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LA Aces
Chapter 2: Maid in America
by Doctor Nick

"Take this left up here."

"But the airport's on the right."

"I know." I looked at her and raised my eyebrow. She looked back at me, reading my expression through the dark lenses of her sunglasses. "We're not going to the airport." I opened my mouth to ask the obvious question, but she continued. "You missed the turn."

"What? Shit!" I turned back to the road just in time to see the on-ramp Katharine wanted me to take fly by on the left. I sighed. "Okay. Not a problem. I am, if nothing else, a master of the U-turn by elaborate and questionably-legal means." I snickered to myself as I started demonstrating this skill. Katharine smiled.

"And you're a good fuck."

"And I'm a good fuck. If you say so."

"So," I started, after managing both to get us in the direction she wanted to go and not get pulled over or killed doing it, "since we're not going to the airport, where are we going?"

"We're going to LA."

"No, I mean now. Where are we going now?"

She looked at me with a sort of "what are you, stupid?" expression and repeated herself, slowly, as if she was speaking to someone who didn't understand English. "We're going to Los Angeles."

It dawned on me, and I couldn't believe it. "You mean we're driving?"

"Yeah." She looked like she had restrained the urge to add a "duh" at the end.

"Katharine...it's three hundred miles!"

She nodded, quickly replying, "Uh-huh." I stared at her, mouth agape, hoping against hope that she was kidding. She looked at me, incredulous. "What? So it's three hundred miles, what's the big deal?"

"Well, one, it's three hundred miles. Two, it's three hundred miles through the desert. Three, it's three hundred miles through the desert when it's something like three hundred degrees. Four-"

She cut me off. "Four, it's three hundred miles through the three hundred-degree desert, and you get to drive a sweet-ass car for every last one of them. Five, you get to spend these three hundred miles in the three hundred-degree desert driving this sweet-ass car with me, your sweet-ass girlfriend." She smiled as she said the last part, putting her head on my shoulder. Even though they were behind dark sunglasses, I could imagine her batting her eyes at me, and the thought was enough to make me melt. I smiled.

"Well, you do have a pretty sweet ass..."

"That's the spirit!"

Now that we were set on our destination, we both fell silent. Katharine put in a CD, not one of hers (I recognized the voice of Britney Spears on one track), while I took time to reflect on our escape from my apartment building. It hadn't been much of an escape, really, no bars or guards or anything like that, but Katharine had seemed convinced that we were going to be ambushed by the press at any minute. It was very uncharacteristic of her, at least what I knew of her; she had seemed so eager to pose and show off for the cameras before we hooked up. But now she had gone out of her way to conceal herself, hiding her eyes behind dark sunglasses and covering her hair with a cowboy hat.

Maybe I was reading too much into it, and she had just chosen a look; the hat certainly fit in well with the pink blouse she was wearing, tied to show off both midriff and cleavage. And the white of the hat perfectly matched the white shorts she wore, just barely covering the sweet ass I was very much looking forward to investigating further. She topped it off with a pair of knee-length high-heeled boots, the kind of shoes that I knew had to hurt, but if she was willing to wear them I wasn't willing to stop her. My jaw literally dropped when I saw her, and I did not manage to pick it up again for several minutes. She had just smiled, and apparently I had given just the reaction she was looking for.

My attention was snapped back to the present as I felt Katharine put her head back on my shoulder. We were the only car on the road, now, and any semblance of civilization had been replaced with a whole lot of nothing, desert punctuated by the occasional billboard or road sign as far as the eye could see. I checked the gas gauge and saw that we were still doing fine, then I thanked God that Katharine had had the foresight to suggest we fill up before hitting the road.

"So...tell me about yourself, Nick...Nick...that's a good place to start. What's your last name?" I turned my head to look at her, and was once again struck by how sexy she looked. She had repositioned herself so that her head was resting on my shoulder and her feet rested on the open window frame, right leg crossed over left. She had tossed the hat down onto the floor in front of her, and the wind whipped through her hair. I swallowed, and then mentally slapped myself back to attention.


