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Lucky Bastard 29: The Bet
Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Isabela Moner and Appearance by Katherine McNamara
Code: MF, Oral, Public, Creampie,
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413801_740full-isabela-moner.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413801_740full-isabela-moner.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413626_121310089_hmwhzop6wum31.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413626_121310089_hmwhzop6wum31.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413802_katherine-mcnamara-sexy-the-fappening-pro-26.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413802_katherine-mcnamara-sexy-the-fappening-pro-26.jpg)

I was woken up from a crazy dream I was having involving a pool party with a bunch of celebs at some imaginary rich person’s house. What had woken me was the stirring of the person next to me in bed. I was currently spooning with a celebrity who might not have been in my pool party dream but did play a starring role in many of my other dreams. Opening my eyes I Hailee Steinfeld’s beautiful face looking right back at me. It was the middle of the day on Saturday and we were both still naked in bed. We’d both woken up a few hours earlier but after some morning delight, and both had drifted back to sleep after.

“I need to get going,” Hailee informed me.

“No, you don’t,” I replied and then leaned over and gave her a kiss on her soft lips. She kissed me back quickly before pulling away.

“No seriously I really do need to get going.”

“Are you sure?” I asked and then reached down under the sheets and rand my hand down her smooth tone stomach, past her little tuff od landing stip pubic har, and finally stopping at her warm swollen lips. “Are you sure there isn’t time for a little quicky?”

“We both know that if we do that it won’t be quick, and seriously doesn’t that thing ever die down?” she playfully joked as she gripped my hard as lead cock.

“When I am around you, or even just thinking about you? No. Never.”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” She then gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “But seriously,” she gave me another quick kiss, “ I need to get going. I’m supposed to be meeting my hair and makeup people in a little bit.” She then got out of bed and I happily watched her gorgeous nude form strut towards the bathroom. Looking over her shoulder at me, she then put a little more wiggle in her walk. I both loved and hated her for teasing me with her shapely nude ass. I thought about going to join her in the shower but I knew she was serious about needed to meet her people before the event tonight, and if I got in that shower with her there was no way she wasn’t going to end up at least an hour late.

As Hailee showered and then left, I just made myself some lunch and caught up on some television while I replied to a bunch of messages and emails. I was starting the process of getting my next movie project stated so that involved a lot of BS messaging with a ton of different people. Eventually, I went upstairs to shower and dressing up in my suit for the night. While most of our friends knew about Hailee and me, we were still not out publicly so the plan for me to drive myself and just meet her at the after-party for some event a fashion designer was throwing. Having not actually gone to the actual fashion show itself, I was at the after-party before Hailee, so I just kind of mingled a bit with some people I recognized. One of those people was Olivia Holt who introduced to a guy friend of hers that she had brought along. It was as I was talking to her I felt my heart skip a beat as I watched a vision walk into the room.

“Your girl looks good,” Olivia commented as she saw me staring at Hailee as she entered the room.

https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413619_119513882_image0-7.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413619_119513882_image0-7.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413616_119513875_119509070_zsci3yo5_o.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413616_119513875_119509070_zsci3yo5_o.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413620_119513888_image0.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413620_119513888_image0.jpg)
“Fuck yeah she does,” I said before telling Holt and her guy I’d see them later and made my way to Hailee. He was dressed in a red pretty sheer dress with a high slit, red heels, and matching red lipstick. She looked incredible.

“Wow,” was all I said once Hailee saw me and started making her way towards me, and we hugged.

“You like?” Hailee struck a pose and asked me.

“Oh yeah. I now get why you went to the hotel to get ready instead of just having people come to my place. There is no chance in hell we would have ever made it out of the house with you looking like that.” Hailee laughed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As we turned to walk further into the party Hailee gave my ass a playful slap and squeeze and I gave her one right back. Normally she did not dress up that fancy for something like this, but she explained that it was made by the designer who was putting on the show, so that’s why she agreed to wear it. The two of us walked around the party, talked with people, danced a bit and had a few drinks. Every once in awhile I would whisper into her ear what I was planning to do to her after he left.

