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Working Up a Sweat
Staring Victoria Justice
Codes: MF, Oral,
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833712_29b2c7985082344.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833712_29b2c7985082344.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833714_196234985082154.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833714_196234985082154.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833718_c79f89985082324.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833718_c79f89985082324.jpg)https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833716_aade6e985082264.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833716_aade6e985082264.jpg)

I had moved out to LA just a few weeks prior and I was finally starting to get into a normal routine. I had moved from the East Coast as part of a big promotion with the advertising agency I worked for. I have been a real fast riser in the company, and now I'm in one of the higher management positions despite it being less than a decade since I received my masters degree. The promotion not only covered the expensive cost of living, but it was large enough that I could afford to live in a decent sized apartment in on of the nicer neighborhoods in LA.

I had always stayed in good shape, not overly muscular but very well toned and I'd probably have some solid 6-pack abs if I didn't love Italian for and carbs so much. However after a little bit of time in LA singles bars and nightclubs it had become apparent that I would have to stay in shape if I wanted a chance with some of the women out here. I had begun going to the gym not far from my place at 10pm staying until close to closing time at midnight 3 to 4 days a week. At that time it was much less busy and a whole lot quieter so I could get to use almost any machine I wanted without a wait, and I could listen to my podcast while lifting or watch tv while on the treadmill without blasting my earbuds at top volume.

I had been going to the gym for about two weeks and I started to notice some of the same people there whenever I went. On this day I was jogging on the treadmill when I noticed a women I get up on the stair master that was several feet infant of my treadmill. She had the hood of her warmup jacket up so I could not see her face, but I could tell she was average hight, had a nice tan, and had a very fit body. As she started up the machine she took off the jacket, and I could now see her straight black hair. She was wearing sneakers, black yoga pants, and a black sports bra. As she started working out, I found my eyes drifting up from my tablet, I had set up to watch TV while I ran, and towards the shapely cute butt that was currently climbing up the never ending staircase in front of me.

After 20 minutes the woman stopped and climbed off, and when she turned around I nearly tripped over my own feet and fell down. I instantly recognized her as Victoria Justice. Victoria grabbed her water and her jacket before looking my way. When she saw me I saw a little smirk on her face before she walked off. I can only imagine the dumb look on my face when she saw me. Victoria was by far top celeb crush, and I'd jerked off thinking about her hundreds of times, ever since I saw her while my younger siblings were watching her show on Disney Channel. Soon after she walked off an announcement came over the PA that the gym was closing in 10 minutes. After I stopped and grabbed my stuff I tried to find VJ again, but she was gone. At that point, I thought I'd just chuck it up to being my first real celeb sighting and move on. However, the next time I was at the gym she was there, and the time after that, and same thing a week later.

After 2 months later it was pretty obvious that we were on the same gym time routine. During that time she'd caught me checking her out a number of times, and a few times I had caught her looking my way. Despite that, I had yet actually say probably a dozen words to her. I had said 'hi' a few times, and one time I picked up her towel and told her she had dropped it, but outside of that I don't think I've really said anything. Meanwhile in that time I'd gone home from the gym to jacking off to her dozens of times, and one night I called out Victoria's name while I had sex with a woman I met at a bar. Normally I am fine around women, but there was just something about VJ that caused my brain not to work.

I had pressed one of the trainers at the gym, who I had befriended, for any info he had on Victoria, but he didn't have much. He said that she usually comes alone, sometimes with her sister and keeps to herself. She listens to her music while doing her workout not really talking to anyone else. He then bragged about how he hooked up with VJ's sister. He said she blew him in the sauna on time, and twice while she and her boyfriend's relationship was on the rocks Maddy had him meet her at her car in the parking garage and they had sex in the backseat.

Tonight VJ was at the gym like usual, and we were both doing our normal workout routines. She looked particularly good tonight in her black yoga pants and teal sports bra. As I got a drink of water I saw her doing some yoga stretches on some mats in a mirrored corner. As she got into downward dog, I had a great view of her ass reflected in the mirror. 'Well, looks I'm beating off to her again when I get home' I thought to myself before I went back to my workout.

