said jokingly.

Victoria turned her head and looked at Jack as he took her place behind her. "Is that so? Then I suggest you take your frustrations out on my pussy" she slyly told him. Jack took hold of his dick and slapped it up against her pussy several times before lining it up and easing it into her.

"Uggghhhh" Victoria moaned as she felt the familiar feeling of her neighbor's dick enter her tight pristine pussy. "Such a good dick" she whispered one Jack had his dick fully stuffed into her. Jack worked his dick slowly at first as he took hold her slim hips.

"Come on, I thought you going to make me pay" Victoria teased him.

"Oh, that's how it is huh?"


"Okay" Jack said. He then gave her ass a nice hard spank before regripping her hips and began punishing her pussy with his dick.

"Oh shit. Oh Yes! Yes! Fuck Me! Fuck me HARD! YES!" Victoria moaned as Jack now hammered her pussy. Victoria was now laying almost parallel to the table with one leg still up on it and the stiletto on that foot just barely staying on. The table shook with each hard thrust. Listening to to Victoria talk dirty and moan as he fucked her, Jack's mind briefly flashed to the other afternoon when he was watching Victorious. Since hooking up with Victoria he had found himself watching, and sometime beating off to, Victorious. Something about the duality of her acting so nice on a kid friendly show and him knowing her true nature about how much she enjoyed getting fucked really got him off.

Jack now had his hand cupping her breast from behind as he continued to rail away at her pussy. Rolling and teasing her perfect nipples between his fingers. "Holy shit Vic, you're so fucking hot. God, I think I am going to cum soon."

"I'm close too. Don't pull out yet, I'm close" she panted.

"Holy shit, I gotta pull out. I'm about to burst."

"Don't you dare pull out! I'm soooo close! I don't care if you cum inside me, Just KEEP FUCKING ME!" Victoria yelled out. She had never let Jack cum inside her before and so he could not believe that now she was telling him not to pull out. He barely got two more pumps before his dick exploded.

"Oh fuck!" he grunted as could no longer hold back and his dick bursted.

"Oh my god! I can feel you shooting inside me! It feels… Ugghhhaaahhhhh!" Victoria screamed as she came. As her pussy clamped down on his dick, she could feel even more vividly as Jack shot a few more jets of cum inside of her. "Holy shit. I could feel you shooting inside of me. It felt incredible." Victoria said as she pushed her hair out of her face.

"Fuck yeah it was." Jack said as he pulled out of her. Jack stepped back a few steps and sat down on one of the chairs. His eyes stayed locked on Victoria and he saw some of his cum leaked out of her pussy.

Victoria slowly stood back up and turned around. She saw Jack sitting down with his dick start to deflate a bit. "Hey, hey, hey. Don't get comfortable. We're not done yet." Victoria bent down at the waist and took his dick back into her mouth. She could taste both herself and his cum mixed all over his cock.

"Oh, oh god" Jack moaned as a shiver went up his spine. His cock head was still a bit sensitive from cumming but Victoria was doing her best to suck his dick back to full strength. With Victoria's talented mouth and tongue it did not take too long to get his meat stick back up to full mass.

With him fully hard, Victoria stood back up, kicked off her heels and moved to straddle Jack's lap on the chair. Taking hold of his dick, she pointed it straight up and then dropped her hips right down on top of it. "Ummmmmm yeeeessss" Victoria moaned as sunk her body down on top of his dick. Victoria paused, absorbing the feeling of her pussy being stuffed full, before she began flicking her hips and bouncing on her neighbor's cock. "Uggh...yes...yes,..yes" Victoria moaned with each bounce. Running her hand through her hair Victoria arched her back sticking out her tits right in front of Jack's face.

https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69964714_madison-reed-leaked-8-thefappeningblog-com_.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69964714_madison-reed-leaked-8-thefappeningblog-com_.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69964718_victoria-justice-naked-005.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69964718_victoria-justice-naked-005.jpg)

"God good those things are perfect" Jack said looking at Tori's tits just inches from his face.

"You always say that." Victoria giggled as she continued to rid him. "Maddy's are bigger."

"Maddy's are nice, but Jesus yours are perfect." Jack said before leaning forward and sucking on one of her dark nipples. Victoria took him by the back of the head and held his head in place and kept him licking and sucking on her tits as she rode his dick.

"Gawd, I love how your mouth feels on my breast. Keep going. I'm gonna cum again" she told him. Jack switched to her other breast and he knew she was telling him the truth about cumming again soon as he could feel hips moving moving faster and faster. Taking her hard nipple into his mouth between his teeth and he bit down lightly. "Awww!" Victoria yelped as she felt him bite her nipple.