We’d been there to about two hours and Hailee had been split apart talking to different people. I glanced across the room and caught eyes with Hailee. She gave me a smile and a wave. I smiled back and lifted my glass to her before finishing off my drink. That was my fourth drink of the night and I now needed to go relieve myself.
Over by the bar Isabela Moner scanner the room looking at the different people at the party while sipping on her drink. Though she was too young to buy alcohol, she had no issue getting older men to get her a drink. She had a bit off a buzz, unfortunately instead of relaxing her, it was only compounding her problem.

“I know that look.”

“What?” Isabella was suddenly snapped out of her trance. Looking over Izzy saw who was speaking to her.

“I said, I know that look,” the women responded

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Isabela said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Oh please, you’re checking out every man here. Any of them catch your eye?”


“Oh come on, you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about.” The pretty brunette in the red dress moved up close to the Dora The Explorer actress. “So anyone?”

“Not really,” Izzy admitted.

“Well, you see that cute guy crossing the room over there,” the women next Isabela pointed out. “He’s who’d I’d go after if I were you.”

“Really? I’m I guess he is kind of cute,”

“Oh yeah trust me,” The woman then leaned in and whispered, “He’s hung like you wouldn’t believe and really knows how to use it.”

Isabela was taken aback by that, “Are you serious?”

The woman nodded, “Oh yeah. I’m getting wet just thinking about him.”
I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I heard the text notification on my phone go off. Pulling out my phone I saw that it was a text from Hailee. As I opened the message as I heard the men’s room door open. The text message read ‘Hope this will tie you over until later’. I thought she might send me some dirty pictures, as I waited I hadn’t heard the clicking of heels on the tile floor.

“Excuse me, you’re Eddie right?” Turning around I saw the 5’1” Latina in a lime green dress. “I’m Isabela.”

https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413613_jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413613_jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413630_d906tcpu0aivh6u.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413630_d906tcpu0aivh6u.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413632_isabela-moner-teen-vogue-s-sweet-16-in-austin-06-18-2019-6.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413632_isabela-moner-teen-vogue-s-sweet-16-in-austin-06-18-2019-6.jpg)
“Hi.” I glanced down at my phone to see if there were any new messages and then slipped it back into my pocket.

“So I was told you might be able to help me out,” She said as she slowly approached me. It was at that moment the text message I received was starting to make sense.

“Was this person who told you this a brunette wearing a sheer red dress?”

“You know Hailee?”

“Oh, I know Hailee very well.”

“So does that mean what she said about you is true?” Isabela asked, now stand inches away and looking straight up at me. Even in heels, the 18-year-old actress was still considerably shorter than me.

“I guess that depends on what she said.” As I spoke Isabela put her hands on my chest and slowly moved them down.

“She said that you...oh wow,” She stopped mid-sentence as her hands found themselves rubbing down the length of my enlarging rod. “Can I see it?” Isabela looked up at me excitedly and asked. I gave her a nod and smiled brightly before she began undoing my pants and pulling out my erection. She held it in her hand and just stared at after my pole sprang into daylight.

“Does it meet expectations?” I cockily asked.

“I don’t know what I expected, but yes,” she replied as her hand started to slowly move up and down the shaft as if making sure that what she was seeing wasn’t an optical illusion. With her small hands, she had to use both hands to fully wrap around it. She began to pump my shaft with both her hands. Isabela then took a step back, bent over, and dribbled her spit down the length of my cock. It was at that moment that I knew that this girl was not amature. Staying bent over, she looked up at me as she started rubbing her spit along my shaft. She kept stroking me for another minute or two until she stopped so that she could pull her dress up above her knees. She then squatted down. Continuing to look up at me she stuck out her tongue and began to use it to flick and lick the head of my cock, before finally opening wide and swallowing the head of my dick. She only bobbed her mouth up and down the first third of my dick, but she knew how to use her hands and her tongue so it didn’t matter. At one point I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the young Latina’s blowjob skills. She had her hot wet mouth wrapped around the head, one hand stroking the rest of the shaft, and she’d moved her other hand to toy with my balls. I could feel her start to move around a bit and remove one hand away. When I opened my eyes and looked down I could see her thong was now resting down around her ankles. She’d moved one hand off my shaft and it was now up under her dress. While I could not see what her fingers were doing, I had a pretty good idea.

