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01-13-2010, 04:08 PM
Jewel Staite: SciFi Con. 1
By: T.D. Harley

Featuring: Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye of Firefly/Serenity)
: Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Georgina Sparks of Gossip Girl)
FF, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading!
Jewel lay on her back in the warm sun wiggling her light blue painted toenails as she sipped on a fruit and rum mixture. She had gotten to the hotel a day before and had spent the first day much as she planned to spend today. The hotel had set aside one of it’s smaller pool arias for gussets of the convention to use if they wished to be away from the public eye and as of yet she was the only one to use it. The days where long and warm on this island paradise and the food and drinks soothing and people friendly and helpful, she was so happy she had decided to come a few extra days early.

She looked down her long lightly tanned legs, enjoying the smooth look of her legs. Sipping her drink once more before setting it aside and picking up one of the books off the small pile beside her, a friend has gotten her into a new set of books she had become quite hooked on the 13 book set. As she began to read once more becoming fully ingrosed in the well crafted story.

Jewel could feel herself getting aroused as the book became more sensually charged, she could feel her nipples becoming tight and hard as the leading female character started to slowly undo her top for the main character. Her eyes flew over the words mind racing as the words painted images of strong hands moving over soft smooth flesh. Without even thinking Jewels legs began to rub together the feeling of her smooth flesh moving over smooth flesh, her free hand tracing lightly over her lower belly just above her bikini’s waist line.

Just as the heroin started to slowly lick up her lovers flesh a hand closed lightly over her shoulder. Jewel let out a startled yelp of surprise, jumping, dropping her book and nearly knocking off her drink. She turned eyes wide to look up at the smiling laughing face of Michelle Trachtenberg.

“Oh hunny you should see your face!” Michelle said patting Jewels’ shoulder once more. Michelle and Jewel had met a few years before at another Sci-Fi Convention and had become fast friends. Since then they had gotten together a few times and always at least had dinner together if in the same city. As well as being good friends they both had enjoyed the others work before they had ever met.

“Good grief you nearly made me jump out of my skin!” Jewel said reaching to pick out her book. After putting the book back on the side of the lounge chair she turned and gave her friend a warm hug. “I didn’t know you where going to be here.”

“Oh a few of us are going to be here from the show. Not one hundred percent sure who all’s coming just yet I know Sarah will be here as will (a few of the guys) and Charisma is supostobe coming near the end of the week.”

“Cool, well you look great.” Jewel said looking up and down Michelle’s trim body. Michelle was wearing a pair of flip-flops with her toenails painted black, a blue printed bikini oversized sunglasses and a big grin. Her pail creamy skin glistened with newly applied sunscreen, her long brown hair pulled back in a simple ponytail.

“You’re not looking so bad yourself there sexy.” Michelle said with a wink looking down at Jewels’ bikini top, more specifically at her hard nipples clearly visible through the top. “So what where you reading that got you so worked up?”

Jewel blushed crossing her arms over her chest before sitting back down on the beach chair. “It’s these books a friend got me hooked on. They’re these fantasy books kinda medieval wizards and warriors kinda thing, but they have these intense sex parts.” She said with a small shutter.

“So you where just getting to a good part I take it?”

“You could say that.” Jewel said picking up her glass once more. She took a long sip on her drink and gestured to the closest beach chair and picked up the call phone they gave her when she was out at the pool. “You’re two drinks behind and you’ve got lots of catching up to do.”

Michelle draped her towel over the back of the chair and sat steeling one more long look at Jewels’ hard nipples before looking back up to her face. “So what are you drinking?”

“The bar tender called it a ‘pool side’ it’s local fruit juices crushed ice and rum.” Jewel said before dialing the phone. “Yes this is Jewel Staite room 516 and I’d like two more ‘pool side’ drinks and one of those fruit and veggie platters.” then after a short pause. “Yes charge it to my room. Thank you.” Jewel set the phone down beside her book on the small side table and turned to Michelle.

“So where’s hubby?”

“Oh couldn’t get way form work, how about yours?”

“Same. But that’s okay it’s nice to have a brake way from the guys every once in a while you know?” She said with a grin.

“Oh I know.” She said grinning back.

A waiter came though the gate and placed the drinks and a platter of cut fruit, vegetables, cheese and dips on a folding table between the two women trying his best to hide his reaction to the two starlets. “Here you go ladies, and if you need anything else at all just call.”

