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06-26-2009, 06:37 PM
Mena Suvari Submits
unknown author

It was a crowded club near Central Park in NYC. I couldnt believe my
eyes when I saw Mena Suvari walk in, alone. My stomach felt a lil
queasy and I immediately lowered my hand over my crotch which had risen
considerably. I had to have her. After seeing her gorgeous lil brown
buds in American Beauty I longed to pull them through my mouth and bite
them into hard lil nubs.

Gathering all the courage I could I walked over to the blond bombshell
who was being hit on by quite a few guys. I sized them all up, I
figured I had about an equal chance as a few of them to bed Mena. As I
walked over her eyes shifted slowly toward me, looking up my muscular
body. She really was tiny and gorgeous in person. I pushed past the
other guys who had backed off a lil seeing how her eyes were on me.

"I'm Jerrod Russet. I..er.." So much for cool and calm, my words came
out in a voice I didnt recognize. She giggled and raised a light
colored brow.

"Oh, really? Well Jerrod, I am gonna walk away now.. great.. thanks" I
was shocked at her sarcastic tone and her cruel personality. I wasnt
ready for that. As she walked by, her smooth hips swaying beneath the
tight leather shirt I grabbed her wrist gently smoothing it over the
pulsing veins. Pulling myself toward her ear I brushed my lips over the
soft lobe.

"If you agree to see me tommorrow I can make it worth your time slut." I
used an equally cruel tone, whispered into her ear. Red blotches
crossed her cheeks and chest, then she smiled.

"Prove it." She bit a lip as the blush drifted off. She meant it. I
scribbled my new address on a bar napkin and made my best John Wayne


So I was pacing across my living room, everything ready. She was in for
a surprise. I just had to get myself prepared. I needed to be
indifferent and cold. She needed a good fucking, not to mention her
punishment for embarrassing me the previous night at the club. I leaned
back against the couch and waited. About 15minutes past the agreed time
she knocked on my door. That was all I needed to prepare myself to
treat this bitch like the slut she was.

I swung the door open and dragged her in by the blond locks on her head.
She yelped but looked up at me, scared but I could tell she was
incredibly turned on. I pushed her onto the couch, Mena caught herself
with her hands and looked up at me eyes wide.

"Your late slut. Do you know what happens to naughty girls that dont
show up on time?" I hissed as coldly as I could. This time the blush
lasted longer as she realized I meant it.

"You will call me MASTER, nothing else, it will be yes master, no
master, unless I ask you something else. I am going to teach you not to
be snobby. But first you need punishments." I didnt give her a chance
to speak.

"Y..Yes Master."

I whisked her back on her feet with one hand on her delicate wrist.
Using my other hand I ripped her white blouse away, revealing the tiny
lil breasts that didnt even require a bra. She yelped again by a slap
across the breasts silenced her. My mouth found the bud pulling it past
my teeth until I felt it harden like a tiny pebble. I released it
giving her other the same slow treatment. Mena's body pressed to my
mouth, and a muffled moan started on her lips. I clamped down a bit
harder making her whimper in slight pain. Standing I yanked down her
black leather pants.

"Step out of them bitch." She immediately did as I demanded. Rose
colored lace panties adorned her creamy ass. I sat down, and pulled
her over my lap,then pushed the panties aside, my cock hardening in my
pants against her belly.

"No! Master please!" She begged, like she knew what was to happen.
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I delivered the first blow with my palm over her ass cheeks, hard and
firm. Her ass rippled pleasingly. She screeched, but eight more slaps
followed back and forth between the reddening cheeks. She sobbed down
grabbing my legs. Lowering my fingers I found her twat, I spread it and
was excited to see it dripping with wetness. I pinched her clit
slightly and she undulated against me.

"Do you wanna be fucked slut?"I growled.She didnt say anything so I
slapped her twice as hard as before a few times.

"YES! Yes master! Fuck me!"

I laughed. "Does a snobby naughty girl like yourself deserved to have a
cock deep in her belly?"

She sniffled. "No, master."

I was extremely pleased she learned fast. I had my doubts that this was
her first time with the situation. I pushed her off my lap she flopped
to the floor like a kicked puppy. Lifting my ass I pulled down my pants
leaving my cock bare and poking straight up free of its barrier.

"Do you want my cock slut?"

She moaned nodding fiercely, "yes, master"

I motioned her over and she crawled toward me, stopping before her mouth
met my bobbing cock. I pulled her to her feet. One hand violated her
pussy two fingers jamming into the wet hole. She moaned freely, not
worried of consequences. I spread her legs so she was straddling my lap
then dropped her downward, removing my fingers she plunged over my
cock. It was my turn to moan loudly as I fucked her up and down over my

"Do not come bitch until I do." I pinched her nipple between my teeth as
she took over fucking herself on my rod. I bit harder flattening it
between my bite, she grabbed my shoulders hard fucking so fast I
thought we both would tumble off the couch. I couldnt hold back much
longer as I sucked more of the tiny mound into my mouth. I let go,
streams of my hot spream floating into her belly. That was all it took
to make her cum, arching into me as she shimmied almost all the way
back off my lap. I held her up as we finally slipped back down off our

I looked her in the eyes then kissed her pouted mouth long and hard. Her
tongue met mine as our combined wetness gathered over my balls. I
playfully patted her still warm ass cheeks then laid down with her on
the couch as we napped for the next few hours.