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Finish What We Started
Starring Isabel Moner
Codes: MF, Oral
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

https://t33.pixhost.to/thumbs/118/114937077_61695269_366100953933509_4761555445497431784_n.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/118/114937077_61695269_366100953933509_4761555445497431784_n.jpg) https://t33.pixhost.to/thumbs/118/114937079_61269845_455366101895878_890148850559577045_n.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/118/114937079_61269845_455366101895878_890148850559577045_n.jpg) https://t33.pixhost.to/thumbs/118/114937083_56972103_275420490029606_3822941885752415779_n.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/118/114937083_56972103_275420490029606_3822941885752415779_n.jpg)

It was 11 PM on Friday night as Clyde walked up to the front door of a house that a raging party was going on inside. The party started early in the evening but he has decided to come later than most. Knowing he was going to be one of the oldest people at the party he was hoping some of the amateurs and rift-raft would be cleared out by when he arrived. Clyde was showing up to the party for a single purpose.

Clyde works in Hollywood as an assistant photographer and has worked steadily for a few years. It was after filming had wrapped for the day and he was hanging out with some of the other crew and lower named cast members that he first met Isabela Moner. She had entered the bar alone after everyone else was already in there hanging out. One of the cast members invited Isabela over and introduced her to everyone. Clyde was immediately in lust with “Izzy” and the two of them seemed to hit it off right away. They talked and drank for most of the night before splitting an Uber back to the hotel most everyone one the cast and crew were staying at. The two made out like horney teenagers in the backseat. When they got back to the hotel, rather than go to her room Isabela suggested they go to the pool. Once in the pool area, the two shared a lounge chair and went back to making out. While making out with the Latina actress, Clyde slipped his hand under her skirt. She offered no resistance when he felt up the wet spot on her panties, nor did she over any when he moved her underwear over and plunged one, and then two fingers inside of her. She moaned wildly as he finger blasted her on that chair, and drenched just about his whole hand when she came. Pulling his hand away he licked her juices off his fingers and then sucked them dry after he got his first taste. He was about to lift her skirt and suck that tasty pussy juice right from the source when hotel security caught them and told them they were not allowed to be by the pool at that time of night.

As they went to the elevators, Isabela noticed the time on her phone and said she needed to go to bed, that she had to be up early the next day. Clyde understood but gave her one last passionate kiss before getting off the elevator on his floor. It was not until the next morning when he was googling pictures of the actress while masturbating that he realized that she was only 16. She had come to the bar alone and others he was with had bought drinks for her so he had assumed she was at least 18.

The next time he saw her he explained that they could not do anything again. While he desperately wanted to fuck her the fact was that he was 27, 11 years older than her, and if they got caught by someone he could end up in real trouble. Isabela said she understood, and she did not want to risk Clyde getting into trouble. However, she also told him “It really is too bad that security caught us when he did, you don’t know what you missed out on” before walking away. The two continued to be friends from then on, even texting with each other from time to time after the movie wrapped. While Izzy could be kind of flirtatious at times, Clyde never crossed the line with her again.

However, that all started a little over a year and a half ago, and Isabela Moner had just turned 18 on Wednesday the 10th. Now he was walking into her birthday party and his sole mission was to finish what they started on that pool chair and fuck the hell out of that little chica. He knew that in the time since that first night Izzy had hooked up with a few guys older than her, but they were all still closer in age to her than he was. But now that she was legal in Clyde’s mine, it was officially his turn.

Opening the door and walking in, he could see the party was still going on strong. While some may have left, there were still a good number of people there. Walking through the party, Clyde was no doubt the oldest there. His eyes checked out a few of the other ladies there, but he kept in the back of his mind the idea that Isabela had just turned 18 so there is a chance some of the others there may not be. He finally found Isabela in the kitchen watching as some of her friends played beer pong. She was dressed in short daisy dukes and a pink bikini top. Clyde just observed her for a few minutes. It was obvious that she was in a really good mood and that she had consumed a decent amount of alcohol. When he finally called out to her, Isabella came running over, happy to see him and gave him a big hug. Clyde decided to go for broke and as Isabella started to back away from the hug, Clyde leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. After the initial shock went away, she kissed him right back. While not overly passionate (no tongue from either) there was nothing innocent about it either.

