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LA Aces
Chapter 5: Serving Sophia
by Doctor Nick

"So...what's the sex like?"

"Excuse me?" Shooting had ground to a halt, thanks to another of Tom's outbursts; this one was over the brand of sweetener for his coffee. I was left to sit on a couch with Sophia, as Renee was off doing something for one of the producers. As always, Sophia chose to fill the downtime with talk of sex.

"With Renee. What's she like in bed?"

"I really don't think that's any of your business.

"Fine. Don't talk about sex with Renee." Sophia grinned, sliding closer to me. "I'd much rather talk about sex with me." She reached out her hand, moving it in the direction of my crotch, but I pushed her away.

"No. We're not doing that again."

"Come on...what are you worried about?" I had an answer, but it seemed that Sophia already knew what it was. "Is it Renee? I think she's already shown that she's okay with me having a taste..."

Sophia had a point. It had been pretty clear that she and Renee had cooked up the scheme to get me tied to a chair together. Still, I was uneasy about it; I was still a bit hurt from what Katharine had done, and I felt bad about essentially doing the same thing to Renee, even if it had wound up being her idea. The bottom line was that I wasn't going to do anything to hurt her, even if it meant passing up a romp with Sophia.

Still, there was no need for me to let her in on all of that. "No," I told her again. "Not gonna happen." To further emphasize that the matter was closed, I got up and walked away.

"I'll get you," she called after me. "Just you wait!"

* * * * *

Renee knocked on Sophia's door, hoping she wouldn't be there. Luck wasn't on her side, however; Sophia's voice called out to inform her that the door was unlocked. Renee opened it, and saw that Sophia was lying down on her couch. She was wearing just a blue t-shirt and matching panties. Renee closed the door, standing in front of it, her lower lip trembling as she watched Sophia.

After a moment, Sophia beckoned Renee to her. The redhead immediately dropped to her knees and crawled the length of the room, stopping when she had reached the couch. Sophia smiled, and patted Renee on the head.

"Good girl."

Renee smiled, blushing slightly. "Thank you, Mistress."

"We need to talk about Nick," Sophia said, losing the dominant tone in her voice.

"Yeah," Renee answered, nervously, "We do."

"He doesn't want to have sex with me. Well, I'm sure he does...I mean, come on," she and Renee both chuckled, then she continued. "But he doesn't want to do it as long as he's with you."

Hearing this, Renee smiled. After the ease with which she had been able to pull him away from Katharine, she had been nervous that Nick was just going to sleep around on her.

"So," Sophia continued, "You need to dump him."

The smile immediately left Renee's face. She had been dreading this moment; anytime she found herself a guy, Sophia wanted a taste. And, more often than not, she liked what she tasted. This inevitably led to the boyfriend cheating on Renee, or Renee having to act like a bitch in order to let him be free to fuck Sophia without guilt.

She didn't mind it too much, really; she didn't like most of the stuff that went with a relationship, and the sex was amazing. But Nick was different. It was almost impossible for her to say how, but she really felt that he loved her. And she felt the same way.

Sophia wasn't blind; she could see that Renee was troubled. "Something wrong?" she asked.

"No." Renee's expression only got worse; she silently cursed herself for not having the guts to say what she wanted to. Was she really going to throw away the best guy she had ever met?

"You're lying," Sophia said. "Tell me what's wrong." Her voice was friendly, and soothing.

For the first time since they had started talking about Nick, Renee looked into Sophia's eyes; she could tell that she was talking to her friend, not her Mistress. "I don't want to dump him," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. "I think...I think I love him."

Sophia nodded. "Okay."

Renee leaned forward and hugged Sophia, surprising the reclined brunette. She had been so afraid, for what now seemed like silly reasons. She was afraid of retribution, afraid that her friend would stab her in the back, afraid of so many ridiculous things.

Sophia returned the hug, which only made Renee hold her tighter. She felt bad, even though she had apparently made Renee very happy. She didn't know why Renee had been so nervous, or why she was so relieved now; the important thing, she rationalized, was that Renee was happy now.