It was midnight and I the last one to leave the gym tonight. I walked up the stairs of the mostly abandoned parking garage. As I walked towards my Porsche Cayenne, I suddenly heard the horn of another car honking repeatedly. Looking over I saw the lights were on and the horn blasted two more times before the door swung open and a frustrated Victoria Justice stepped out, still dressed as she was before.

https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833721_d4845b985056964.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833721_d4845b985056964.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833725_e80bf3985055594.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833725_e80bf3985055594.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833727_f4c92b985055174.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833727_f4c92b985055174.jpg)

"FUCK!" Victoria yelled. While I had barely been able to string two words together around her before, thankfully my good guy genes kicked in and I was able to speak this time.

"Victoria, do you need some help?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you. It won't start. Do you have jumper cables or something?"

"I do, but I don't think they'll do you any good."

"Why not?"

"Well, ummm, your lights are on so that means that it's not your battery."

"Oh," Victoria said as she looked at her car.

"Do you mind if I try? I don't know a lot about cars, but maybe I can narrow it down."

"Knock yourself out." Victoria moved over and I walked over and got into her car. I saw the keys in her cup holder, so I stepped on the break and pushed the start button, but nothing happened. I did it again and once again nothing.

"I don't know, it could be the starter that's the issue," I said. "I had a similar problem with my last car once, but that was one you still had to turn the key to start. With these new push button starters I don't know. Either way, it's not something like triple-a can fix, you need a mechanic."

"Gawd, really? It's past midnight, where am I going to find a mechanic?" She whined.

"You're not" I said bluntly. The two of us just stood in silence for a minute. "I could give you a ride home if you want" I offered shyly.

"Really? What about my car?"

"Like you said, where are you going to find a mechanic? You could get a tow truck to move your car, but they won't have anywhere to bring it. For now you're better off just going home and coming back tomorrow to have it towed to a mechanic."

Victoria sighed, "I guess you're right. Are you sure you don't mind? I could just get an Uber."

"No I don't mind at all" I said, and then immediately hoped that I didn't just sound as desperate to spend more time with her as I thought I did.

"Alright. I mean I see you all the time at the gym so you're not a complete stranger, and you seem normal enough. Though I have caught you checking out my ass a bunch…"

"I'm sorry about that, but in my defense…" my mind went blank "… yeah, I got nothing." Thankfully this made Tori laugh and she grabbed her keys and purse out of her car before we walked side by side to mine. On the way I formally introduced myself, and soon we were on the road. Victoria lived about 30 minutes away, and thankfully the crippling shyness that had plagued me for the last 2 months was gone and I was acting like my normal self. We talked about each others backstories and growing up, and dare I say Victoria at times seemed to be even a little flirty with me. Before I new it, I unfortunately was pulling up in front of her home and putting my car in park.

"All right, well this has been fun," I said.

"Yeah all things considering, it has. I kind of feel like I owe you something for being so nice and helping me out. I mean, is there anything I can do to repay you."

Now what my conscious brain wanted to say was 'no, it was no problem' or maybe 'you could let me take you out for a drink some time' but unfortunately my subconscious reacted quickly and before I even knew what I was saying, I said, "You could flash me your tits."

"Seriously?" Victoria asked a little taken aback and upset with what I said.

"Oh my god Victoria, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say that. It just came out," I began rambling out an apology. At one point I admitted that she was my top celebrity crush, and at another point bringing up her leaked pictures from several years ago and how her breast are perfect. Victoria stared out the windshield as I continuously rambled out words for what was probably only 2 minutes or so, but felt like an hour.

"Are you able to pick me up and give me a ride back to my car tomorrow morning?" Victoria asked, breaking her silence and shutting me up.

"Yeah, sure." Victoria turned and looked at me. She looked me straight in the eyes before giving my whole body the once over with her eyes.

Victoria let of annoyed sigh, and then said "Screw it why not." She then quickly pulled off her sports bra and dropped it in her lap. Turning her torso fully towards me, my eyes grew as big as saucers and in the back of mind I almost thought I heard a gospel choir singing.

"There happy" the topless Victoria Justice said. I could only nod in response, as years of jerk-off fantasies had suddenly come true. Her breast looking nearly perfect in her Fappening pictures, but in person with her nipples hard from the AC blasting them, her tits looked flawless to me. "So do they live up to the hype?" She asked.

https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833991_victoria-justice-naked-005.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833991_victoria-justice-naked-005.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833995_victoria-justice-naked-024.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833995_victoria-justice-naked-024.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833998_victoria-justice-naked-025.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833998_victoria-justice-naked-025.jpg)

"No. They surpassed it," I responded as one of my hands reached over and cupped one of her b-cups.

