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Heartbreak High #2
With Loren Gray, Olivia Deeble, and Vanessa and Veronica Merrell
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, MFF, sneaky sex, inc, blowjob, rimming, fingering, threesome, public
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

Even though I'd like to say that common sense prevailed and that Loren and I stopped fooling around, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact over the next few nights not only did we continue to mess around in the middle of the night but we grew bolder with each encounter and even started to screw around on the family couch after our folks went to bed.

Thankfully I talked her into being more discrete and we spent almost every other night in my bedroom, where we'd watch porn and experiment on each other, with her giving me increasingly sloppy blowjobs by the day. It even got to the point where she only wanted to give me head and nothing more, and I have to say she got real good at it too. In fact she soon went from the standard rub-n-tug action, to incorporating a lot of spit while jamming her tongue in my asshole while she jacked me off. And it was on one of these occasions that she really seemed pleased with herself when she made me blow huge wads of spunk all over myself, and all over her long blonde hair.

"Holy fuck, bro." she's laughed hysterically. "You came some hard again."

"Can you blame me?" I grinned. "You're getting real good at that."

"Guess I'm a natural." she shrugged, and I had to agree.

It was around this time that Loren decided to throw a little slumber party for a few of her friends, where I was soon introduced to Isabela Moner, Jordyn Jones, and another bubbly blonde by the name of Olivia Deeble. For the most part, the ladies spent the afternoon frolicking by the pool before they changed into their sleepwear and lay around the house eating pizza and watching movies. From the moment I was introduced, I couldn't help but notice just how fun and flirty they all appeared to be, and took particular interest in Olivia who had apparently flown in from Australia and was in town for a few weeks.

At first she appeared to be just like any other teen, that was until I saw her in her two piece bikini and damn near lost my mind. In all my years I'd never seen a teenage blonde with a body like hers. She literally had the figure of a professional pole dancer, with strong legs and hips to die for, and as butt that just wouldn't quit. The fact that she possessed a beaming smile and deep blue eyes, only made her that much more alluring.

Amusingly enough as the ladies and I spent more time together, I actually thought I had a shot with the aussie actress, until one of the other girls decided to spoil the fun and remind us that Olivia actually had a boyfriend back home, and that he probably wouldn't appreciate her flirting with me so much. I could see the color drain from her face when the truth was revealed, even though it didn't make a lick of difference to me whether she was single or not. I still found her adorable as fuck, and particularly enjoyed hearing her aussie accent.

"So are you going to be in the States for much longer?" I quizzed.

"Err, not really. I head back to Melbourne in a few days, and I can't wait to see my boyfriend and family again."

"That's nice."

Even though she appeared to bring up her boyfriend every few minutes during conversation I still maintain that there was a strong chemistry between us, and I was willing to bet on it. In fact I waited long enough for the ladies to fall asleep before I tip-toed into the room and decided to have a little fun of my own, and carefully pulled down Olivia's PJ's to reveal her sweet round ass. At first I wasn't sure just how far I was going to go, and that maybe I'd simply play a practical joke and take a few happy snaps of her laying there like that, but when I realized just how much of a deep sleeper she was, and how absolutely succulent her derriere appeared to be, I knew I had to taste it no matter what the consequences. Besides, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I wasn't about to let it slip through my fingers.

That said, I took a deep breath and reached up and slowly pealed her thong panties to the side, extended my tongue and licked the entire length of her ass-crack. As soon as I tasted the sweet rim of her bunghole and felt the press of her ass cheeks on my face I was intoxicated, and absolutely drunk with lust. And like an alcoholic, I probably wasn't going to stop until I passed out. For my troubles, Olivia purred in her sleep as I slowly dragging my tongue all the way along her butt-crack over and over and over again. I couldn't believe how soft her skin felt. It was like soft velvet.

"ugh fuck, what are you doing? ohhh..." she cooed softly as she slowly woke.

I immediately motioned with my finger for her to stay quiet, and was relieved to see her comply. In fact Olivia didn't object and simply lay there a little stunned at my daring actions while I pleasured her. With her permission, I dove back in and started to really focus on her bunghole. I circled my tongue around the sweet bumps of her anal rim before lightly and quickly flicking my tongue over her entire backdoor like a butterfly's wings. I could hear her gasping and clenching her fists into the blanket as she grew accustom to the sensation of me rimming her. It was time to get a little more intense. After a few more gentle licks, and without warning, I spread her ass-cheeks wide with both hands, stiffen my tongue, and press it hard against her totally exposed shit-pipe. She moaned audibly to this, as I felt her tight rectum slowly give way open and grant me access under the pressure from my tongue. The warmth of her anal canal engulfed the tip of my tongue.

