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The Secret diary of Eva Longoria
Chapter 2: Eva loves Shakira
unknown author

Many can only daydream of what the possibilitys could be if they could truly have the person they lusted over. For celebritys its no problem but for one woman……..its an effortless task.

Eva Longeria, a beautifully seductive woman with emence talent in more ways then one. A woman with a very dark secret, a very dark power. She could get anyone she disired……. exept for one person. Dispite being popular and having everything she could ever ask for there was one thing that just tormented her and that was Shakira.An oblivious lust magnet that stood a lushous 5’1” with measurements of 34C-25-37 all together a body that filled out perfectly in all the right areas and Eva could’nt stand it. Nomatter how popular or how hot people thought she was she knew that the people would always love Shakira more but Eva had a plan that would change that. Maybe not in the eyes of the people but atleast in hers.

Experienced in the art of witchcraft. Eva drew out a plan that would bring the latin goddess to her knees not only figuratively but litterally. Eva envyed Shakira and dispite fearcly denying it to herself she also lusted over her as well.

After retrieving a picture she had of Shakira, Eva then lit six candles forming them in a circle and placed Shakira’s picture in the middle. Eva began to chant……meanwhile Shakira finally got back to her hotelroom after the last show of an exsosting tour. With little energy to do much else Shakira took off her tank top and skin tight leather pants and sliped into bed falling asleep the second her head touched the pillow. A suttle breaze then blew threw the white silk curtians of Shakira’s hotelroom window and there appeared Eva at the foot of her bed. The spell she had casted would prevent Shakira from seeing her. She wanted to torment Shakira the same way Shakira’s body tormented her every time she saw it.

Eva gentally pulled the sheets off of Shakira eyeing every curvy inch of her toned latin body as the sheets uncovered it. Lustfully looking over Shakira’s uncovered body Eva began to unravel the first part of her plan. She took her left hand slowly and gentally moved it up Shakira’s full thick and smooth right thigh then taking her right hand and doing the same to her left thigh stopping at her hips then slowly running them accrost the top of her pantys meeting at the middle and then slowly bending over and kissing Shakira softly right above the top of her pantys. All of a sudden Shakira woke up and turned on the light and started looking around the room. Right before shakira got back in bed she felt something come up behind her. Eva placed her arms around Shakira’s waist from hehind and kissed the side of her neck gentally. Shakira turned around quickly and noticed nothing was there. With a very confused look on her face she said to herself “I must be way past the point of complete egsostion….I need to stop working so hard” but before she could do anything else she felt the hands again come around her waist from behind but this time one of the hands slowly drifted underneath her pantys. Noticing the front of her pantys come up and nothing was there doing it Shakira started to freak. She could see the front of her pantys move as if something was underneath them probing the outside of her bald pussy. She then felt soft senual kisses on the left side of her neck as the other hand that was on her hip slowly move up sliping under her bra and start massaging and grasping her fleshy mountains. Shakira quickly pulled away and ran back to bed franticly tooking around the room for something she didn’t know was there. “This is allot more fun then I thought” Eva said to herself as she noticed what she was putting Shakira threw. Trying to compose herself, Shakira layed back down in bed and tried to get back to sleep but this time not turning out the lights.

Eva approached Shakira again……..and wispered softly into her ear “Canto valista karra“ (a spell that would prevent Shakira from moving by herself) . Shakira’s eyes burst open. “Who’s there ?!?!” she asked . “Don’t you recognise my voice Shakira….LOL….don’t you remember the last time we encountered eachother” Eva responded with abit of a giggle. “ No….who are you….whats going on….why can’t and I see you…..why can’t I move ?!?!?” Shakira said franticly but this time Eva didn’t respond. Eva then mounted her. Shakira noticed something shide under her pantys again. Eva slid her hand down Shakira’s muscularly toned tummy , finally reaching her hot latin cunt that was desperately needing Eva's touch. She started rubbing her clit in a tight circular motion. As she did that Eva leaned forward and wispered into Shakira’s ear “Noratiga bos ita juntia dias” . “My mind, body and soul is yours to command” Shakira said suddenly.