"Thank you," Renee said, breaking the hug and wiping a happy tear from her eye.

"No problem," Sophia replied. "We can still have a threesome, though, right?"

Renee smiled. "As many as my Mistress wants." She started to get up, but Sophia stopped her.

"Where do you think you're going?" The harsh, commanding tone had returned to her voice.

Renee got back down on her knees, bowing her head. "Forgive me, Mistress."

"You'll have to earn that forgiveness." Sophia pointed to her outstretched right foot. "Worship your Mistress, slave. Work your way up."

Renee crawled down to the end of the couch and took Sophia's foot in her hands. Her knees were still on the floor, but her body was now hovering over Sophia's. The dominant brunette wiggled her toes; Renee responded by gently kissing each one of them. One by one, she took Sophia's toes into her mouth, giving each a quick suck before moving on to the next. When all five had received this treatment, Renee's lips traveled down the sole of her Mistress' foot, kissing all the way to her heel. Renee stuck out her tongue, then very slowly ran it back up Sophia's foot.

"Mmm, good girl," Sophia said, relaxing on the couch. She loved having every inch of her body worshipped, and Renee was very good at it. She started kissing the top of Sophia's foot, working her way up the arch with gentle caresses. Her tongue licked a slow circle around Sophia's ankle, her soft lips pecking the bone itself. Sophia let out another contented sigh, letting Renee take all the time she wanted.

Renee was in no hurry. She was never this submissive; not to her boyfriends, not to the other girls she had experimented with, not to anyone. But Sophia...Sophia was impossible to explain. There was just something about her, something in the way she carried herself, that drove Renee wild. They were friends, as well as lovers, and on that level they were always equal. But in the bedroom (or the dressing room, or the bathroom, or the closet, or that one time on the plane), Sophia was in complete control. And Renee didn't want it any other way.

As her tongue lovingly licked the smooth skin of Sophia's calf, Renee was reminded of all the times she had shaved Sophia's gorgeous legs. That simple submissive act never failed to drive Renee wild, and she always made sure to properly thank her Mistress for the opportunity. Now, she was thanking her for something else; her understanding of Renee's feelings for Nick was an example of how great a friend she was, as well as a great Mistress.

Renee began to gently kiss Sophia's shin. Soon, her kisses became more sensual, more passionate, and she found that she was practically sucking on Sophia's flesh. The brunette didn't mind; in fact, she seemed to relish the degree to which her body enraptured Renee. She ran her fingers through her submissive's hair, and let out a low, satisfied moan. Renee's fingertips began to rub Sophia's calf; the supple flesh did as much to arouse Renee as the light massage did for Sophia.

As Renee moved up to Sophia's knee, the toes she had just finished sucking brushed against her breast. Sophia noticed this, and started moving her foot in a small circle. This caused her big toe to rub against the side of Renee's breast, stroking it through her dark purple blouse. Renee looked up at Sophia, and smiled; she returned it.

Renee did not allow the bit of pleasure Sophia was giving her to distract her from her task; she continued her slow, gradual march up Sophia's divine legs. She sucked on Sophia's thigh, much like the way she had sucked on her shin. Sophia's thighs were more sensitive, however, and this time the reaction was stronger.

"Mmm, Renee," she moaned, "You're making me so wet...keep it up..."

Renee did just that, her hands moving up to massage Sophia's thigh as her mouth moved ever closer to her delicious pussy. She could smell Sophia's arousal, now, and the scent was intoxicating. Still, she made sure to take her time and savor the incredible legs she was worshipping.

Sophia was getting impatient; she knew that as great as Renee's tongue was when it worked on her legs, it was even better when it was eating her pussy. She took a firm grip of Renee's hair, but did not tug; she knew that just that signal would tell Renee that Mistress was ready for her to move up.

Renee received the signal, and silently obeyed the unspoken command. She gently lapped at Sophia's cotton panties, pressing the garment against her dripping snatch. When Sophia's moans grew louder, Renee took the panties in her teeth and pulled them down to Sophia's knees.