“Thanks.” Jewel said flashing him a sexy smile just for the hell of it.

Michelle flashed an equally teasing grin at the young man. “We’ll be sure to call… if we need anything.” She said with a wink.

The waiter blushed as he turned leaving the two girls.

They both burst into a giggling fit once the gate had closed behind him. “Oh we are bad.” Michelle said picking up her drink. She looked at the tall wavy glass there was a wedge of pineapple one the lip a thin twist of lime peal and a thin twist of lemon peal twisting in the glass filled with a light orange coloured ice smoothy. “Mmm this is very good.” She purred taking a long sip.

Jewel was already eating from the platter biting into a strawberry “I told you they’re yummy.”

The two young women sat by the pool for the rest of the day chatting drinking laughing the warm sun and cool drinks speeding the day. The sun was starting to set and dark clouds where rolling over the horizon when Jewel and Michelle decided to call it a day. The two gathered their towels and Jewel got her books they started for the gate and the door beyond, holding onto each other for balance as they giggled.

The women made it too the elevator Jewel stumbling slightly in her heeled cork bottomed sandals. Michelle leaned back against the corner of the elevator and Jewel slumped against the wall beside her watching as the door closed. When nothing happened Jewel started to laugh again. “You need to hit the button.”

“You hit the button.” Michelle said laughing again.

“You hit it.”

“Grrr what floor are you on?” Michelle growled as she pushed herself away from the wall and towards the door. Having never caught up with Jewels drinks she was a little steadier on her feel.


“Good me too.” Michelle hit the button for five and moved back to Jewels’ side her hand moving around her waist to rest on Jewels curvy hip. Their thighs resting lightly against each other as they giggled. The door binged and they made their way down the hall to Jewels room, she pulled the key card from the side of her bikini bottom where she had tucked it catching the string and pulling it undone.

Jewel let out a little shreek and grabbed at the side of her bikini bottom, only managing to catch the front. Michelle grabbed the fallen key card and quickly opened the door for her distressed friend. Watching as Jewels’ bottom fell half way from her toned round ass.

Michelle whistled and took two fast hop-steps to catch up and reached out playfully pinching Jewels’ ass. “Nice tan lines.” Michelle said reaching out to pinch her again.

Jewel squealed and batted her hand away reaching out to pull at Michelle’s ties. The women played at trying to grab at the ties at the waist of the other woman’s bikini Jewel being handicapped by already having one tie undone. Just as Jewel caught the edge of Michelle’s bikini she stumbled in her healed sandal and fell back onto the corner of the bed her legs wide to the sides of the mattress.

Michelle didn’t hesitate dropping to one knee not caring that her own bikini had come undone she ran her tongue up Jewels’ shaven slit. Jewel had just a little patch of short brown curls above her pussy, but was completely smooth everywhere else. Michelle darted her long hot tongue over Jewels’ outer folds letting her hot saliva coat her pail flesh.

Jewels’ reaction was instant and total her body tightened deep inside and flowing outward her liquids began to flow, nipples tightening. She dropped back, her arms out to the sides, revelling in the feeling of Michelle's long hot wet tongue as it moved over her tender wet flesh. She could feel her hands squeezing her upper thighs pushing them wider as Michelle pushed her tongue into Jewels’ soft hot slit. She opened her legs wider for her good friend, shuttering at the feeling, she reached down tangling her fingers in Michelle’s curly brown hair. “God you are soooo good at this.” Jewel hissed as Michelle went deeper.

Michelle ran her tongue up Jewels’ body once more biting her just below her belly bottom. “Mmm thanks sexy.” She said before pushing harder against Jewels’ shapely thighs pushing them wider still. She reached under pulling Jewels’ bikini the rest of the way out from under her tight round ass making sure the ties slowly ran between Jewels’ cheeks.

Jewel let out a shuttering moan her hands clenching around fist fulls of blankets her legs trembling slightly with the teasing feel of it sliding against her tight back door. Once the bikini had been pulled fully free she lay there breathing hard, feeling soft wet kisses along the insides of her thigh, fingers squeezing tight around her upper thighs holding her legs open. “God yes!” Jewel cried out as Michelle closed her teeth over one of Jewels outer folds pulling it gently back.

Michelle loved making Jewel cry out making her breathing stop with the pleasure of what she was doing. She pulled back a little harder making her gasp breathing caught in her throat before letting it go. She darted her tongue along Jewels’ thighs before tasting her cunt once more, her tongue working slowly deeper and deeper. Michelle could feel Jewels’ liquids running free pumping from her with every rushed heartbeat. She ran her hands slowly higher moving to pull Jewels lower lips wider exposing her hard pink clit.