"Ahhhh fuck, fuck, fuck..." she whimpered as my tongue slipped deep inside her booty.

I pulled my tongue out, swirl it around the outside of her asshole again, then slide it right back up her sweet little hole. The aussie actress gave another grunt of approval as my tongue penetrates her anus again, and I smirked to myself as I pushed forward, then pulled back, forward, then back, over and over and over again - essentially fucking her ass with my tongue. Olivia gave a long sigh that turned into a deep moan. I suspect that in all her years she'd never had anyone eat her out the I was doing it.

I pressed my face hard into her butt as my tongue pushes in on another probe and just stayed there breathing in deeply, absorbing every sensation related to this pretty young woman's ass. This gave her time to gather her thoughts, wondering how we got there and what I was going to do next, and I could feel her body relax as she calmed down from the initial shock of it all and now squirmed and shifted about, arching her back and jutting out her ass, offering me even more of her derriere. I think she understood pretty quickly that I would be spending quite a bit of time eating her ass... and looking back on it, I think she surprised herself with how quickly she gave herself over to her lust, and over to me.

Now that I knew that Olivia Deeble was receptive to my attentions, I wanted to prolong our playtime as much as possible and really eat her ass out properly. I spread her plump cheeks a bit with my hands and brushed my lips up and down her ass crack before moving back to her backdoor. After several gentle, light kisses and licks on and around her rim, I got a bit more aggressive, actively making out with her bunghole and felt her hips grinding back in response, pushing and rubbing her booty flush against my face. Taking that intensity as a cue, I took a deep breath, sealed my lips around her anus, and sucked hard like I was trying to suck pudding through a coffee straw. The blonde starlet inhaled sharply as her cheeks clench for a second around my face before she relaxed again and started lifting her ass, pressing her butthole back against the suction.

"ugh-fuck, yeah." Olivia panted.

I still needed to loosen her up - but it was going to be hard with us having to be quiet and risk waking the others in the room. I released her asshole from my lip-lock with a pop and gave her thick butt a brisk spank, then took another deep breath and position my mouth over her sphincter to blow cool air around her rim before locking my lips around it again, and proceeded to suck her sweet asshole like a maniac - the sound of my lips slurping against her hole. The sound of my sucking and slurping coupled with the sensation of the suction only intensified everything and drive us both crazy with lust. In fact I could see one of her hands slip underneath her body to rub at her slit, and felt the vibration against my chin as I assumed she was furiously rubbing her clit.

She also increasingly presses her butt back against my face, trying to find more friction, as she bought herself closer to a climax. Noting this I stop sucking, and started tongue-fucking her ass, pounding in rhythm and increasing in intensity until I felt her legs tremble as I press my tongue as far as it could go inside her backdoor and held it there while her legs and ass cheeks spasm around my head.

"ooohhh my god! oh god, oh god! I didn't expect to go like that..." she sobbed while shaking, almost hysterical, as I noticed her still rubbing and soothing her pussy with her hand.

At this point Olivia was sopping, fucking wet, while I moved my head down, and navigated my tongue around her fingertips to find the damp evidence of her excitement. I took a few lingering licks of her slick fingers before zeroing in on her honeypot, then drew my own digits up and down her glistening cunt, gathering a string of her pussy juice before slurped it up with my mouth. Liv moaned and closes her eyes, in what I interpreted as desire, and I knew I had her. I then moved back up and began lightly kissing her ass cheeks and licking her ass-crack again, making sure to smear more of my saliva all over her butt.

"I fucking love your ass..." I admitted quietly, while worshiping her booty.

Having had my fill, I finally moved to mount the aussie starlet from behind and rubbed the head of my cock against her slot. At first she didn't seem to mind, but when she realized I was clearly bareback and attempting to fuck her right here on the floor of the room without a rubber, she panicked. I'm still not entirely sure if it was the fact that we had a (sleeping) audience around us, or that I wasn't wearing a rubber, that made the encounter so much more taboo, but Liv seemed just as turned on as I was as she whispered for me to hurry up and fuck her before she changed her mind.

"ugh, just do it please." she hissed in an aussie tone.

The moment I entered her from behind, I was immediately struck by how tight she was and pulled back slowly and thrust in again, delighting in the feel of her incredibly snug cunt. I then braced myself and began to pound her right there on the carpeted floor as she bit her bottom lip and looked around the room, hoping that no one would wake up and spoil our moment. At one point Liv looked back, over her shoulder to say something witty, but instead we shared a hot wet kiss, as I picked up the pace of my thrusts and spent the next few minutes quietly drilling that sweet round ass while I used all of my strength to keep myself prop up behind her. To her credit, Olivia more than accommodated me by arching her back and allowed me to strike different regions of her teenage pussy, until she grew more and more frustrated and began to thrust back against me, using me to fuck herself.