"Okay, then, Mr. Nick Greenwood...what do you do?"

"Well, until Little Miss 'Show Off Her Tits And Get Me All Flustered' showed off her tits and got me all flustered, I played poker. Then you showed up; after that I pretty much just acted as a human ATM."

"Hmm...I must be bad luck. You should probably stay away from me." She giggled; I remembered a time when I hated that laugh, but now it was simply an endearing trait. I laughed a bit as well, taking my right hand off the wheel to pull her closer to me. She sighed contentedly, almost a purr, and stayed like that until she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

It was about an hour later that she woke up. I had filled the car up while she was asleep, counting myself lucky that the roar of the engine when it started didn't wake her. She stirred, still half-asleep, but lifted her head from my shoulder and opened my eyes after I accidentally drove over a pothole.

"Mmm...where are we?" She yawned.

"I think we crossed into California about twenty minutes ago."

Suddenly, she screamed. Out of instinct, I slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a screeching halt. Luckily, we were still the only people on the road.

"What? What is it?" I looked around, expecting to see a dead animal or a psycho killer with a chainsaw.

"Look at my legs!" Katharine was frantically searching through the glove compartment, and I could see that she had gotten a little sunburned on her legs. I was relieved that we weren't killers or about to be killed, plus I needed to get my heart rate down, so I let out a little laugh. Mistake. "You think it's FUNNY?!?" She had taken off the glasses to help her search, and I could see panic turning to rage in her eyes.

"No, Kat, it's not that. I just..." I swallowed, carefully choosing my words. "I just thought, when you screamed, that we were going to die. Not that—"

"Not that I could have skin cancer?!? Not that I have a shoot in three days?!? Not that I'm gonna have horrible tan lines for the rest of the month?!? Argh!"

"Kat...Katharine...calm down. Here, let me." She had found the sunscreen, and seemingly squirted half the bottle into her palm, ready to apply it to her legs. I took the bottle from her, and got her to dump the sunscreen from her hands into mine. I then dumped it outside the car.

"What are you doing?"

"Putting on sunscreen isn't going to make the sunburn go away, okay?" She pouted, looking terrified. I shifted the car into park and turned it off as I continued. "Just trust me. We need to put on just enough so that the burn doesn't get any worse before we get to LA. Now, recline the seat and sit up on the headrest."

She did as I asked, and I positioned myself so that I was sitting on my knees on the edge of her seat. She scooted back, and extended her left leg.

"Look, the burn's not even that bad," I told her. It was true; while her leg was a little browner than it had been when we left, you could hardly call it red. I put a small amount of sunscreen in my left palm and rubbed it on her knee; she gasped, and I pulled back. "What's wrong? Is it hot?"

"No...it's kinda cold." I started rubbing the sunscreen in, and she bit her lip. I put some on my other hand, and rubbed it onto her right knee. She bit harder, then started looking around us, seemingly checking to make sure we really were alone in the middle of the desert. "Could you maybe go a little higher?"

I could hear the unspoken desire in her voice; if she was trying to hide it, she was a bad actress. I decided to be coy, very slowly working my up to her thighs. She gasped when I hit a spot she liked, and I immediately moved away from it. She especially seemed to enjoy when I rubbed the insides of her thighs, so I deliberately made slow, long circles along the outside, occasionally flirting with the inside but never actually going there.

This was driving her wild, I could tell; the teasing was getting her revved up, but at the same time she was frustrated that I wasn't doing more. I moved back down, and she actually let out a disappointed sigh. I feigned ignorance.

"Is something wrong, dear?"

To her credit, she tried to keep up the illusion a bit longer. "There's one spot, right here," she touched her inner thigh, just below where her shorts ended, "That's really bugging me. You think you could rub some sunscreen on it?"