As soon as Eva heard that she knew she had Shakira under her power and could do anything she wanted to the hypnotized latin goddess. Eva’s hand started moving faster and faster on her clit. She reached down with her other hand, forcing it into Shakira’s panties under her ass. Eva slowly pushed her middle finger into Shakira’s tight asshole and was surprised at how tight her ass was, feeling Shakira contract her muscles around it as Eva eased her finger into it. She stopped rubbing and pushed two fingers into her tight cunt starting to rub her clit with her palm and thrusting the fingers deeper into her innocent latin cunt. “Shakira I want your hot so bad baby” Eva said as she continued to finger fuck Shakira’s tight lushous love holes. Eva slowly stoped and layed down on the other side of the bed “I comand you to fuck me untill I passout” Eva said in a stern loving “ Yes Eva….as you command” Shakira responded coldly.

Shakira began unbuttoning her blouse. Button by button fell apart as Shakira made her way down to the last one. She pulled the blouse apart and exposed Eva's white lace bra. Her cleavage was full, deep and looked to have an unending darkness between her very bountiful breasts. The fingertips maneuvered their way around the hook and loop and pushed them together until the curvature face slipped out from under the miniature plastic bar. Not being able to hold back the giant tide that became suddenly reckless, both cups shot to either side and her lushous breasts jiggled into plain site. Her breasts were jaw droping Shakira thought. Shakira pulled the straps off her shoulders while starring at her chest the whole time. Dispite being in a hypnotic trance Shakira’s natural animalistic instincts kicked in just at the site of Eva’s breathtaking breasts and was going to absolutely ravage her.
Shakira took the tube of the lubricant and squirted a trail from her belly button up to her chest. She squirted some on the tops of her erect nipples and placed the tube on the night stand. Shakira spread her hands and moved them all over Eva's now completely nude body. Her hands slipped easily from her tummy to her breasts. Caressing and grabbing at her chest, Eva was extremely turned-on.

She then placed her hands on Eva's melons and started blowing her hot breath on the nape of her bare neck. Slowly kissing her way down to Eva’s lushous breasts…. "Ohhhhh…" Eva moaned, feeling Shakira's hot mouth on her breasts as the latin goddess took her nipples into her mouth. Shakira flicked her tongue over Eva's perfectly shaped small hard nipples, sucking and gently nibbling on them as Eva squirmed beneath her. She kept her mouth on Eva's breasts, moving her hand down her body towards her pussy. Eva arched her back slightly as she felt Shakira's hand moving to her pussy. Eva soon lost site of her plan and now just wanted Shakira to have the amazing sex with her she had always dreamed of Shakira being able to do to her. Her fingers slowly moving over Eva’s now glisten pussy. Shakira rubbed her fingers up and down on her slit slowly, pushing and pulling her lips as Eva moaned and squirmed. She watched as Eva had her eyes closed, biting her lip as Shakira slowly pushed a finger inside her. "Ugghhmmm…." Eva moaned out as the finger started sliding in and out of her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw Shakira looking right at her, licking her lips and smiling. Shakira leaned in and kissed her hard, pushing her tongue into Eva's mouth as she finger fucked her.
“I’m getting so wet Shakira……lick up every drop of my warm honey…..uhhhhmmmmm……fuck me like you own me you fucking latin goddess” said the anxious now very horny Eva. Eva watched as Shakira spread her dark toned legs and slowly licked down them, giving her goose bumps. Shakira made her way down to Eva's wet pussy, teasing her as she licked around it. "Yesss….lick it please…." She begged, looking down as Shakira moved in on her pussy. Shakira put a hand on her pussy, gently rubbing up and down as she started flicking her tongue over Eva's clit. Eva groaned and moved her hips, watching Shakira work her over. Angelina slipped a finger into Eva's surprisingly tight pussy as she sucked and licked on her clit and lips, going back and forth as she finger fucked her.

"Ohhhh yessss….lick my pussyyy…" she moaned as Shakira licked, sucked and fingered her wet driping pussy. Shakira added another finger and kept pumping, feeling Eva start to tense up as her orgasm built. Eva reached down and held onto Shakira as she squeezed her thighs against her head. "Imm gonnna cummmmm….uhhmmmm fuckkk…." She groaned as she started to cum, her juices bursting out of her. Shakira sucked and slurped, tasting the torrent of pussy juice as Eva climaxed in her mouth. "OHHHMMM FUCKKK….IMMM CUMMMINNGGG….UGGHMMMMMMM" Eva yelled out as she blasted Angelina with a flood of juice. Shakira pulled herself out from between Eva's legs and crawled on top of her. Their breasts smashed against each other as Shakira kissed Eva, giving Eva a taste of her pussy juice. They licked and sucked each others mouths for awhile before Shakira got up off the bed. "Hey, I’m not done with you yet" an exsosted Eva said just laying there feeling flushed as she stared at the ceiling.