“You need it bad don’t you?” I asked the actress. Looking up at me she responded by nodding her head with her lips still wrapped around my cock head. I stepped back and there was an audible pop sound as my dick left her mouth. I helped her back up to her feet and then took hold of the hand that had been under her dress while she blew me. Two of her fingers were glistening with wetness, and I lifted them to my mouth and sucked them clean. I then let go of her fingers and lowered my hands to the bottom portion of her dress. Isabela kicked off her panties as I bunched her dress up around her waist. Her pussy was clean-shaven and looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I could also clearly see just how moist she already was. Had we not been in a public bathroom I would have lifted her up onto the sink and began eating her like I was on a strict diet and today was my cheat day. Instead, I reached into my back pocket took one of the condoms in my wallet out and put it on as fast as I could.

Isabela let out a yelp in surprise as I picked her up in the air like she weighed nothing at all, and in truth, the petite actress was fairly lightweight. I pulled her in close and my cock ran along her wet swollen lips. Izzy soon wrapped her arms and legs around me. I kept bouncing her a bit, getting my shaft nice and wet from her flowing juices. I finally had enough, I lifted her up high and moved her around a bit until she was finally in the right spot and I slowly lowered her, spearing her with my dick.

“Oh my god!” Isabela said loudly and wide-eyed as my dick found it’s way between her folds and my mushroom head fully entered inside her. “So big, so fucking big,” Isabela said as I slid another inch into her. She was incredibly tight. Tighter than some virgins I’d been with back in high school. I just let my cock rest inside her, hoping she’d stretch out a bit before he kept going. As I stood there with her wrapped around me, I lowered the straps to her top and freed her perky plump breasts, which were capped off by some tasty looking hard brown nipples. Once they were free I slowly began to rock her up and down my shaft. She was so tight, that I could barely fit half my dick into her. While I would have preferred to have gone a bit faster, Izzy seemed to love the way I methodically bounced her on my dick. She bit down on the jacket I was wearing to muffle the sounds of ecstasy coming out of her mouth. I eventually started to build up a bit more speed, and she only became louder and louder. Isabela could no longer take it anymore and she let go of my jacket and let out a loud shriek as her head tilted back. Trying to keep her a bit quieter I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. After I gave her a few more pumps and I could feel her leg start to twitch as she suddenly screamed into my mouth. Her tight pussy clamped shut tightly around my dick as she came. I spun her around and put the 18-year-old down on the counter. Isabela still had her eyes rolled back a bit as her orgasm was just starting to die down. She arched her back as her head rested on the mirror, and I couldn't help myself from lowering my mouth and sucking on one of her milk chocolate colored nipples.

As I switched over to the other breast and Isabela seemed to finally be calming down from her orgasm we heard the bathroom door open.

“Sorry fellas, but the women’s room is overflowing so,” A female voice called out. Neither Isabela nor I had time to react before we heard the woman say, “Oh! Oh wow sorry!” Turning my head I could see the lovely Katherine McNamara standing there looking at the two of us in a very compromising position. The three of us were all like deers and headlights. I felt Izzy’s legs unlock from around my waist and without thinking I backed away from the teen. But rather than make the situation better, it might have made it worse as this gave Kat a now clear view of my hard dick sticking straight out of my pants. Her eyes locked onto my penis and went wide. Her hand covered her mouth as her jaw dropped. “Ummm. sorry. Sorry for interrupting. You two, you two just keep doing what you were doing,” she said as she slowly backed out of the bathroom, her eyes never leaving my crotch until she turned around.

As the whole awkward situation had Isabela freaked out. She got to her feet and apologize to me saying that she had to go. She got her dress back into place before I could even tuck my hard cock back into my pants. She was halfway to the door before I called out to her.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked. Isabela quickly turned around and watched as I picked up her discarded thong off the floor and tossed it to her. Rather than put them back on, she shoved them into her clutch and speed-walked out the door. I stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes by myself waiting for the crazy bulge in my pants to die down before rejoining the party.