"Hey! I never said you…" Victoria's protest got cut off as my desire had taken full control of my body and I had leaned over and kissed her. Victoria pulled away a bit at first, but slowly she started to kiss me back. Soon we were eagerly making out like honey teenagers, with her tongue in my mouth as my hands played with her naked tits. I tweaked and pinched her nipples a bit before I could not resist any more and broke off our kiss so I could suck on the tits, like I'd dreamt of doing so many times before. I could taste the sweat from her workout on her tits, and I loved it.

"Ummmm yeah, suck on my tits," Victoria moaned, as one hand she wrapped around my head and the other drifted down onto my lap. "I bet you've had dreams about doing this with me haven't you."

"Uh-huh" I grunted while I continued to suck on her tit. I let out another grunt through my teeth as I felt her hand grip my hard on through my loose gym shorts.

"I bet you've also jerked off thinking about me too, haven't you?" Victoria asked as she started rubbing my dick.

"Countless times" I said as I switched over to her other breasted and lightly bit down on her hard nipple. Eventually my shorts and boxers were getting in the way of Victoria jerking me off, but instead of pulling them off she pushed the pant leg of my shorts and boxers up higher and higher until both my hardon and balls were fully exposed. Victoria pushed me away from her chest and had me lean up in my seat as she began stroking my dick. She the bent down and slowly gave the underside of my shaft a nice long lick.

"Hmm, not bad" Victoria said as she looked at my 7.5 inches of hard man meat. She then moved her hair over to the side and looking up at with her brown eyes, looking at me in the eye as she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She gave it a really hard suck, before continuing down and taking more and more of my cock into her mouth as her hand fondled my balls.

I was in absolute heaven as I watched my celebrity crush suck my on my cock. I probably would have loved it no matter how good a job she did, but there was no denying the Tori had some serious cock sucking skills. She was currently using her hand to stroke my shaft while she sucked and ran her tongue around my mushroom head.

"You have a pretty nice dick, do you like how I suck it?" Victoria teasingly asked before taking me back into her mouth.

"Fuck yes. You're amazing. I don't how much longer I can last" I admitted.

"Oh yeah? You have a nice big load for me?" She asked as she kissed my shaft.


"Tell me, have you ever fantasized about me swallowing?"

"Yes. Yes I have."

"Then today's your lucky day" Victoria said before going down on my cock again. Her head once again was bobbing up and down quickly with her lips vacuum sealed around my shaft. I barley lasted another minute before I pushed down Victoria's head making her take as much of my cock as she could before I began firing my hot jizz down her throat. I kept cumming, and Vic took it all in stride. By the end I knew I had unleashed a huge load into her mouth, but she did not spill a drop, swallowing it all. She gave my cock one last suck, making sure it was cum free before she began sitting back up.

"God that was quite a load. I guess I should take that as a compliment." She said while sitting up and wiping her mouth. "Are you really still hard after that?"

Looking down, sure enough I was still almost as hard as I was when Victoria started blowing me. "Honestly, after tonight I don't think I'll ever not be hard when I know that you are near by."

"Is that so?"

"We can climb into the backseat and find out." I offered. Apparently cuming down the Victorious star's throat had given me some extra confidence. Victoria sat in her seat, still with her top off, and pondered for a moment. A smile then came across her face before she turned and started to climb into the back through the opening between the front seats. She though had apparently taken a bad angle or just could not find her footing while climbing back there or something, because she soon found herself stuck a bit. I just simply watched as she moved her legs and butt around next to me.

https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833743_85c559985056764.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833743_85c559985056764.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833748_3a94f3985057024.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833748_3a94f3985057024.jpg) https://t24.pixhost.to/thumbs/58/83833746_46a18e985055424.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/58/83833746_46a18e985055424.jpg)

After about 30 more seconds I could not take any more of watching her ass wiggle, I gripped her yoga pants and thong and with one pull I had them down around her knees. I then dove face forward between her legs and began licking her already hot and moist pussy lips. It was obvious she probably usually kept herself clean shaven, but it had been a few days since she last did it. Her pussy had a real salty and sweet taste as her pussy juices was mixed in with her sweat from earlier. Moving her legs around so the top of her thighs were up on my shoulders I had my head all the way buried between her legs. Lifting her up a little but higher I was able to position her so my mouth could reach her clit so I could suck on it and tickle it with my tongue before I went back to eating her pussy.