She quickly moved back up, smiling at the sight of Sophia's wet pussy. She moved in close, like she was planning to attack it with the full force of her tongue, but grinned and pulled back. She teased Sophia's lips, just barely running her tongue over them and then moving away. Sophia groaned, writhing in pleasure and frustration on the couch.

"Don't toy with me, Renee," she pleaded, "Eat me!"

This time, Renee did not immediately obey; instead, she planted soft kisses all around Sophia's pussy, tasting the juices that had gathered in her thick, brown bush. Renee kept Sophia's mound well-trimmed, the dark hair forming a perfect triangle that Renee's tongue was now exploring at a pleasurable, leisurely pace.

Sophia's patience had already worn thin, and she wasn't going to let Renee get distracted from the ultimate goal. She tugged on Renee's hair, trying to steer her toward her engorged clit. The redhead complied, but only to a point; she did move back to Sophia's pussy, but only teased her Mistress' clit. Sophia's frustration grew as Renee's tongue danced over and around the swollen nub.

"Fucking Hell, Renee," she growled, an edge coming to her voice as she tugged once more on her hair. "Suck my fucking clit right the fuck now!"

Renee pouted, playfully; she was disappointed that her playtime was over, but the tone in Sophia's voice had her creaming her jeans. "Yes, Mistress." She took Sophia's clit into her mouth, sucking hard on it.

"Oooooh, yeah," Sophia moaned, rubbing her breasts through her t-shirt. "That's it...oh, fuck, Renee..."

Renee kept her lips tightly wrapped around Sophia's clit, sucking as hard as she could. She would occasionally scrape her teeth against it, causing Sophia to shudder in ecstasy. Renee could feel that Sophia was close, and she did nothing to stop her Mistress from cumming.

"Mmm, ohhhh fuck," Sophia groaned, her body tensing up as she prepared for orgasm. "I'm gonna fucking cum, Renee; you'd better be ready for it!"

Renee barely had time to nod before Sophia came, her sweet cream pouring from her pussy like water from a fountain. Renee quickly moved her mouth to catch as much as she could, hungrily lapping up the rest as Sophia moaned her approval.

"Mmm, such a good girl," she said, stroking her slave's hair.

When the fountain had run dry, Renee moved up to Sophia's face and kissed her. Sophia slid her tongue into Renee's mouth, tasting her own juices and finding them quite enjoyable. As their tongues danced, Renee placed her hand on Sophia's bush, pushing her middle finger into Sophia's cunt.

Renee broke the kiss, smiling down at Sophia. "Got one more for me?" she asked, bending her finger in an attempt to influence the answer.

Sophia nodded, smiling from ear to ear. She pulled off her t-shirt, her nudity a stark contrast to Renee's full outfit of blouse and jeans. Renee leaned in, kissing Sophia's breasts as she slid another finger into her pussy. Sophia groaned at the insertion, her muscles tightening around Renee's fingers.

Renee started to fuck Sophia's cunt with her fingers, while at the same time her lips and tongue moved over her breasts. She kissed the soft, supple flesh, loving the sound of Sophia's contented moans. She closed her eyes as she started to suck on Sophia's nipple, smiling to herself when her Mistress started petting her.

"Good girl," Sophia intoned, stroking Renee's hair. "Mmm, you're such a good girl, Renee..."

Renee felt like a very good girl, and she was glad her Mistress agreed. She continued to suck on Sophia's nipple, almost as if she expected to draw milk, while her fingers continued to fuck Sophia's tight pussy.

Much as she enjoyed the events that were unfolding, Sophia had something else in mind. She guided Renee's mouth away from her nipple, drawing her into another kiss. When the kiss broke, Renee opened her eyes. Sophia could see the pleasure that Renee was feeling, just from serving her; she wanted to reward it.