Without warning, I pounced on her. She yelped in surprise, but I silenced her with a kiss. Just as she started kissing me back, I broke it. She looked confused; I grinned. "Now, really...is that the spot? Are you sure there isn't some other spot you might want me to pay more attention to?" I started kissing her neck, trying to coerce the answer out of her.


I chuckled, satisfied, and slowly started working my way down. I'm usually not one for foreplay, but Kat had a body that just begged to be explored. Unfortunately, we didn't have all the time in the world, so I made my journey brief. Once I was done with her neck, I made my way down through her cleavage, being sure to stop and give each breast a quick lick before moving on. I paid a little more attention to her midriff, kissing ever-shrinking circles around her bully button. When I finally got there, I lapped at it like a bowl, then did it twice more when she gave a particularly pleasing little giggle.

As my hands started working on getting her shorts off, I reacquainted myself with her thighs. Not wanting to get too much sunscreen on my tongue, I kept it to kisses, but it was enough to get a few nice gasps out of Katharine as I picked my spots at random. Once I managed to pull off her shorts, I slid them down her legs and held them up for her to see.

"Now, what should I do with these?" I appeared to be deep in thought, mulling over places to throw them, places that would be very fun to watch her track them down from. With my head turned away, I didn't see her reaching, and was surprised to feel the shorts yanked right out of my hand.

"Give me those," she scolded. "Enough bullshit. Enough teasing. Eat me." She had never looked so serious, or so intimidating. My playful mood was immediately squashed, but my cock gave a pleasant little leap in my jeans as the dynamic shifted. I tugged her white panties down to her knees, and leaned down to get to work. She spread her legs a bit, giving me more room to operate. I licked slow, meandering circles over her lips, still trying to tease her even as she took control.

Kat was having none of it. With both hands, she took my head and pressed it against her pussy. "I said 'eat me,' not 'lick me for an hour like I'm a fucking Tootsie pop!'" I nodded, and started licking her. I wasted no time, heading right for her clit, my tongue dancing all over it. She moaned, and my hands started to rub her thighs as I licked.

"Fuuuck...yeah, that's it!" She rocked herself from side to side, working it so that she could wrap her legs around me. I redoubled my efforts, tongue skipping and jumping over and around her clit, her pussy growing wetter and wetter as I did. Her moans, once long and low-pitched, were turning to quick gasps and cries. It was clear to me that she was going to cum soon, so I did the only thing I could imagine: I slowed down.

This did not sit well with her. "What...what are you doing?" She gasped. I didn't answer, instead lapping at her cunt with long, slow licks, my tongue straying further and further away from her clit. She wrapped her legs tight around me, pressing my head into her pussy, almost like she would try to suffocate me if I didn't bring her off fast. "God damnit, Nick, I was so close!"

I managed to pull my head up. "I know, but I'm not done yet, so I slowed down." She stared at me, dumbfounded; I just smirked and went back to work. I switched it up on her, now, wrapping my lips around her clit and giving it a long, gentle suck. I followed this with two quick, hard sucks, then another long one.

"Oh, fuuuuuck...oh! Oh, God!" She bit her lip to contain her cries of pleasure, maybe out of fear that someone would hear. Who, I have no idea; the desert was as deserted as it had always been. Still, she did bite her lip, and so I was deprived of the majority of her moans and cries.

Still, I pressed onward. This time, I slid my tongue into her pussy and licked her g-spot, then quickly wrapped my lips around her clit and gave it a hard suck. I was so pleased by my results here that I repeated the trick a few times, using different speeds and intensities as the mood struck me. I felt her building towards her climax again, and this time I decided to let it come.

Kat groaned as I sucked on her clit, then gasped and moaned as my tongue attacked in full force. "Nick...I'm gonna...ohhhhhh, Godddd...oh God, oh God, of FUUUUCK I'M CUMMING!!!"