Michelle started to circle her clit with her hot tongue flicking over her hard body licking it sucking it softly. She could feel Jewels’ body tighten around her could tell she was close, so close. She started sucking harder drawing it in as deep as she could, listing to Jewels’ moans and gasps. Then suddenly Michelle mouth was ripped away as Jewel pulled her away pushing her backwards.

Jewel was on top of her in an instant pulling the cups of Michelle’s bikini off to the sides as she deeply kissed her, loving the familiar taste of her own body on Michelle’s lips and tongue. Her hands held tight to Michelle’s breasts leaning her weight on them as they kissed deeply, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Jewel slid her knee up the inside of Michelle’s thigh feeling the silken skin of her leg. She started to softly grind her knee against Michelle’s only partly covered pussy.

Michelle moaned into Jewels’ mouth as she slid her arms around Jewels’ back and started to untie her bikini as they kisses. She loved the feeling of Jewels’ small strong hands on her firm breasts and the way that Jewel kissed her so deeply. Jewel started to kiss down Michelle’s long smooth neck kissing over her jaw line to tug gently on her earlobe with her teeth, Michelle moan loudly having always loved having her earlobe bitten and sucked.

Jewel suddenly twisted Michelle’s small hard nipples causing her to cry out her head tilting back, back arching upward. Jewel held her nipples out pulling up as Michelle whimpered in ecstasy. Jewel started kissing down Michelle's neck slowly licking biting kissing over her smooth skin always moving just a little lower inch by inch.

Michelle nearly came when Jewels’ hot tongue ran over her nipple for the first time that day, she could feel the hot burning wetness left in a wide path over her breast. She shuttered moaning softly as Jewel started to work her way back and forth over her small hard nipples kissing, licking, and biting, dragging her lips tongue and teeth over her flesh. Michelle tangled her fingers in Jewels’ silky brown hair losing herself in the pleasure coming from her good friend’s mouth.

Jewel started to drag her short light blue painted nails down Michelle’s smooth skin kissing lower and lower. She bite softly just under her belly button her nails digging in just a little at her hips before her fingers started to deftly undo the last knot holding Michelle's bikini bottom half in place. Jewel couldn’t help but purr at seeing Michelle's clean shaven flesh.

“And to think I almost didn’t bother.” Michelle purred.

“Oh I’m so very glad you did.” Jewel breathed placing a slow soft kiss over Michelle's outer folds. The soft kiss soon gave way to long slow licks that rapidly turned to wet licking sucking kisses. Jewel slid her tongue as deep as she could into her friends tight little pussy loving the taste of her wetness. “God you taste so good.” Jewel breathed against her lovers swollen clit.

Michelle could feel her wetness running between her tight round ass cheeks, Michelle knew she was wetter then most girl. When she had been younger she had often been privately embarrassed by how wet she would get if something turned her on in class or when they where out. She always had to be careful when changing for gym to make sure the other girls didn’t see how wet her panties often where. As she grew older she learned it wasn’t a bad thing her lovers often took it as a sign of how good they where doing even if they really weren’t all that good.

Jewel slid two fingers into her friends’ tight pussy while sucking gently on her swollen clit. She could feel Michelle tighten herself around her fingers as her first orgasm hit sending a flow of hot slick wetness running down her body between her ass cheeks to pool on the bamboo wood flooring. Jewel loved how wet Michelle got she knew it wasn’t all her doing Michelle having told her about how her body reacted but still the flow of Michelle’s slick watery cum was amazing to her.

Michelle moaned her body shuttering as she felt herself tighten deep inside she clenched her body around Jewels’ probing fingers. She came with a gasp and a soft flood of hot wet liquid, she knew she’d cum again soon this first soft orgasm was only the beginning. She pulled at Jewels’ soft wavy hair as Jewel licked and sucked at her clit and pussy.

Jewel drank down as much of Michelle’s soft warm liquids as she could feeling Michelle’s fingers gently pulling at her hair. After Michelle seemed to stop trembling with small after shocks she moved kissing and biting down Michelle’s creamy thighs. After reaching her knee and pulling free of Michelle’s hands in her hair she looked up the length of Michelle’s still pale body “Wanna grab a shower?”

“Mmm that sounds wonderful.”