We were both under considerable pressure not to moan out loud, and used each other's mouths to silence any stray grunts and sighs. I still couldn't believe I was balls deep inside the stunning aussie, as I'd only met her a few hours earlier. In fact I couldn't remember being as hard as I was in that moment, between the danger of getting caught and just how good her pussy felt. Her tight little teen cunt felt like a velvet vice, while the feel of her peachy ass was absolutely divine. When I finally pulled out and flipped her onto her back, we both took a moment to catch our breath while I pinned her legs over my shoulders and slammed my cock home again. This position however felt so incredibly good - no thanks to her flexibility - that I thought I was going to nut right then and there.

"Hurry, fuck me." she moaned as she wrapped her lips around my neck and gave me a hicky. "Just shoot inside me."

"Are you sure?"

"Just come for me. Fucking pound me and cum! I want to feel it inside me." Olivia purred while locking her legs around my hips.

I gripped her tightly and pounded her for all I was worth, my balls slapping audibly against her backdoor with increased intensity before I finally erupted inside her womb, causing her eyes to roll into the back of her head and her body to shudder violently as I filled her cunt with spurt after spurt of hot thick spunk. Just how I managed to stay quiet during all of this, much less slink out of that room without making a noise I'll never know, while apart of me still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that not only had we had sex, but I had eaten her asshole clean.

THE NEXT MORNING I got up to take a shower when I caught Deeble standing in the bathroom brushing her teeth, while the others rushed around and called for an uber and prepared to catch a ride across town.

"Morning!" I chuckled casually. "-so how did we sleep?"

"You know, I can still feel you inside me." she whispered with a smile. "I still haven't taken a shower yet. I like the way it feels."

"You're a class act Liv,"

"Ha, you have no idea how horny I am right now," she grinned. "I'd totally be up for another round or two, but instead I'm gonna go back to my hotel and fucking destroy my vibrator thinking of you."

"You've got toys?"

To prove her point, Olivia twirled around and leaned over the sink to show me that under her long shirt she wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing, leaving her ass and sex on full display. Without thinking, I reached over to jam two fingers into her bare cunt, only to flinch with surprise when I discovered that my load was indeed still inside her. I almost grossed myself out and gasped with horror, while she laughed out loud and swiftly took my jizz coated fingertips and brushed them across her toothbrush, before going right back to brushing her teeth.

"Jesus Olivia," I chuckled. "Are all aussie chicks as crazy are you?"

Deeble responded by shrugging her shoulders and flashing me a sexy wink.

"-hey so, are you still going to that premiere tonight?" Jordyn Jones suddenly quizzed as she joined us in the bathroom.

I was both startled and amused by her appearance, and found the question kind of funny considering Deeble still had my hot load oozing out of her. And judging from the cunning look on her face, I suspect this wasn't the first time she had pulled such a stunt, and walked the red carpet with someone's load inside of her. IT WAS BARELY AN HOUR LATER when Loren and the girls left the house and I hopped into the shower only to receive a message from the other Olivia (Holt) telling me that I "owed her one." At first I assumed that she was talking about my encounter with Deeble, but she then clarified that she was at the mall with some friends who were keen to meet me.

Naturally I found this curious and wondered if Olivia had finally managed to come through with setting me up with Paris Berelc, but when I arrived to the restaurant a few minutes later I soon learned that Paris had already left due to some last minute plans, and I was instead introduced to Veronica and Vanessa Merrell. Even though the girls were painfully adorable, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed as Holt then went on to explain that she too had other commitments, but that the twins were apparently going to see a movie and wanted some company.

"-so you thought of me?" I laughed.

"Just think of this this way, we'd be doing each other a favor." Olivia said.

At first I was going to refuse, as it almost seemed like I was being asked to babysit the twins but judging from the look Liv gave me I knew there was a silver lining to the cloud, that I just didn't see yet.

"Trust me, you'll thank me later." she smirked before leaving.

https://thumbs2.imgbox.com/6a/45/tCJB2MQY_t.jpg (http://imgbox.com/tCJB2MQY)

With nothing to lose, I agreed to go with the twins and we waved goodbye to Olivia before I spent the next hour or so shopping with the sisters before we finally made our way to the cinema. Fortunately for us the theater itself seemed mostly deserted but even so, I let the ladies decide where they wanted to sit and was pleased to see Vanessa suggest that we make ourselves comfortable in the middle of the last row, giving us some much needed privacy from the handful of other movie patrons.