The exsosted Eva then got up and reached into the nightstand next to the bed and pulled out a double headed dildo. She smiled wickedly at Shakira as she started to lick up and down on it, her thick lips pressed against it as her mouth opened. Eva took the dildo in and started sucking on it, her mouth sliding up and down as her lips wrapped around it tightly. Shakira stared in amazement as the dildo started disappearing into Eva's mouth. She continued sucking until she had half of it in her mouth, then pulled it out and licked the tip. Eva brought the dildo down to Shakira's mouth, rubbing the tip across her latin lips as her mouth opened up. Shakira just stared up as the dildo slid into her mouth, feeling the tip rub on her tongue as Eva started pushing and pulling on it. She sucked and slurped on the dildo for awhile before Eva pulled it out. "Spread your hot thick latin legs for me Shakira" she said as Shakira sat up and spread her legs.

Eva sat up on the bed, holding the double headed dildo between them as she rubbed the tip on Shakira's pussy. Shakira looked down as the dildo started to get pushed inside her tight latin pussy. "Mmmmmm…yesssss…" she moaned out as Eva pumped it in and out a little bit. "Seems like somebody has caught on pretty quick" Eva said as she rubbed the dildo on her wet pussy, slowly pushing her end inside of Shakira. She held onto the middle of the dildo and loved being filled up as she watched Eva invade her. Shakira pressed her hands down on the bed and started to pump her hips. Eva licked her lips as she watched the eager latin godess’s pussy sliding back and forth tightly on the dildo, her pussy stretching around it. "Uhmmmm….feels good….yessssss" Shakira moaned out as she threw her head back, breathing a little harder as the toy filled her up.

"Ohhhhh Shakiraaaaa….mmmmmmmm" Eva groaned, watching the dildo sliding in and out of their pussies. She reached over and pulled Shakira closer to her, thrusting her tits up into Shakira's face. Shakira opened her mouth and took one of Eva's perky breasts in, sucking and licking on her nipple. "Yessss…suck my tits honey…" Eva moaned as she fucked the dildo and felt Shakira's hot mouth on her breasts. Shakira switched to the other breast, flicking her tongue over Eva's hard nipple before taking it in her mouth. She sucked hard on her breast, feeling the dildo slamming back and forth between them. Eva leaned back and pulled away from Shakira as she started to tense up as a surprisingly massive orgasm started building. "Im gonna cumm sweetie…ohhh yesssss..." she moaned out to Shakira as she reached down and rubbed her clit hard. They were both sweating badly and breathing hard as Eva pulled the dildo out and yelled out as she demanded Shakira to rub her pussy. "Here it comes…UGGHMMM FFUCCKKKK…OHHH YEAAAAAAA" Eva yelled out as her pussy juice squirted out, soaking the bed and getting Shakira wet. Eva was breathing hard, leaning back as she looked down at the bed. "Whooo….I seem to have made a big mess here" she said as Shakira just stared.
………..”Sadly my latin godess its time for me to go but before I release you from my spell I want to admit something to you” Eva said shyly. “ I have always admired you and wished what it would be like to date you…not as lovers but to see if we could truly make it threw life together but sadly I know that will never happen but doing this is a close second and I love every minute of it” “ I just want you to know that you’ll always be mine…..weather you want to or not LOL” Eva said with a rather evilish innocent laugh.
“Latirigo estura quiho”……..and as soon as Eva said that She was gone and everything was back to what it was like before Eva came. Shakira looked at the clock to notice only a few minutes pasted from the time she came back from her last show. Shakira thought to herself “what the hell just happened to me……everything felt so real…..I guess dreams are getting more realistic in the 21st century” she giggled as she layed down and went back to sleep. “ You have you idea how real that was shakira” a faint voice said innocently as an image of Eva slowly faided from the mirror in Shakira’s bedroom. “don’t worry my sleepy godess…you’ll find out how real this gets soon enough” as the image of Eva faded completely.

The End?