Once out of the bathroom, I went in search of Katherine. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her, but I felt like I should say something. It took me a little while before I finally saw her and was able to make my way over to her.

https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413635_katherine-mcnamara-asos-celebrates-partnership-ry63xkahdr1l.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413635_katherine-mcnamara-asos-celebrates-partnership-ry63xkahdr1l.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413636_katherine-mcnamara-asos-celebrates-partnership-zfaztncd4zkl.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413636_katherine-mcnamara-asos-celebrates-partnership-zfaztncd4zkl.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413634_katherine-mcnamara-asos-celebrates-partnership-mczlxguhv9bl.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413634_katherine-mcnamara-asos-celebrates-partnership-mczlxguhv9bl.jpg)
“Hey, Katherine about what you saw…”

“You don’t need to explain yourself to me and trust me I’ve seen a lot worse before. You’d be amazed at what you can walk in on at the Kids Choice Awards after-parties,” Katherine said trying to ease some of my discomforts. “Did you guys at least finish?”

“No. After you caught us she kind of freaked out and left.”

“Aw, she left you high and dry? You can’t be feeling too good then,” she smirked as she said before taking a sip from her drink.

“My pants do feel a little tighter, but it’s fine. It’ll be taken care of later,” I said, obviously talking about when I went home with Hailee, but having just met Kat she didn’t know that.

“Umhmm,” Kat said as she rolled her eyes.

“What was that?”

“Nothing just didn’t know you were one of those guys.”

“What does that mean?”

“One of those guys who think that just because they have a big dick they have no problem taking any women home.”

“I never said that,”

“No, but you sure seem pretty confident that you’re going to be having sex with someone else tonight.”

“Yeah, but that’s because… Look I don’t have to explain myself to you. You don’t know me. I’m Ed, by the way, most people call me Eddie.”

“Ok Eddie, I was nice to… wait, Eddie?” Katherine was about to walk away, but something made her stop. “Oh, I know exactly who you are and I’m SOOOO right about you.”


“Olivia has told me all about you. Don’t act like you’re not one of those guys who doesn’t think he can just flash his big cock and women come running.” I couldn’t tell if Katherine was kind of angry or if she was joking, but I still felt kind of insulted.

“Okay, maybe I am. Maybe I am a guy who thinks I can get any woman here just by showing her a picture of my cock.” I don’t know if I actually believed what I was saying, but I wasn’t really thinking.

“You’re on. I’ll take you up on that bet.”


“I bet that you can’t just pick up any woman here by showing them a picture of your dick.”


“As a heart attack.”

We spent the next few minutes negotiating the terms of the bet, including that I would have to send her proof of consummation, and we agreed that the winner would pay for a future dinner. Once that was settled we had to pick the target. I knew that I eventually wanted Katherine to agree to have Hailee be the women we’d try her bet on, but until we got to her I had to play along and suggest other celebs at the party. I started out suggesting a few women who were well known to be pretty easy to convince to get into bed. One of them being Caylee Cowan. Katherine literally laughed out loud at that suggestion. After some other suggestions, I saw Olivia and her guy friend talking closely to Miranda Cosgrove near the dance floor. I suggested Olivia, and Katherine just shot me a look that basically said ‘come on’.

“Oh please, I told you she told me all about you. You two might not even make it out of this building without doing it.” Kat said.

“Hmm, I didn’t know you two were that close.”

“Were friends and we talk regularly, so I know all about some of your escapades with one another.” I now hope that Liv had never mentioned Hailee and I’s relationship. While it was an open relationship, the Bumblebee star was still the one I was planning to take home tonight.

“Alright, well, if we want to do this bet you gotta agree to someone.”

“I know.” She said obviously a little annoyed. She scanned the room once again. “Okay, let me ask you this if you had your choice of women here who would you choose?”

“Ummm,,,” I tried to not act too anxious, before finally saying, “I think I’d have to go with Hailee Steinfeld. She looks amazing tonight.”

“She really does. Alright, let's go with her.”


“Yup, she’s perfect.” Katherine agreed and then called out “Hailee!” Katherine called out her name two more times before Haiz looked over and was waived over by Katherine. As Hailee walked towards us, I stepped behind Kat and when out of her view I put my finger to my lips to signal to Hailee I was up to something. I then stepped back on the other side of Kat and pulled out my phone.

“I guess I should get a picture picked out for her,” I said.

“Better make it a good one,” She joked. I chuckled because I didn’t actually keep any dick pics on my phone, and now knowing I’d gotten my way and Hailee was the target I opened the notes app on my phone.