Holding onto Renee's shoulders for support, Sophia rolled herself off of the couch, coming down on the floor on top of Renee. The redhead was confused by the change of position, but before she could question it Sophia was kissing her again. Sophia pinned Renee to the floor, moaning into her mouth as their kiss intensified.

Renee inserted a third finger into Sophia's pussy, fucking her Mistress with renewed ardor. Her thumb pressed against Sophia's clit, teasing it with her nail. Sophia's moans grew louder, and she broke the kiss.

Sophia's lips traveled down to Renee's neck, a spot that she knew drove her sub wild. She playfully nipped the pale flesh, loving Renee's surprised gasps. "Oh, you're so tasty, Renee," Sophia said, smiling as she moved up to nibble her ear, "I just might have to eat you up."

"Please," Renee moaned, "Please, Mistress...please, yes."

Sophia was taken aback by this; she knew that Renee got off on being a sub, but she had never heard such need in her voice. Acting quickly, she spun herself around, getting into position so that her pussy was right in Renee's face, and vice versa.

Renee wasted no time replacing the fingers that had just been removed from Sophia's cunt with her eager tongue. Sophia moaned, relishing the sensation for a moment. Then she returned to her self-appointed task. She started by taking hold of Renee's wrist, bringing her sub's creamy fingers to her mouth. Slowly, she licked her sweet juices from Renee's hand, gently kissing each finger in turn.

Renee let out a muffled moan, her face buried in Sophia's dripping snatch. When Sophia released her hand, she placed it on Sophia's ass, and both of Renee's hands began to rub and caress Sophia's cheeks. Renee's tongue worked as fast as she could make it, licking as deep as possible in Sophia's drenched pussy.

Sophia, meanwhile, was busy preparing Renee for a tongue-lashing of her own. She unbuttoned Renee's tight jeans, sliding them up her legs and exposing her purple g-string. This, too, was quickly pushed out of the way, and Sophia was met with a surprise.

"Growing in our bush, are we?" she asked playfully, licking the patch of hair that had sprouted since their last encounter. Renee answered with a muffled "Mm-hmm," and Sophia smiled. "I like it," she said, kissing the red mound before turning her attention to Renee's clit.

Sophia gently bit down on it, causing Renee to cry out. She bit it again, harder, and this time Renee's response conveyed as much pain as pleasure. Sophia quickly soothed the pain, switching to more gentle kisses and licks as she attended to Renee. She mixed it up, using a variety of soft kisses and hard bites designed to keep Renee on the edge for as long as possible.

Sophia knew that Renee had to be close; her pussy was soaking wet, and she knew from experience that Renee's licking always grew more feverish the closer she came to an orgasm. This time was no different, as Renee's tongue was attacking Sophia's snatch with reckless abandon.

"Oh, fuck, Renee," Sophia moaned, grinding her hips against the younger woman's face. "I want you to cum for me; cum for your Mistress!"

Sophia punctuated her exclamation by redoubling her efforts on Renee's clit. Her tongue attacked it from all angles, her lips and teeth getting into the action as well. Renee was writhing beneath her, moaning loudly into her pussy and keeping a tight grip on her ass. It was just a matter of time, and that time ran out when Sophia's tongue made one last circle around Renee's engorged clit.

The sound of Renee's orgasm was muffled by the fact that she was still eating Sophia's pussy, but it was still loud enough for Sophia to hear every word. "Ohhh, ohhh FUCK I'M CUMMING!!!" Renee screamed, her cream gushing from her pussy. Sophia eagerly licked up as much as she could; Renee's cum was practically addictive, and Sophia was a very happy junkie.

Satisfied that she had gotten her fix, Sophia pulled herself away from Renee's pussy. She got up on her knees, changing the angle that Renee was attacking her pussy from. Renee didn't slow down a bit, her tongue seemingly in three totally different places at once while her hands continued to rub Sophia's ass.

Sophia started to grind herself against Renee's face, riding her eager slave like a bucking bronco. She cursed herself silently for thinking of this position so late; the sensations were incredible, but there was no way that she would be able to hold out for very long. She closed her eyes, trying to think of something to take her mind off of Renee, but the persistent redhead's incredible tongue wouldn't let her get away from the pleasure.