The two kept at it for another five minutes. Jack with his face buried in his famous neighbor's b cups while she rode his dick like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby, until she came once again all over his dick. Jack could feel her body shake as she had another toe curling orgasim. When she had settled back down Jack scooped her up into her in his arms, he then stood up and placed her down on her back on the table. Jack leaned down and gave Tori a passionate kiss before throwing her legs back up on his shoulders. Victoria gasped as Jack slammed his dick back into Victoria. Jack held her by the hips and Victoria wrapped her legs around his neck as he went back to fucking her.

"Grrrrr, yes!" Jack grunted. "Take it. Take that dick!"

"Yeah, un huh, give it to me. Give me that dick neighbor boy!" Jack loved watching her perfect breast shake with each thrust, and her gorgeous face turn side to side as she bites her lip and moans. "Ummm yes, give me that dick all those perverts who watch my show wish they could." This had become more and more of a common theme lately. Victoria had started googling her name more and reading her social media comments and new that she had become a fantasy girl for many older brothers and fathers of tween viewers of her show.

Jack continued to piston his hips, slamming his dick in and out of the Nickelodeon star. He got Tori to come one last time before he pulled out and erupted all over her chest and stomach.

"Jesus christ" Jack said as his dick spat ropes of cum all over her body. When he was finally done he felt his legs get a bit wobbly. Jack stepped back a few steps and sat down on one of the chairs. He watched as Victoria used her fingers to scoop up some of his cum and brought it to her mouth.

"Ummm" Victoria said as she sucked her fingers clean. She did this several more times before sitting up. Victoria still a little flush, got off the table. "That was as good as usual. Thanks." Victoria said to Jack as she picked up her heels off the floor.

"No problem" Jack respond as he watched her ass saunter as she walked over and bent at the waist to she pick up her dress.

"Well, I'm going to go to bed. You can let yourself out when your ready." Victoria said with her clothes in her hands as she casually walked naked passed Jack. "Oh, and Maddy's going to be out of town for a couple more days. Maybe next tomorrow I'll text you tomorrow and we can do it in there. We still haven't fucked on her bed yet" Victoria explained cheerfully.

"Sounds good." Jack yelled back as Victoria was now out of sight.

"All right, good night." She called out as she went upstairs. Ten minutes later Victoria was lying on her bed still naked, but having had washed her neighbors cum off her body. Looking over a couple of text she missed she decided to send one out to her boyfriend. She typed with one hand "Just wanted to say good night, and I'll be dreaming of you! Can't wait to see you again this weekend ;)" while her other hand lightly brushed and teased her freshly fucked pussy.

https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963761_97b3c31345b39cfd525d4314162333c6-hot-actresses-victoria-justice.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963761_97b3c31345b39cfd525d4314162333c6-hot-actresses-victoria-justice.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963777_rs_634x1024-150816170112-634-victoriaj-jmd-081615.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963777_rs_634x1024-150816170112-634-victoriaj-jmd-081615.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963779_victoria-justice-2015-fun-fearless-latina-awards.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963779_victoria-justice-2015-fun-fearless-latina-awards.jpg) https://t19.pixhost.to/thumbs/103/69963782_victoria-justice-at-nickelodeon-kids-choice-awards-mexico-2015-_1.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/103/69963782_victoria-justice-at-nickelodeon-kids-choice-awards-mexico-2015-_1.jpg)

05-08-2018, 07:39 PM
Great story, please tell us there’s a part 2?

05-08-2018, 07:46 PM
That was awesome miami, hope this becomes a series. The possibilities are endless!


05-08-2018, 07:54 PM
No, there will not be a direct sequel or a part 2 to this exact story.. This is the first chapter in what is going to be a series of different one shot stories with each based on a different Blind Item Reveal.

So like I'm thinking about doing one off a blind item about Ariana Grande cheating on her BF and having loud sex in her trailer, another on Hailee Steinfeld hooking up in a restaurant in France with a guy she just met, and another about Demi with two of her body guards.

Actually, the one I already have partly written is this one from 2011: This foreign born pop sensation is making his way through the teens of Hollywood. His goal is to have sex with as many as possible. So far he has had sex with the following teen actresses. B list move actress who is going to be in one of the big hits of the holiday season. B list movie actress who has been nominated for one of the big awards. This was just in ten days.
Foreign born pop sensation: Cody Simpson
B list movie actress #1: Chloe Moretz
B list movie actress #2: Hailee Steinfeld

05-09-2018, 05:49 AM
Yep, definitely off to a good start, Miami.

I really love the idea behind this, and given some of the celeb blinds out there, there are so many stories waiting to be written up.

05-10-2018, 10:08 PM
I thought I remembered hearing that the neighbor was actually middle-aged, which made the whole situation even more surprising.