“Hi Hailee, I’m Eddie and I am sure you know Katherine,” I said cutting of Hailee before she should give any indication that we knew each other.

“Yeah, Hi. What’s going on?”

“What do you think about this?” I asked and stuck out my phone making sure Hailee could get a good look and that Katherine could not see the screen. On the screen read the note “TRYING TO WIN A BET. JUST GO WITH IT. ACT LIKE THIS IS A DICK PIC OF ME.” It took a moment for her to read the note and then react.

Hailee’s eyes went wide and she said “Oh my god! Is that real?”

“Oh yeah,” I said confidently.

“Wow. Are you serious?”

“Ask Kathrine.”

Hailee looked away from the phone for the first time and looked over to Kat. “This is real, you’ve seen it?”

Katherine let out a huff, rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms before speaking, “Yeah its real. I kind of accidentally saw it in the bathroom.”

“So you two…?” Hailee started.

“No! No, no, no. I went in Men’s room to use the bathroom and it was just kind of out.”

“Mmhmm” Hailee responded with a smirk.

“So, you wanna get out of here?” I asked Hailee in the douchiest tone possible. Hailee bit her lip and looked back to my phone.

“I mean, sure,” she finally said with a smile. “You don’t mind do you?” she asked Katherine.

“He’s all yours,” Kat replied.

“Okay, let me just say goodbye to a few people, and then we can go.” Hailee quickly walked away. I then turned to Katherine and laughed and she just shook her head and refused to look me in the eye.

“Lucky bastard,” Kat muttered as I handed her my phone so she could enter her number into my contacts since part of the deal involved me sending her proof. After she handed me my phone back I told Katherine that I looked forward to having dinner in the near future. She just playfully flipped me off before walking away with a slight smile on her face. I quickly went to find Hailee and once I did we quickly headed for the exit. When we were outside I gave the valet my ticket and as he went to go get the car I pulled Hailee in for a kiss of her soft full red lips. She kissed me back as passionately as I kissed her, and our hands wrapped around one another.

https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413622_119544217_119524244_hailee-8.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413622_119544217_119524244_hailee-8.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413621_119544199_119532542_h-7.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413621_119544199_119532542_h-7.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413623_119544219_119524242_hailee-7.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413623_119544219_119524242_hailee-7.jpg)
“So what was all that inside with Katherine?” Hailee asked when we finally had to separate to catch our breaths.

“You know that little surprise you sent my way?,” I started and proceeded to tell her the events that had led to the two of us standing outside.

“So, I was your first choice?” She asked playfully.

“Always,” I said before giving her a kiss bright red lips. I pulled away when heard the car pulling up.

“You took my car?” Hailee asked as the black Porsche Macan Turbo stopped in front of us and the valet got out.

“You were blocking me in, and trust me you’ll be happy I did,” I told her as I handed the valet a tip. Hailee started to walk around to the passenger side, but I grabbed her arm and then whispered into her ear that I wanted her to climb into the back seat and to remove the nude-colored underwear she had on under her dress. Hailee gave me a grin and continued around to the passenger side, hesitating by the front door before moving and opening the back door. She took a seat in the middle of the back row while I jumped into the driver’s seat. When I turned onto the street a pair of nude-colored panties were flung forward and landed on the dashboard.

“So what’s the plan now? I’m just supposed to sit back here alone until we get back to your place?”

“No, we're going to make a pitstop first, but you can just relax until then. It won’t be long.” I told her. I then reach up for the review mirror and angled it so it was no longer looking at the road, but instead was looking at Hailee. Hailee caught me looking back at her and began teasing me and raising her dress. My eyes moved from the mirror to the road, so I could make sure we did not crash. When we stopped at a red light, my eyes went back to the mirror and I could see she had raised her bottom part of her dress all the way up to her waist and she had her gorgeous legs crossed. She was looking back at me through the mirror and giving me a smirk. My eyes looked back to the road to check on the light, and when they went back to the mirror I could see Hailee uncrossing her legs. She opened legs wide and gave me a great view of her lovely pussy between her amazing thighs.