Her hips bucked against my face as she came, hot cream pouring from her pussy. It was too much, I'm afraid, for me to lick it all up at once, but I did my level best and stayed behind when she was done, licking up every sweet drop I could get my tongue on. Once I was satisfied that there was nothing left, and I had had my fill of licking her just for the heck of it, I lifted my head, wondering how I was going to go about getting my satisfaction.

Unfortunately, that was not in the cards. Once I moved out of the way, she started gathering herself, pulling up her panties and putting her shorts back on. I could tell that it wasn't going to happen, but I still had to open my mouth to ask. She cut me off before I could even start,

"Sweetie, I know this is terrible of me, but I can't give it back right now. I'll make it up to you, I promise, but...not now." She seemed almost as disappointed as I was; if she was lying here, she was a really good actress. I couldn't hide my disappointment, but I nodded and got out of the car.

"It's okay," I said as I walked around, getting back in the driver's seat and starting the car. She kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you."

I started driving again, determined to make it to LA by sundown. Katharine held close to me as we drove, and after a while she drifted back off to sleep, her head resting on my shoulder as I drove through the desert.

* * *

Despite the fact that I had never even heard of her until shortly before she was riding me, Katharine was fairly famous. And, like most fairly famous people, she had a fair amount of money, which she spent on a fairly large piece of real estate in a fairly nice neighborhood.

It was well past midnight by the time we got to it, though, so I wasn't really in the mood to explore. I caught sight of a pool, and something that might have been a tennis court, but my main objective once all of the bags were in was to get to the bedroom before I collapsed. Katharine had beaten me there, and by the time I got in she was already sound asleep. I stripped down to my boxers, carefully got in next to her and kissed her on the cheek before turning over and promptly falling asleep.

* * *

Had to go meet w/ agent about next album.

Back ASAP.


I was disappointed that I wouldn't get the grand tour from the lady herself, but I quickly got over it; Katharine was busy, what with being famous and all, so I couldn't have her all to myself. I couldn't find my clothes in the bedroom, but there was a black bathrobe (men's, thank God), so I took that instead as I went to look for a bathroom.

I didn't have much trouble finding one, and I decided to indulge myself in a long, hot shower. It wasn't long after I got in, though, that there was a knock on the door.


"Oh, it is you, monsieur," The voice outside the door was female, with a very appealing French accent, "I am Miss McPhee's maid, Caroline. Miss McPhee told me that she had company. Did you find the bathrobe I left out for you, monsieur?"

"Uh, yeah...I take it you were responsible for my clothes disappearing, too."

"Oh, oui...I put them in the laundry. I hope that is alright. Miss McPhee asked me to tell you that she is very sorry she had to leave so early this morning."

"I know...I got her note."

"Very good, monsieur...I will leave you to your shower. If you need anything, I will be working around the house."

"Alright, thanks." Although I hadn't really looked, I hadn't seen any sign that Katharine shared her house with anyone; I wondered how often this maid of hers came to visit.

After I finished my shower, I slipped back into the robe and padded through the house, looking for Caroline or anything that looked like a laundry room. I had noticed that Kat had mostly hardwood floors, and this proved to my advantage as I heard the clicking of high heels in the next room. I walked in, a question on my lips, but it was quickly abandoned in favor of wordless shock as I saw her.

"Hello, monsieur...did you enjoy your shower?" She was looking right at me, that devilish smirk on her gorgeous face. Her uniform was incredible; black, white trim, cleavage pouring out as she was bent over, dusting a lamp. She turned, and reached up to get a cobweb in the corner of the ceiling. As she did, her skirt rode up, and I caught a glimpse of her garter clasps and what looked to be black satin panties. My eyes trailed downward, following the seam in her black stockings down to the well-polished pumps she wore; together, they made her legs seem even longer and more heavenly than they normally did.