I don't mind admitting that the sexual chemistry between Vanessa and I really seemed strong, and by the time we found our seats and the lights dimmed for the previews, I was feeling kind of anxious and wondered whether or not I'd get a chance to make a move on her during or after the film, particularly with her sister seated beside her. Fortunately for me Vanessa then placed a large box of popcorn in her lap, giving me an excuse to reach over and ultimately rest my hand on the inside of her bare thigh.

Right away I could feel goosebumps break out on her skin, and at first I wasn't sure if she'd be okay with this, but I soon got my answer when I felt her respond in kind and covertly reach over and place her hand on my leg. At this point it was made abundantly clear that she liked me too, and that she was waiting for me to make a move, but with Veronica sitting on the other side of her, I wasn't sure if it was allowed, or how either one of them would respond. However that opinion quickly changed when Veronica got up during the movie to go the the bathroom, which triggered some playfulness between Vanessa and I, causing the popcorn box to tumble to the floor.

It was only when she got up briefly to brush off the mess in her lap, that I looked over and realized that at some point during the film, Vanessa had unzipped her shorts causing the front of her lace panties to be revealed. The revelation almost hit me like a ton of bricks, and without warning I silenced her whining by pulling her into a deep kiss, before shoving my hand inside her shorts to feel the fine sharp stubble of her pubic hair. Unfortunately for us, her sister returned from the bathroom and almost killed the momentum we shared, but Vanessa was so worked up at that point she didn't seem to care, and she simply pulled me into another kiss and invited me to continue fingering her, right there in full view of Veronica.

In truth, I don't know what turned me on more, the fact that we had an audience (and her twin sister, no less) or just how riled up Vanessa seemed to be. I mean to see her carry on you'd think the bitch was on heat or something, and hadn't had cock for months or years. She especially seemed animated once I added a second digit to the mix and now finger-banged her with two digits, while using my thumb to rub her pea-sized clit at the same time. At one point as I fingered her, I had my head buried in her hair while she kissed my neck, allowing me to look behind her and lock eyes with her sister, who simply huffed at the spectacle and went back to watching the movie like it was the most normal thing to do.

Amusingly enough things were made worse by the fact that Vanessa grew so fucking wet that it was almost impossible not to smell the scent of pussy in the backrow. That being said, I don't know why but this attitude from Veronica really emboldened me and what I did next took things to the next level. Without warning I leaned back and spread Vanessa's legs wide apart in her seat, then pulled down her top to reveal her perkish breasts, her thick, dark nipples on full display. While Nessa's natural proclivity was to blush and hide her chest with her hands, I made her put her hands down and sit there exposed for my greedy eyes.

"Stop it, just sit there." I hissed at Vanessa. "I want everyone to see you like that. Let your sister see you too, who cares."

"Can we go someplace more private," Nessa blushed, as I took this opportunity to twist and tweak her nipple.

"oh, now you want some privacy?" I chastised. "It didn't seem to bother you a minute ago. You seem to get off on it."

"Don't go. You guys don't have to leave on my account," Roni suddenly chimed in. "I don't care what you do to each other."

"Err, maybe we should um—" Vanessa began to say, before I slammed two fingers into her cunt and slipped them into her mouth and had her lick them clean, before I repeated the process and fingered her again.

"unngh, fuck." Vanessa cooed erotically, half aroused and yet half ashamed in front of her twin sister.

"I think it's a little late to act all innocent, Vanessa." I added for effect. "Besides, you like being a bad influence on your sister don't you?"

"Meh, I'm used to it." Veronica shrugged, before I turned my sights on her. "Trust me, there's nothing she can do to shock me at this point."

"Really?" I replied. "Prove it."


"Why don't you show her you're just as wild and spontaneous as she is?"

To my surprise I then watched as Veronica unbuttoned her shorts and slipped her hand inside her panties to touch herself, as I continued to caress Vanessa's increasingly wet sex. The look on their faces spoke volumes and was enough to make my cock twitch, particularly as I continued to explore Nessa's cunt with two fingers, while still conversing with Veronica about showing me her true nature.

"Does Nessa always put you in these kind of situations?" I quizzed. "—messing around in front of you, and acting like you're not even there?"

"uh-huh," Roni nodded, while she continued to move her fingers inside her shorts.

"I bet shit like that really turns you on, you probably masturbate even more than she does."

Judging from the look in her eyes I knew I was right.

I then watched spellbound as Roni withdrew her hand and presented us with two slick digits, proving to us just how wet she was. Vanessa then stopped to look at me for permission, before taking her sisters fingers into her mouth and tasting her for the first time.