“Fuck me,” I said in response and that caused Hailee to smile. I was snapped back to reality as the car behind us blared their horn. The light was green, so I stepped on the gas. Thankfully we were not that far away from our destination. A few minutes later I turned into a shopping plaza.

“I think the stores are all closed,” Hailee said as she saw where we pulled in.

“Doesn’t matter,” I told her. I then pulled into the parking garage and drove all the way up to the top level and parked in the corner.

“Really we're going to do it here?” Hailee asked, as she now leaned back, spreading her legs further apart as she put one leg up onto the seat.

“You’re the girl who jumped me in the backseat of this same car at a garage at LAX multiple times,” I turned around and looked at her for the first time since we got in the car. “Are you now too good for the back seat?” I asked. Biting her finger gave me a naughty grin and shook her head. I quickly jumped out of the car and climbed into the backseat. I barely closed the door behind me before I dove headfirst between her legs. Hailee giggled at how fast I pounced on her, but those chuckles were soon turned to moans as my tongue went to work. Hailee was on her back with one leg hanging off the seats, and the other was up in the air with her stiletto pressed against the roof of the car. There was no buildup or kissing up her inner thigh like I normally do. Instead, I had my tongue jammed between her pussy lips and I was lapping up her juices like a thirsty dog. Hailee joked about how I must be pretty hungry with the way I was eating her pussy, and I told her how that there is never enough food at those after-party events. I got her to cum as I finger blasted her and sucked on her clit like there was no tomorrow. Even as she came I never relented. Continuing to eat her pussy like I had something to prove.

I am not even sure how she got us to spin around. All I knew was one moment I was hunched over on my knees eating her out while she was on her back, and the next thing I knew, I was on my back with Hailee sitting on my face. While I continued to perform tongue aerobics on her, Hailee was bending down so that she could undo my pants. Once they were undone, I helped her push my pants and underwear down to my knees. It felt good to have my hard dick freed from its imprisonment in my pants, but I did not feel the fresh night air on it for too long, as I soon felt Hailee’s soft bright red lipstick colored lips wrap around it, and quickly take several inches of me into her warm wet mouth. I tried to focus more on what I was doing with my mouth rather than what she was doing with her’s so that I could prolong things, but that was a losing battle. Her mouth and tongue were too skilled and I was still too primed from earlier that I knew I was not going to last too long. I gave her ass two quick slaps on the left check, basically tapping out from her riding my face. We knew each other well enough that she knew exactly what I wanted with those taps. I felt her mouth leave my dick and then she began to scoot down my body.

“Did you use a condom with Isabela? I swear I could taste her on you,” Hailee asked as she got into position. I reassured her that I had, though I wasn’t sure she was being serious.

Hailee sat up as she was down by my crotch. Moving her hair out of the way, Hailee looked back at me as she pointed my dick towards the sky. She then raised up and dropped down on top of my cock. I saw her eyes light up and her mouth go into the shape of an “O” as she moaned when my dick split her. I would have loved it had she turned around fully and ride me cowgirl so I could watch her face as we did it, but that said the current view as she rides me reverse cowgirl wasn’t bad either. I’d once heard that the shape of a heart was based on an upside-down design of a women’s ass. Now watching Hailee’s ass as she swiveled her hips and ground herself on my dick, I could see where that idea came from. The Dickinson star’s shapely ass did look a lot like an upside-down heart.

I put my hands on to her hips and raised her hips and then slammed her back down on my dick. Hailee let out a yelp as my full length slammed into her. Hailee once again flipped her hair over her shoulder and looked back at me before she began bouncing on my dick. I loved watching her head leaned back as she moaned, almost as much as I loved her ass shake as she repeatedly slams down on my dick, which I could now see was still smeared with her red lipstick.

“Oh god Hailee, I am not going to last much longer,” I warned her.

“That’s fine, do it. Give it to me,” Hailee moaned.

“No. Not yet, we need proof we had sex for Kat.” Hailee climbed off of me and I kicked off my pants and underwear. I then reached into the front seat and grabbed my phone, the handed it over to Hailee. Hailee got down on her knees and positioned herself as face down and ass up. I took my position behind her and she let out a gasp as I slammed into her. Hailee still had her dress on, but it was all bunched up over her waist. Holding her hips firm I pulled her back as pumped my hips forward. Once the two of us established a good rhythm, Hailee pulled out my phone. She aimed the phone so the camera could see Hailee’s face, her arched back, and also me behind her. She then pressed record.