"Yes, Kath-"

"Caroline." She did not turn away from the corner, but I could hear something in her voice that told me it was very important to her that I call her by her "correct" name. I walked up behind her, running the fingers of my right hand through her hair, brushing them up against her black choker.


To my surprise, she walked away from me, continuing to dust. I followed. It was maddening; she would let me get so close, then she would break off, forcing me to chase again. I thought she was finally going to let me win when she headed to the bedroom, but she just straightened the bed a little before continuing her chores. I followed her through the house some more, and she eventually made her way to the laundry room, where I decided that it was time to move on to the next phase of the game.

The laundry room was narrow, but deep; the washer and dryer were placed against the left wall, and there was only enough space between them and the right wall for a single-file line. Since I had followed Katharine in, she would have had to get around me to get back out, something I didn't intend to let happen.

I took Katharine by the shoulders, spun her around, and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth, and our tongues briefly met, but then she pushed me away.

"Monsieur!" She exclaimed, a look of shock on her face. "What are you doing?!"

"I'm kissing you, Caroline. What did you think I was doing?" I leaned in for another, but she slapped me across the face.

"Well of course that's what you're doing, but what about Miss McPhee?"

I was already moving in again. "What about her?" She brought her hand around to slap me again, but I caught it; she tried the other one, but I caught that one as well. I forced her back against the far wall, and kissed her again. I leaned my entire body weight against her, my cock pressing on her thigh as we kissed. She struggled a bit more, but soon started to submit, letting me take control of the kiss. As soon as she did, I broke it, moving down to her neck.

I brought her arms down behind her back, holding them there with my left hand as my right moved down to her legs. I started pulling off her skirt and panties, letting them slide down her legs. I untied my bathrobe, shrugging it off while my lips and tongue kept up their work on her neck.

"Mmmm, monsieurrr," she purred, "please..." I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy, teasing it.

"Please what?"

She bit her lip, giving me a look of desperation and submission. "Please, monsieur...fuck me." I smiled, pushing my cock into her wet cunt as I did. She moaned, arching her back, and I finally released her hands. She started rubbing her breasts through her top as I thrust myself into her. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, then started rubbing her tits as she pulled it off, revealing a black bra that matched her panties. Katharine unclasped it, and as she took it off I stared hungrily at her tits, admiring her nipples.

"Such perky tits, Caroline...does Miss McPhee like to play with them?" I gently pinched her right nipple with my left hand, starting to slowly piston my cock in and out of her pussy.

Katharine gasped at my pinch, then smiled and licked her lips. "Oui, monsieur; Miss McPhee and I do the nastiest things together." I started to speed up my fucking, slamming myself into her with every thrust. Katharine wrapped her arms around me, licking my bare neck and chest as I fucked her. Both of us were breathing heavily, now; I could tell that we were both getting close to cumming.

"You gonna cum, Caroline? You gonna cream your little maid cunt all over my cock?" I fucked her faster still.

"Mmmm, oui, monsieur...your little maid's gonna cum!" Her pussy was tightly gripping and massaging my cock, and I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer. I grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back and looking into her eyes.

"You cum when I tell you, you got it?" She nodded, biting her lip. I held her gaze. "Alright...here it comes...NOW!!" She cried out in pleasure at the same time I did, our orgasms synching up perfectly; I blasted my load into her pussy just as a flood of cream flowed over my cock. I slumped against her, breathing heavily; if not for the wall, we surely would have fallen over.

Once I had caught my breath, I scooted to my left, sitting on top of the washing machine. The metal was cold against my bare ass, so I grabbed my discarded robe and sat on that. Katharine crouched down and started gathering her clothes, but I wasn't done with her yet. I took a handful of her hair, and tilted her head up to look at me.

"You're not done yet, Caroline; you still have to clean me up." My cock, still rock-hard, was glistening with her juices. Katharine's eyes lit up, and she immediately dropped her clothes.