"Jesus Christ, Renee," she gasped, "You're fucking amazing...oh, God...oh, FUCKING GOOOOOD!!!"

Renee opened her mouth as wide as she could, letting Sophia's orgasm rain down on her. Sophia was stiff as a board, frozen in ecstasy and screaming with pleasure. She stayed like that for almost a minute before finally collapsing, leaning against the couch for support.

Renee slid out from under her, sitting next to her in front of the couch. Sophia took a moment to catch her breath, while Renee smiled bashfully. "Please tell me we don't have to stop this for Nick," Sophia said, wiping sweat from her eyes.

Renee grinned. "I don't think he'll mind."

* * * * *

Renee came out of the dressing room just as I went to knock on it. "Hey," she said, smiling and greeting me with a kiss.

"Hey." I smiled, then licked my lips. "Mmm, tasty...new lipstick?"

"Something like that." Renee blushed and looked back at Sophia, who was also coming out of the dressing room. She grinned, and I had no doubt what the taste was.

"Give him another taste."

Before I could process what Sophia had said, Renee was kissing me again. The remnants of Sophia's cream on her tongue made it taste even better than usual, and I could feel my cock quickly responding. I pressed Renee against the door, kissing her harder. She lifted her left leg, wrapping it around me and pulling me closer to her, pressing my bulge against the growing wet spot in her jeans.

"Uh, guys," Sophia started, "Don't we have to get back to work?"

I broke the kiss and looked back at Sophia; she obviously didn't like having to ask what she just did, but she had a point. Luckily, I had an answer that made us all happy.

"That's what I was coming to say," I said, catching my breath. "They're shutting down shooting for the rest of the day. Something about Africa being a go." I turned my attention back to Renee, kissing her again. "God, I want you..."

"In here," she said, breathlessly. I opened the door and picked Renee up, but was stopped from carrying her in by Sophia.

"Can I come, too?" she asked.

Renee practically screamed "Yes!" before I could even open my mouth, and the three of us made our way into the dressing room. I saw a couch at one end of the room, but instead I went for the bed, dropping Renee on it and quickly beginning to undress.

I had my shirt off and was hastily pulling at my belt when I felt Sophia grab me from behind, her hands rubbing my chest. She kissed and sucked my neck, moving up to my ear and whispering, "I told you I'd get you."

Renee had sat herself up on the bed, and was now enjoying the sight of Sophia kissing my neck and rubbing my chest. She had unbuttoned her jeans, and had her hand was buried in her pants as she watched us with rapt attention.

I finished pulling off my belt, and quickly stepped out of my jeans and underwear. Renee's eyes lit up as she saw my cock; it was already fully erect from our brief make-out session. She went to take it into her mouth, but Sophia stopped her.

"Nuh-uh," she said, grinning. "I get him first."

Renee bowed her head, backing away. "Yes, Mistress."

Sophia pulled down and stepped out of her blue sweatpants, tossing them aside along with her matching panties. I could see that she was already wet, both from having cum before and from her arousal at the situation she found herself in. She got down on all fours, so that her head was resting on the foot of the bed, and beckoned Renee to come closer to her.

"Come fuck me, Nick," she ordered as she started to peel off Renee's tight jeans. I looked to Renee for approval; she nodded eagerly. I stepped forward, lining my cock up with Sophia's moist slit. "Come on," she said as I brushed my head against her cunt, "Don't tease me. Fuck me."

I pushed the head of my cock into her; as I expected, it was fairly easy going. Sophia's pussy was already wet and creamy, so I had little difficulty as I slid the length of my cock inside of her. Her pussy was almost as tight as it was wet; I groaned in pleasure as I felt her muscles envelop my member.

"Fuck, that's it," Sophia said, encouraging me. "Come on, baby; fuck me!"