“Happy 18th birthday,” he said after the kiss broke off.

“Did you get me a present?” she asked.

Clyde could not help but smirk, “I got something for you,” he said and pushed his crotch towards her, “but I need to give it to you in private.” Isabella smiled and glanced around before whispering in his ear that she’d meet him upstairs in her room in 15 minutes. She went back to her friends, and Clyde, not caring about anyone else at the party, went right up to her room.

https://t33.pixhost.to/thumbs/118/114937088_65126806_360285921537229_4382193475542678552_n.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/118/114937088_65126806_360285921537229_4382193475542678552_n.jpg) https://t33.pixhost.to/thumbs/118/114937085_62251094_547867149077110_4005122825299410035_n.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/118/114937085_62251094_547867149077110_4005122825299410035_n.jpg) https://t33.pixhost.to/thumbs/118/114937089_56363691_1988625214575730_5057750819559069297_n.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/118/114937089_56363691_1988625214575730_5057750819559069297_n.jpg)

“So what’d you get me for my birthday?” Isabella asked when she finally joined him in her room, locking the door behind her.

“Closure,” Clyde said before pulling him to her near the bed, “We’re finishing what we started that first night.”

“Just what I wanted.” She said before kissing her older friend and biting his bottom lip. As they made out Clyde’s hand went to work. First untying her top and throwing it across the room, then lowering his hands to her shorts and pushing them off once they were unbuttoned. She was then left standing naked in the middle of the room. Isabela admitted she got rid of her bikini bottoms earlier in the night after getting out of the pool because she didn’t want to get her shorts wet. But Clyde didn’t care, he easily just picked her up the mini Latina and tossed her on to the bed.

“I have been dreaming about this since that first night,” he said as he grabbed her leg and pulled her over to the edge of the bed. Placing her ass right at the edge, Clyde took off his shirt and dropped to his knees. He took one finger and pushed it in between her clean folds. He swirled his finger around inside her before pulling it out and sucking his finger clean. “God, how I’ve craved that,” he said before shoving his face between her legs. He sucked and licked her fresh 18-year-old snatch like her pussy juice was actually the nectar of the gods.

“Ay Clyde. So good. Comas mi concha!” moaned as she gripped tightly to the comforter. I kept ongoing. Eventually sliding a finger inside her and hooking it a bit to rub her g-spot as I sucked her clit. After another minute or so I went back to licking her pussy as my hands occupied themselves playing with her times. Soon I had the girl moaning loudly as her pussy gushed all over his face. It felt great to finally make the girl he had been lusting over, for a year and a half, cum all over his face.

After she came and he licked up some of her excess juices and stood up to take off his pants. Clyde lowered his pants and underwear down and his hard cock was all too happy to finally spring free of its tight confines. Isabela had sat up to watch her older friend strip. Her eyes went wide and had been locked onto his dick since it first came out into the open. As he stepped out of my pants the birthday girl licked her lips a bit.

“So what do you think?” Clyde asked as he stood as close to the edge of the bed as possible. His dick staring her right in the eyes. Izzy batted her brown eyes and looked up at him.

“We should have done this a long time ago,” she responded and closed her hands around his dick. Her small hands did not come close to fully closing around his wide dick. She began to work her hands along Clyde’s rigid pole. “Wow, you’re so thick,” she said. Leaning forward Izzy began to lick the head of her friends cock. She worked her tongue around his tip for a while before finally opening wide to try and take it down her mouth. Her mouth stretched wide she was struggling to take more than a few inches down her mouth. She could only fo a few inches down before she began coughing and withdrew the large slab of man meet from her mouth. “You’re so big, I can barely get my mouth around it,” she said before going back to just sucking and licking on the tip.