"Grr, good girl." I said, before rewarding Nessa by dipping my fingertip into her backdoor and taking her breath away.

"Spit on them, Nessa." I told her. "Get Roni's fingers nice and wet so she can really work them in and out of her cunt, like I'm doing to you right now."

Nessa did as she was told, before her sister plunged her saliva coated fingers back into her shorts. I unzipped my own and suddenly slammed Vanessa's face down onto my crotch and had her suck my dick.

"I knew you weren't all quiet and shit," I directed at Veronica. "I bet behind closed doors you're even wilder than your sister."

"I can be, when I have to."

"What's the wildest thing you've ever done?"

There was a long pause as she contemplated the question.

"Three guys at once."

Noting this, Vanessa raised her head briefly to complain, "Roni... what, is that true?"

I immediately pushed Nessa's mouth back onto my cock to silence her.

"Three guys huh?" I grinned evilly. "Airtight?"

Veronica didn't answer but the grin on her face told me it was true.

"When was the last time you sucked some dick, Veronica?"

Roni hesitated to answer as I pulled her over into her sisters seat (closer to me) while at the same time I directed Vanessa to slide down to her knees to blow me. Roni and I then sat and watched as her twin sucked my dick with much enthusiasm over the next few minutes, before I reached over to finger Roni's cunt directly, and presented them to Vanessa's waiting mouth below.

"Clean these for me, Nessa."

To her sisters surprise, Vanessa didn't hesitate and happily devoured my digits and cleaned them of her twins juices, before I convinced Veronica that she too needed to stick my cock in her mouth, which she did. I then groaned with glee as both sisters now worked me over at the same time, and both licked and sucked my dick in the backrow of the movie theater no less.

Things then really took a turn for the surreal when I had the girls slide their tongues along the length of my sword in unison, until at one point their mouths met at the top and they stopped to share a hot, seductive kiss. Judging from the reaction it caused I could tell it was the first time the two had ever shared such a kiss, so I made them repeat it several more times until we ultimately had Veronica hover over her twins open mouth and actively drool her spit right onto her waiting tongue.

Amusingly enough, the girls and I were having so much fun that we almost didn't notice the credits begin to roll as the movie ended. We actually had to stop fooling around momentarily as the other patrons slowly walked past us towards the exits, not before giving us the stink eye. It was at this point as we attempted to leave, that Vanessa playfully pushed me onto the carpeted floor of the backrow, and abruptly straddled my face while Veronica took this opportunity to mount my hips and impaled herself, and proceeded to ride me right there in the movie theater!

"Jesus, girls—" I groaned into Vanessa's hot little cunt, as her sister rode me hard and fast., intent on getting herself off.

"Don't you dare cum yet," Nessa responded while flicking her hips and riding my face. "You better leave something for me."

"ugh sis, he's so fucking hard and thick right now." Roni mused.

Suddenly, without getting up off my mouth Vanessa pivoted around to face her sister before Roni hopped off my hips and her twin replaced her by simply shuffling forward and slipped me inside – riding me reverse cowgirl. Unfortunately for Nessa, she only managed to ride me for all of a few seconds before the theater lights came on and we were in danger of being caught in the act. Funnily enough both Veronica and I had to literally pull Vanessa off me as she kept claiming that she was on the verge of climax, and we barely managed to get up off the floor before a handful of ushers wandered in and began to clean the isles.

"Did you guys enjoy the movie?" one of them asked the ladies.

"Sure, it was great!" Veronica chirped. "It was really fun. I can't wait for a repeat performance."

"Yeah, me too." Vanessa reiterated. "Best time I've had in ages."

All I could do was roll my eyes at their antics - as they were clearly not talking about the movie we had watched - while my phone caught my attention and I realized Loren had sent me a message from home. When I opened it I was floored to see it was another sexy naked image of her, only this time she was face down and ass up in the air, with a jewel-encrusted butt-plug logged between her bare naked cheeks.

"Cum. Home. Please." the message read underneath it.

I switched off my phone and rushed for the exit without a moment to spare.

"Sorry ladies, but I need to get home right away. I have some pressing matters I need to attend to."

"Err, sure thing. Call us!"

"Totally," I chuckled, knowing full well I had no intentions to talk to them again.

...to be continued.


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I'm definitely starting to get into this Loren chick, and you can't really go wrong with Hailee and Vanessa (I guess to a lesser extent Veronica) being in the chapter either.

I'm loving this series so far TPG and can't wait for more.

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Bet chapter 3 is gonna be INSANE!!!!

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Loved it. Have a feeling little Loren is gonna end up getting DP’d in the near future.