I put a hand on her back to steady myself, and started to fuck her. I started slow, then built more speed, settling into a nice rhythm of pushing in and out of her. Once she had timed my thrusts, Sophia started pushing back against me, rocking back and forth as I moved in and out of her.

While this was going on, Sophia was also attending to Renee. She pulled off Renee's jeans, licking her soaked panties. Renee gasped; whatever they had just finished, it had obviously left her very sensitive. Sophia seemed to realize that, and went at Renee with slow, gentle licks.

She pulled Renee's panties down to her ankles, then placed her hands back on the floor to steady herself. Sophia kissed Renee's inner thighs gently, making her gasp and run her fingers through Sophia's hair.

"Ohhh, God," Renee moaned, "Lick me, Mistress!"

Sophia smiled, and carefully inserted her tongue into Renee's pussy. I wondered what it was about Sophia that made Renee call her Mistress, even when Sophia was the one doing the servicing. Sophia's tongue gently probed at Renee's pussy, licking her sensitive cunt.

I started to fuck her harder; tasting Sophia's cream on Renee's tongue had driven me mad with arousal, and I knew I'd have to get off soon if I was going to be good for more than one orgasm.

"Ooo, Nick," Sophia cooed, muffled slightly by Renee's cunt. "That's how I like it...give it to me hard!"

I furrowed my brow and went to work at meeting her request. I thrust myself into her as hard as I could, watching her rock back and forth and savoring the feeling of her hot cunt around my cock.

"Yeah, that's how you like it," I said. "You wanna get fucked like a little slut, don't you?"

Sophia cried out "Ohhh, fuck yes! I'm your fucking slut!" and briefly took her head away from Renee's pussy. Reaching out, I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her right back down.

"Keep licking, slut!" I barked. "You're not in charge now; I am!" I kept Sophia pinned to the bed, my hips smacking against hers as I fucked her hard. "I'm gonna fucking cum, bitch! Don't you cream your little cunt until Renee does! You hear me?"

Sophia nodded, licking and kissing Renee's pussy with renewed passion. I closed my eyes and grunted, slamming myself into her. "Here it comes! Gonna fill you up with my fucking cum!" I did just that, blasting my hot load into Sophia's cunt.

Renee seemingly couldn't believe what she was seeing; the sight of her Mistress being knocked down a peg or two must have been new to her. She looked up at me, then back down at Sophia, then up to me again. She looked like she was about to say something, but was distracted by Sophia's skilled tongue.

"Fuuuck," she moaned, rubbing her chest through her purple blouse. "Make me cum, Mistress...please, make your slave fucking CUMMMM!!!" Renee screamed loudly, sweet cream flowing from her pussy into Sophia's waiting mouth.

To her credit, Sophia waited just like I told her to, and didn't start to cream her own cunt until Renee's juices had touched her lips. She writhed in pleasure, happily licking up Renee's cream as her own cum poured down her thighs.

I pulled Sophia up to me, and kissed her forcefully. This time, I tasted Renee's pussy on her tongue. Sophia moaned into my mouth, then broke the kiss. "Fuck my ass?" she asked, biting her lip.

I smiled; Sophia made it sound like I was asking her to do some horrible favor that I couldn't possibly enjoy. "I suppose," I said.

I spun Sophia around so that she was facing Renee again, and pressed my cock against her ass. I didn't think she had expected me to go at her from this position, with both of us standing, but I really didn't care. I grabbed her hips and pulled her close, popping the head of my cock into her ass. She gasped, the sound seemingly more of pain and surprise than pleasure.

Renee heard it, and apparently didn't like the idea of her Mistress not being pleasured. She scooted into position and started kissing Sophia's pussy, mimicking the movements that Sophia had used on her moments ago. This time, Sophia moaned, spreading her legs a little to give us both better access.

Sophia's ass was much tighter than her pussy, almost painfully so. After pushing myself in as far as I could go, I started to very slowly withdraw. Sophia seemed to relax as I did, so I took the opportunity and pushed myself deeper than I had previously been able to. "Jesus, you're tight," I groaned as I struggled to penetrate her further.