"Oui, monsieur." Katharine's tongue slid out of her mouth, slowly licking my cock. I let out a pleasurable sigh that turned into a full moan as she unexpectedly wrapped her lips around my cock, deepthroating me instantly and then slowly pulling off until my head popped out of her mouth. She grinned at me, then immediately did it again; I had to fight to make sure my eyes didn't roll into the back of my head.

As her mouth came off my cock the second time, she moved down slightly to work on my balls. Again, her tongue slowly moved over them before her mouth went to work, taking each ball in and giving it a quick, firm suck. Katharine was clearly enjoying herself, a wide grin on her face as her talented mouth toyed with my cock and balls. She never ceased to amaze me; her incredible blowjob was threatening to distract me from what I initially had in mind. I swallowed, steeling my nerves and trying very hard not to make my voice waver.

"Stop." I mostly succeeded, sounding much more authoritative than I felt. Katharine obeyed, pulling off of my cock and looking up at me. "Turn around, Caroline...I'm going to fuck your ass."

Katharine's eyes went wide; she had not expected that. She seemed to go through an intense mental argument with herself in the span of two seconds, then the grin I had come to love returned.

"Oui, monsieur." She stood up and turned around, sticking her ass out. I couldn't stand up to fuck her, so I took her by the waist and pulled her down onto me. My cock pressed against her asshole, and I could feel her tense up. I put my head on her shoulder; she was breathing heavily, and I could feel that her pulse was racing.

"Katharine," I whispered, and she looked at me. I could see an apprehensive look on her face. "Are you sure?" She swallowed, then nodded. "Okay."

I made sure I had a firm grip of her waist, and pushed my cock inside of her. Her ass was incredibly tight, so much tighter than her pussy. She gasped, and I gently kissed her neck. Her hands found mine, and we clasped as I started to push further in. I took it slow, making sure that neither one of us got hurt. When I was about halfway in, I hit a roadblock. I could feel that she had tensed herself up completely.

"Caroline, you need to relax," I told her, kissing her neck. She didn't stop biting her lip, but she took a deep breath and nodded. I could feel her ass relax, and I pushed in further. "That's it...good girl." Her thumb rubbed the back of my hand, and I kissed her neck again.

The going got easier as she relaxed, and I soon found myself buried in her ass. She gasped when I started to pull back; her ass got so tight it felt like my cock was going to snap in two. My own breathing and heart rate increased dramatically, and it wasn't until Katharine calmed down and relaxed again that I was able to move.

"Monsieur," she purred, "your cock feels so good in my ass..."

"I'm glad you like it, Caroline...your ass feels incredible."

She blushed, smiling. "Merci, monsieur."

I pulled back further, then pushed forward, her magnificent ass holding my cock tight. I started to build a rhythm, very slowly building speed as I fucked Katharine's ass. She gasped every time I pushed in, letting out a low moan when I pulled out. Her gasps and moans were coming closer together as I fucked her faster and faster, and she started to push back against me as I did.

I started kissing her neck again, my hands moving up to her breasts. My thumbs circled her hard nipples as I palmed her tits, and I reveled in the happy moan she let out. I was still fucking her ass faster, and I could tell that I was going to cum soon.

"Mmmm Caroline," I started, "I'm gonna cum soon, honey...you want me to cum in your mouth?"

"No, monsieur." She shook her head. "Please, monsieur, cum in my ass...fill it up with your cum!"

Simply hearing her ask for it in her sexy French accent was enough to put me on the brink. I buried my cock in her ass and gently bit down on her shoulder, crying out in pleasure as I came. I held her still, filling her up with as much cum as I could give her, before I finally let her go.

She gently pulled herself off of my cock, standing before me in just her choker, stockings and heels. She crouched down and quickly cleaned me up, then gathered up her clothes and started to leave. When she reached the doorway, I spoke.

"Caroline, that was...incredible."

She smiled, and blushed. "Merci, monsieur."