“Oh my god Kathrine,” Hailee said breathlessly into the camera. In the background you could hear the skin slapping as I jackhammered her pussy. “His dick feels amazing. I’ve never had such a big cock before. I can feel him stretching me out, but it’s so good.” Hailee stopped talking to the camera and just moaned as she continued to record us having sex. While I could not see a ton of the details on Hailee’s screen, I could clearly see her face. So when I slipped my hand under her and began stroking her clit as we fuck, I could see her eyes roll back into her head.

“Oh wow! YEEESSSS! Right there, Eddie! I’m gonna...I’m gonna cum! Almost there,” Hailee announced which sounded like music to my ears. Not only because few things made me happier than making my girl orgasm, but also because I’d been holding back my own orgasm to the point that it felt like my balls were about to pop.

“Fuck Hailee, I’m gonna cum soon. I can’t hold back much longer,” I told her.

“Cum inside my pussy. I want to feel you empty those big balls of your into me,” Hailee spoke while looking right at that camera. “I want you to completely fill me up!”

“Fuck Hailee! You’re fucking amazing,” I told her. I don’t know who started cumming first or if we did it simultaneously, but moments later we were both letting out animalistic noises and our bodies trembled as we were both rocked by extremely powerful orgasms ripping through us. You would have thought I’d gone without sex for the last two weeks, not half a day, judging by the volume of ejaculate I was firing into Hailee. And she took notice.

“Oh my god, Eddie! Fuck!” She said wide-eyed into the camera. “Jesus I’ve never felt so full of cum before. Kat, you have no idea what you missed out on.” It took another minute for either of our orgasms to start to subside. When it was over, I bent forward and turned Hailee’s face back over her shoulder and gave her a kiss. Hailee dropped the phone in her hand as she opened her mouth and let my tongue snake it’s way in. We made out for another minute or two. Though we both could have gone another round or three, we knew we should head back to my house.

I didn’t even bother putting my pants back on. Instead, I just climbed into the front seat pantsless and started the car up. Hailee also joined me in the front seats. “You really did cum a lot,” Hailee said as she slid her hand down to the crotch, “it’s all leaking out of me like crazy.” She then brought her cum covered fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean. She did it a few more times. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to turn me on or not, but regardless my dick was back to being rock hard as I drove.

“You know, it is really hard to concentrate on the road when you do that.”

“Do what?” Hailee asked playfully and then put her right foot up on to the dashboard, spreading her legs wider apart.

“Either you need to close your legs and let me drive, or we need to find another parking garage” I told her.

“Fine,” Hailee said. She put her foot back down and covered her pussy from my eyesight. She then picked up my phone and sent the video of us to Kat. I was expecting some kind of witty response from Katherine, but all she sent back was one message that said ‘You Won’. When we were only several minutes away from my house I heard the video of Hailee and I being played.

“We should probably delete that,” I mentioned.

“I don’t know, it’s pretty hot actually. I think we should save it.” I could hear her continue to watch the video, and start to stir in her seat a bit. I could hear both of us cumming as I pulled Hailee’s car into my driveway and turned off the engine.

“Ready to go inside?” I asked as I undid my seat belt.

“We could do that,” Hailee said, but then she climbed over the center console, and into the driver seat with me. “Or we could hang out in hear a bit longer and make another video?” I didn’t have much time to give an answer before once again I found myself balls deep and making out with Hailee.

https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413614_7434428-6496853-racy_hailee_steinfeld_appeared_to_be_moving_on_as_she_shared_a_s.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413614_7434428-6496853-racy_hailee_steinfeld_appeared_to_be_moving_on_as_she_shared_a_s.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413637_kg8nl3nf_o.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413637_kg8nl3nf_o.jpg) https://t35.pixhost.to/thumbs/139/122413631_image0.jpg (https://pixhost.to/show/139/122413631_image0.jpg)

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Another fantastic chapter in this series. Thanks!

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Hailee Steinfeld and Isabela Moner? God yes, love this pairing.

Love the hell out of this series, Miami.

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