Sophia did not respond; she just kept a tight grip on Renee's hair. I knew that I was being rough with her, and I was very surprised that she hadn't yet asked me to ease up. It made me respect her a little more. Wouldn't make me stop fucking her as hard, but I respected her more.

Renee started to focus in on Sophia's clit, smothering the swollen nub with soft licks and kisses. Through gritted teeth, Sophia moaned, and the moan only became more intense as I started to pull out once more.

I pulled myself back until just the head of my cock was in Sophia's ass, letting Renee pleasure her for a little while. I reached a couple of fingers around to her pussy, gathering a bit of her cream and rubbing it along my shaft. The extra bit of lubrication helped as I pushed myself back in, as there was much less of a struggle getting my cock deep into Sophia's ass.

As she loosened up a bit, Sophia grew to enjoy my sodomy a little more. She moaned in pleasure as I started to build speed, fucking her slowly but steadily. Her pleasure was only increased by the fact that Renee was doing the same thing to her pussy; she gently slid two fingers in and out of Sophia's cunt in time with my thrusts into her ass.

"Fuuuck," Sophia moaned. "Mmm, you're both so fucking good...fuck me!"

My eyes found Renee's, and we each nodded. Somehow, we were on the same wavelength, and our fucking stayed synchronized even as we sped up. Renee matched her fucking of Sophia's pussy with a tongue-lashing of her clit; seeing this, I started to kiss and lick Sophia's neck.

Renee's tongue danced all around Sophia's pleasure button, alternately teasing it with the tip and attacking it with her full tongue. Sophia obviously appreciated the efforts, as she ran her fingers through Renee's hair. "Mmm, good girl," she cooed.

Inexplicably, I found myself feeling jealous of Renee. Still kissing and licking Sophia's neck, I also started to rub her breasts through her t-shirt. After a while of this, I peeled it off; the shirt was clinging to her sweat-soaked breasts like it didn't want to leave them. I grabbed her nipples and twisted them roughly, drawing a pained gasp, then began to rub my palms along the curves of her chest.

Sophia rewarded this with a moan of satisfaction. She took one hand out of Renee's hair and brought it up to mine, running her fingers through my hair. "Mmm, and such a good boy, too," she said as I continued to kiss and rub her.

My cock twitched inside of Sophia's ass; I knew that I was going to cum soon. "Sophia," I started, still attending to her neck, "I'm going toŚ"

"Cum in my ass, Nick!" she said, cutting me off. "Fill me up!" As soon as she said it, I started to cum, my cock shooting hot cum all the way up into Sophia's ass. I moaned, muffled by her neck; cumming in her ass felt even better than cumming in her pussy.

The feeling of my hot cum in her ass sent Sophia over the edge; she came for a second time, this time licked up and swallowed by a happy and hungry Renee. "Ooo, such a good boy and a good girl," she said, rewarding our efforts. "You're both so good." As I pulled out of her ass, she said, "There must be some way for me to repay you for that."

She walked behind me, wrapping her hand around my still-hard cock, jacking it. "Mmm, this seems familiar," she said, teasingly. "But I bet Renee knows how to make it even better than last time."

Renee took the hint, and immediately scooted back toward me. She was lying on her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows; her purple blouse was the only piece of clothing left on between us. She took the head of my cock into her mouth, giving it a hard suck while Sophia jacked my shaft.

Sophia took her hand off of my cock, and took a handful of Renee's hair. "Come on, slave," she said, forcing Renee to deepthroat me, "Taste your Mistress' ass!"

"Oh, fuuuck," I groaned, placing my hands on the sides of Renee's head. I brushed a few strands of hair out of her face, and she looked up at me lovingly.

After a moment, Sophia pulled Renee back, wrapping her right hand around my cock and using her left to stroke Renee's hair. "There's a good girl," she intoned. "Such a good little slave, Renee."

Renee responded to Sophia's praise by sucking me harder; I could tell that she loved having us both stand over her, dominant. Sophia didn't seem to be content with just one submissive; she turned her attention to me.