“Good enough,” Clyde said after another minute. She was struggling to blow him, but that is not what mattered to him. There was plenty of time for blow jobs in the future. What he needed right now was to feel that tight famous 18 year old pussy wrapped around his cock. Pulling his dick back from her mouth, Clyde grabbed the actress and picked her up. She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around him. Moving to line his dick up, the two looked into each other's eyes as she was lowered down onto his dick. Both moaned loudly as he penetrated her for the first time. Him because he had never felt a tighter pussy literally strangling his dick. Her because she had never felt her pussy be stretched so wide. He began bouncing her on his dick. She was so tight he could only get about half is cock to actually fit into her. He sucked her tits as the fucked standing next to the bed. The lightweight actress made it easy for him to keep holding her up. That said, after about ten minutes he was ready to change things up.

Clyde put her back down on the bed and had Isabela get down on all fours. He stayed standing next to the bed, and at 6’3” she as at an almost perfect height for him in that position. Spreading her legs a little wider to lower her down a bit and also allowing me to stand between her legs. Moving forward he took hold of her hips and slammed into her. Unlike when Clyde first entered her, he did not ease her down. He slammed my dick forcefully into her causing Isabela to yelp out loud as her pussy was once again invaded. He still could not seem to get his full length into her but he was going into further than before. She let out high pitched moans while Clyde thrust into her. She was nearing an orgasm. Her breathing started to quicken, so he pulled over and flipped her onto her back. Clyde wanted to look into his young friend’s eyes and see her eyes when she came. He began thrusting with immense speed until he saw the young Instant Family star’s eyes go wide and her pussy muscles tighten. Suddenly eyes snapped closed and she let out a high pitched scream that no doubt was heard by others at the party. Clyde stopped moving as her pussy gushed and her body was rocked by an extremely powerful orgasm. When she stopped screaming she mutters something in Spanish. Even when she opened her eyelids, her eyes were still mostly rolled into the back of her head.

As Izzy let her body recover, he moved onto the bed and rotated her so she was on her back in front of him in the middle of the bed. He picked up both her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Teasing her sensitive pussy with his dick, the first time he tapped against her clit after she came, Izzy sucked in her breath quickly. He kept toying with her until Isabela began to press up against the 29-year-old. Looking into her eyes she nodded and gave him the go-ahead. He slid his dick back into her, slowly working up the tempo. Leaning forward he folded the teen in half. Pulling her head up a bit, they made out a bit as they continued to fuck.

“I am going to cum Izzy. I am going to fill your pussy with so much cum it will take you a week to get it all out,” Clyde told her as he looked down into her eyes as he kept plugging away at her tight 18-year-old twat.

“Hazlo! Llename” Isabella cried out. Not knowing Spanish he had no clue what she was saying, but the way she held him tightly made him believe that she had no problem with what he was going to do.

“Fucking fuck,” Clyde groaned as he shot his load into the Dora the Explorer actress. She found herself unable to make a sound as she felt her friend completely fill her now 19-year old pussy with his spluge. When he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back next to Isabela, his jizz began leaking out of her pussy. Izzy reached down and scooped on some of the excess cum with her fingers and brought it to her mouth. After she had caught her breath and cooled off, Isabela climbed out of the bed and got redressed.

“So, gotta get back to the party,” she told Clyde.

“Okay, I am going to chill out and wait up here,” he told her as he got comfortable on her the bed, “As soon as the party is over I need you back up here ASAP. We have years' worth of missed sex to make up for.”

“Okay,” Isabela responded as she blushed and bit her lip. She moved to towards the door and looked back at him one more time. She saw him looking at her and his cock rising back to attention. As she left her bedroom she wondered how quickly she could get everyone else the fuck out of her house so she could get back to truly enjoying being legal.

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Hot AF and from the sounds of it, Izzy had one hell of a birthday.

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Hell yes