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Exploring Moner
With Isabela Moner
CODES: MF, blowjob, rimming, toys, butt-plugs, porn
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

I'd initially met Isabela "Izzy" Moner on the set of her latest movie - Dora The Explorer - in Australia, where we had hit it off almost immediately. Only problem was, she was in town with her folks, who by all accounts kept a very close eye on her.

Judging by the way she flirted with the cast and crew I couldn't blame them, and could only imagine the kind of mischief she got up to when they weren't around. The fact that I was a production assistant and several years older, didn't seem to bother her in the least, in fact I dare say she only seemed to get along with guys twice her age.

In any event, Isabela and I flirted plenty over the next few days before she finally handed me her number and insisted I call her, claiming that she wanted to hook up and have me show her around town. I'm not even sure why I agreed to call her since I knew it was a huge risk, and the fact I had a girlfriend. In fact I'm almost certain that I had mentioned this to Izzy at some point during one of our conversations, which only seemed to encourage her.

If anything, the fact that I was in an existing relationship only spurred her on – like it was a personal challenge for her to try and seduce me.

It was about 11pm when the boys and I were having drinks at a local bar, that I decided to call her up and see if she was busy. My initial idea was to invite her out on the town with us, but the moment she answered the phone I was surprised to hear just how mature she seemed over the line. I was also surprised at just how sexually charged the conversation was, with her admitting that was spending the night just laying around in bed watching porn on her laptop.

"Come over!" she insisted. "I need some company. I want to see you."

When I asked about her folks, Izzy claimed that despite them all staying in the same hotel apartment, it was apparently a large multi-level penthouse suite, that would still give us more than enough privacy.

"Are we're going to need privacy?" I grinned.

"Come over and find out," she teased through the phone. "Please? I'm horny as hell!"

I didn't need to be asked twice, and despite the risks - laying my job and career on the line, over a teenager no less - I hustled over to the hotel and was greeted at the door by the stunning Peruvian actress. Right away Izzy asked me to keep quiet as she pulled me into the apartment, and we tip-toed to her bedroom. Once there, the pint-sized star pinned me up against the door and kissed me hard on the lips, leaving little doubt as to why she had invited me over.

She then pushing me onto her bed where she swiftly moved to straddle me. I couldn't help but marvel at her brashness, and notice that her laptop was still playing porn in the background. I barely had time to say anything before the gorgeous nymph kissed her way down my body and took my hard cock into her mouth, treating me to one of the most intense blowjobs of my life.

I soon realized that not only did Isabela have some serious daddy-issues, but she also appeared to get off on a little role playing. That said, I made her call me daddy throughout our encounter, which really seemed to turn her on. Truth be told I was probably just as aroused as she was – particularly as we kissed some more, and I reached down between her legs and discovered that she was wearing a jewel-encrusted butt-plug!

Between the plug and the dirty talk, I just about lost my mind and responded by throwing her onto her back and slammed her pussy mercilessly, while she tried in vain to keep quiet and not moan out loud while I POUNDED her. To her credit, Izzy managed to keep her mouth shut - for the most part - even as I bent her over and pulled her hips back, leaving her in a face down-ass up configuration, before I pummeled her from behind.

In all my years I couldn't remember tapping such a tight, sweet little ass.

It was at this point that we both panicked briefly when we heard voices in the hallway and realized her dad was wandering around the apartment. I took this opportunity to go down on her and eat her pussy, while Izzy was forced to respond to her fathers calls through the door, telling him she was fine. When I carefully pulled the butt-plug out of her ass and replaced it with my tongue, she just about had a fit!

I have to admit, I too found myself overly excited when Isabella then took that same butt-plug and polished it off with her mouth, while I pinned her legs back and rimmed her ass so more. As thrilling as this was - the risk of getting caught - I then got up and plunged my manly cock into her sweet mouth while reaching down to spread her legs and finger-blast her cunt, until she actually squirted all over the bed.

Judging from her reaction, I suspect it was the first time anyone had ever made her do it. We sixty-nined each other for the next few minutes, with her licking my ass in kind - before the starlet climbed on top (reverse cowgirl) and rode me until I felt her climax all over my cock again, her body twitching and shaking wildly.

At this point we were both sweating and panting profusely, as I pulled her into a kiss (over her shoulder) while thrusting up into her bald pussy like a jack-hammer, then flipped her onto the bed face first and drilled her ass into the mattress until I could no longer stand it.

"ugh-yeah, fuck me daddy!" she grunted.

I had to admit, even for her age the girl could take some serious cock and didn't bat an eye as I pounded her balls deep. I finally pulled out and aimed my rod at her tiny little bunghole, blowing a hot creamy load all over her gaping asshole. Having had my fill, I then grabbed my clothes and reached for the door, only to be confronted by her mom and dad!

The look on their face was priceless, as I immediately rushed for the exit and was struck in the back of the head with someone's shoe. Fortunately for me I don't think her old man recognized me from work, but I guess we'll find out soon enough when we all head back to set next week.


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Short but hot as fuck, just like Isabela herself. I can definitely see myself coming back and reading this over and over again.

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Me gusta

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