"Mmm, and you're a good boy, Nicky," she said, tightening her grip on my cock. "I bet you love having Miss Sophia's hand jacking you off..."

"Oh, yeah," I answered. "I love it."

Sophia smiled. "Good boy." She kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. She must have pulled her hand away from Renee's hair, because she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me as close to her as possible, pressing her entire body against me. I let her take complete control of the kiss, not that I had much choice; with my cock firmly in her grasp and her tongue halfway down my throat, Sophia made sure I knew she was in charge.

When she broke the kiss, there was a fire in her eyes that I hadn't seen before. Renee must have seen it, too, as she started to suck harder on my head and swirl her tongue around it. That look in Sophia's eye told me that she knew she was in complete control, and that she could make us do anything she wanted. More than that, it told me that I would happily do whatever she asked.

"You about ready to cum, Nick?" she asked. I nodded. "Good. Do it on Renee's face."

Renee immediately backed off, licking my cock with the tip of her tongue while Sophia continued to jack my shaft. "Oh, God..." I moaned, "I'm gonna cum, Sophia...fuck, I'm gonna cum soon...oh, shit YEEESSSS!!!" I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I came, plastering my load all over Renee's gorgeous face. Sophia kept jerking me, milking my cock for every drop of hot milk that she could get.

When she finally let me go, my knees were so weak that I could barely stand. I stumbled to the couch and sat down, my cock aching from the tightness of Sophia's grip and the force with which I had just cum.

At Sophia's behest, Renee got up on her knees on the bed, her face still covered with my cum. She folded her hands in her lap, smiling pleasantly, waiting for her Mistress' orders. I knew, and from the look of it Sophia did too, that Renee would do absolutely anything she said. Seeing Renee so submissive, and Sophia so dominant, started bringing my cock back to life.

Sophia made a show of pacing in front of the bed, watching Renee watch her, deciding what she was going to do with her next. She slowly leaned in and kissed Renee's cheek, her tongue sliding out to lick it. She smiled as she tasted my cum. "Mmm, Nick," she said, licking up some more, "Your cum tastes even better than Renee said."

"Th-thank you," I stammered, wondering what was coming over me. Sophia had me completely wrapped around her finger, and I was loving every second of it.

Sophia continued to slowly lick my cum off of Renee's face. Her tongue slowly covered Renee's right cheek, scooping up my jizz and bringing it into her mouth. She moved up to Renee's forehead, her tongue again giving it a long lick. Sophia took her time, savoring the taste of Renee's sweat mixed with my semen. After every swipe of her tongue against Renee's skin, Sophia swallowed, and every time she did she gave the same happy smile.

Renee seemed to be trembling with arousal as Sophia licked her face clean. Her eyes followed Sophia's tongue as it slowly moved over her skin. I was jealous of her; Sophia's slow, deliberate cleaning was a powerfully erotic sight from a distance, but it must have been even more so from up close.

Sophia knew that she was the center of attention, and she loved it. She drew out her every movement; I realized that I had even brought my breathing in line with the slow motion of her tongue over Renee's flesh.

Satisfied that Renee's forehead was clean, Sophia moved to her left cheek. By now, Renee's face with flushed with arousal, and my cock was slowly getting hard again. Still, Sophia took her time, relishing the power she held over both of us. We were frozen in place, watching in awe as the dominant Sophia continued to meticulously lick Renee's face clean.

Sophia moved down to Renee's chin, now the only part of her face that had any cum left on it. Sophia licked it up, looking up into Renee's eyes and giving her a devilish grin. She swallowed the milky load, as she had all the others, and pulled back a little to survey her work. She seemed satisfied; she leaned in and softly kissed Renee's lips, then pulled back and stood up straight.

"Well," she said, after a moment of awed silence from Renee and me. "What now?"

Sophia was interrupted by loud knocking at the door. "Sophia? Renee? Are you in there?" A concerned male voice asked. "We have to talk! I've got big news!"