"Yessss, oh gawd that's it." Victoria moaned as she encouraged me to keep pleasuring her orally. Hearing her moan out my name and begging me to keep eating her pussy was surreal and only motivated me to work harder, and try to remember any trick I'd ever seen in online porn.

"Imgonnacum, imgonnacum, imgonnacum OOhhhhhohoho Yeesssssss! Fucckkk." Tori moaned as she came all over my face. I literally could fell some of her juices drip down my chin as she came.

Victoria didn't even have time to calm down from her orgasm before put my hands on her ass and shoved her all the way into the backseat. Once she was back there I pushed my shorts and boxers down to the car floor before jumping outside and getting into the back seat. With her leggings still down around her knees, Tori got on her hands and knees on the backseat and I quickly took up position on my knees behind her. I took my tool into my hand and tapped it against her pussy, making sure I hit against her clit. This caused a moan to escape her lips. I then began sliding my cock along the her pussy lips, even pushing up hard enough to split her lips as they dragged along my shaft, making my dick nice and wet.

"Ugghhhhh that feels nice," Victoria moaned 'But I need you to hurry up and stick it in me."

"What was that?" I asked as I pulled my dick away from her.

"I need you to stick it in me."

"Stick what in you?" I teased her.

"Your dick!" Victoria turned her head around, with a look of lust and frustration on her face. "I need you to stick you big dick in my pussy and fuck me!" With that I placed my dick outside of her warm Puerto Rican pussy and then slowly pushed forward. We both let out a moan as my cock head push past her labia and entered her. I thrusted about half my cock into her before pulling back out a bit, and then sliding my full length into her. Once I had my whole cock buried into her honey pot I stopped moving and just soaked in the feeling of her pussy around my dick.

"Jesus your pussy feels amazing," I complimented her.

"Mmm your dick doesn't feel half bad either."

I took a firm hold of her hips and began to pump my dick in and out of the former Nickelodeon star. I was thankful than Victoria had already suck one jizz load out of me, because if not there is no question that I probably would have cum within the first minute of fucking Victoria Justice. Instead I had a little extra stamina and was able to truly enjoy myself as I banged her from behind.

"God, I've been fantasizing about fucking you from behind ever since I first night I saw your ass shanking as you worked on the stair master in front of me." I told her as I watched her tight ass jiggle every time I pounded up against it. I could not help myself from giving her ass a hard slap.

"Had I known you were a decent fuck…mmmm…..I might have let you. Oh god… god knows this is a way better way to get cardio in" Victoria said between moans "Yes keep going I'm gonna cum again."

I wanted to see Victoria's face as she came on my cock. I needed to see her 'O' face. Pulling out, I took hold of one of Victoria's legs and spun her over so she was now on her back looking up at me. Lifting her legs straight up so get to her twat without the stupid yoga pants getting in the way, I dropped one led down onto the car floor for better balance before I thrusted back into Tori. I was now giving it to her really hard. Tori put her arms up over her head to prevent her from bumping her head against the door. Meanwhile I was using one hand to rub her clit as a pistoned in and out of her pussy, and my eyes were once again locked onto her beautiful tits as they shook with each thrust.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! OH YESS! OOOOOHHHHHH!" Victoria shouted as she came on my dick. Getting to see her gorgeous face as she came on my cock was enough to put me over the edge as well.

"Oh god Victoria, I'm going to cum!"

"NOT IN ME!' Cum on my tits" Victoria told me as she used her elbows to sit up a bit giving me a perfect target. I pulled my dick out from her pussy just in time. I didn't even have to stroked my cock at all before I began firing off ropes of cum allover her chest. My orgasm was so intense that in the middle of it I felt light headed, to the point I almost fainted. When I finally stopped I looked at Victoria and her tits were covered with streaks of my jizz, but also some shots had gone long. As if validating how powerful my orgasm felt to me, a few shots of cum had splashed up against Victoria's face. As I took a deep breath and feel backwards, leaning up against the door. Victoria used her fingers to wipe her face clean and then sucked the cum off of her fingers.

"It pretty late," Victoria said as she pulled her leggings back up.

"I know I'll get going in a second. Just let me catch my breath" I replied assuming that she was trying to get me to leave.

"Actually I was going to suggest that if you're going to give me a ride in the morning, that you should stay over."


"Yeah, why not? And we can also test out your not ever not being hard around me theory again in the morning."

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nothing like a good old Victoria Justice story

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